Dunkirk from the German Perspective | Animated History

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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
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      Cro MagnonCro MagnonAylar önce
    • @Fadi Kori Did you know that co-founder of the SS was a jewish man named Emil Maurice? You know nothing about Nazis, you tool.....

      Cro MagnonCro MagnonAylar önce
    • @BürgerZorn You mean Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy)? Or the jews of Bolshevism? Or the ones of Basel Congres 1897? The jews that worked with Nazis in the Havaara Agreement 1933-1939?

      Cro MagnonCro MagnonAylar önce
    • @BürgerZorn Ghandi was a traitor that gave away large portions of India to the muslims (Pakistan and Bangladesh)

      Cro MagnonCro MagnonAylar önce
    • Why the mispronounced word, "fuselage," in the voiceover? REALLY good job, especially on the German. Overall, excellent clip!

      billybillyAylar önce
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    gretta faheygretta fahey9 saatler önce
  • All this war making is just a heritage of our Ape genes...

    Res LesRes Les17 saatler önce
  • it is not he said, she said. Its he said THAT she said!

    Res LesRes Les17 saatler önce
  • *It was reliably reported at the time [1940] that Herman and Adolf held frequent 'farting' competitions and fell out when Herr Göring released an awesome blast that actually broke Herr Hitler's recently installed WC at Berchtesgaden, he was NEVER forgiven after this incident and Hitler lost his record [being on Cabbage & Sauerkraut] of the best Farter in Deutschland & Österreich. He was a broken man after this incident and rarely spoke to Göring again, and was often overheard repeating Ich bin der beste Farter im ganzen Dritten Reich.*

    GrrMeisterGrrMeisterGün önce
  • myth. Germany didnt have any tanks till late 1940. Rommel got routed at Arras by 1st experimental division 1 of Percy Hobarts creations which was the 1st armoured division in the world. Rommel copied it for later use in N,Africa. Germany only had 2k planes of which 500 were fighters. RAF had 2k planes 800 were fighters. plus another 2k fighters hidden away in Ireland among them was 2 squadrons of gloster whittle jet fighters which were ready for action in 1933. France had 10k planes 2k were fighters. German tanks were training tanks not combat tanks. the best they had was the PZ38(T) which was sold to germany by vickers in 1938 after it got rejected by the British army as not having enough armour. Same tank was sold to Poland as the PT 7 and the soviets as the T24 and China as the type 24(t) The German version had 26.9mm armour the other versions sold to other countries had 28.9mm armour. British tank specs were 30mm for light tanks. 50mm for cruiser tanks and 100mm for infantry tanks. those were the 1936 specs. it was even thicker armour later. PanzerI had 10mm armour panzer II had 13mm armour and the panzer III which didnt see action till N,Africa had 30mm armour. The BEF also had rams in 1st experimental div. ram is a tank with the turret taken off and the roof removed to carry dragoons into combat to support the tanks. dragoons r basicly mounted infantry most think they r cavalery but they were not. they only used horses to get behind the enemy lines then dismounted and fired into the flanks or rear of the enemy them mounted up and rode away as soon as they came under fire. in the armoured divs they acted as infanrty to support the tanks. and only the British army had them till Rommel got the idea for them from the British. By 1938 the British army was fully moterised or mechanised. france fully motorised while the Germans had to use horses for just about everything. Luftaffe pilots loved the spitfire cause it was so easy to shoot down. they feared the Hurricane cause it could out manouvre the ME109. Spit could only fly 2 MPH faster than the ME109 and climb faster but could only pull a 2G turn or the engine stalled. the ME109 could pull a 3G turn the Hurricane could pull a 5G turn. Spits couldnt dive to escape or turn fast enough so were sitting ducks. Nearly every RAF pilot that flew Hurricanes then switched to spits demaned to have hurricanes back cause they were no match for the ME 109. only 2 squadrons of spits were used during the battle of britian. 9 were hurricanes and 2 of other types like the hawker furry a biblane. but spits made up for 90% of RAF losses. The furry was in the proces of being converted to hurricanes. all they did was take off the upper wing and make the lower wing bigger and put a bigger couling on to fit in the merlin engine. The furry was a redesigned hawker hart wigh itself was a redesigned sopwith camel. the Mk1 spitfire couldnt even get off the ground. it could only do 100MPH and needed to go 150 to get to take off speed so got rejected by the RAF. It had fixed undercarriage and gull wings and looked a lot like the stuka. Mk 1 Huricanes were the furry conversions wooden frame with irish linnen skin. when they got hit the bulletes pased right through them causing very little damage. pice of wooden dowel and a pice of linnen glued on and within 30 mins the hurricane was ready to fly again. the spit being all metal 1 bullet and it took months to repair cause they had to go back to the factory to be fixed. the spit also needed a very smotth runway to take off and land on due to the narow under cariage and could only fly in Europe. the hurricane could take off from just about anywhere and fly in any type of climate. its why the hurricanes were still flying combat mission in Asia against the japs and used in Korean war. the spits were retired as soon as germany surrendered. Germany was very low on oil even before the war started due to an allied blockade of all german ports since 1910. Holland allowed some trade to pass through dutch ports to help germany out between the wars but Britian and France then blockaded dutch ports. Hitler actualy surrenderd in 1939 as soon as the alies decleared war on germany as he knew they could not win as they just didnt have the suplies and tanks to fight for more than few months. Germany didnt start the war Poland did. Poland broke the treaty of versaile in 1921 when they invaded Danzig and annxed it and started sinking German cargo ships brining in food and medical supplies to help the starving in germany. Jews put the blockades in place. firebombed German homes and bussiness in the USA in the 1920's. threated to firebomb any US owned shop that were caught selling German made goods. and ppl wonder why the Germans hated the jews so much. Alies planned the war from start to finish. the planning started in 1920. the plan was to allow germany to win for the 1st 3 years so the bombers could flatten every german city. 1939 french army adavnced and defeated the german army and had nothing between themand Berlin when they got orderes to retreat. 1940 BEF defeat the germans in Belgium then got orders to retreat. Dunkirk happened cause the french govt gave orders for the French army to reteat and leave the BEF to be surrounded. same happened in belgium when the BEF got told to pullback and let the belgiun army get surrounded. I know a lot about what really happend cause im X special forces in the British army and had access to british miltary archives and its all in there.

    cliff birdcliff birdGün önce
  • Who the hell wants to watch a Disney version of Dunkirk. Laughable

    John WhJohn WhGün önce
  • The 300,000 British & other troops had to be saved. If they were lost the shock could have made Britain make peace with Germany. No western allies means Hitler would've pushed the Red Army all the way to the Pacific ocean! What a horrible world that would make. I believe God had no intention of letting Hitler win the war so He provided lots of cloud cover to hinder the Luftwaffe allowing the British to escape.

    Christopher CoupeChristopher CoupeGün önce
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    Phyllis LongPhyllis LongGün önce
  • Schlieffen plan but much improved. The Allies were very courageous, but their General Staffs were in 1914. When they let the German Army with only 100.000 soldiers in 1919, they created a very professional army, all main officers and characters came from the Reichswehr (1919-1934). They studied every detail, every fault and praticised every technique. The secret services warned the Allies, some isolated voices warned the Allies like Churchill or De Gaulle, but they were ignored. As i said, this was Schlieffen Plan, but much improved and without the 1914 errors, taking chance from French internal divisions, British hesitation and Benelux countries focused on neutrality.

    bruno albanobruno albanoGün önce
  • 2 of Rommels Panzer divisions?? Last time I checked he only led one at Arras

    Dan ErikssonDan ErikssonGün önce
  • I think your video-analysis is very good. Beside the internal German reproductions of possible talks in the Wehrmacht.

    Xander ReconquistaXander ReconquistaGün önce
  • Great Vid ...

    Beerame BrohamBeerame Broham2 gün önce
  • The extent of the defeat and evacuation from the mainland of Europe, in losses of equipment alone, took several years to make good. Had the weather been difficult. Events would have bagged the BEF.

    AuburyAubury2 gün önce
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    Ryan AbreauRyan Abreau4 gün önce
  • My French grandfather fought in the war. His opinion was that the British betrayed their oath to fight alongside the allies and when there backs were up against it they scurried back across the channel, leaving the French counterparts to fight the Germans single-handed and lick their wounds. The British then have the hypocrisy for calling the French for surrendering, which always led him to say that the Germans treated them better than the British. So he saw Dunkirk as a betrayal and cowardly retreat.

    algrayalgray4 gün önce
    • Did your grandfather have any views on the failure of the French High Command to defend the 'impassible' Ardennes, allowing the best French units, and the BEF, to be cut off? Did he express any opinion on what the 10 divisions of the BEF were supposed to do when the 100+ divisions of the French army were collapsing in disarray? Presumably, the manner in which the Royal, Merchant, and French, navies evacuated 338,000 men, whilst under heavy air attack much of the time, is demonstrative of their 'cowardice?' As for the Germans treating the French better than the British, odd that. I don't recall the British deporting thousands of Frenchmen to Britain to work as slave labour. Perhaps the history books missed that bit? The British evacuated over 100,000 French troops from Dunkirk, and were landing a new, 'reconstituted BEF' in Cherbourg under General Brooke, until Brooke was told by General Weygand that the French army was 'no longer able to offer organised resistance,' when they met on 14 June. Finally, it would presumably be inappropriate to refer to the thousands of Britons, Americans, and Canadians who gave their lives to give the French their own country back?

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
    • The British were landing fresh troops at Cherbourg even as Dunkirk was being evacuated to form a 2nd BEF with the troops already fighting below the Somme ,,they offered France a Franco British political Union but Petain and his cabal preferred to submit to the Germans than be partners to the British , so maybe your Grandad should have focused his anger at them than us .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran3 gün önce
    • @algray French and UK,yes,but as you already said,UK proved to be traitorous and Czechoslovakia hadn´t any agreement with UK,we were just another country for them,but we had agreement with France. Sadly,we were another country even for French as they said that ,,they will not go to war for some small country far on the East..." And then Germans used tanks made in Czechoslovakia to conquer France...

      TefkyTefky3 gün önce
    • @Tefky the *allies* not just the French

      algrayalgray3 gün önce
    • Well,French let Czechoslovakia to be betrayed by Munich dictat,which was quite fearful act and betrayal too.

      TefkyTefky3 gün önce
  • Hey, so an old german i was working with once told me that hitler actually put an order to not go after the brits since his idiology made him belive that they are not the real enemy. Hoping for peace with the English Guy was a patriotic german and constantly talked about how stupid the nazis where for their mistakes, he was bias but more pro germany then pro hitler. Felt credible and like an insidve view, but i never asked for sources and now i'm wondering if somebody has more information.

    Valentin ReinhardtValentin Reinhardt4 gün önce
  • What we have to know is that Hitler knew already that food shortages and fuel shortages would mean he would need to go East in 41. For reason you could see why he did not want to chew up his best troops in street fighting in Dunkirk. Also having Britain still in the war while off continent was useful as Stalin would know that he would eventually go East as he had stated it as an objective, so an armistice with Britain would probably trigger defence preparation in the Soviet Union or may be even an offensive while his army was still tied up in France.

    Graham ArissGraham Ariss4 gün önce
  • Are you German? :) trvision.net/detail/video-cG0DYiH47-Q.html

    André YambaAndré Yamba4 gün önce
  • Germany waa fair towards defeated enemy much unlike Allied forces

    Tony ArcieriTony Arcieri4 gün önce
    • @doveton sturdee massacre by the 14 company of some SS division

      VIVAAN 765VIVAAN 765Gün önce
    • My father's Regiment was at le Paradis, fortunately before he joined it. Have you heard of how fair the nice Germans were at le Paradis?

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
    • Except they weren't defeated , and the British were very fair to the defeated Germans in 1945 .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran4 gün önce
  • My view hitler left Dunkirk alone , he was looking for a peaceful settlement which Churchill didn’t want only an opinion .

    Andrew ArmstrongAndrew Armstrong4 gün önce
    • @Andrew Armstrong Actually, it is recorded in the war diary of von Rundstedt's Army Group 'A' for 24 May, which can be read. Von Rundstedt was concerned that there might be a repeat of the 'Miracle of the Marne' of WW1. His armour had travelled a considerable distance, and needed a period of self-maintenance before embarking on the second stage of the campaign. Moreover, the area around Dunkirk is very boggy & unsuitable for tanks, as was the risk to them in urban warfare. Finally, on 23 May, Goering had told Hitler that the destruction of the Dunkirk pocket was 'a special job for the Luftwaffe.' Hardly 'my opinion.'

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
    • @doveton sturdee and that is also your opinion look a little bit deeper the evidence is therre

      Andrew ArmstrongAndrew Armstrong2 gün önce
    • Nonsense. If you want someone to come to terms, why let their field army escape? In any case, Hitler didn't stop the armour, von Rundstedt did. If you mean Churchill refused to, effectively, surrender, then you are correct.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • Ah another uneducated hipster creating laughably inaccuratr clickbait revisionism. Enjoy the downvote

    cdreid99999cdreid999994 gün önce
  • The Goring voice from what I have heard is not accurate. From what I had heard, he had a much more feminine voice, or rather had feminine mannerisms. Something which made others think less of him as he seemed like a weasel.

    Brad From Scene Twenty FourBrad From Scene Twenty Four4 gün önce
  • A history scholar told me that Hitler ordered troops not to attack, and was even leaflet bombing the BEF, as he believed the English to be Germans / cousins and wanted them to peacefully drop out of the war and fight the 'real threat' - communism (/the USSR). According to Wiki, only 3500 were killed during the evacuation, and it matches the 'Hitler told me to withdraw' bit. (reversed decision eventually when the Pommys weren't surrendering / still fighting.

    Arjay MartinArjay Martin5 gün önce
    • @Arjay Martin Well, tell your anonymous friend to look up the War Diary of Army Group A for 24 May.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee11 saatler önce
    • @doveton sturdee Well, he is, University qualified and all (specialising in WW2 History). You should know about historiography too...

      Arjay MartinArjay Martin12 saatler önce
    • @VIVAAN 765 No. It was a military decision, not a political one. Von Rundstedt wanted his armour, which had travelled a long way, to have a period of rest & self-maintenance. He was eager to proceed with the second stage of the campaign, and feared a repeat of the WW1 Miracle of the Marne. Hitler had been told on 23 May by Goering that the Luftwaffe could destroy the Dunkirk pocket unaided, and he believed him.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdeeGün önce
    • @doveton sturdee oh I always thought Hitler had ordered the tanks to halt .

      VIVAAN 765VIVAAN 765Gün önce
    • He can't have been much of a history scholar if he didn't know that the order to stop the tanks came from von Rundstedt, not from Hitler.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • Mentions History. TRvision: Demonetized, needs more diversity

    buryitdeepburyitdeep5 gün önce
  • Respectable production. Stay of the non-historical politics and just press what is known.

    terenfro1975terenfro19755 gün önce
  • 2:27 interesting wording

    TheOffRoadBagel AltosaxTheOffRoadBagel Altosax6 gün önce
  • Hitler let the English go, , wehere vare yoiu gettinmg your story from ?

    Pork HuntPork Hunt6 gün önce
    • Gosh that was nice of him , where are you getting your story from ?.

      Edward CorranEdward Corran6 gün önce
  • If I may, your map has an error. As I am in favour of calling the cities the names they really have (thus Dutch or West-Flemish) I think I saw Coutrai which should be Courtrai.

    Miguel NolletMiguel Nollet6 gün önce
  • The Germans faltered as they neared the channel, if it was to let the British go in the hope they might make peace, or because Hitler genuinely felt that they were not the real enemy we cannot tell. One thing is certain; on land they were strong, at sea they were weak. Personally, I think it was a deliberate 'let off'. Also an invasion across the channel was beyond their capability, even if they won the Battle of Britain. One has only to compare the situation four years later, the amount of provisions the Allies needed to ensure D-day was a success was staggering in it's proportions.

    Rob ValRob Val6 gün önce
    • Why would letting them go bring about peace?,surely if it was as easy as all that then capturing them would have been more likely to bring about peace .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran6 gün önce
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    Simon WangSimon Wang6 gün önce
  • And if England and France didn’t have a secret agreement with Poland and declare war on Germany, it wound have been a localized war and no Dunkirk, no D Day, Germany had a war with Poland due in some part to failed negotiations because of that secret agreement, Great Briton and France started WW2,

    Ted CollinsTed Collins7 gün önce
    • It wasn’t a secret agreement it was agreed upon in an open session of Parliament and reported in the news papers , the Anglo-French position was clearly stated and well understood .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran6 gün önce
  • They had every right too be cautious after all it was the same enemies as the previous war minus Russia until later on but they lost to the British and French so caution is very understandable

    Jason KaczynskiJason Kaczynski7 gün önce
  • Wait, so the guy at 3:10 had been shooting at his own guys all along?

    BlodsfalkBlodsfalk7 gün önce
  • What a load of bullshit!!

    MOJIN 69MOJIN 698 gün önce
  • No armchair? No subscription

    DanDan8 gün önce
  • Sooo awesome to show different perspectives like that! Truly great work!

    TheOpacueTheOpacue8 gün önce
  • hola y pa los que digais hola, pa ti mi cola, jaja xd

    Sara RodríguezSara Rodríguez8 gün önce
  • Okay, so I LOVE your channel, but for some constructive criticism: the meeting at 6:15 maybe needs to have better staging? It seems to establish that there's three guys talking to Hitler at his desk. But then suddenly Heinz Guderian starts talking? Where is he? I think you're trying to convey that there are guys on all sides of the table, but since we never see a view that includes the corners, and since Rommel and Guderian look basically the same and are never in the same shot together, it's just super confusing who is who and what is where.

    D. M. CollinsD. M. Collins8 gün önce
  • It’s my understanding that the German generals wanted to proceed towards the allies in Dunkirk and destroy them. But Hitler felt his position of commanding officer in charge of all the Wehrmacht needed to be demonstrated to his general staff to prove to his generals he was the person of final authority, not them. So he halted the assault “his proof of authority“ and let Goring who had said his Luftwaffe could destroy the remaining allies try to finish them off. The Luftwaffe caused tremendous damage and casualties along with the loss of many ships but by stopping the assault by the German army the allies were able to save over 350,000 troops or more who were able to fight another day.

    Sonny BurnettSonny Burnett8 gün önce
  • You need Jocko Willink narrating a video like this.

    evil knotevil knot8 gün önce
  • I was a US soldier stationed in North Germany in the late 1970s. My German landlord was in the German army in 1940 and he told me they could have taken that British army but were stopped by orders from above. The above was likey Hitler who wanted a negotiated peace with Britain.

    Francis EbbeckeFrancis Ebbecke8 gün önce
    • @Francis Ebbecke Why would Hitler object? He had served in the area in WW1, and knew how difficult the ground conditions were, he didn't want the tanks suffering serious losses in urban fighting, he, like von Rundstedt, didn't wish to risk a second Miracle of the Marne, and Goering had assured him that the Luftwaffe could destroy the pocket in any case, without the need for ground troops. The idiotic idea that he wanted the British to escape is just that. IDIOTIC.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee11 saatler önce
    • @doveton sturdee OK you are right. Von Rundstedt signed the halt order and Adolph Hitler with his characteristic meekness said. "Yes sir general, whatever you say boss."

      Francis EbbeckeFrancis Ebbecke13 saatler önce
    • @Francis Ebbecke Feel free to speculate if you wish. I prefer to stick to documented facts.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee18 saatler önce
    • @doveton sturdee We can speculate as much as we like about the "what ifs" of history. What if George Washington had died in the Battle of Brandy wine? What if Lincoln and Grant had died in 1862? What if Columbus had returned to a Europe in 1493 nearly wiped out by a recurrence of the plague? What if Kennedy had lived? What if the Soviet Union had collapsed in early 1942 as Russia had in 1917. What if the US had gone to war with Iran in 1980 over the hostage issue and brought in the USSR?

      Francis EbbeckeFrancis EbbeckeGün önce
    • @Francis Ebbecke The point of taking the BEF captive is obvious. Allowing it to escape (as, of course, he didn't) would have had a profound effect in Britain. Lord Halifax was a very influential figure, and his argument that Mussolini should be invited to act as a 'neutral' arbiter in armistice negotiations had considerable support. Had the BEF been captured, it is doubtful that the political establishment in the UK would have rallied behind Churchill, as it did. Churchill was able to portray Dynamo as a miracle, which converted a catastrophe into a mere setback. Moreover, he could, more pragmatically, point to the success of the Royal Navy, and claim (correctly) that an invasion of Britain by a country with no navy to speak of, in the face of the largest navy on earth, was impossible, and that the British Commonwealth and Empire was able to fight on, if necessary for years, if necessary, alone. Your argument makes no sense. If Hitler wanted the British to come to terms, then allowing their army to escape was precisely the wrong way to bring this about. Of course, at the time Hitler could not possibly have been aware of how inept the Luftwaffe was at hitting naval targets.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdeeGün önce
  • too many ads but great vid

    Governor LightfootGovernor Lightfoot9 gün önce
  • Wrong, Hitler stopped and let the limmies go because he sued for peace 3x during this time. But, Churchill said no peace for you. Hitler said he will go back to original borders if we sign peace agreement. Churchill wanted war at ALL costs! He passionately hated all Germans before the war he started.

    Gene WestGene West9 gün önce
    • @Gene West Von Rundstedt wasn't 'given' the order to stop. He was the Army Group commander, and gave the order himself, for sound military reasons. Still no source for your claim about Churchill, I notice.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee17 saatler önce
    • @doveton sturdee it is true, churchill hated germans since WWI, well documented. Why was Von given the order to stop?

      Gene WestGene WestGün önce
    • Simply not true. The Halt Order was issued by von Rundstedt, for sound military reasons. If Hitler actually made three peace offers, please tell us what the texts of these offers were, and what your source for this information is? Why exactly did Churchill want 'war at ALL costs!'

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • One of Hitler's top 3 biggest mistakes. In my unasked for unqualified opinion

  • Hitler had brown Eyes btw

    Mæntsay 87Mæntsay 8711 gün önce
  • Cowards in droves 11:23 ? just change to fleeing in droves sounds better ...... this is laughable , Remember young American soldiers invading, (watch ' Saving Private Ryan " ) Brittany because of Winston Churchill fooled them into the war , there was no British soldiers on D Day.... Think about it.... exactly "armchair" historian , he has not a clue , he is just reading the same bullshit and vomiting it up again for you to follow his ego like Adolf Hitler

    security forcesecurity force11 gün önce
    • @security force How is he brainwashed about how three of the five beaches at D-Day were assaulted by British & Canadian troops? Two of every three men who landed on 6 June were British & Canadian, most of the aircraft were RAF, more than two thirds of the warships were British/Canadian and 3261 of 4127 landing craft were British manned.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
    • @Edward Corran no fooled into the war, the American troops, Churchill disgusting bastard

      security forcesecurity force7 gün önce
    • British exit from Europe, thank God , Germany stronger France stronger and rest of Europe .. wave your little union jacks or cry for american help again , pathetic nation ... stuck in churchill bullshit , by the way , he could not of cared less about the blitz , he wanted it to happen , you are so deluded you can't escape your britishness

      security forcesecurity force7 gün önce
    • @Edward Corran don't swim with the sharks

      security forcesecurity force7 gün önce
    • @Edward Corran yea , you're brain washed unfortunately Edward

      security forcesecurity force7 gün önce
  • 10:30 misinformation , yes this video is , you said it

    security forcesecurity force11 gün önce
  • 10:00 lies

    security forcesecurity force11 gün önce
    • Why is it lies. Von Runstedt issued the halt order. It is detailed in Army Group A's War Diary.

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • Afraid to use the truth , the swastik symbol not used in this video. This bullshit is based on old "propaganda" from the british from that era , most reliable records are not accessible or destroyed

    security forcesecurity force11 gün önce
  • The best theory I've heard was that knocking Britain out of the war at this point would prematurely alert the Soviets that they were next in the queue and allow them to prepare. Hitler assumed that Stalin assumed that Hitler wouldn't dare open a second front (like Germany did the last time). Regardless, Stalin hedged his bets. America bet on Britain. And Hitler went out with a bang.

    Robert LawtonRobert Lawton13 gün önce
  • Best documentaries that you can find on Bitchute: - HELLSTORM - The Greatest Story Never told - Europa: the last battle

    Read SiegeRead Siege13 gün önce
  • I guess you could say the Germans got duncucked?

    ShawnShawn13 gün önce
  • "Keep land, lose men. Lose land, keep men. Land can be retaken, men cannot." Mao Zedong

    CIACIA15 gün önce
  • idk why modern history is in denial about the fact that Hitler didn't want a war with Britain. It was Churchill that kept ww2 going after the invasion of France.

    TheCCPfearsANZTheCCPfearsANZ16 gün önce
    • Indeed, Churchill kept the war going by not surrendering. Perhaps you believe that the United States should have surrendered after Pearl Harbor?

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
    • @Edward Corran I get it completely? France needed to be liberated and so did the rest of Europe...? Still doesn't mean Hitler didn't want a war and he thoroughly thought Britain would agree to stopping. Huge misjudgement on his part... he invaded France lol....

      TheCCPfearsANZTheCCPfearsANZ15 gün önce
    • If he didn't want a war then he should not have initiated one , you don't get to call it of just when it suits you .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran15 gün önce

    Apex BrothersApex Brothers16 gün önce
  • The versed squid distinctly unlock because candle excitingly bore abaft a bright pie. elastic, faded exchange

    Charlene WoodsCharlene Woods18 gün önce
  • Let's be honest... We all know that hitler can't talk that calm😆

    Madhurjya SarmaMadhurjya Sarma20 gün önce
  • Wow this comment section is so butt hurt, the french soldiers sacrified themselves to let the british Escape to their Island so that they could save France afterwards that's it, everyone was brave during this War stop saying british are cowards of french are that's just rude to many soldiers that sacrified themselves for us

    pacome kraabelpacome kraabel21 gün önce
  • 100 bucks says this guy was a member of the braINCEL subreddit

    cody bridgescody bridges22 gün önce
  • I’d say make a video about ww2 from the American perspective but itd be a very short video with a big ending

    cody bridgescody bridges22 gün önce
  • How the poms and the frogs hate each other like they do, baffles me.

    Adam GreenAdam Green27 gün önce
  • They way you tube takes money from others content that is demonetized is criminal. Lets call it THEMTUBE..

    Adam GreenAdam Green27 gün önce
  • Imagine if the English Channel didn't exist and Britain was not an island. It probably would have resulted in Germany winning the war? Thoughts?

    Daniel CollinsDaniel Collins27 gün önce
    • If Britain was not an Island then perhaps the Army rather than the Navy would have been the premier service and Germany would not have won the Battle of France .

      Edward CorranEdward Corran25 gün önce
  • 🔥💀🇮🇲💀🔥

  • French litteraly sacrifies themselves, i heard on an other video they basicaly save Great Britain from massiv and full power German offensive, avoiding them to fall too

    Bl4ckJackBl4ckJackAylar önce
  • If youtube owned by Germany. Then the alternative would be: DUNKIRK FROM THE YANKEE'S PERSPECTIVE

    mike jinmike jinAylar önce
  • Keď ne priateľ útočí z výšky tak opačne strelí musia byť nízke nad morom 30 cm ktoré dokážu zničiť celú námornú flotilu akého koľvek uhlu zeme myslím tým Torpedo

    Pacaj AlbertPacaj AlbertAylar önce
  • I'd love to see way more WW2 movies from the nazi Germany persepective

    qLachtqLachtAylar önce
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