[Drumstep] - Rootkit - Do It [Monstercat Release]

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  • I love this song,Thx for this♥️❤️

    xX_Alexis_Xx lolxX_Alexis_Xx lolAylar önce
  • 最高

    なみなみなみなみAylar önce
  • you like

    KowoLKowoLAylar önce
  • This is a banger

    neuneuneuneuAylar önce
  • 👊🏼👑

    Muzaffer DEMİRMuzaffer DEMİRAylar önce
  • In 2014: So amazing 💜 In 2019: So amazing 💜🔥

    SuSu3 aylar önce
  • Someone in 2019?

    Joel Adrian Cuj PonceJoel Adrian Cuj Ponce3 aylar önce
  • Me encanta para hacer ejercicio 🎶🎶🤗

    Erii jimenezErii jimenez4 aylar önce
  • Dope!

    Psyched3licPsyched3lic4 aylar önce
  • i miss this drumstep rootkit dudes

    AkyraAkyra5 aylar önce
  • still here ❤️

    danidani5 aylar önce
  • Still bumping

    sharpyrules11sharpyrules115 aylar önce
  • I m still alive

    Yagami LightYagami Light6 aylar önce
  • Do it

    wanvlogswanvlogs6 aylar önce
  • This song is like a time travel back to 2014.. damn this time is 5 years ago :(

    James BaconJames Bacon7 aylar önce
  • 2019!!

    Poiint GTPoiint GT8 aylar önce
  • I can indeed feel this sound

    Dalton334Dalton3348 aylar önce

    Mert KaracaMert Karaca8 aylar önce
  • With music like this, there is no pause or fast forward button, only a rewind❤️❤️

    DJX_XaviDJX_Xavi8 aylar önce
  • Ahhhh the good old days😢😢😢

    Lee ChristieLee Christie8 aylar önce
  • 2019❤️🎧

    daarlinngg _daarlinngg _8 aylar önce
  • Legit just cried from the memories i had when listening to this song back in the day

    Skylight at nightSkylight at night9 aylar önce
    • Same, the feels men, the feels.. I wanna go back so hard to these times

      PRYDAXPRYDAX9 aylar önce
  • Im drowning in tears from nostalgia 😔💯‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Damn LoveDamn Love9 aylar önce
  • 50 profits split by a hundred art fair play

    Darth KryateDarth Kryate10 aylar önce
    • Thanks methodman we art communicating agin through tha sense of pain and leaving id rather do after my mother and jeannie awaken for i am guarding them two from evils haunting like a good beast and translater of kings dream like maya de angelo mahommadali and malcom or martin king jr i have started on tha haiku of fairikuan and welcome tha thought that i think these guys arent prejudice but like i said ill be damned if men of aye diferent complection then author or origin art going to get away with tha credit that i manipulate thanks

      Darth KryateDarth Kryate10 aylar önce
  • 2019 and im back here :o

    JensenJensen11 aylar önce
  • throwback :')

    Hadar NadaHadar Nada11 aylar önce
  • The Shia LaBeouf edit was better tho.

    EsKpistOneEsKpistOne11 aylar önce
  • nostalgic asf

    RocketRocketYıl önce
  • Old music 😍

  • This song is so good. Can't believe it's been 4 years..

    AndenAndenYıl önce
  • Damn, I listened to this song when I was playing Skyblock with friends, such a long time ago...

    Thijs MThijs MYıl önce
  • 2019?

    Jelly MCJelly MCYıl önce
  • 2019 anyone??

    Lxk3yLxk3yYıl önce
  • LOL Rootkit Do It ft. Shia LaBeouf is better, I'm sorry

    emili udisemili udisYıl önce
  • 😬😬😃😃

    FCB JuniorFCB JuniorYıl önce
  • here In 2019

    block headblock headYıl önce
  • my favourite drumstep so far.... its been 4 years, almost 5

    justine 7justine 7Yıl önce
  • 2019???💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥

    Orhan_BoltzOrhan_BoltzYıl önce
  • This one is cruelly underrated

    Aby JoseAby JoseYıl önce
  • What a debut!

    luneckerluneckerYıl önce
  • Any diehard fans in 2019?

    Antonio SpatareluAntonio SpatareluYıl önce
  • Lyrics Smo-oke weed AAAAHHH Build/feel the sound

    CredibleDerek6511CredibleDerek6511Yıl önce
  • this takes me back to the cod ghosts pro circuit/mlg

    Bas'tard 9496Bas'tard 9496Yıl önce
  • [Drumstep] - Rootkit - Do It (feat. Shia Labeouf)

    EsKpistOneEsKpistOneYıl önce
  • still high tier

    GhostGhostYıl önce
  • This is a phenomenal song. Definetly the best on Monstercat. It just blasts you with emotions as you get taken on this journey of nostalgia. I have been blown away by how amazing this song is. Thank you, rootkit.

    simpleflareonsimpleflareonYıl önce
    • @Adventure Sessions I know, this song is so incredibly nostalgic.

      simpleflareonsimpleflareonYıl önce
    • simpleflareon so weird to think that this almost came out 5 years ago.. time flies

      Adventure SessionsAdventure SessionsYıl önce
  • Music awesome

    Theus CamposTheus CamposYıl önce
  • Memories 😌

    Aaron BenavidesAaron BenavidesYıl önce
  • I listen to this song in school because for me youtube isnt blocked but every category is. This is not in a category for me

    _DrDipShitz __DrDipShitz _Yıl önce
    • What do you mean category ? like genre of video on youtube

  • Awesome!!!

    Marrs PMarrs PYıl önce
  • This is good

    amin sissohoamin sissohoYıl önce
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Nhok Họ HôNhok Họ HôYıl önce
  • Senate *_Approved_*

    Rene GonzalezRene GonzalezYıl önce
  • Love it

    N.R.GッN.R.GッYıl önce
  • Do it -The senate

    Someone 88Someone 88Yıl önce
  • Just do it

    Lakhya Heera RajkhowaLakhya Heera RajkhowaYıl önce
  • This needs to be on Rocket League

    Zak NelsonZak NelsonYıl önce
  • Thank you for this song!

    IvanIvanYıl önce
  • Would be better without the vocals.

    ༺ڳOpernce.ฟ༻༺ڳOpernce.ฟ༻Yıl önce
  • Lil Barnacle on the beat

    MonkyMonkyYıl önce
  • 2014 epic year for me... epic year for electronic music!!! This song 🤤💎👌🏾

    Elton DjonyElton DjonyYıl önce
  • Кайфую под такую музыку :D

    kosmo ritmkosmo ritmYıl önce
  • 2018

    Russell GrahamRussell GrahamYıl önce
  • 0:44 When 0 changes to ∞

    buhcskabuhcskaYıl önce
  • This is my Jam

  • Yo if you’re reading this comment then you might most likely be in the same position as I am. I was a huge fan of monstercat because of songs like this one, now with their releases over the last years I still kept listening to older songs and my favorites, just wondering if there are more like me?😂😞

    Dutch-Indonesian JuJutsuka 柔術Dutch-Indonesian JuJutsuka 柔術Yıl önce
    • I totally agree with you, I got into electronic music because of monstercat. The music from 2014-era is something I hold dear. I guess you could say monstercat has lost its touch through the years.

      Adventure SessionsAdventure SessionsYıl önce
    • same i dont rllly like their new ones that much soo im juss lysnin and wavin to their old music

      Sniffy Castle1Sniffy Castle1Yıl önce
  • Cool bro 😉

    ghvstkingghvstkingYıl önce
  • Awesome music, great for listening on summer :D

    NikoDeusNikoDeusYıl önce
  • i feel so good dude

    Gayo PosongGayo PosongYıl önce
  • Love this, Epic!

    tom ebbenstom ebbensYıl önce
[Drumstep] - Rootkit - Do It [Monstercat Release]