Dreamville - Down Bad feat. J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang, & Young Nudy (Official Music Video)

Dreamville - Down Bad ft. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang & Young Nudy (Official Music Video)
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Directed by: Chad Tennies, Mac Grant, Caleb Seales, Mike Dank
Producer: Chad Tennies, Will Hickox
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(Young Nudy)
Tell Em Slime!
Yeah, I am the kind of the E.A.
Get this bitch screwed like the DJ
I am the shit where we play
We got the chopper where we play
Come thru the city
We gon chop ya ass up just like she sushi
AK47 Stick go stupid
Draw the money out
All the way, I’ma do it
Lil Dirty Nappy Headed East Atlanta Nigga
Father said that I was a force
.44 Hank Aaron chrome,
Wanna make it home then get out the Porsche
Let a nigga cover Fader for it
I had to fade a nigga at the Fader Fort
Its tomato or tomato either way
They boy the greatest, Play it
I won’t say it no more
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up
But I’m here for the crown
Board of Education vs. Brown
I was bored of education
Left the town
Fuck a resume and fuck a cap n gown
Fuck a background check back round
when I get the check, that's now
(Hook - JID)
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up
But I’m here for the crown crown (oh shit)
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up
But I’m here for the crown crown
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
Picked up the pad
Pick up the slack
Pick of the litter
Don’t litter no bag
Bassy been picking up racks
Raps come in clearer than acuvue 2
When I’m back in the booth
got em hackin a shaq
cuz they lacking the juice
niggas dropping the ball they on shaqinafool
activis drool down the side of they face
we aint jackin it we aint dappin them fools
Get a napkin you dudes is embarrassing
who going crazy like us? no comparison
Dreamville like Marion Jones on the steroids
Y'all niggas slow as a heroin high
Y’all had a year, y’all had a year
y’all had a year but you let it go by
Dreamville Head Honcho
Bitch we came from nothing just like the big bang theory
That poverty stains kept the pain buried
And covered the shame with a dream
We would have fortune and fame
A mill in the bank, Chameleon paint
Turnt Cranberry
Now little Jermaine got the same story
As that boy outta St. Vincent-St. Mary
All hail, King Cole first of his name
Long may he reign
the boy got the throne but you know it aint a game
Ville nigga I was born in the same
Pressure cooker thats been known bust a lump of coal
and make a diamond - 2 6!
we enrolled in reaganomics, crew sick
we the golden state of rhyming, on God!
You could die today
So be hell to pay
I’m a living breathing scheming testimony
So don’t test me homie
Put that in ya homie
Put a foot up that ass
You a stepping stone
All my niggas aint getting no sleep
All of my niggas be chasing they dreams
Ohh I’m a force of nature
I can’t wait to date ya
I was having problems still I had to break through
Are my tattoos for show
They aint never for show
Might get tattoo’d on tuesday
Ya hoe get the dope
Spend my time making love to your thoughts
Don’t get in line baby, snort up yo mind
It’s a brand new season
I’m a righteous heathen
I take on the challenge and i leave it bleeding
I was down bad now I’m even steven
and I’m leaving leaving every other weekend
(Hook - JID)
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up
But I’m here for the crown crown (oh shit)
I was just fucked up
I was just down down bad
I had to tighten the fuck up
But I’m here for the crown crown
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  • YALL HAD A YEAR BUT YOU LET IT GO BY! Happy anniversary yall

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  • My dream is to join Dreamville even though I’m from the west coast

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  • It's been a year and this still went over yall heads. Cole said came from nothing just like the big bang theory. 🙌

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  • Y'all kidding me y'all had a year

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Dreamville - Down Bad feat. J.I.D, Bas, J. Cole, EarthGang, & Young Nudy (Official Music Video)