Distress Call- "Signal from Sector Six" Preview | Star Wars Resistance

Kaz joins Poe Dameron to help a ship in need in this clip from "Signal from Sector Six."
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  • This episode of Star Wars Resistance is so good.

    NaminskiNaminski3 aylar önce
  • I thought it said "Spectre Six" for a second :( XD

    Ashley AlexanderAshley Alexander6 aylar önce
  • Why wasn't Poe the hero of this shitshow?

    Mercenary KnightMercenary Knight7 aylar önce
  • Anakin: "This is where the fun begins." Poe Dameron: "Looks like the fun's over." The fun lasted 53 years.

    Generic FilmsGeneric Films8 aylar önce
  • I luvin it

    julz O'sullivanjulz O'sullivan8 aylar önce
  • Why so late with that time? Is it mature or something?

    Robert HayesRobert Hayes8 aylar önce
  • I thought it said Spector 6 for some reason XD

    ShineytrooperShineytrooper8 aylar önce

    vicvic8 aylar önce
  • How ironic that this the sixth episode of this series, and it has "six" as part of the title.

    Stephen AmundsenStephen Amundsen8 aylar önce
    • I didn't even notice that haha.

      Rosalie JonathanRosalie Jonathan8 aylar önce
  • Ehh

    The Creator8888The Creator88888 aylar önce
  • No idea what legal streams have the full episodes in Australia

    Travis letchfordTravis letchford8 aylar önce
  • It looks it may be better episode. And finally out od platform.

    Z O O MZ O O M8 aylar önce
  • I hate the animation style

    KRYMauLKRYMauL8 aylar önce
  • The Last Jedi SUCKED!

    外国人说中文外国人说中文8 aylar önce
  • I'll admit this show has its charm even some good characters but this would have been more impressive if it was maybe done in the art style of the legend of avatar The Legend of Korra that might have been more impressive not to mention they did say was going to be in anime like Style an amazing referring to the Japanese cartoon stuff

    CobeoeCobeoe8 aylar önce
  • This looks to be the third good episode in a row gg

    Darman's BarDarman's Bar8 aylar önce
  • Hope Hondo makes it in this show

    Hayden FowleHayden Fowle8 aylar önce
  • Oh boy mystery what’ll happen

    kingofatlantistvkingofatlantistv8 aylar önce
  • The show is getting good

    HaroldHarold8 aylar önce
  • Wait. I thought this show was going to be sh#, never as good as Rebels, or Clone Wars, and nobody would like it and it would be the end of Star Wars. Oh wait, I forgot. The haters were talking shi#e, as always.

    KesselRunner606KesselRunner6068 aylar önce
  • Meh. Still pretty lame.

    zak klingerzak klinger8 aylar önce
  • The thumbnail is clickbait.

    pigsrcool626pigsrcool6268 aylar önce
  • Stop trying to bring to light non-Jedi and sith characters, they're meaningless Star Wars is the good and evil of the Force not some random people

    Ben HallowBen Hallow8 aylar önce
  • This episode will be good! Love having Poe Dameron in this series. He is my favourite among the new heroes in the Sequels. This show is also surprisingly good.

    001skm001skm8 aylar önce
  • And people thought this series was going to be bad. XP XD

    The LibraryThe Library8 aylar önce
  • This was actually interesting.

    angelowl89angelowl898 aylar önce
  • The X-Wing that Kaz is flying is the same one on The Force Awakens

    Shahir HameedShahir Hameed8 aylar önce
  • Queue the butthurt clone wars fans

    Michael McGrathMichael McGrath8 aylar önce
  • why couldn't this had this been last week's episode? been cool with halloween.

    Matt BoeschMatt Boesch8 aylar önce

    BTWBTW8 aylar önce
  • I want it to be Kix's crew but I know it wont be lol sigh

    Cal SparrowCal Sparrow8 aylar önce
  • Who thinks Ezra Bridger is going to come back sometime in this show?

    JedicacheJedicache8 aylar önce
  • 0:10 Poe voice crack

    turkeydinnerchewieturkeydinnerchewie8 aylar önce
  • 💜

    Aunt VesuviAunt Vesuvi8 aylar önce
  • Things are heating up!

    Luke StarkillerLuke Starkiller8 aylar önce
  • Poe reminds me of Anakin. Anakin was potrayed as mature gentleman in the Clone Wars and Poe is kind of like that in this show. But in the actual movies Anakin and Poe weren't as mature and they disobyed orders.

    Alec VetterAlec Vetter8 aylar önce
  • Well, let's hope Kaz gets to do something other than be clumsy and screw up now that he's back in his comfort zone, and with someone who's actually willing to teach him something.

    Jimmy Reyes AnimationJimmy Reyes Animation8 aylar önce
  • I like Kazuda Xiono he's like Jar Jar Binks.

    ꧂Oddish꧂꧂Oddish꧂8 aylar önce
  • Still hate the art style of the characters

    BloodCoveBloodCove8 aylar önce
  • i can poe see you this Saturday

    Jasper SevillaJasper Sevilla8 aylar önce
  • Looks dreadful

    Trevor RandomTrevor Random8 aylar önce
  • It’s like the title was designed to trick rebel’s fans into watching the clip.

    Melissa DMelissa D8 aylar önce
  • Panda GamingPanda Gaming8 aylar önce
  • X-wing noises are so mesmerizing

    Broken ShadowBroken Shadow8 aylar önce
  • Just waiting on clone wars to come back

    Daniel LopezDaniel Lopez8 aylar önce
  • I hope this episode is a good one. This show has been nothing but disappointing from the start.

    Capt BrodyCapt Brody8 aylar önce
  • i love the new design of x wing fighters and helmet it look so brand new

    jonatan noi Snorrasonjonatan noi Snorrason8 aylar önce
    • jonatan noi Snorrason these aren't new, Poes blue helmet is in force awakens and so is his blue ship

      Roan’s AnimationsRoan’s Animations8 aylar önce
  • For the Republic

    Southern GentlemanSouthern Gentleman8 aylar önce
    • Commander Shepard First Order?

      Southern GentlemanSouthern Gentleman8 aylar önce
    • Why?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • This is always how is with Star Wars shows. At first they get negativity. Then, people start to warm up to them as they progress.

    Youtube BlueYoutube Blue8 aylar önce
    • Just like "Rebels."

      Stephen AmundsenStephen Amundsen8 aylar önce
    • @James Puso I think with Rebels, the main protagonist was just irredeemably annoying to people.

      dojokonojodojokonojo8 aylar önce
    • It was like that for the Prequels and Clone Wars at first. Remember when people hated the prequels? As for Clone Wars it was because the animation was stiff but that got better after a few years and with Dave Filoni getting to do whatever he wanted.

      dojokonojodojokonojo8 aylar önce
    • See...I feel like that was true of TCW because there were people who had biases toward it (which varied, some hated that it was animated, some hated that it was 3D animated, some hated that it overwrote a lot of the existing Clone Wars lore) a lot of which were things people who cared enough to watch got over and people who didn't just moved on from. Rebels on the other hand seemed to me not to have really changed any minds about it. People knew the same things about it going in they knew about TCW but the quality of the show in season 1 didn't change a great deal so people who liked that stuck with it and others dropped it outright or hate watched it.

      James PusoJames Puso8 aylar önce
    • TRvisionr Blue Every. Single. Time. First Clone Wars got a bunch of hate, then pretty much everyone loved it. Then Rebels got a lot of hate, then a good amount of people liked it. So I took the fan backlash to the trailer with a grain of salt.

      Dennis, the constitutional peasantDennis, the constitutional peasant8 aylar önce
  • Was afraid this show was just gonna be about racing for the most part. The last couple episodes really turned it around for me. Looking forward to more!

    pizzapizza8 aylar önce
  • For God's sake guys, let people enjoy this show if they want to. Stop questioning their enjoyment. Anyone who gets upset at someone for liking something that they don't, is a narcissist.

    Youtube BlueYoutube Blue8 aylar önce
  • Oy, their voices are so smooth! :3

    MrXPeaceLPMrXPeaceLP8 aylar önce
    • Should they be smooth?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • Sidon Ithano or Hondo ?? I figure at least one of them is on that ship 😉

    The Mandalorian Fan ChannelThe Mandalorian Fan Channel8 aylar önce
  • Hondo....??? pleaseee.

    AJAJ8 aylar önce
    • We have hope!

      RotskuRotsku8 aylar önce
    • No.

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • I don’t understand what BB8 says

    V TV T8 aylar önce
  • Legends will always be cooler anyway.

    MoRoKeiFrOdMoRoKeiFrOd8 aylar önce
  • looks good :D

    James KhanJames Khan8 aylar önce
    • What's good?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • I think soon we will see starkiller base do some serious damage

    NukeEmNukeEm8 aylar önce
  • Very excited to see where this is going! Poe is a great mentor to Kaz, and I like how the Resistance takes on a secondary mission of helping and policing areas the New Republic won’t go

    Jared JohnsonJared Johnson8 aylar önce
    • Is he tho?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • Hello commander shepard

    Thorzcun StellarFighterThorzcun StellarFighter8 aylar önce
  • This. This is the parts about the show I like the most so far: the missions. When it gets serious, it gets proper serious.

    Jonathan LarssonJonathan Larsson8 aylar önce
    • @Jonathan Larsson that's pretty wizard.

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
    • @Commander Shepard once when I had a phantom menace lolipop. It had gum in the centre.

      Jonathan LarssonJonathan Larsson8 aylar önce
    • @Jonathan Larsson but have you licked Star wars?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
    • @Commander Shepard How do I feel Star Wars? If you mean literally, usually with my hand, as I take out the DVD's or Blu-ray to watch them. Figuratively, more and more as war movies. The setting of Resistance, for instance, makes me think of Casablanca. Sure, technically not a war movie, but set during one.

      Jonathan LarssonJonathan Larsson8 aylar önce
    • @Jonathan Larsson How do you feel Star Wars?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • Po's back!

    Emma SanfordEmma Sanford8 aylar önce
  • *'dislike the video with no reason'*

    OnlyASithDealsInAbsolutes DailyOnlyASithDealsInAbsolutes Daily8 aylar önce
  • Grysk, Vongs?

    Konrad PietrzakKonrad Pietrzak8 aylar önce
  • Generic positive comment nobody actually means in order to try to compensate for the critics.

    • I have been wondering why all the top comments I see all just say the show is getting better and nothing about what is happening in the actual clip.

      NicholasNicholas8 aylar önce
    • BOB IGOR RUINED STAR WARS NOT JUST KATHLEEN just about right mental gymnastics

      MoRoKeiFrOdMoRoKeiFrOd8 aylar önce
  • Anyone want a pizza roll?

    Mr. PlinkettMr. Plinkett8 aylar önce
    • I'm calling the cops.

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • Why is this show airing on Sundays @ 10 p.m. Doesn’t Disney know that most kids are asleep by then on a school night? Like come on, use your common sense or do they not have any to begin with.

    Kadin SchillingKadin Schilling8 aylar önce
    • TRvisionr Blue I know that they are streaming apps but it just seemed so random to have it regularly scheduled on that day and at that time.

      Kadin SchillingKadin Schilling8 aylar önce
    • There is a Disney app where people can watch all shows from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior. Kids don't have to watch it at 10pm, they can just watch it on demand. Many people don't even watch television anymore, they just stream their shows on demand, and Disney can track viewership that way. Just one of the many wonders of the 21st century.

      Youtube BlueYoutube Blue8 aylar önce
  • Love it so far and episode looks like it’s going to be a good one!

    Osgood's OrbitOsgood's Orbit8 aylar önce
    • Commander Shepard well on most of them. And some that are hating you kinda agree as well. Maybe not try to respond to every comment and maybe it won’t become annoying?

      Juan Hates UJuan Hates U8 aylar önce
    • @Juan Hates U not true. I have replied to every other comment as well. I don't discriminate.

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
    • Commander Shepard dude you’ve been commenting stuff like this on every single comment saying “Resistance is getting better.” Just move on will ya?

      Juan Hates UJuan Hates U8 aylar önce
    • You sure?

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard8 aylar önce
  • Can't wait! Star Wars Resistance is the highlight of our week!

    Younglings PodcastYounglings Podcast8 aylar önce
    • Yep mine too!

      RotskuRotsku8 aylar önce
  • It's a trap.

    1,000 Year Beard1,000 Year Beard8 aylar önce
Distress Call- "Signal from Sector Six" Preview | Star Wars Resistance