Dom Flemons: Can You Blame The Colored Man?

Dom Flemons, American Songster, performs "Can You Blame the Colored Man?", as featured in the Oxford American:
The earliest recorded music, now over a century old, will never be truly understood by modern audiences," Dom Flemons writes in our Tennessee music issue, after he's exhausted all angles in pursuit of the meanings and motivations behind Gus Cannon's "Can You Blame the Colored Man," recorded in 1927. Flemons's essay is a probing, revelatory biography of song, and it covers an indispensable chapter in our narrative of Tennessee: the string band music made in Memphis around the turn of the last century.



  • Historical note: it was Theodore Roosevelt, not Franklin, that hosted Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House.

    jpb252jpb2523 aylar önce
  • squeal like a pig ..

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  • Sure enjoyed D. Flemons. I have several CDs of the Drops. Great picking. 👍

  • Love Booker T Washington & a great way to teach history. *tips hat* #storytellers

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  • Thank you and the Chocolate Drops for preserving American History through music.

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  • Nice presentation! I could almost smell the pipe tobacco,. :-)

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  • Strikes me as pretty racist song but I may be missing the point completely

    RJJohnsonRJJohnsonYıl önce
    • Joseph Scott I definitely appreciated you all’s comments. Even when I look back on my article I see the places where I did not have the full story about the history of black vaudeville and the role of blues in its historical context. Yet, I still can standby this article as a comprehensive look into the historical event around the 1901 White House meeting as well as an analysis of Gus Cannon’s song. The facts are always stranger than the fiction!

      Dom FlemonsDom FlemonsYıl önce
    • Flemons is a great musician. Allen Lowe and I independently had a lot of criticisms of that article that we entered in the comments section. Oxford American responded by removing the comments section.

      Brazilian AtlantisBrazilian AtlantisYıl önce
    • Dom Flemons Hello Dom, an honor! excuse for my uneducated comment. I am not native-English speaker ( despite my RJ avatar). Thank you for your article (or essay) that I have read. Indeed made things clear about the song, but a lot more interest on “minstrelsy” that I didn’t know about (only some blackface guys in some very old Fred Astaire-like musical movies; being a kid and in my native country then I never understood, did not find the fun of it, and did not really give much importance, just waited for the movie stars to appear). I admire your work very much, thank you again.

      RJJohnsonRJJohnsonYıl önce
    • ulisescervantes Here’s the accompanying article:

      Dom FlemonsDom FlemonsYıl önce
  • Sounds alot like frankie and johnny

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  • Well done Dom

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  • Killer pipe hit

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  • You, Sir, are the real deal.

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  • Dom I support you 100 % Great music

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  • great job sir

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  • You have it man, I hope you go places!

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    • GF Black, have you heard of the Carolina Chocolate Drops? Dom has been places lol

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  • Will do.

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  • LOVE your music Dom. Please don't ever change it. Stay true to that Dave Macon poster.

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  • Just heard you on the blues mobile. Good stuff and good luck in the future

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  • So talented

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  • South Indian dude...

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  • Good stuff. Well shot! Nice work Dom and all.

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  • History.

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  • very very very very very nice intro!

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Dom Flemons: Can You Blame The Colored Man?