E30 Cliqtuning Kit is Complete!

The @cliqtuning kit is finally complete! We were able to install the kit for the E30 without any of the newer bumper support. With a little bit of patience and some homies, the kit is finally on and looks amazing! Can't wait to show you guys the color!!!
Check out the Cliqtuning kit here!



  • Can’t wait for this bmw to be completely done, body kit looking good so far

    Unusual AutoUnusual Auto21 gün önce
  • E30 is my dream car

    X88xcarti On xboxX88xcarti On xboxAylar önce
  • That garage looks like a cool place to kick it

    Rockyaye 999Rockyaye 999Aylar önce
  • Ima bring my ride to your shop get mine done now aha

    KarmaloczKarmaloczAylar önce
  • dude, if you do a baby blue color and bronze rims with black accents it'll look SICKK

    GonzaloGonzaloAylar önce
  • Bro you need to work on handling your tools, more specifically your angle grinder, better before you end up hurting yourself someday. You shouldn’t be playing around with your tools like that, especially when they’re on.

    Poopy Face Tomato NosePoopy Face Tomato NoseAylar önce
  • ❤❤❤

    AZWAN azzAZWAN azzAylar önce
  • Holy shit, you're rough as guts. And to be honest, I can't stand the kit. That rear bumper! 😬 You know those memes with cardboard diy body kits stuck on for shits and giggles? That's what this kit looks like.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyAylar önce
  • Self tapper on the front 🤦‍♂️

    Xavier RiestraXavier RiestraAylar önce
  • No one knows

    nick Guevaranick GuevaraAylar önce
  • Looks clean gotta bagg it tho.lol

    209 stkn209 stknAylar önce
  • Pls can you turbo it and put the turbo where the missing headlight is plsss it would look so good

    Angus TapperAngus TapperAylar önce
  • Randy is a ricer

    Jr BeinaJr BeinaAylar önce
  • little by little is turning out Lit! cant wait for the results of this car.

    BiiMBOBiiMBOAylar önce
  • Rear bumper is soo fucking ugly

    Alex TavaresAlex TavaresAylar önce
  • These sorts of videos are what Illuminate do best. Making car's look cool. There's so many bhp chasing TRvisionrs out there that tuning videos has become a little boring. Body mod videos are my favourite

    RetroPhil82RetroPhil82Aylar önce
  • What's up Randy 😎🤙

    Carlos MadrigalCarlos MadrigalAylar önce
  • Did they already announce the giveaway?

    Taeden PhinTaeden PhinAylar önce
  • Hey what up brothaa got a quick question if you can get back to me as soon as you can please I bought them seatbelt covers eliminate ones and I was wondering what's the best way to wash them or i could bye new ones 😝

    Dakota ChoateDakota ChoateAylar önce
  • OMG man, for the love of god, drill a pilot hole!

    Mr KingMr KingAylar önce
  • So who won the giveaway

    Timmy VangTimmy VangAylar önce
  • what is the best rim for the s2k

    thebestofkev thebestofkevthebestofkev thebestofkevAylar önce
  • i wanna see tonys car more!! i fucks wit the vip builds

    kurt de leonkurt de leonAylar önce
  • Can’t wait for my s13 shirt to come in. Also got the gtr shirt for my cousin. 🔥👌🏼

    Blackpanda702Blackpanda702Aylar önce
  • Cliqtuning kit? damn

    Sebastien PabloSebastien PabloAylar önce
  • You should have pre drilled the holes and used different skrews

    Jett BoaseJett BoaseAylar önce
  • Hi

    Flores InspirezFlores InspirezAylar önce
  • 10 ads in a 10min video smfh 🤬

    Tony STony SAylar önce
  • my favorite car is a 350z please do a video on that car

    Bonzo RuggieBonzo RuggieAylar önce
  • You should wrap it a black color

    Noah MorelandNoah MorelandAylar önce
  • can someone explain; is it illegal to straight pipe a car and they do it anyway or its legal there

    Sebastian IsherwoodSebastian IsherwoodAylar önce
  • Guys should’ve went to the Van Nuys cruise ese

    SIN死神SIN死神Aylar önce
  • The entire kit was sick ! ! Im so stoked to see the whole of this e30 project were done !

    Heafy DaudHeafy DaudAylar önce
  • this car will look SeXY when he finishes it

    cryinq skiiescryinq skiiesAylar önce
  • Dude, use a drill bit to make a pilot hole you silly goose

    Josh HJosh HAylar önce
  • Airlift please🥺

    benjamin trellevikbenjamin trellevikAylar önce
  • Bro wtf, why You screwing straight into body, drill a pilot hole first, that's Abit dissapointing you could brake the kit and damage the car Mor so

    Kavir RajcoomarKavir RajcoomarAylar önce
  • Next predilection and it won’t happen :)

    Kyan WindeyerKyan WindeyerAylar önce
  • this is how to fuck up an e30

    Zsolt HáziZsolt HáziAylar önce
  • You should wide body it 😟🔥🔥

    Nasty DreamzNasty DreamzAylar önce
  • Color the e30 orange no one in the group has that color something different

    Abran RosalesAbran RosalesAylar önce
  • kidneys

    Raffy VRaffy VAylar önce
  • That one carbon wing would look bad

    HellaWave831 _HellaWave831 _Aylar önce
  • At 6:50 he could’ve said “Here at Illiminate auto body we do just that..Eliminate” lol 😂

    Ricky Osuna MontesRicky Osuna MontesAylar önce
  • Now that looks like proper E30

    FireWolfHD 64FireWolfHD 64Aylar önce
  • hes definitely selling or merch giving away this car .... facts

    Trench FootTrench FootAylar önce
  • how are you able to pinch the puck out of fs crooks

    GhostThreeTwoGhostThreeTwoAylar önce
  • The car do be looking kinda fresh tho

    darius_ doritozdarius_ doritozAylar önce
  • Was up Randy wat u got on my Modelo homie that would be down asf to kill a 24 pack of modelos with randy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣😈🐩

    JarHead SSJarHead SSAylar önce
  • Needs some hot boi blast pipes

    Dead BoyDead BoyAylar önce
  • Jack stands

    Travis RomaTravis RomaAylar önce
  • I’m still waiting for when the R34 “GTR”

    Dakota BrownDakota BrownAylar önce
  • Randy you should do a Nissan Hardbody Shop truck Build with a sr20 swap

    DJ ValencianaDJ ValencianaAylar önce
  • I ordered a sweater like 2 months ago and still havent got it...

    Ted DanaTed DanaAylar önce
  • they are called kidney grills

    Caleb 280Caleb 280Aylar önce
  • Sooooo who won the 86?

    Mario RamirezMario RamirezAylar önce
  • New kits are always fun

    QrisysQrisysAylar önce
  • Look like the futo from gta

    D-G YinD-G YinAylar önce
  • Not feeling this kit! Im working on an E30 M3 conversion we bought the kit from pesch motorsports in poland, its pretty good kit and pretty straight. Maybe consider buying it

    ibidu1ibidu1Aylar önce
  • Randy is the only guy i know that lays on the ground working on a car in front of a lift😂

    Victor GrotleVictor GrotleAylar önce
  • Couldnt stay for whole video. No talent dipshits aren't my style

    Brendan LongoBrendan LongoAylar önce

    bignv _919bignv _919Aylar önce
  • Who remembers the day he bought the s15

    Sam ValerianoSam ValerianoAylar önce
  • Please!!!!! Take this to Paradox

    omar_6dirty6omar_6dirty6Aylar önce
  • nice video as always keep up good work fam

    soulchanpuppysoulchanpuppyAylar önce
  • Guys i need your opinion and help: Amg gt Or Jaguar f type???? Someone help

    mercedes or jaguar?mercedes or jaguar?Aylar önce
  • Will you keep this car for a daily or a show car

    Hayden WhitfordHayden WhitfordAylar önce
  • Hey . Wanna buy me a ford escort mk2?😔

    Darion lIllIlIlIlIllIDarion lIllIlIlIlIllIAylar önce
  • Ricer

    Law renceLaw renceAylar önce
  • After Corona do a illiminate meet and greet

    benjamin Raesbenjamin RaesAylar önce
E30 Cliqtuning Kit is Complete!