Donald Trump Quick To Tear Down Kamala Harris After Joe Biden Pick Her As Running Mate

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  • Looks like a lot of people here slamming the poster. LOL. Guess the libtards will do anything to slam the man

    Flik CofFlik Cof5 gün önce
  • The Russian bots are wildin in this comment section today and is spittin all the ignorance they can. One more then stop using we when you are talking about Black people we are not monolithic say you. I do not want anyone to think that I am tied to any of this stupidity that I have read in the comment section. The main goal for Black folks is to get rid of the Bigot In Chief but yall more concern about these that don't matter.

    Bad Azz662Bad Azz6628 gün önce
  • All the Russian 🤖 in the comments hating 🤔

    Lila2cuteLila2cute9 gün önce
  • I'm really voting for Kamala too

    Charmain EdwardsCharmain Edwards11 gün önce
  • This channel is trash

    Ron SpauldingRon Spaulding12 gün önce
  • Charlarmaine the God #timesup #justice4JessicaReed.

    Kaleaf Rahman RaheemKaleaf Rahman Raheem12 gün önce
  • Donald is the best he literally is the GOAT OF JACKASSES😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lee BrownLee Brown12 gün önce
  • That's Because Kamala Is A Sellout Like Most Democrooks

    Mr WestMr West12 gün önce
  • Joe Biden gonna put a lot of black men in jail!!!

    Edward CastilloEdward Castillo16 gün önce
  • Kamala Harris put more BLACK PEOPLE In Jail than anybody. Joe Biden hate back in 1970s. BUT HATE TRUMP MAKING AMERICA GREAT FOR ALL PEOPLE. breakfast club is EXTREMELY RACIST

    Crownmode101Crownmode10119 gün önce
  • Kamala is not black she is Indian and Jamaican first generation she has no idea what its like

    Corin BryantCorin Bryant19 gün önce
  • Why everybody says that about Florida lol??

    Lola JonesLola Jones20 gün önce
  • Kamala is not black!

    Comic SenseComic Sense21 gün önce
  • Orange idiot was describing himself.

    Marlene DRMarlene DR21 gün önce
  • I just don't like what I've read about her and limiting native Americans from what is rightfully theirs...I'm with her on the death penalty ... I think it's such a waste of resource keeping literal pieces of shit alive...though they deserve to stay alive and suffer for what they've done but overall I'm for the death penalty

    Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y TenerifeAntonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife22 gün önce
  • Vote the party saving the babies period

    Copper Skin AcademyCopper Skin Academy23 gün önce
  • Need to look at this candidate's totality of work. Not just the parts that fit ones narrative. Is she a perfect candidate; no. I'd defy anyone who can who can show me a candidate that is. That being said, she was a prosecutor and prosecutor's prosecute. What she also did as a prosecutor was start the Back On Track program in SF, which gave drug offenders a chance to go to bootcamp and learn life skills like job training, parenting skills, the opportunity to earn their GED and college credits ect. And when they graduated the program in most cases all the charges were dropped or significantly reduced. The program even helped fix their credit scores. She worked with social services in SF to expedite assistance to low income families with children with special needs. Today she's in the Senate fighting for police reform to ban no knock warrants and chokeholds and demanding police accountability. All of which she was doing before she was picked for vp. I'd encourage people to view her Senate floor speeches on the issue. View the exchange she had with senator John Cornyn on the issue. Take her record as a whole and don't just look at few comments in the TRvision comments section.

    William JonesWilliam Jones23 gün önce
  • Joe Biden told ctg to his face if you dont vote for me you ain't black, ctg didn't say shit or give em donkey of the day

    Cortez JenkinsCortez Jenkins24 gün önce
  • She isn’t BLACK so literally, NONE of this makes sense in that sense of it?!

    Sham WowSham Wow24 gün önce
  • Slow joe and phoney Pamela has a great ring to it

    call me randumbcall me randumb25 gün önce
  • Hear this - If you find yourself speaking negatively about Trump, it ain't you, it's the programming you've been bombarded with. A vote for Trump isn't a vote for the GOP b/c the GOP establishment(RINOs), like Romney, hate him with a passion. The two parties are united behind the curtain and financed by global financiers that specialize in the destabilization of nations, like George Soros. Soros also funds BLM AND Antfia. I'm not going to tell you what good Trump has done, you need to research it for yourself, but I will tell you he has shined some real light on the evil that lies within our gov't and has shown us that true enemy of this nation, of ALL races is...THE LEFT!

    George WashingtonGeorge Washington25 gün önce
  • CTG can't be this dumb. Might he be playing 4D chess?

    The Robert SpotThe Robert Spot25 gün önce
  • I'm not voting but if I did I would vote Trump

    Dante GriffinDante Griffin26 gün önce
  • So he is getting Donkey of the day for Opposing his opposition what a dumb ass TDS Breakfast Club and Charlamagne tha God has become

    TechNStuffTechNStuff26 gün önce

    Frank WhiteFrank White26 gün önce
  • This is disgusting and super racist. Thing guy is a moron. Pedaling ambulance chasers...😂🤣😂 who's listening to this clown seriously...???

    Dovian GracianoDovian Graciano26 gün önce
  • The way Caucasian Kamala Harris (as shown on her Birth Certificate) has locked up innocent mothers (who were homeless) along with attacking Jamal Truelove, Camarad Conely, and God knows who else, who were INNOCENT, INNOCENT, INNOCENT, shows all of us what Kamala is going to do on a grander scale. I don't give a hoot and two rat's tails about Kamala Harris.

    deowil1deowil126 gün önce
  • What was he suppose do. This is politics at purest form. So you all need to shut up.

    Philip AdjeiPhilip Adjei26 gün önce
  • I'm voting trump 2020 purely because of the Democratic Partys pure stupidity over the past year and a 1/2

    Taylor TalbertTaylor Talbert26 gün önce
  • Is this not the same man who said a country full of African people was a shit hole didn't he say Mexican are SENDING their racist and murderers here so how he gonna say anybody is disrespectful and ontop of that called all Republicans dumb said he would run in that class and Republican would vote for him and they did that is disrespectful

    BearGrillz GamingBearGrillz Gaming26 gün önce
  • I agree, but it's funny we say get sophisticated with unfair criticism of us, but there are whites whose record has been misrepresented. I don't necessarily think Harris will outshine Biden. And white people sometimes get talked about the same way when they are critical of males. And we get mad at white people for stances we also came to. For example a lot black people supported the crime bill and even advocated for some of the portions we don't like now. Also, there were a lot of people people against busing. I know people who were bused and are still not sure it was such a great thing. Being against busing and being against integration are not the same thing. It just like now some how people who are not supporting legal weed are some how anti-black. But in reality 95% of the legal weed industry is controlled by white people and big mega-farms just like the rest of farming. I support Harris as VP but I was turned off by bother her and Booker in the primary because I thought their attacks on Joe were kind low and a way to just try to win cheap points to get primary votes

    SonicBoomC98SonicBoomC9827 gün önce
  • Anyone who refuses to allow DNA testing that could possibly release an innocent man on trial for death row is an evil person. If you think he's guilty allow the dna testing and that will prove he's guilty. If you think he's innocent but won't allow the dna testing you are evil point blank.

    Jacob AaronJacob Aaron27 gün önce
  • Charlamagne tha eternal moron

    Nate DoggNate Dogg27 gün önce
  • Kamala incarcerated California citizens for marijuana for cheap labor.Those were all Democrats that she had arrested morons. Do the research.She is going to lock y’all away for petty crimes like marijuana!?!?

    Reezy_BadReezy_Bad27 gün önce
  • If you vote Democrat than you are lost

    Reezy_BadReezy_Bad27 gün önce
  • TRUMP 2020

    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
  • TRUMP 2020

    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
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    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
  • TRUMP 2020

    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce

    young Donyoung Don28 gün önce
    • @young Don lol your opinion means nothing to me "blood"

      AnthonyAnthony27 gün önce
    • @Anthony you're wack af too blood

      young Donyoung Don27 gün önce
    • Like posting the same thing 20 times? Yea

      AnthonyAnthony27 gün önce
  • The Dems are literally donkey of the day everyday. It's their damn mascot for fuk sakes!

    Abel GonzalesAbel Gonzales28 gün önce
  • TBC has sunk to the lowest of the lows 🤦🏽‍♂️

    VoidedChaosVoidedChaos28 gün önce
  • What is white supremacy fam?

    Marquel MitchellMarquel Mitchell28 gün önce
  • cAnother 1400 Americans died form what Trump said was a hoax-still no plan to stop it-Go Biden/Harris-only 24% of the US people think the country is headed in the right direction-Trump also lied like he has now over 20,000 times since he has been in office-another lie last night-said major outbreak New Zealnd-they had 6 new cases-we have over 45,000 new cases everyday-Covid isn't a hoax Trump-you failed and are fired-Biden/Harris will stop covid outbreak and allow us to live our lives again

    Max ChernyMax Cherny28 gün önce
  • Lol the ad was fire🔥...shots fired!!!

    Deon BDeon B28 gün önce
  • Wow just wow people are waking up. I just don't understand defund the police and democrats pick a cop as vp? Vote for Jo Jorgensen. Yes shes real and running for president. Shes got my vote

    Savage TruthSavage Truth28 gün önce
  • So..the Nasty Boy calls people who question his ignorance "nasty"?? Apologies to Ms. Jackson.

    David BenjaminDavid Benjamin28 gün önce
  • CTG shouldn't speak on politics!!!! He's sooooo uninformed!!!... Think it's a coincidence that SCAMMERS like Umar Johnson, Brother Polite, & Jay Morrison were all validated by CTG & The breakfast club 🤔 STOP listening to this clown

    Khenny GKhenny G28 gün önce
  • Wow the trump bots are loose

    Natalie AlvarezNatalie Alvarez29 gün önce
  • Both of them ain't shit

    Calvin WadeCalvin Wade29 gün önce
  • Yes panel give charalanagne one up 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

    Regimen CarterRegimen Carter29 gün önce
  • Still not voting democrat eventhough Kamala paid ya'll to put trump on donkey of the day...trump 2020

    DeathB4DsloyalDeathB4Dsloyal29 gün önce

    iLee LeniLee Len29 gün önce
  • You guys are the real donkeys... I mean, you and Charlemagne “Tha God” (blasphemy)... Angela gets a pass.

    I SeNsE HaRmOnYI SeNsE HaRmOnY29 gün önce
  • Dude she straight came on y'all show and lied and you still putting support behind that shitt

    Cordell PenningtonCordell Pennington29 gün önce
Donald Trump Quick To Tear Down Kamala Harris After Joe Biden Pick Her As Running Mate