Equipment Tour. Part 1.

Chet, Dougo, and Nikki take you on a equipment tour!
We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
We enjoy to share our part in agricultural with you and show our followers the ups and downs of farming.
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  • Mixing green with red is illegal

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  • What do you think of the new X series combines?

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    • I’d love one.

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  • That dud seems unsympathetic to me somhow

    Enno 113Enno 11312 gün önce
  • You said you have to go to town every time you refill the fertilizer auger? Ever think of installing a couple of the Meridian smooth wall bins for fertilizer, might pay a pretty quick ROI...

    ShibumiShibumi22 gün önce
  • Enjoyed this video !!! THANKS

    Dennis HettingerDennis Hettinger23 gün önce
  • how much acres ?

    rafael maccarirafael maccari23 gün önce
  • “This is why we can’t have nice things” (talking about a RAM 🙄)

    Javier AcostaJavier Acosta25 gün önce
  • Good Morning Chet can you send me your Contact information please regarding that keldermann corn real we are interested in it. We are in North Dakota. 701 247 3324. Thank you

    WJ WesselsWJ Wessels25 gün önce
  • How many acres you farm

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  • Have you guys considered trying a Sunflower land finisher? There’s guys here in Iowa who one pass this on corn stalks and it looks good.

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  • Near 5:22 ish, everything is not perfect, if it works then it is being used. When farmers are farming they dont want to stop because it can mess up their crop. Things rust but still work like new

    Combo GamingCombo GamingAylar önce
  • Loved the non-pretentious tour. The dynamic between the trio of you is real fun, don't hesitate to make more vids like this when applicable. Your dad is very good on the cam lol, no worries, tell him. :) Tell something about the soil type etc. Saw you had the wider shovels on the cultivator/digger, so id like to know the reasoning behind that etc. Plus your girlfriends got a real nice voice.

    7rixee7rixeeAylar önce
  • I drove a 5010 like that with a cab on. Jesus the cab had basically zero sound-proofing and just made the sound worse. Like sitting in a giant tin can in a concrete mixer.

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    • Yes but hopefully we can roll it for another one

      Larson FarmsLarson FarmsAylar önce
  • Thanks for sharing !! Thanks Dougo for being in the video's

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  • Great insight to your growth as a family business agricultural production and its history , ...ask Dougo if he dealt with Bill Kibble as I did from australia in 1989 ? ...cheers

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  • Thanks for the tour always fun to watch you and your pops such a good family o yea and the camera girl great job on editing

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  • Qué pensáis de los policías asesinos de ee.uu? Estáis de acuerdo con vuestro presidente racista,trump?

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  • When I saw the bowling ball I got somewhat worried after having seen Woody Harrelson in Kingpin:

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  • My grandpa bought a 1086 brand new as well in 1979

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  • you viewers have to remember looking at majority of operations out there, some of these guys are financed right up the ass, and barley staying afloat on most of the equipment. this stuff aint cheap. not saying these guys are any of the above. Ag CPA and farmer

    North Dakota 322North Dakota 322Aylar önce
  • How much are you asking for the wheat drill

    Alex MaassenAlex MaassenAylar önce
    • Sounds reasonable have any pics of it?

      Alex MaassenAlex MaassenAylar önce
    • 7k

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  • Cant dodge it ram it eh dougo

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  • Trans star is awesome what motor 350 big cam Cummins or a Detroit

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    • 250 cummins

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    • 250 cumins

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    • They had to of...

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  • shoot, I think I like this style of equipment tour better!! more entertaining! more stories!! I think it should go straight into a building/layout tour as well, but that'd probly need some drone footage, otherwise I get lost

    Chris RowlisonChris RowlisonAylar önce
  • I would like to see another live event Talking about raising Chet & Stone.

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  • Really like Chet AKA Chet the clown. Giving heads up on what Nikki is going to say. Hence says Nast makes waste. Dougo only has the punch lines! I remember him telling Blondie he's glad he goes Home to her at Night.

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  • Thanks for the tour!

    Sri YantraSri YantraAylar önce
  • I did a career on US Navy Nuclear Submarines. The way you walk through and explain “how and why” you use your equipment the way you do is very well done. It takes a very smart mind to explain complex systems in a simple to understand way. You are a great teacher. Some things I would like to better understand. How has being on social media changed how you look at your farm? If you had unlimited money, what type of equipment would you buy and why? What is your favorite aspect of farming? What is your least?

    Russ SpearsRuss SpearsAylar önce
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    • Amazon

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Equipment Tour. Part 1.