DIET COKE LAUNCHER - AHWU for May 20th, 2019 (#474)

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It's AHWU 474! Diet Coke is usually propelled by Mentos. We're using a toy "rocket" launcher.
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  • 5 bucks says Trevor never picked up the Diet Coke from outside

    Boltingplanet5Boltingplanet53 gün önce
  • I'm glad that AH are helping out the homeless 10:05 (That was a joke, I saw one made about Matt Bragg walking into frame and Fiona did something similar)

    ValkyrieExoValkyrieExo25 gün önce
  • Holy shit you guys discovered a way to sabotage other sets. Fire and forget coke cans.

    Emulated NostalgiaEmulated Nostalgia27 gün önce
  • MatPat Will *LOVE* this!

    P?NKU No PANDAP?NKU No PANDA29 gün önce
  • That survey is actually really fun!

    Livvy FlynnLivvy FlynnAylar önce
  • Am I The Only One Who Loves That None Of Them Realize Theyre Hen-Tie T-Shirts? Hentai.

    Krail CardenKrail CardenAylar önce
  • Can I play with gavin please

    tyranosouros rextyranosouros rexAylar önce
  • Anyone else wants Geoff to fight a bear like Jackie moon but better

    Quinton StarmanQuinton StarmanAylar önce
  • hahaha 'hen tie'

    Miss VidzyMiss VidzyAylar önce
  • Survey is useless, you cannot actually give advice, critiques, or feedback of any kind about their new site and how buggy it is.

    A Guy On The InternetA Guy On The InternetAylar önce
  • "We want your feedback! Share your thoughts with us!" Followed by an entire survey of what sites and YT channels you frequent for content. No open field to say what's actually on our mind. No opportunity to bring up things that upset or things that elate. For one, I'm upset with having to go to a half-broken RSS feed to download the audio version of Off Topic and RT Podcast. I'm displeased with the disappearance of the link dump when RT remade their site to favor video content over everything else.

    LforLightLforLightAylar önce
  • Also, these guys gotta post their clothing sizes somewhere for people who want to send them T-shirts and such

    NytemareQueenNytemareQueenAylar önce
  • The psychotic grin on Ryan's face for, "Diet Coke ball!" is awesome

    NytemareQueenNytemareQueenAylar önce
  • Guys, come on with that vibrator. I like to be wined and dined first before I get fucked.

    KyubitheNineTailFoxKyubitheNineTailFoxAylar önce
  • That Diet Coke launch was the funniest fucking thing I've seen since the giant peanut butter sandwich!! XD

    Sarah WeistersSarah WeistersAylar önce
  • Trevor should’ve thrown that spraying Diet Coke into the next room and yelled “GRENADE” and then run out

    Eric BurnsEric BurnsAylar önce
  • Does it have to be jizz filled Diet Coke

    Quentin SmithQuentin SmithAylar önce
  • I realize it's their sponsor, but MVMT watches are crap. The actual movements are just a generic, digital/motorized movement that you find in any cheap $5-10 watch. "Sweet, I'm gonna go pay a 90$ premium for a glass crystal, Chinese manufacturing, and a trendy name because Cheez-Its."

    Ken MKen MAylar önce
  • 1:48 GTA Sonic video 2:42 DHD reveal , egg plant emoji vibrator 4:00 "is it used.." 5:15 Vibrator POV 6:46 Diet Coke Ball 7:35 Full coke rocket ball 9:00 Sunglasses with bottle opener 9:08 DICK BALL 9:26 Alfredo saved Jeremy 10:40 Rimmy and Tim Warhammer , everyones figures , Gavin moonballs the pieces, Ry-An , Trevor the Exile 12:10 Chicken with a Tie shirt... Hen-Tie 12:40 Fiona gets the shirt joke Diet Coke Launcher AHWU 1:20 (I choose you moonball) 7:49 (full coke- I GOT IT!!!!!) * * RTCS* 9:07 (Dick Ball) RTCS** * 14:00 (JAHWU, Jahrul?) *

    Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium FanboyGeneric Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium FanboyAylar önce
  • As they put on the shirts......Little do they realize it’s a Play On Words/Pun Shirt. It basically “says” Hen-Tie. . . . Hentai 🤣

    Abel GalvánAbel GalvánAylar önce
  • 6:50 for the coke launcher 7:36 second time *This is not a good idea [cliiick]*

    Toms TechToms TechAylar önce
  • Idk if this is out there yet but Mordhau may be the greatest game ever made!!!! You guys must be informed!

    Ben PBen PAylar önce
  • Jeremy is fn ripped!!!! Keep up the work rimmy Tim. You're looking goood

    logan shepherdlogan shepherdAylar önce
  • Lol that diet Coke shot was so anticlimactic but Trevor still saves the days! 😂

    Alec HedstromAlec HedstromAylar önce
  • Someone call mattpat he needs that diet Coke launcher

    Maul OdachiMaul OdachiAylar önce
  • Watch from 7:58 at quarter speed

    Matt LyonMatt LyonAylar önce
  • This came out on my bday

    Barbara MoyerBarbara MoyerAylar önce
  • Y'all have got to put those minis to use!

    Dawn BreakerDawn BreakerAylar önce
  • Oh my fucking God, who else wants to see AH-men, Jeremy as rimmyvolverine annnd thats really all I got so far but FUCK ima die laughing if I see Jeremy as a ridiculous wolverine type character that's trying way too hard, thatll be fking funny right? If it's a solo video or the rest of AH join in as ridiculous x-men type heroes lol

    Zell K.Zell K.Aylar önce
  • Instant regrets

    TheBoxin DachshundTheBoxin DachshundAylar önce
  • Who's that kid?

    Jaden SmithJaden SmithAylar önce
  • Just a heads up, questions 12 and 13 on the survey ask to specify (other), but there is no box to write in.

    ponchito589ponchito589Aylar önce
  • Yay! Always cool to see 40k in other things I watch

    David AlejandroDavid AlejandroAylar önce
  • Trevor is a fucking war hero now

    SeasonedgoreSeasonedgoreAylar önce
  • The panic in Trevor’s voice when he screamed THERE’S A PC DOWN THERE, THERE’S ELECTRONICS!!

    Peter Danielle RallosPeter Danielle RallosAylar önce
  • whats that ball called again??

    Syaraf JrSyaraf JrAylar önce
  • Gavin needs to borrow the diet coke launcher for a slow mo guys vid. That or they need to bring Dan in to the office to film an episode of Slow Mo Guys as well as have Dan play games with them.

    White92GuyWhite92GuyAylar önce
  • Jeremy looking fine 😋

    Mark CumminsMark CumminsAylar önce
  • Its a hen wearing a tie. Hen. Tie. It's hentai

    Dub MartellDub MartellAylar önce
  • They got to the Let's Roll suggestion game a lot faster than I thought they would.

    Gambler10Fate4Gambler10Fate4Aylar önce
  • They got shirts with hen-tie on it and NONE of them got the joke.

    Austin CrewsAustin CrewsAylar önce
  • Dear Alfredo-san, I respect your Chappelle reference there. Where's JA??

    JerryTheWhaleJerryTheWhaleAylar önce
  • Guys! guys!! guys!!! ... Those are Hen Tie shirts ... HenTie shirts ... HENTAI SHIRTS!!!

    Ryan WalshRyan WalshAylar önce
  • Should someone tell them that the chicken shirts are hens with ties ergo hen-tie

    Brazen QuadBrazen QuadAylar önce
  • Flying Diet Coke spray🤔 Gavin’s new slowmo vid😁

    redinvisible19redinvisible19Aylar önce
  • Hen with a Tie. *Hentai*

    Luke AllisonLuke AllisonAylar önce
  • Would the AHWU Room be called the AHW-oom

    TrashboatTrashboatAylar önce
  • Jeremy needs a beard back

    lovethegames97lovethegames97Aylar önce
  • Jeremy makes me uncomfortable

    Joseph TurnpennyJoseph TurnpennyAylar önce
  • Thank god Jeremy’s beard started growing back

    DancingSpacePotatoDancingSpacePotatoAylar önce
  • 5:21 Ow my eye!

    Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonAylar önce
  • Trevor is a good boss, he dived on that grenade (diet coke) without a moment's hesitation.

    Raul Ortega IIIRaul Ortega IIIAylar önce
  • I am surprised they didn't put a moon ball in the launcher

    werewolflegend21werewolflegend21Aylar önce
  • You would of thought that Diet Coke was a grenade

    Mandy RaccoonMandy RaccoonAylar önce
  • It’s cool to see Gavin here

    bryce clarkebryce clarkeAylar önce
  • that would ahve been great if gavon had the phantom

    Houston SethHouston SethAylar önce
  • I better see them play Blackstone Fortress now.

    Chase HoldenChase HoldenAylar önce
  • So weird. I'm at the end of the video and I'm realizing i have the same shirt that Trevor has on. Then i look down and think, "oh shit! I'm wearing the shirt!". They're so identical I'm wondering if he got it at the same place. The color, the weird horizontal striation patterns, the number of buttons and color of buttons, the stitching on the sleeves and the neck line, and the part of the shirt that has buttons on it is identical. Even the little line at the bottom of that part. I'm sure this is weird to no one else as this is probably pretty common. But it was a weird realization to me.

    Christian LuczejkoChristian LuczejkoAylar önce
  • High key always love seeing Trevor standing next to Jeremy because I’m the same height as Lil J and got a celeb crush on Trevor 😂

    Missy ValenciaMissy ValenciaAylar önce
  • Gavin's desk is already recognizably trashed

    noxabellusnoxabellusAylar önce
  • Attempt #23 Please Let's Play Farming Simulator 19 Cause nothing runs like a queer, I mean deere.

    ISAFMobius18ISAFMobius18Aylar önce
  • I want them to play moonbal with a major league pitcher

    copperkid95copperkid95Aylar önce
  • Hen Tye Shirt Hen Tye hentye HENTAI SHIRT

    SpïtSpïtAylar önce
  • Flex tape it.

    graham rossgraham rossAylar önce
  • ofc trevor is a freaking eldar... KHORNE FOREVER!!! KILL MAIM BURN KILL MAIM BURN!!!

    RustyPATHRustyPATHAylar önce
  • If only they had flex tape for that diet coke

    emily ramalemily ramalAylar önce
  • Stupid pointless garbage money grabbing content. Eat a dick rooster teeth.

    Kris SchiefelbeinKris SchiefelbeinAylar önce
  • Gavin didn’t call moon all at first

    Tim CristTim CristAylar önce
  • I'm a little upset no one got the hen-tie shirt joke...

    The Harem K1ngThe Harem K1ngAylar önce
  • 7:41 is where the title is

    Jason GrothJason GrothAylar önce
  • There were so many uncalled moonballs XD

    NokkiNokkiAylar önce
  • -40K has entered the chat.

    Trollark 1123Trollark 1123Aylar önce
  • [Facepalm] 7:36 - I knew something like that was going to happen... only at AH, lol

    Shadow-Wolf-2929Shadow-Wolf-2929Aylar önce
  • you lot need a safe word for everyone to stop what they are doing when you get some sensitive stuff like those figurines so stuff wont get broken

    Haceo MisakiHaceo MisakiAylar önce
  • Wow Jeremy is short, sorry it was really apparent when he stood in between everyone, for the record im 24 yrs old and only 5'1" so hes still taller then me lol

    Kitsune KazeharaKitsune KazeharaAylar önce
  • I'm only subscribing because Bruce told me to

    KamuiFTWKamuiFTWAylar önce
  • trevor looking buff wtf

    kyomoto101kyomoto101Aylar önce
  • You guys should do more Minecraft that would be great since me and lots of others are from old achievement hunter and Minecraft was way more common then it is now. I love you guys thanks for all the times you’ve made me laugh

    AJ Playz GamesAJ Playz GamesAylar önce
  • Hey you probably get asked this alot but can you start up GO again? Or at least explain why it ended!! It was one of the first shows that got me addicted to watching your videos everyday

    Haley BHaley BAylar önce
  • Was gonna comment yesterday (05/20/2019) due to it being my birthday! But I had to much fun and forgot 😂.

    JigglyPandaPuffJigglyPandaPuffAylar önce
  • Ah, I think I know why they have the two separate rooms. There must be an extensive HR process, with many, many waivers signed, before you are transferred to the animal pen. That way you can't argue you didn't know the person next to you was gonna shove an eggplant up yo butt.

    Matthew StryletzMatthew StryletzAylar önce
  • ah with warhammer miniatures.....this is what it's like when worlds collide

    jonadayajonadayaAylar önce
  • Coke ball is my favorite sport... not the druged up basketball game, and not the one rich people do with strange white powder. The other coke ball... with a modified grenade launcher and a can of explosives diet coke. Way more dangerous than the other 2

    Darrian WeathingtonDarrian WeathingtonAylar önce
  • When i seen that jeremy shaved his beard i thought he kinda looks like bruce willis

    Agentt TennAgentt TennAylar önce
  • YEEEEAH WARHAMMER!!! In the future words of Ryan: "Blood for the blood God, skulls for the skull throne, COKE FOR THE COKE LORD!"

    Darrian WeathingtonDarrian WeathingtonAylar önce
  • Wheres ray?

    Gerardo JuarezGerardo JuarezAylar önce
  • Comedy

    SpartansLXIXSpartansLXIXAylar önce
  • Ok let me look up eggplant vibertar on pornhub

    Wisecup2015Wisecup2015Aylar önce
  • Glalie is just a really cold moon ball.

    M ChimeyM ChimeyAylar önce

    DemonDragon000DemonDragon000Aylar önce
  • Could we get a rooster teeth app for the PlayStation please!!!!!

    Alyssa DubickiAlyssa DubickiAylar önce
  • Yes! I’m so happy that they are finally getting into 40K, hope that the minis don’t get ruined with a moonball

    FralyulFralyulAylar önce
  • Iusb?!?! That's where I live lol

    Michael ThorntonMichael ThorntonAylar önce
  • I went to rewatch this because of the diet coke launcher and i completely forgot that they played around with an eggplant vibrator before that.

    Dliess MggDliess MggAylar önce
  • 5:12 starts a really weird ASMR moment😂

    World0fMillieWorld0fMillieAylar önce
  • After taking the Survey I have found I watch WAY to much internet content and I am surprised my Wife hasn't left me.

    TheRealEricBaldwinTheRealEricBaldwinAylar önce
  • Hey AH loving the content of late! Been awesome! Be great to see you all okay Mordhau together! Re watched your chivalry let's play's and think you guys playing in Mordhau would be even better!

    Will CannonWill CannonAylar önce
  • Y'all _have_ to play Blackstone Fortress!

    AnOriginalZeroAnOriginalZeroAylar önce
  • I feel like without facial hair Jeremy looks smaller.

    Bradley SmithBradley SmithAylar önce
  • The way Jeremy pronounced Nippon was painful XD

    KManAlphaKManAlphaAylar önce
DIET COKE LAUNCHER - AHWU for May 20th, 2019 (#474)