Dinah Jane - "Heard It All Before" (Official Video)

The official video for Dinah Jane’s Heard It All Before.
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Heard It All Before Lyrics

What you say won’t change the way I feel
Cuz I’ve fallen outta love
Wish I could take back the time I killed
Three years running up behind you
Case you forgot let me just remind you that I…
Stood beside you when you were no good
Loyalty just ain’t yo thang
The fact that I ain’t callin' got you shook
Now you blowing up my line, I decline you
No, I don’t wanna come through

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save yo energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me

Don’t wanna hear no more apologies (no)
Or see you standin’ in the rain (rain)
Who got you singing all this R&B?
If I was Alicia you was my boo
But you the same that you was in high school, ohhh
Nobody touch you like me
I know that here is where you wanna be
Everything happens for a reason
Can’t just do what you want to
Tell me, how does it feel when I curve you?

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save your energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me

Said you care for me (care for me)
But you wasn’t there for me (there for me)
Now you tryna beg for me (beg for me)
But it’s too late for sorry’s
No if’s or and’s or but’s about it
You want a second chance I doubt it
Don’t waste your breath I’m out here scouting
Yea, you the reason that I’m outie

Cuz I heard it all before
You can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save your energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain't me

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
Girl you're all I need
Boy I heard it all before
So, save yo energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me.
You lil' bitch



  • Ladies, y’all ever get so tired of hearing the same ole lines over and over again? We’ve heard em ONE too many times. We’ve given way too many chances. I’m fed up! It’s time we hit em with that “I heard it All Before” !!! - you lil b*tch

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    • Dinah u just have a gorgeous voice

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  • 0:29 because your here again

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  • Happy birthday, Dinah! The youngest member of Fifth Harmony is 23 today!

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  • Lovely song has been my most recent fav repeat song that I wanna sing to my girl, you know that type I just wanna listen too for days kind of melody, Tremendous accordance with my vibes. Raw natural emotion through lyrics and absolutely adorable. Thanks Darlings, 😍❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕💕, you've obviously been taught by a Pro. Pure Excellence

  • I agree.dinah and Normani would be a great duo group or even collaborate in a great song together they Dinah has a awesome look and and swag like the 90s jams like normani's big hit motivation! Normani and Dinah make a song together!

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  • deem stream na lenda


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Dinah Jane - "Heard It All Before" (Official Video)