Europa is coming (Destiny 2 Leak)

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  • *Time to get Cayde back* turns out Cayde's crypt is on Enceladus not Europa..fml

    Aztecross GamingAztecross GamingAylar önce
    • Swampgator224 I’d like to think that it’s at least a possibility. Also, him being Cayde-7 would mean that he was revived in the way exos are revived, not in the way a guardian is revived.

      Clappy KrabbyClappy KrabbyAylar önce
    • @sandro strigon I damn sure saw some red glowy shit... And the only red glowy shit I know of is Siva...and opposing team ghosts in the Crucible LUL.

      Doom Eternal Is A Better GameDoom Eternal Is A Better GameAylar önce
    • @Clappy Krabby that lore is from Calus' delusional fantasy book...there will never be a Cayde 7... Calus doesn't know how the light works.

      Doom Eternal Is A Better GameDoom Eternal Is A Better GameAylar önce
    • Pretty sure that's a Clovis Bray thing. Doing experiments on exos there. Not necessarily Caydes crypt...considering...his body was last in vanguard hands.....unless...his human body is there?...???

      Doom Eternal Is A Better GameDoom Eternal Is A Better GameAylar önce
    • @Kaitlin Robyn no it isn't

  • I got it as a youtube ad

    Shayeer NawazShayeer Nawaz25 gün önce
  • Im just wondering how many more dlc’s till are character dies protecting the last city against a greater threat I feel like something from the pyramid will attack and at that time depending who you sided with will choose your fate we all know are characters will die in the end anyway

  • The next season: investigating the Almighty crash site. That’s it lol.

    Bryant AndresBryant Andres26 gün önce
  • Is this something people will have to pay for?

    Francisco C.Francisco C.28 gün önce
  • Isn’t the ships at Jupiter

    captain iggycaptain iggy29 gün önce
  • Cayde-8 Gambler Lord

    ElectronElectron29 gün önce
  • You better hope that they don't build D2 with RTX. Much better if they use the hardware agnostic DXR, or use an open standard for ray tracing.

    Jed BaldwinJed BaldwinAylar önce
  • Bro! If they res cade! I'm lit!

    Alex AndradeAlex AndradeAylar önce
  • Cayde will stay in the grave. Let's let him be.

    Moldy TatersMoldy TatersAylar önce
  • that is NOT Europa....YOU ARE NOT PREPAIRED FOR WHAT IS COMING!!! Why you ask, cause it is already bugged and broken, but bah fuck it, they gonna release it anyways......spend that money on more broke shit from BUNGLE! RIP D2!

    FreezeFreezeAylar önce
  • We can finally meet that monster that killed drifter's squad

    HerudHerudAylar önce
  • Oh yay! Another place to go do bounties on.

    Patrick RegoPatrick RegoAylar önce
  • AZTECROOOSSSS!!!! I'm comin for you in pvp! AZTECROOOOSSSS!!

    Mscape 7777Mscape 7777Aylar önce
  • Very intersting

    TVRPTVRPAylar önce
  • Eris and cayde? NO

    Braden ScottBraden ScottAylar önce
  • Fingers crossed the darkness isnt just a reskin of previous enemies this is my last chance given to destiny.

    Svensk HundSvensk HundAylar önce
  • I love how they aren't hyping next season through the roof, it make SotW flop, so it's for the best.

    septo ninjasepto ninjaAylar önce
  • I love how they aren't hyping next season through the roof, it make SotW flop, so it's for the best.

    septo ninjasepto ninjaAylar önce
  • It was literally in Rasputins bunker. Look at the lights.

    Overlord GrizzakaOverlord GrizzakaAylar önce
  • Why is he talking like that

    A AA AAylar önce
  • What’s the lofi song playing at the end

    Jose VelizJose VelizAylar önce
  • This Will be delayed because of the riots

    PuttepatrikPuttepatrikAylar önce
  • Eris is going to find Cayde

    AgendaAgendaAylar önce
  • Man this sounds really chilling if you know what I mean

    Virtual KingdomVirtual KingdomAylar önce
  • you probably wont go anywhere besides the crucible lol

    Bzrk o0Bzrk o0Aylar önce
  • They probably pulled it to set it a week back, lol

    jmhmikeyjmhmikeyAylar önce
  • I'm not even gonna watch the video. The title on my recommended already spoiled it. Can you please not put leak spoilers on titles?

    NullRefNullRefAylar önce
  • The deep stone crypt is on enceledus not Europa and cayde can't be resurrected from a lore standpoint because when exos get rebooted it's because they knew too much about Clovis Bray or knew they were used for genocide or mass murder for Clovis bray, not for when they died. I know that calus says something about cayde-7 in his chronicon, but he also can't actually predict the future and doesn't know much about how exos work.

    Turtle OnALogTurtle OnALogAylar önce
  • Yeah I can't wait for: Frozen hive again, re skinned weapons and armor again, lazy bounty style quests again, a new horde mode activity again, the same boring progression again, the same uninspired boss design again, a ton of new items exclusive to eververse again, all in a brand new, most likely mercury sized destination, that will be aggressively hyped to death by Destiny youtubers/streamers. But hey, maybe we will get another raid.

    That guy that likes you probablyThat guy that likes you probablyAylar önce
  • Didn’t oryx after we beat him fall towards Jupiter? Would it make sense that since we found out the hive are using Eris as a catalyst to bring oryx back, and that she currently has the touch of Malice, that when her hand started to look taken... well you know...

    Jory VuylstekeJory VuylstekeAylar önce
  • I think Eris is looking for the autorifles nerf

    K0nter _K0nter _Aylar önce
  • Wheres the corpus?

    rede55rede55Aylar önce
  • So basically bcz Cayde is an Exo thats means his memory etc is all stored somewhere? Or is it that he lost his light because his ghost got shot he can't get revived?? Permanently dead?

    Dj DayzDj DayzAylar önce
  • Yeah sure """leak"""

    Justin timeJustin timeAylar önce
  • Enceladus is more icy than Europa, and, it’s on Enceladus! So that’s my vote over Europa

    David MillarDavid MillarAylar önce
  • This trailer kinda mimics the very first opening scene of destiny 1 with the astronauts now Mars!

    Lighthouse 1971Lighthouse 1971Aylar önce
  • i dont know if i should get a xbox series x or ans.

    Kacky GamesKacky GamesAylar önce
  • Where is her bone :O

    archonoidarchonoidAylar önce
  • If we get frostbite to death effect maybe

    Damian NavarroDamian NavarroAylar önce
  • I hear Orxy for some reason..

    budzbudzAylar önce
  • More hyped about the music in the reveal than anything else

    Evan Shores.Evan Shores.Aylar önce
  • Does this mean if we get cayde back I can get quick fang

    Giggly GooGiggly GooAylar önce
  • Ayy my birthday is on june 9th

    Jared CollinsJared CollinsAylar önce
  • Dude June 9th is my Birthday!

    Yordan PetrovYordan PetrovAylar önce
  • darkness power poggers

    AyalAyalAylar önce
  • 친구 발음이 살아있네

    만뚜TV만뚜TVAylar önce
  • What the hyuk is that aspect ratio....

    Verland CokerVerland CokerAylar önce
  • The video shows Eris climbing over thermal vents, related to geyser activity. Enceladus has the most powerful geyser in the solar system. Knowing that, plus Cayde’s riddle, I’d put my money on us going to Enceladus; not Europa. We’re going to the Crypt!

    Sam BoxleitnerSam BoxleitnerAylar önce
  • Cutscene in-game today *obviously*

    BorthlyBorthlyAylar önce
  • I know what happened. This video got uploaded on accident when they were actually trying to upload the pyramid ship cutscene over Jupiter. They saw it and were like, "Oh crap!" And took it down immediately. lol.

    AdamNethertonAdamNethertonAylar önce
  • Lol. If you think Bungie are going to make it work at 60fps on any console youre dreaming.

    John StuartJohn StuartAylar önce
  • Pretty sure it's Enceladus

    KraibotKraibotAylar önce
  • Cant wait! It gonna be sick man

    Gamer Prodigy10Gamer Prodigy10Aylar önce
  • what do you mean by 'save Cayde' am I missing lore passages?!

    Zack HoffZack HoffAylar önce
  • What if oryx hit this moon and not Jupiter and his body is their

    nicky manentenicky manenteAylar önce
  • If there’s going to be one good thing to come out of 2020 it’s going to be this. The cutscene that launched on the June 2nd reset gave me the fantasy and mystery I’ve haven’t felt for so long.

    jack youngjack youngAylar önce
  • Of course they took it down. They want the free marketing/hype ;) Edit: Wasn’t it Enceladus?

    RopeAdope PopeRopeAdope PopeAylar önce
  • We're not gonna save Cayde, Nathan FIllions contract is done with Destiny.

    SenioSenioAylar önce
  • Watch this be the next season...

    M88ty !M88ty !Aylar önce
  • Hopefully it loads and functions better than earth moon lol

    Colby MathisColby MathisAylar önce
  • Appreciate your channel man! No filler. Just straight to the point as always

  • oh boy I cant wait bungo to charge me another 60 bucks for reskinned shit on a different location

    GDT - Y96GDT - Y96Aylar önce
  • Finally RUSSIA

    Nø FuтuręNø FuтuręAylar önce
  • Is that........ NEW CONTENT

    HappyHappyAylar önce
  • I think i just saw you in the tower, was it real or an impersonation?

    1X_D1sB0i_X-11X_D1sB0i_X-1Aylar önce
  • So..... another reskinned map?

    Anton JensenAnton JensenAylar önce
  • You guys think Eris might find Santa Clause?

    VulprexVulprexAylar önce
  • I was so hyped for the moon now I dont play anymore. I've done did everything in destiny 2. U can raid report me on xbox. Painfulguru

    Garrett LittleGarrett LittleAylar önce
  • june 10 is my birthday shoutout plz

    Peyton StricklandPeyton StricklandAylar önce
Europa is coming (Destiny 2 Leak)