Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well

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    • Lmao can't believe u got pinned

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    ¿Honey Suckle?¿Honey Suckle?Saatler önce
  • Born 2003 in Germany, never heard of the most films being mentioned😂

    KoqueKoqueSaatler önce
  • Disney owes us reparations for blank check

    Mars KahnMars Kahn3 saatler önce
  • Conclusion: Drew is old.

    Katsuki BakugoKatsuki Bakugo4 saatler önce
  • I literally looked away...

    Jennifer NielsenJennifer Nielsen8 saatler önce
  • *B L A N K C H E Q U E*

    Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar19 saatler önce
  • Remember when kid show & kid films TRIED to have clever writing? The last kid show I heard of that won an Emmy was Malcolm In The Middle and it wasn’t even a kid show.

    Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar19 saatler önce
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is not a yogurt saleswoman, she’s Harlan Thrombey’s eldest child who is a real estate mogul.

    Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar19 saatler önce
  • For those who don’t understand the LGBT comments: Disney Plus refuses to put a Love, Simon spin-off show called Love, Victor, in which the main character is gay. It was later put on Hulu and Disney said it was because the show wouldn’t fit their “family friendly” image. Yet, Blank Check is.......there.

    Ryan AkwarRyan Akwar19 saatler önce
  • 13:51

    Sophia SchnurSophia Schnur20 saatler önce
  • Oh mr. macintosh or whatever ur name is.... Just wait until she wants to have sex and u have no idea what it is bc ur like 5

    Cassie SilcottCassie Silcott22 saatler önce
  • I remember watching freaky Friday and this was me the whole time: why are they singing about there problems? This is how literally any how no family works.

    Logan-Janus AlessiLogan-Janus AlessiGün önce
  • I dont have an Alexa so HA

  • As soon as I heard Blank Check I knocked over my water-

    camiusancamiusanGün önce
  • ara ara is right

    hunter of strengthhunter of strengthGün önce
  • I only know him from snl

    Jasmine kuwonuJasmine kuwonuGün önce
  • Hey Drew. Late comment because my mum heard you say crud and she took away my phone :c please no bad language

    AhYes._.TeaAhYes._.Tea2 gün önce
  • I remember watching Blank Check like 4-5 years ago in Disney Channel, 4-5 years, not 10 years or something like that on VHS or DVD or whatever, no, 4 years ago, in TV, and seeing that ending has haunted me ever since, it can't be blocked away.

    Riopol PinalesRiopol Pinales2 gün önce
  • 3:11 they all have red or blonde hair :P

    coastal shenaniganscoastal shenanigans2 gün önce
  • Disney out here really making kids kiss full grown adults

    Hello UniverseHello Universe2 gün önce
  • Literally haven’t ‘aged’ well

    Hello UniverseHello Universe2 gün önce
  • Oh God I remember blank check :0

    kitplaysstuffkitplaysstuff3 gün önce
  • Damn that pic in the back is *smokin*

    Sam COOKSONSam COOKSON3 gün önce
  • “we don’t really know that much about chinese people so... they can probably do magic” *i wish*

    Esther C2Esther C23 gün önce
  • “Would you look at this, he’s out of money!” Hey, most people in their 20s would kill to have a checking account balance of $300

    indoor vapingindoor vaping3 gün önce
  • Yeah... no bank is going to let you withdraw $1 million in cash. But no one wants to watch a movie about a little boy filling out a FinCEN declaration.

    indoor vapingindoor vaping3 gün önce
  • Thanks for reminding me that i graduated high school 8 years ago, Drew *sobs uncontrollably*

    Yuka MochidaYuka Mochida3 gün önce
  • when stuck in the suburbs came out, I was VERY young. I don't remember any of it at all. but for some reason, I wanted to watch it ALL THE TIME as a child and I had no idea what it's about, until this video.

    KeliaKelia3 gün önce
  • I watched the ori freaky friday movie with me mom, it was wierd

  • get out my way type way tf you mean doooooooood

    Monk KilledababyMonk Killedababy3 gün önce
  • Is it just me, or is the actress really good at playing a *very creepy woman* ?

    Sarah MemesSarah Memes3 gün önce
  • As an asian: Koreans and Japanese people also got Chinese magic due to heritage

    KiptopsKiptops3 gün önce
  • Drew, you are looking pale. Please go outside.

    ana rupana rup4 gün önce
  • “Alexa, self destruct” I don’t think it can do that, Professor

    Lissy McBLissy McB4 gün önce
  • 5:29 THE PYRO SONG

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous4 gün önce
  • Subscribed 💋💨

    Shining LightShining Light4 gün önce
  • 14:31 This is why the last 2 minutes of the video is the best part

    zapthebirdzapthebird4 gün önce
  • He made this on my b-day

    Violet GrubbViolet Grubb4 gün önce
  • Why are your videos just so good I’m genuinely sad when they’re over. Is this an addiction?

    Joe M.Joe M.4 gün önce
  • That's literal pedophilia.... How is that okay?????

    Kai MothmanKai Mothman4 gün önce
  • Dude when I was young and saw the woman kiss that tiny kid I was mortified and asked my mom if that was legal and she just sat there stunt

    Rhea MessengerRhea Messenger4 gün önce
  • that lady should have not been it the movie. not to mention that little boy was getting paid to kiss a 30 year old karen. yeah, i know shocking right? i swear if i was that kid's mom i would not let him kiss that women. karen duffy (the women in the movie) is weird.

    lady_ rosette4535lady_ rosette45354 gün önce
  • I just realized the reason why a lot of people are obsessed with 365 is cause when we were little we watched beauty and the beast🧐

    Alyssa ArthurAlyssa Arthur5 gün önce
  • i went to this after care thing after school in elementary school and we watched weird movies every friday and we watched blank check once and i repressed it until now. thanks drew

    Reid AtchisonReid Atchison5 gün önce
  • I watched blank check in the 5th grade😼

    softiex junipersoftiex juniper5 gün önce
  • I loved Blank Check as a kid but it’s sooo bad lol

    COD Chemistry ClubCOD Chemistry Club5 gün önce
  • don’t forget that in freaky friday they thought it was normal to make a teenage boy fall in love with a married, middle aged woman.

    Libby VawterLibby Vawter5 gün önce
  • I am legitimately shocked with my mouth hanging open over what I just saw. HOW was this a real scene in a freaking KIDS MOVIE?! That woman Shay just straight up has the hots for a pubescent boy and the movie not only normalizes it but seems to celebrate it with a kiss?! Like how the fuck did parents react to that scene back in the day I wonder? Was it seriously just overlooked as some sort of “what a ladies man” type of mentality? This is so weird guys. I’m scared call for help.

    stev6963stev69635 gün önce
  • My TEACHER. YES TEACHER. Put on the movie of the rich kid and she didint question S H I T. She was probably really embarrased on the inside BUT SHE COULD HAVE ATLEAST TURNED IT OFF. and also none of us were questioning the age difference in the kiss at the end lol

    E P I C N E S S and BEANSE P I C N E S S and BEANS5 gün önce
  • Anyone else's Alexa say "sorry, I don't know that"

    Madison WeyandtMadison Weyandt5 gün önce
  • can we also talk about that teen in freaky friday that falls in love with the mom and keeps following her? that guy creeps me out

    Oddi-BunOddi-Bun6 gün önce
  • 7:32 how racist! i cannot believe i liked that movie when i was a kid

    Diane PreyraDiane Preyra6 gün önce

    Anita AnilAnita Anil6 gün önce
  • Oh I thought it was raid shadow legends 14:53

    Lonely Mimikyu2Lonely Mimikyu26 gün önce
  • that kiss deserves the "oh my god" JonTron bit

    inyruiinyrui6 gün önce
  • Honestly Amanda you need to make more videos of just you drew doesn’t need to be in ALL of your videos 😞

    Sophia SapphireSophia Sapphire6 gün önce
  • That was just the final take. There was probably multiple takes. Hours of footage of a grown woman kissing a small child...

    moimoi819moimoi8197 gün önce
  • My Alexa: Sorry I don’t know that.

    Gracelyn_The_BeanGracelyn_The_Bean7 gün önce
  • Disney is on a whole other level of crazy and I'm not so much surprised pedophilia is side by side with the racism, sexism, homophobia, and... a lot else.

    Bryni AdielBryni Adiel7 gün önce
  • To be honest I'm super scared of Alexa and think robots are gonna take over the world and make humans their slaves lmao

    JiminAlphaMaleTOPJiminAlphaMaleTOP7 gün önce
  • can u call the fbi on the fbi

    ScreeScree7 gün önce
  • youre like the free dlc expansion of danny gonzalez and thats a good thing

    bimbo breadbimbo bread7 gün önce
  • I just realised, evereyone has so many likes!😵

    •Watermelon seedy••Watermelon seedy•7 gün önce
  • Who you got in the finals, drew?

    Yroc RemlapYroc Remlap7 gün önce
  • 13:39 when i see something bad idk drew is too funny for me

    wormcake_wormcake_7 gün önce
  • 😂 😑

    Schumbag KaySchumbag Kay7 gün önce
  • In 6 years he will be FOURTEEN. still not FUCKING okay

    JBubbleGachaJBubbleGacha8 gün önce
  • 14:19: hah jokes on you I’m wearing headphones 😏 Alexa: Ok, self destruct in 5, 4 .... Me: 😳

    Jackie RJackie R8 gün önce
  • 0:10 JoJo reference.

    Liten MusLiten Mus8 gün önce
Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well