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  • And the expansion of the universe mentioned in the holy qur'an : With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof Adh-Dhariyat : 47

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  • I have so many questions about the big bang. Like how does the great attracters play in to this

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  • Everything makes sense until you ask the question "why". Surely there should have been no big bang and nothing should exist at all. Why the universe exist with all this arbitrary mathematical constants and connections. Even if there are infinite number of universes where shiit like white holes exist and time goes backwards for chemical reactions and whatnot. Why TF is this the case?

    teleman07teleman0713 saatler önce
  • I believe that our singularity/Big Bang is just the output of a black hole.

    JackalooptJackaloopt23 saatler önce
    • That's what I'm thinking too...

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  • The other thing encountering a singularity in your theory's math can indicate is that near there, you're using the wrong type of coordinates. (Examples: the singularity in the ordinary metric at the surface of a black hole; the singularities in Feynman diagrams from self-interaction loops, which 'renormalization' can solve.) This is even visually easy to see ... by looking at that same North Pole with longitude lines converging on it. Locally, the North Pole doesn't look any different from anywhere else on the sphere (just colder) - it's trying to measure things near it with a 'grid' made of lines converging from every direction that messes things up. --Dave, will mathsplain for food

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  • Towards the end i thought youtube encountered a glitch in the suggestion where it started playing next video with Dope trance track even before previous video end :-D

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  • 7:04 my mind was blown by the position of the north pole! Thank u for showing! ;)

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  • I don't give a rats ass what you call it or how you explain it. You'll NEVER be able to explain WHY.

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  • is it even meaningful to speak of an expansion in an infinite universe

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  • Too many theories. I feel like these physicists are proposing these theories just to grab some attention. So.. I have come up with a theory; "The Universe is just the atomic structure of a huge cosmic dog turd."

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  • I find it amazing how twisted these egg heads get when trying to explain this stuff. They totally ignore that God Himself was the one who created this all.

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    • @Pat Hill LMAO! I love triggering you Atheist... it's so damn easy.

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    • Jeff Allen keep telling yourself that champ

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  • I want Twister Theory.

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  • Sounds like a whole lot of people were dropping LSD to come up with some these theories

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  • Isnt anything north of the north pole south?

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  • 9:34 that kinda reminds me to the Riemann Z function which is another I don't understand but that have seen long ass videos about

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    • Funny how science can be "beautifull" so much so we watch it without understanding most of it.

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  • That NASA animation at 0:55 has the Big Bang spitting out fully formed galaxies, yet Matt included it in the video. No wonder we are confused...

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  • I still can't get my head around the fact that the Universe is only 3 times older than the Earth... And that 13.8 billion years is nothing in the eons that the universe will carry on for were basically still in universe infancy!!!

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  • No

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  • Those that say there cannot be time before the singularity do not conceive how a black hole is created. If a black hole is a singularity, then we know there was time before the singularity as in the collapse of a star to create the black hole and a singularity. To try to say there was no time before the Big Bang is a misnomer.

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  • this one video answered many questions.

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    • You're mom answered many questions last night when she was s'n my D. Boom!!!!!!!!

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  • How do we know that the Universe began 13.8 billions years ago ? Surely that measurement of earthly "Time" may be valid for our human sphere of reality only but what about universal "Time" , one individual's past event in "time" may be another individual' future event in "time" .

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  • I have a new gravity, time and consciousness theory that connects quantum mechanics, black holes, dark energy and gravity with existence and a universal balance, what should I do?

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    • Any tips?

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  • If your really think about it what is time but the observation of the Decay rate of the universe so of theyer is nothing to decay then there is nothing to observe decaying

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  • I think Carl would have really enjoyed these videos. Many thanks to Matt and his team for taking part of his mantle. Cheers.

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  • i always wondered if our universe was just some black hole in another universe...

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  • Was there a video that tackled the idea of Tachyons during expansion? My best guess. No. The density of the universe at the Singularity would create a difference in 'c' similar to what we see around a black hole. However, relativity brings us to a screeching halt there since it's from our perspective that 'c' is changing at all. Would this all come together to indicate that a sationary observer during expansion would in-fact have witnessed tachyon-level information transmission? Wouldn't this also mean that 'c' is relative to the observer and thus tachyons would be possible only from a certain perspective? Example: 2 starships travel conventionally at 0.75c towards eachother. The observer on starship a would witness starship b approaching at >c. viola! Tachyons??? This would also mean a new c is in order where 2c is "true" constant???

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  • watching this sort of stuff feels a bit like getting my brain spanked

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  • We can say 1 day before big bang...

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  • I am an atheist, but listening to how convoluted all these different creation theories are, it makes me think that it may well just be simpler to buy that some old dude with a beard did it.

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  • We only speak of one directional time in the positive direction - What about NEGATIVE Time Axis ???

    Dave AnandDave Anand7 gün önce
    • Entropy wouldn't be to happy about it

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  • time and space are very complicated, take for example, that we can travel at the speed of light and there are twins, that are astronaughts, 1 of them stays on earth and the other goes on a trip to jupiter at the speed of light, when he comes back, the twin that stayed on earth would be older than the twin that went to jupiter.

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  • I'm a bit fan of the Penrose CCC theory

    Simon ColesSimon Coles7 gün önce
  • *heh* Time pre-dated the 'big bang' - but there was no way to measure it as the required atomic vibrations were at a standstill. Nothing got within a thousand light years without being sucked in... Once the trigger initiated, time could then be measured by the vibration of energetic particles that formed soon after. Time as *WE* know it - you know, these bone-encased gray blobs of neurons that have existed for about one billionth of a second on the 'year clock' of the life of the universe (as in, one billionth of a second from midnight, december 31st on that calendar) - is something only *WE* conceived and chose to call 'time', so what time was prior to the creation of our small corner of the greater macroverse well... it had already been defined by others. Perhaps others advanced enough to even manipulate or travel along it *then*

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  • God is the big bang theory

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  • Is anyone else triggered about the way he wears his shirt?

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    • Why cause it's lower on one shoulder? Maybe he's got uneven upper body

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  • Im watching this video trying to expand my knowledge and get smarter and cause i like space but god why am i so stupid that i dont understand almost a single thing

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  • Never trust anything with a singularity.

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  • It seems like the Universe once expanded to a point of thermal equilibrium is the same as the universe before the big band at thermal equilibrium. What about a Bose-Einstein condensate could it be state of matter at the point before the big bang at the end of that expansion?

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  • "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth" (Genesis 1:1).

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  • One thing that bothers me is the whole t=0 or t=something for that matter. How do you know what time we live in? And what happens from t=-1?

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  • Thanks for exploding my brain...

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  • Your maths is shaky. Which is a pity because this channel is better than most.

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    • Yea show your mathematical skills.

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  • So, with a Planck time as the smallest unit of time and a Planck length as the smallest unit of distance, why is it mathematically such a problem? instead of infinitely divisible 0.something why not make 1 the smallest number possible (1 as in the singularity) and abolish fractions. (one is the smallest number, the next smallest is 2 ...) shouldn't the math solve itself after that? you get as far as you can get as long as you have space time, and before that it doesn't matter because without space time you can't define it. In fact if you want to go back the universe's beginning 2 is the farthest you can go because that's the actual first second and the first measurable size between 2 points (you need 2 at least points to measure a distance or an interval of time. P.S. -for you physicists out there: how is gravity warping space-time ? is the Planck unit of distance changing or what?

    TraianTraian10 gün önce
  • If the Universe was all at one point...then how could it be infinite? Also,dark energy was not all it was at the big bang as it grows as it still perculates out of nothing. Something's missing.

    Stan TheObserverStan TheObserver10 gün önce
    • @djchristian82 They are certain that by any other name a force is expanding the universe. It's everything after that they can't say for certain. Dark Matter on the other hand might just be regular matter,just in microscopic bits and invisible clouds of it. Or not.

      Stan TheObserverStan TheObserver7 gün önce
    • Dark energy is nothing proven just a hypothesis.

      djchristian82djchristian829 gün önce
  • Black holes consume all matter over time and eventually each other and eventually only one exists and eventually even that is taken back to a single point which then erupts back out into a new big bang.

    Lord PyrexLord Pyrex10 gün önce
  • Inflation is not a matter fact event.

    Luigi CantovianiLuigi Cantoviani10 gün önce
    • Yeah inflation theory makes me cringe, too. Any observations of an inflation, or a falsifiable test? My theory is that the universe started are as something about the size of a lumpy beach ball 🤡 (But I don’t know how to test it, so it’s probably crap even more so) As Opus the Penguin said “Well, why not?!?”

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  • 6:34 _"we trace a path called a geodesic, which in general relativity is the shortest path between two space-time coordinates"_ More like the "straightest" path between two points in space-time. Typically it is the longest path, measured in proper time, which is the measure of length in space time. Also, "between two space-time coordinates" is an awkward formulation. There is no need to refer to coordinates, and the two endpoints of the path would correspond to two sets of four coordinates with respect to some coordinate system.

    Theo0x89Theo0x8910 gün önce
  • ok, but what size would a black hole be thats the mass of the universe? how could the big bang have started smaller than that? does information theory put a minimum size for the whole universes information to be stored on the surface a universe mass black hole? thanks

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  • Not weird enough

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  • No. Time starts with a point of consciousness

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  • I watche this then I died

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  • No one really knows how the universe started but mainly theories are the only thing to talk about. Again, we know nothing, yet we always explore somwthing.

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  • Maybe time started big bang.

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  • planc length has some idea

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  • Has anyone ever considered the possibility that the Big Bang might have been a White Hole.

    Akshay KalghatgiAkshay Kalghatgi12 gün önce
    • He kind of said that that was a possibility in different words

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  • It’s magic !,no other explanation.

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  • I see.. Big Bang is not a theory any more, it is a fact and so we are now focused on other things to solve

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  • Hey, great thanks from France !!! I was wondering if you'd talk about the BGV theorem some day as it seems to have a connection with beginnings ? I've heard about it but can't grasp the implications and on what assumptions it rests... Anyways, big big fan of yours !!!

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  • I greatly appreciate this honest attempt at explaining this stuff however I am absolutely none-the-wiser

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  • Is it possible that 3 of our universal forces already existed at the proposed time of the big bang and gravity then occurred for the first time in our universe? Can a universe exist without gravity?

    Underscore PeteUnderscore Pete14 gün önce
  • I am inclined towards Holographic Universe. The space itself is a projection, where as the so called reality is somewhere else.

    Ajit JhaAjit Jha14 gün önce
  • What if black holes singularity after vapourizing somehow creates an explosion which causes space to expand and creates new materials. Like dividing by 0. It would create and endlesss cycle of new universes everywhere.

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  • Odd place to put this. I'm an evolutionary biologist, so am prone to be a Smolin fan boy. But this is something different, that all PBS channels have in common. I'm British and am totally sick to the teeth by the very American obsession with religion vs science. You don't really get it in the UK. To be honest, I am just SO cheesed off that everytime I look at something interesting, videos, below the video I'm watching, nearly always carry at least some videos by people who are either crazy, or have no idea what a theory means, and why science must always be agnostic, about everything. Sorry to have a rant. I'm just fed up with this unending war between OCD anti religion, and plain stupid anti science. Drives me nuts. So hooray for PBS, Crash Course etc. I am seriously in love with PBS. If you carry on, you might even get as good as the BBC. HA!

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  • ALLAH is the GREATEST. trvision.net/detail/video-PyCezBD-5EQ.html

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  • Our God is an awesome God.

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  • Sure. but what about Galactus?

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  • you have explained exactly nothing, cmon start making some meaningful videos please guys

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  • Big bANG rewind 0000

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  • Something just occured to me, the weight of the universe at its earliest point must have been ENORMOUS, what did that mean for the spacetime curve of the universe?

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    • You should ask your mother, her rear is of similar density/mass.

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