Engaged Couples Play Truth or Drink | Trent & Leisha | Cut

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About Truth or Drink:
Friends, strangers, and everyone in between choose between the cold hard truth or a nice stiff drink.
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About this video:
"Alcohol is good" -Trent. Like if you agree.
Engaged Couples Play Truth or Drink | Trent & Leisha | Cut




  • this dude is so funny idk

    amyamyAylar önce
  • Their insta???

    AlexAlexAylar önce
  • The “i love you so much” was so genuine but i swear they knew literally nothing about each other they behaved like strangers😂

    Heidrun MHeidrun MAylar önce
  • Shaming a girl for her body count is so not okay

    Agathe MtzgAgathe Mtzg2 aylar önce
  • Damn. I was with a chick who liked that position. Wish I'd have known it was called The Toaster Strudel... I'd have let her known

    PopskadinsPopskadins2 aylar önce
  • lmfao. her makeup is number one. two, i don’t feel any love

    HaliesHalies3 aylar önce
  • Glee club...

    Rainbow Quartz 2.0Rainbow Quartz 2.04 aylar önce
  • This couple is boring

    crazyrussianblaghcrazyrussianblagh4 aylar önce
  • 40% of couples in the US divorce...ummmm...ok...they're not from the US if they went to Western. They're Canadian.

    Mike ReedMike Reed4 aylar önce
  • Why is her face darker than her neck

    tattooed hopeful artisttattooed hopeful artist5 aylar önce
  • Sex di●ks wowww🤣😂

    احمد الشيحانياحمد الشيحاني5 aylar önce
  • *They are cute. He is a cutie. I worry if she doesn’t masturbate then she probably doesn’t have many orgasms ever even with sex.* I didn’t necessarily like when he said “I’m just going to say it, six dicks.” Was he trying to say that’s too many, or was he just rhyming but the first part was edited out? (Though I don’t think it was the latter of the two.)

    iMatti00iMatti006 aylar önce
  • What a simp.

    Near VIINear VII6 aylar önce
  • 😂

    jordan lewisjordan lewis6 aylar önce
  • he wants to live his life. she dont lmao.

    Raeanna CochraneRaeanna Cochrane7 aylar önce
  • I dont know how to do makeup but damn her foundation Or contour or whatever... It's killing me

    Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra7 aylar önce
  • What an asshole!!! And so what she's had 6 dicks in her life? How many pussies has he had? ... So sexist!

    Rafael LeiteRafael Leite7 aylar önce
  • "Alcohol is good!" like he's just realizing it for the first time lmfao

    Marayna FerrariMarayna Ferrari8 aylar önce
  • Its a pity to see engaged couples who are about to get married and haven't even discussed their sexual past with each other ? Are they afraid to ask one another? Yes Do they pretend as if it doesn't matter (past is past) ? Yes

  • These some lame ass mfs

    Louis SLouis S10 aylar önce
  • OMG....I wanna be a couple like THIS. Their chemistry is out of this world

    Aldo GamaAldo Gama11 aylar önce
  • Lol 6 dicks is nothing

    Tay XxTay Xx11 aylar önce
  • That's felt like it's there first date because most coulpe already know all the answers for that questions and he like surprised after she say she had 6 guys before.

    Jenix LifestyleJenix LifestyleYıl önce
  • Most of y’all making negative comments have never been able to keep someone interested for 6 years. Just because she isn’t a slutty sexually aggressive thot doesn’t mean she’s boring. It’s obvious he’s in love with her.

    lifeisgolden41lifeisgolden41Yıl önce
  • They aren’t going to last.

    Caine CherubinCaine CherubinYıl önce
  • Dammit, watching vids like this make me realize how much of a cranky old hag I am.

    Kyo ProudmooreKyo ProudmooreYıl önce
  • 1:10 - LIE

    Seth PhilippSeth PhilippYıl önce
  • Never masturbated ? :O

    Rosemary RuvalcabaRosemary RuvalcabaYıl önce
  • is she somali

    Ismacil BulbulIsmacil BulbulYıl önce
  • They look alike werid they different colors she must be mixed

  • they are such a cute couple! anyone know where i can find them on social media?

    Rudiba LaibaRudiba LaibaYıl önce
  • Must be nice

    Ellie OlmedoEllie OlmedoYıl önce
  • *How come that their voices' tones and gestures don't match their feelings and emotions? It's like they are motionless lol*

    AC DCAC DCYıl önce
  • She is Def my definition of boring

    Cassius MorrisCassius MorrisYıl önce
  • i don’t want to be annoying but why would she be on this if she’s not comfortable being open?

    Elisa CElisa CYıl önce
  • a lot of people are saying their relationship is boring but their relationship wasn't made for y'all to be judging and to determine if it's exciting or not, it's literally a three minute video LMAO

    hayley !hayley !Yıl önce
  • They are amazing together. I think they will last, too

    100percent Romania100percent RomaniaYıl önce
  • I hate couples videos, but damn they make me happy

    Isaiah OgudIsaiah OgudYıl önce
  • BULLSHIT, she "never masturbates!" All women masturbate, they just have a different phrase for it: "Taking a long hot bath."

    Daniel MeekerDaniel MeekerYıl önce
  • Aww they were so beautiful and happy

    Jaque ParkerJaque ParkerYıl önce
  • I'm gonna be honest... they have terrible chemistry. They remind me of my last relationship and they love and care about each other but they're forcing it.

    ElDaaneElDaaneYıl önce
  • A week ago!

    kordless Rejektkordless RejektYıl önce
  • Where are these twwwwwo?! Wherrreeeee?! Updaaaate

    rivalstorm120rivalstorm120Yıl önce
    • Separated after less than a year of marriage, then divorced shortly after. She was banging another dude.

      Todd AtchisonTodd Atchison4 aylar önce
  • They look perfect together.

    Azra HumayraAzra HumayraYıl önce
  • Im not trying to be rude, but the bronzer she has on her cheeks looks like dirt, its not the right shade

    Scarlette ArtistScarlette ArtistYıl önce
  • Trent an leisha got a divorce 2 weeks into them being married

    Cooper AndersenCooper AndersenYıl önce
  • People in the comments just think they know these strangers sooooo well 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Parris BrownParris BrownYıl önce
  • she has a weird 6oclock shadow...........beauty blender come thru lol

    Bernadette StrubingBernadette StrubingYıl önce
  • I want to do this. I would be so good at this. The people would love me

    Savannah RutledgeSavannah RutledgeYıl önce
  • she doesn't masturbate, like WTF. I don't even wanna know the skeletons that she has in her closet

    imitaleimitaleYıl önce
  • I love this couple 😂

    Elisabeth GolubovaElisabeth GolubovaYıl önce

    jone salasjone salasYıl önce
  • 6Dicks but wants to wait till marriage.. What...

    Feminist TrumpFeminist TrumpYıl önce
  • what a healthy couples

    Muhamad Insan KamilMuhamad Insan KamilYıl önce
  • The way she looks at him

    AnthonyAnthonyYıl önce
  • Her contour made her look like she had beard lol 😂

    Hassan RabatHassan RabatYıl önce
  • Her contour looks like a beard

    Kimberly ValenzuelaKimberly ValenzuelaYıl önce
  • Alright, it’s been a year. What’s the update? Did they tie the knot and have cooper as the ring bearer??

    Kristina MinnitiKristina MinnitiYıl önce
  • :/ six is not much tho

    Aurore FontanAurore FontanYıl önce
  • Agggggh that foundation line

    Ellie ParrisEllie ParrisYıl önce
  • Am I the only one that saw how messed up her makeup is? her neck is no white compared to her face

    SusyQ BonitoSusyQ BonitoYıl önce
  • she’s pretty & all, but boo, that is NOT your shade. go get color matched, honey.

    Jayde AJayde AYıl önce
  • Gosh..dern..it? At which point I knew she's adopted by a white family. She doesn't know she's marrying a drunk.

    Walter K BauerWalter K BauerYıl önce
  • These two aren't virgins. I still want to go to Nevada though.

    Kyler RodgersKyler RodgersYıl önce
  • The love they have for eachother is so nice

    Allison NesterAllison NesterYıl önce
  • That was one of the least honest episodes ive watched. They hide too much from each other.

    Rand0m411Rand0m411Yıl önce
  • I dont masturbate... LIES!!!

    Rand0m411Rand0m411Yıl önce
  • Divorced in six months guaranteed you can tell in his body language she pressured him into everything

    Andrew BlairAndrew BlairYıl önce
  • i have the odd feeling she used to be a He

    KylsKylsYıl önce
  • The loves way more than how much she loves him

    Duaa ElsayedDuaa ElsayedYıl önce
Engaged Couples Play Truth or Drink | Trent & Leisha | Cut