Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops (Denmark) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

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Emmelie De Forest will represent Denmark at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden with the song Only Teardrops



  • Wish she would have performed like this at the Grand Final.

    αντίκα πολεμιστήςαντίκα πολεμιστής6 saatler önce
  • incredible

    Diane AndersonDiane AndersonGün önce
  • 2020? Lmao

    Angel xAngel x2 gün önce
  • Magical performance, truly 👏

    madbigborzmadbigborz5 gün önce
  • Omg this is so good 😳❤️

    Asli aksAsli aks5 gün önce
  • From Malmö to Copenhagen :)

    MikayelMikayel7 gün önce
  • This performance is miles better than the one from the final. Is this the victory lap?

    VasamardVasamard7 gün önce
  • me, alone, screeching: ONLYYYYYY TEARDROPPPPPPS

    Ava MastersAva Masters10 gün önce
  • Me encanta!!!

    Aralia DelBosqueAralia DelBosque11 gün önce
  • This performance alone let me fill out my Eurovision bingo card in full, therefore I am thankfull.

    Sammie KoningSammie Koning12 gün önce
  • you’re a real one if you’re here in 2020

    hh hhhh hh13 gün önce
  • can someone tell me what this song is about

    hh hhhh hh13 gün önce
  • beautiful singer and band. Reminds me of cold scotland or ireland and the wild fields and mountains. Gorgeous!

    davidjonx4davidjonx414 gün önce
  • 2020 👏

    Marko TrivunovićMarko Trivunović15 gün önce
  • One of the best winner ever

    Gunnar TrobeliusGunnar Trobelius18 gün önce
  • great song...in 2020

    Alexa M.Alexa M.19 gün önce
  • 2020! ♥

    RazzorRazzor20 gün önce
  • Do you know that this song is about us destroying the world and it is time to do something instead of breaking rules ?

    schnecki 1938schnecki 193821 gün önce
  • Thank you Denmark the country of The Little Mermaid.

    Beatrice NkundwaBeatrice Nkundwa21 gün önce
  • 2020... anyone else?

    Yagona BaxramovaYagona Baxramova22 gün önce
  • Who is watching this on December 31st 2019 ?? 🎉🎊🥂🍾2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

    Ignacio Angulo BasaureIgnacio Angulo Basaure22 gün önce
  • The garden drummers behind are so Danish

    TanhuTanhu23 gün önce
  • блин блинский песня такая классная((( и эта флейта еще....

    sanshinesanshine23 gün önce
  • I'm sorry but I always laugh at this song chorus, I sounds like a horse running the beat.

    swooningswanswooningswan25 gün önce
  • I think I'm in love with her. She's so beautiful!!!

    Etienne MayerEtienne Mayer25 gün önce
  • One of the best ESC songs EVER 😍🔥

    MaelysMaelys27 gün önce
  • 😍😍

    Bony- BBony- B28 gün önce
  • The most beautiful girl of all of the Nordic countrys. Second most beautiful in the world after Shakira.

    Daniel AIKDaniel AIK28 gün önce
  • ein echtes dreamgirl.

    Eddie PooleEddie Poole29 gün önce
  • K-otic I Surrender ?

    Sadri AlışıkSadri AlışıkAylar önce
  • Almost 2020 .. Someone?? Or just me ? :D

    Ardit KaraiArdit KaraiAylar önce
  • Love her voice...

    Dyan SalbDyan SalbAylar önce
  • harika

    serdal özkayaserdal özkayaAylar önce
  • One of the best winners of all time!🔥

    Cap-TomoCap-TomoAylar önce
    • Easily

      madbigborzmadbigborz5 gün önce
    • Yes Since 2000: 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2013

      Syr0ut PLSyr0ut PL26 gün önce
  • This girl is so sweet

    Giulia CenkoGiulia CenkoAylar önce
  • Fantastic song, fantastic show, even now 6 year after…..

    pouljessenpouljessenAylar önce
  • Man I have to say that the Scandinavian people have the best singers

    ReiswaffelReiswaffelAylar önce
  • This song should've been in Game Of Thrones! Awesome!!

    Persa HedlundPersa HedlundAylar önce
  • at least her face is beautifull

    Kyaxares MedianKyaxares MedianAylar önce
  • Her energy somehow reminds me of Celine Dion 🤷‍♀️ their voices and styles are totally different, but there's something similar în their energy

    Andreea AndreeaAndreea AndreeaAylar önce
  • This has been in my head for 6 years

    Martyn WilliamsMartyn WilliamsAylar önce
  • Emmeli de forest er den bedste sanger, jeg har set og hørt!

    Vova TVVova TVAylar önce
  • ''How many times do we have to lose?'' Denmark in a nutshell

    Jonas The WizardJonas The WizardAylar önce
    • What do you mean? I'm confused 😅

      Anna -Anna -Aylar önce
  • 2012, 2013 ❤️❤️❤️

    FCG l LegendFCG l LegendAylar önce
  • Den er såå god Høre den flere gange i træk 😀😀

    Danni maddogDanni maddogAylar önce
  • angel's voice Respect from Poland!

    SzachinSzachinAylar önce
  • Güzel 🇹🇷

    TSuNaMiTSuNaMi2 aylar önce
  • I remember when i listened to this song at the eurovision, i was such a little kid and now we're close to the 7th year, it brings me a lot of memories and in my opinion the best song ever in the history of this contest

    DrinkThemALLDrinkThemALL2 aylar önce
    • One of the best. I hope she can return (without make ups)

      Karlssën DreyarKarlssën DreyarAylar önce
    • One of the best for sure!!!😍😍

      realgabrieldcrealgabrieldcAylar önce
  • Hearing so good, I love this song

    Vijay VijVijay Vij2 aylar önce
  • Love you so much!

    Det TranDet Tran2 aylar önce
  • 12 points from Canada 🇨🇦❤🇩🇰

    Dante AlldredDante Alldred2 aylar önce
  • It's really a shame cuz here in Denmark I haven't heard ppl talking about it I think it went away 10 months after it's like we have forgotten this masterpiece

    WOLFEY DEMON. { FOXY }WOLFEY DEMON. { FOXY }2 aylar önce
  • my favourite 2010´s esc winner

    juan jose garcia vargasjuan jose garcia vargas2 aylar önce
  • Men Memos.

    Martin ProbstMartin Probst2 aylar önce
  • Her performance on this was absolutely perfect. I could hardly believe it was live. Magic.

    Hannah Bailey-ThomasHannah Bailey-Thomas2 aylar önce
  • #1325 iTunes all the time sellers songs

    Diego RDiego R2 aylar önce
  • "K-otic" shocked...🤣

    MrKylieMMrKylieM2 aylar önce
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    حاتم نبيلحاتم نبيل2 aylar önce
  • Одна из лучших песен в истории Евровидения

    Связной СвязнойСвязной Связной2 aylar önce
  • This is good but the chicken song is also good. Screw the haters.

    DBR LiamgDBR Liamg2 aylar önce
  • This is one of those rare Eurovision-winning pop songs that has actual balls and is worth listening to over and over again. Denmark chose correctly in 2013 and "Only Teardrops" is one of the top ten best Eurovision winning songs out there.

    ladyi7609ladyi76093 aylar önce
  • I miss that time Music was Music..

    Kenzo -.-Kenzo -.-3 aylar önce
  • I would love to hear her with Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling

    [LEX]^Bl@de006[LEX]^Bl@de0063 aylar önce
  • This was the National final not the Eurovision Song Contest

    Hidde VeenstraHidde Veenstra3 aylar önce
    • It was tho

      Anna -Anna -Aylar önce
  • 2019 people here?

    xDarkWolfxxDarkWolfx3 aylar önce
    • 🙋🏻‍♀️

      •Love Hatari••Love Hatari•3 aylar önce
  • hands choreography please

    schnecki 1938schnecki 19383 aylar önce
  • She made it look so effortless, yet was so brilliant!

    AaronAaron3 aylar önce
  • No one's gonna talk about Epic Flute Guy? Please spread this guy! Make him a meme, along Epic Sax Guy and Epic Joik Guy and Epic Violin Guy!

    Anurag RamachandranAnurag Ramachandran3 aylar önce
  • She peformed her song like a winner! Before she even new she was one.

    ESC AustraliaESC Australia3 aylar önce
  • remember when eurovision was good

    archie hurleyarchie hurley3 aylar önce
Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops (Denmark) 2013 Eurovision Song Contest