Dua Lipa - Hallucinate (Official Music Video)

Design & Animation: The Mill
Director: Lisha Tan
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Editorial, Design & Animation: The Mill
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Newman
Producer: Hillary Thomas
Associate Producer: Matthew Graham
Director: Lisha Tan
Editor: Victor Jory
Edit Assist: Rochely Zapata
Art Director: Sidney Tan
Lead Character Designer: Rustam Hasanov
Character Design: Henry DeLeon, Susy Lopez, George Fuentes
Design: Kwok Fung Lam, Hyoyeon Lee, Quentin Rigaux
Motion Designer: Anastasia Skrebneva
Storyboards: Vince Lee
Finishing Artist: John Shirley
Art Support: Kevin Diaz, Valerie Chernysh
Character Animation: Titmouse
Executive Producers: Ben Kalina, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski
Associate Producer: Brendan O’Connor
Production Coordinator: Cel La Flaca
Animation Director: Simon Wilches-Castro
Animation: Richard Mather, Travis Simon, Richard Plata, Thomas Sebastian “Smo” Smolenski, Yutong Zhang, Thierno Bah, Matt Augustin, Jan Naylor Sochinski, Kyle Brooks, Angelo DiNallo, Liz Sudric, Cameron McManus, Courtney Vonada, Patrick Passaro
Compositing: Amanda LaMarco, Mauricio Domingues, Andrew Malek, Simon Howe
BG Layout/Paint: Denise “Dee” Chavez, Janet Sung
Editor: Paul Mazzotta, Marco Vera
Sound Design: Ceremony London
Video Commissioner - Caroline Clayton

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[Verse 1]
Pocket full of honey and I’m ready to go
No, I ain’t got no money but I’m letting you know
That imma love you like a fool, breathe you in ‘till I hallucinate (mm, mm)
Body make you silly, make you do what I want
Oh baby, I can make it pretty, I could string you along
But imma love you like a fool, breathe you in ‘till I hallucinate (mm, mm)
No, I couldn’t live without your touch
No, I could never have too much
I’ll breathe you in forever and ever
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my eyes and they don’t fade when you come my way
I’m losing my mind, mind, mind, mind
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my
[Verse 2]
Put you in my hall of fame, middle of the wall
Yeah, you’re my one, my favourite, my ride or die oh
Yeah imma love you like a fool, breathe you in till I hallucinate (mm, mm)
No, I couldn’t live without your touch
No, I could never have too much
I’ll breathe you in forever and ever
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my eyes and they don’t fade when you come my way
I’m losing my mind, mind, mind, mind
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my
[Middle 8]
Wanna be right where you are
Let’s go dancing in the dark
Don’t wait you can push to start
Lose control
Kill me slowly with your kiss
Wrap me round your fingertips
Damn I need another hit
(Make me lose my mind)
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my eyes and they don’t fade when you come my way
I’m losing my mind, mind, mind, mind
I hallucinate when you call my name
Got stars in my




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Dua Lipa - Hallucinate (Official Music Video)