Disc Golf Battle at Funky Farms | Ben Askren & Brodie Smith vs. Paul McBeth & Hannah McBeth

Welcome to the Funky Farms Invitational
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  • Brodie love the vids but please do more score updates. Like every 3-4 holes at least. Cuz some holes you may skip someones shot and I got no idea what the score is then.

    MrPaladan03MrPaladan037 gün önce
  • Had NO idea Ben was a ufc fighter till I just watched a fastest knock out compilation. That dudes TOUGH

    PopTart LickerPopTart Licker25 gün önce
  • They are playing with the number 1 ranked wrestler in the nation Keegan O’toole

    coolkid765coolkid765Aylar önce
  • Ben hiding from Jorge in the woods

    Ville AhonenVille AhonenAylar önce
  • Officially a Askren fan!

    Jordan WelshJordan WelshAylar önce
  • My dubs partner is Jorge masvidal

    Kristal HarrisKristal HarrisAylar önce
  • Is Ben wearing a communist shirt or am I tripping

    Supersaintsfan9999Supersaintsfan9999Aylar önce
  • Wow my bad for questioning Hanna, I didn’t get the memo

    Ben MaginnBen MaginnAylar önce
  • Why did Hanna say she’s only there so she doesn’t get fined? Was a that a joke?

    Ben MaginnBen MaginnAylar önce
  • Someone needs to call a foot fault at 4:50, kind of an inexcusable mistake.

    Jonathan KetuskyJonathan KetuskyAylar önce
  • At least Ben wont be unconscious in 5 seconds doing this. Ha ha ha.

    Leonidis78Leonidis78Aylar önce
  • Cool, discgolf AND MMA, my two favourite sports 😀

    uturkaosuturkaosAylar önce
  • Wow Masvidal really did change Ben's life...

    kaigee wongkaigee wongAylar önce
  • Never forget Ben askren talked mad shit to Jorge masvidal just to be knocked out in 5 seconds by flying knee... clown

    James GrahamJames GrahamAylar önce
  • Waiting for Masvidal to come out of the bushes and hit Askren with a flying knee

    JpzJpzAylar önce
  • You all commenting on the disc golf, did no one see that dude's Drago shirt? That shit was dope.

    Kohl PackinghamKohl PackinghamAylar önce
  • I love watching ufc and I had no idea Ben played disc golf so seeing this title kinda cracked me up

    Spaghetti BoiSpaghetti BoiAylar önce
  • Nice to see Askren throwing again. He was a decent am player back in the day.

    Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonAylar önce
  • Hi everyone new to this. Love disc golf! Been playing for over 20 years. Can’t get enough!

    Line RichardLine RichardAylar önce
  • Hey Brodie. Love your content and appreciate what your bringing to the sport of discgolf. Thanks. After your drive on the second hole of this video you where walking off the pad and you were saying something unintelligible, almost gibberish like responding to something Ben said about your drive. Were you aggrevated at that moment or was I misinterpreting your facial expression and body language?

    Lord SauronLord SauronAylar önce
  • I can’t stand ufc Ben askren but disc golf Ben is much better

    Mark BracciMark BracciAylar önce
  • They call it a hippie sport... guess the hippies were right.

    Jehovah Witness Ripped Me offJehovah Witness Ripped Me offAylar önce
  • You got me at funky farms!!! It's like a combo of my favorite guys ro watch. Ben's a good dude!

    Jehovah Witness Ripped Me offJehovah Witness Ripped Me offAylar önce
  • Bens course looks super fun! Im local and have always wanted to see his course being an MMA fan

    MrShaggy4205MrShaggy4205Aylar önce
  • Has ben askren done anything disc golf related ?

    Nomon MunirNomon MunirAylar önce
  • Move over James Conrad, Paul looks like he is starting to grow his hair.

    MehamehaMehamehaAylar önce
  • Next time this guy should put swastika together with hammer and sickle. Stupid or scum?

    TadasFFTadasFFAylar önce
  • Next video: Askren vs Masvidal

    Daniel MeagherDaniel MeagherAylar önce
  • Ben with the nice lookin Rudis shirt

    Will MasonWill MasonAylar önce
  • As an mma fan as well as a lover of disc golf, I can not watch this with Ben bitch ass Askren in the video lmao. See ya!

    Dalton BarrettDalton BarrettAylar önce
  • 4:51 illegal putt in the background. Should've made a point to give her at least a 1-stroke penalty.

    IDen2fyIDen2fyAylar önce
  • Still fist bumping huh. :/

    agetori77agetori77Aylar önce
  • Oh the chick is quoting Marshawn Lynch. Love it

    Sir_Sweats_AlotSir_Sweats_AlotAylar önce
  • Who knew Gustavo Rocque was such a tree magnet

    VTNTVTNTAylar önce
  • Why didn't you invite Jorge Masvidal?

    Pulkit SharmaPulkit SharmaAylar önce
  • Was that Scott Stiner????

    Greg BishopGreg BishopAylar önce

    12eman1212eman12Aylar önce
  • Dang. Terry Miller bulked up

    kenfoglerkenfoglerAylar önce
  • Ben askren is that type of friend that stands right next to the pin when ur putting.. lol

    John WayneJohn WayneAylar önce
  • 👴 🌞 🤗

    Amata love s*xAmata love s*xAylar önce
  • 4:04 Team Funkhorse

    Michael JonesMichael JonesAylar önce
    • Daaaaaang. Should have waited 20 seconds.

      Michael JonesMichael JonesAylar önce
  • More fist bumps and high fives please!

    Francis IvanyiskyFrancis IvanyiskyAylar önce
  • Did he say whore?! 😂

    Ryan MontagueRyan MontagueAylar önce
  • Here’s a joke for you. I love to disc golf, so when I play, I take an extra pair of socks, just in case I get a hole-in-one. Boom! Stay flip’n awesome!

    TedTube Making FriendsTedTube Making FriendsAylar önce
    • That was a good one.

      Darin BerendDarin BerendAylar önce
    • I want to give both a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down here. Funny but cringey, definitely a Dad joke.

      John HallJohn HallAylar önce
  • Didn't know Ben was a good disc golfer

    Djalil StigDjalil StigAylar önce
  • I don’t ever write lol or any other things like that, but I literally laughed out loud when Hannah channeled Marshawn Lynch at the beginning of the video. :)

    Danley ShackelfordDanley ShackelfordAylar önce
  • Hannah quoting Marshawn Lynch made my day!

    James GregersenJames GregersenAylar önce
  • How about filming a video with us amateurs pairing up with the you pros and seeing who wins? I’m in the Dallas area!

    Preston HillisPreston HillisAylar önce
  • I’m pretty sure Ben took a podium spot at amateur worlds a few years back. He may be a little out of (disc golf) form right now. But he certainly knows what he’s doing.

    Dethtrip66Dethtrip66Aylar önce
  • I wanna see discgolf style keep evolving, they look more like pro golfers than I think is maybe where it needs to be but I’m very curious what the fit will be in 2030! I think there is a mix of casual and formal that will be perfect, Paul is closer to what I’m thinking

    Austin Texas LawAustin Texas LawAylar önce
  • Why am I so obsessed with Hannah, same with Kelsey, they just add some fun and commentary that just hits with me! I got 4 older sisters so maybe it’s just that

    Austin Texas LawAustin Texas LawAylar önce
  • Mcpauls disc landed in behind a tree great that Ben owns the course and just rips the tree out with his bear hands👌🏾

    Squangle DangleSquangle DangleAylar önce
  • You know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it. The Robbie Lawler stoppage was the right call.

    Robert LanhamRobert LanhamAylar önce

    Hannah EHannah EAylar önce
  • If you're gonna say "great shot" every time Paul tees off you're gonna run outta breath... J/k. Paul Deserves it.

    AlyjosAlyjosAylar önce
  • I expected Ben to be more competitive. Lol DarkFunk would have been a good name too. Always fun watching McBeths

    oilfan pwoilfan pwAylar önce
  • Love the old school hop step that Ben still has! Looks like fun!! #TeamFunkyHorse

    Thompson PhamThompson PhamAylar önce
  • Mcbest ... why is this my first time hearing McBEST?! Haha

    mike hosiermike hosierAylar önce
  • That’s an awesome course!

    TJ SenecaTJ SenecaAylar önce
  • Came here for the Peaky Blinders references

    Shiva BestShiva BestAylar önce
  • I love this. Playing for the sheer fun of it.

    Jim PlattesJim PlattesAylar önce
  • LMAOOOOO, Masvidal turned Ben Askren into a disc golfer 😂 Pobrecito, the flying knee must have done too much damage. Link to the fight: trvision.net/detail/video-ZRpG9Dld35U.html It's a quick 5ish second watch

    Bryan SotoBryan SotoAylar önce
    • it was a joke...because Jorge ended that dudes career.

      Bryan SotoBryan SotoAylar önce
    • False. Askren played disc golf in the rain the day of and prior to the Robbie Lawler fight.

      Darin BerendDarin BerendAylar önce
  • I liked the part where Ben took a knee...again

    Brad BaizeBrad BaizeAylar önce
  • U disc is free for a limited time then you have to purchase a year for like four dollars so it’s not so bad

    Mr24NOFXMr24NOFXAylar önce
  • Oh shit Ben Askren is back, god bless

    StateofMindJscjStateofMindJscjAylar önce
  • I didn't realize you were friends with Tom Hardy's kid brother

    Dustin NelsonDustin NelsonAylar önce
  • actually MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Muay Thai guys are always playing Disc Golf, esp in San Diego, you will be surprised at the talent you will see on the TEES, amazing how these two worlds come together.. love disc golf for life

    jjsanchez77jjsanchez77Aylar önce
  • is Funky Farms DGC owned by Askren??

    jjsanchez77jjsanchez77Aylar önce
    • Yes it’s his private course

      Brodie SmithBrodie SmithAylar önce
  • Dude, cutting it in half like that? Haha great video though

    Jerry 1Jerry 1Aylar önce
  • ben askren is the man

    Neil CutterNeil CutterAylar önce
Disc Golf Battle at Funky Farms | Ben Askren & Brodie Smith vs. Paul McBeth & Hannah McBeth