Donald Trump Jr. Has An Idea For Washington’s New Name That’s Even MORE OFFENSIVE Than Redskins!

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I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Donald Trump Jr. was in the news recently, trying to make papa proud doing his rendition of weighing in on the whole “Washington Football Team” situation with the amount of tact and precision that you would expect.
Today we present, Donald Trump Jr Weighs In On Washington's New Name, Picks Even More Offensive Name.
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  • What do you think The Washington Football team should be named??? We’re going Red Wolves!

    TPSTPSAylar önce
    • The Washington Redrumps. Because year after year, they keep getting their behinds handed to them.

      Richard CraniumRichard Cranium10 gün önce
    • Redtails

      A Fan of The HawksA Fan of The Hawks25 gün önce
    • Washington Sentinels

      Dustin FreemanDustin FreemanAylar önce
    • redskins has a nice ring to it

      Andrew StoickAndrew StoickAylar önce
    • TPS redtails

      Disney Enthusiast Matthew AveryDisney Enthusiast Matthew AveryAylar önce
  • The Redskins name was never racist. Complain about real problems.

    finchboratfinchborat14 gün önce
  • They should of kept the name and just changed the logo to a potato. 💯

    tweezerjam34tweezerjam3419 gün önce
  • The Native Americans should decide.

    Average JoeAverage Joe27 gün önce
  • Washington Sliver Snakes the names is from Legend of the Hidden Temple a classic 90's game show

    Terry BogardTerry BogardAylar önce
  • Sounds like you're trying to get famous by bad mouthing our president, good luck with that!

    Jeff OttenJeff OttenAylar önce
  • Fruitcakes

    J MJ MAylar önce
  • liberals cant take jokes

    The Maniacal Maintenance ManThe Maniacal Maintenance ManAylar önce
  • Trump 2020 loser 🇺🇸

    Andrew StoickAndrew StoickAylar önce

    John IversonJohn IversonAylar önce
  • who gives af what they gotta say, especially about sports

    Noe SaenzNoe SaenzAylar önce
  • All rational patriotic Americans have a few words for Jr. " Shut the F up you chinless doughy wanna be toughguy. Cowardly price of Sh't . Jail soon moron.

    John IversonJohn IversonAylar önce
  • This is total clickbait

    Carson MeansCarson MeansAylar önce
  • Greasy Jr.

    Dan RodeDan RodeAylar önce
  • I think it’s funny! Trump Jr. 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Ape Gone MadApe Gone MadAylar önce
  • I don’t think people realize there team name was the Redskins to honor them

    Nathan SteinmetzNathan SteinmetzAylar önce
  • They need to just leave it as the Redskins and dont worry who it offends. Childish stupidity

    David MaysDavid MaysAylar önce
  • So I guess people in politics aren’t allowed to post memes.

    Logan HutchisonLogan HutchisonAylar önce
  • Society has gotten soft. People are too easily offended these days.

    Caleb HughesCaleb HughesAylar önce
  • It's ok him and daddy will be in jail soon.

    KORN 1999KORN 1999Aylar önce
  • I think they should keep the same colors and uniforms and be called the Washington Braves.

    Lionroar 7Lionroar 7Aylar önce
  • Politician: *breathes* TPS: *Somehow makes a whole article that has more words than the Declaration of Independence on why a joke is offensive*

    Bird_Gang_AzBird_Gang_AzAylar önce
  • This channel is ass and it died just like the fumble

    Arctic SeaArctic SeaAylar önce
  • Greasy Jr.

    Dan RodeDan RodeAylar önce
  • Someone’s running out of content😂

    Dominic MillerDominic MillerAylar önce
  • Bro lowkey the name Washington Jays kinda fire tho. Not official tho, accepting revisions

    BeastyboiBeastyboiAylar önce
  • I would love that tbh🤣

    Sole CollectorSole CollectorAylar önce
  • 🤦🏻‍♂️ you edited this and still decided to post it? Laughable

    Mike FMike FAylar önce
  • Can we get David Blaine to do his magic, please? I'm getting tired of seeing the big and small of this toxic duo. I wish I could say Abra Cadabra and have some disappearing magic happen😌

    Barbara McCormackBarbara McCormackAylar önce
  • Aiming at Trump Family smh,... lost a subscription

    _2iRiE_2iRiEAylar önce
  • This nigga slow aF! 🤦🏿‍♂️. Talk about a hard to get through video

    Sir O'ZoneSir O'ZoneAylar önce
  • CuckPS

    Sir O'ZoneSir O'ZoneAylar önce
  • Screw it call them RED BONES the unification of black and white lmao jk

    Gregory SamaniegoGregory SamaniegoAylar önce
  • TRUMP'S, YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Ooh YallOoh YallAylar önce
  • This is a joke, kinda surprised this even got put out seriously

    Andrew ReedyAndrew ReedyAylar önce
  • It's snowflakes like TPS that push me harder to vote for Trump... TRUMP 2020

    Jameson BornholdtJameson BornholdtAylar önce
  • Imagine getting offended by redskins😂

    DarksDarksAylar önce
  • Greasy Jr.

    Dan RodeDan RodeAylar önce
  • Is TPS Democrats?

    Collin LynchCollin LynchAylar önce
  • Ive been reading Trump Jr's tweets for a while & he is one smart man. To hell what the libtards say . They are a special kind of stupid

    Beth BryantBeth BryantAylar önce
  • The team should be Name THE WASHINGTON (POWER)

    Lemar EppsLemar EppsAylar önce

    Reginald StewartReginald StewartAylar önce
  • TPS, do everyone a favorand stay out of politics!

    zalupa12000zalupa12000Aylar önce
  • Redskins isn't offensive. It was the name of the warriors because they wore red paint on their face. When will the Browns change their name? What about the N.E. Patriots? Those guys owned slaves, no?

    Sean's DIY & ReviewsSean's DIY & ReviewsAylar önce
  • Off topic,but that dude seriously needs a manly chin.

    EeerieEventsAtHomeEeerieEventsAtHomeAylar önce
  • You guys are a Sports channel not a political channel. Please choose one to talk about so that I can make my decision weather or not I want to watch this channel anymore

    Diego GalvanDiego GalvanAylar önce
  • Unsubscribed

    Bill the guyBill the guyAylar önce
  • You must be a Democrat

    Joseph NicolinoJoseph NicolinoAylar önce
  • We come here for sports. This is a hit piece on Don Jr, and not even one that makes decent sense. I enjoy the top tens, etc. Just stick to sports and we will gladly find our own political channels elsewhere.

    Toby J PowersToby J PowersAylar önce
  • That’s not more offensive

    Carter ReidCarter ReidAylar önce
  • Never trust something that a trump says

    Carter ReidCarter ReidAylar önce
  • News flash!! MOST Native Americans were NOT offended by the Redskins effin socialist, cancel culture SNOWFLAKE!! GO PHUCK YOURSELF!!! LIBTARDS make me want to PUKE!!

    Gary RentschlerGary RentschlerAylar önce
  • Washington Red Feathers. Copyrighted by Alfredo Monarco.

    Alfredo MonarcoAlfredo MonarcoAylar önce
  • "Washington Redskins" doesn't sound and look so offensive when you realize the name and logo were done in collaboration with....American Indian tribes. This guy also sounds like a pompous d-bag when on his political platform. Keep the topic on football.

    MattMattAylar önce
  • Channel like this shouldn't be getting political.

    UncleUncleAylar önce
  • Oh you looking for New brand name for Redskin.,.maybe it's worth considering the new suggested name...making the team great brandizing

    Leticia SambeliLeticia SambeliAylar önce
  • Is the New Jersey Generals taken?

    Lendon JenningsLendon JenningsAylar önce
  • TPS is just like nascar..all left turns..

    marshall barkmanmarshall barkmanAylar önce
  • It was not offensive stop being biased its a football channel not cnn.

    Sally DaviesSally DaviesAylar önce
  • Trump should have nutted in the sheets on that one

    Jay DubJay DubAylar önce
  • Sarah deletes my comments

    James CurryJames CurryAylar önce
  • TRvision making little boy vids

    James CurryJames CurryAylar önce
  • Democrats are cringe af

    II nosferatu IIII nosferatu IIAylar önce
  • Washington Badgers

    Gwen ReddingGwen ReddingAylar önce
  • Trump 2020

    Bert MMABert MMAAylar önce
  • WHEN, for Pete's sake, are we going to pass legislation making it illegal for anyone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder to hold public office?!? They have zero empathy and compassion, two traits necessary to govern people! We could call it the Trump Bill!! We have to rid our government of these self centered jerks! No More Narcissists!! It is a mental illness!

    Teresa ThaynTeresa ThaynAylar önce
  • Washington Generals would be a good name

    A ChristianA ChristianAylar önce
  • It was a joke...

    andrew glazandrew glazAylar önce
  • Just an idiotic ruse to bash trump. There's more than enough libTARD channels for that.

    Bryan BBryan BAylar önce
  • Don Jr should buy the team...

    Alexander HoangAlexander HoangAylar önce
Donald Trump Jr. Has An Idea For Washington’s New Name That’s Even MORE OFFENSIVE Than Redskins!