Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) Soundtrack. Double Trouble (Film Version)

Video frames from the movie: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
Music by Will Ferrell;My Marianne - Double Trouble
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  • This song is better than most of the real ESC songs.

    Ahmet CAhmet C8 saatler önce
  • I don't know why they thought that they're going to loose. It's Eurovision. Eurovision adores weirdos.

    seraphieseraphie4 gün önce
  • So schön. Ich liebe den Film und wünschte, auch im realen Leben gewinnen mal die richtigen.

    Carol ZCarol Z5 gün önce
  • 🥰

    Charlotte DionisioCharlotte Dionisio12 gün önce
  • I tought they gonna do an epic show and then he start to run in the wheel like hamster...

    Beste KaracaBeste Karaca14 gün önce
  • A challenge: Name a film where appears ABBA and Pierce Brosnan. XD.

    EmilioEmilio15 gün önce
  • Когда Голливуд дошёл. Какьы и ненадо

    발루 슬 란발루 슬 란18 gün önce
  • Boats and hoes!!!'

    Mac DamonMac Damon19 gün önce
  • This movie is going to age very well, mark my words, it is great now but in time it will be even more noticeable, everyone made a great job here, each actor simply nailed it.

    Juan Carlos Núñez FJuan Carlos Núñez F19 gün önce
  • Esperamos la secuela !!!!

    nikolas veronnikolas veron21 gün önce
  • Up is down. Down is up, I don't really give a.. WHAT.

    Elaine SotoElaine Soto24 gün önce
  • Esto es un claro ejemplo de pase lo que pase tu sigue como si nada pasara, el show debe continuar jejeje

    Idan covaIdan cova26 gün önce
  • Whoever thought of that hamster wheel is a genius. M.

    Rover CoupeRover Coupe29 gün önce
  • Eurovision is te best team firesaga

    Irene Alvarado de la fuenteIrene Alvarado de la fuente29 gün önce
  • Uwu

    Samy uwuSamy uwuAylar önce
  • Rachell es muy bonita

    Juan carlos TeslaJuan carlos TeslaAylar önce
  • I really liked the song! I listened to it many times now.

    Edric MirandaEdric MirandaAylar önce
  • *casually adds a hamster roll thingy into the song*

    The Koolin_ARMYThe Koolin_ARMYAylar önce
  • Oh uhm the scarf the scarf THE SCAAAARF!!!!!!!

    Illian DE SMETIllian DE SMETAylar önce
  • Que buena canción

    Don CuajinoyDon CuajinoyAylar önce
  • Super Movie!!!

    xanadu worldxanadu worldAylar önce
  • Im in love with this movie 😍😍😍

    Sandra CanezSandra CanezAylar önce
  • One of the best movies of all times, worth of Oscar. I hope The Academy understand this wonderful film, plenty of little marvellous details, and a magnificent soundtrack. A comedy with true love story, made by superb actresses and actors. This movie is a masterpiece of XXI Century.

    MyKey WazowskyMyKey WazowskyAylar önce
  • thanks,, for the real, song,, without any interruption of trouble scene

    Uttarakhand trekkersUttarakhand trekkersAylar önce
  • All this arena is just a studio??????

    Θανάσης ΤσαρδίδηςΘανάσης ΤσαρδίδηςAylar önce
  • La mejor canción del mundo alv

    kidd keokidd keoAylar önce
  • The elves took the piss

    jamie brownjamie brownAylar önce
  • Who’s added all these songs to there Spotify playlist? Just me, ok.

    Lola PembertonLola PembertonAylar önce
  • Omg that's Regina George from mean girls!!!

    Kylo RenKylo RenAylar önce
  • 116 👎= Ja Ja Ding Dong's fans

    Alma Torres MedinaAlma Torres MedinaAylar önce
  • I almost forget listen to this today 😩

    Andrés MoscosoAndrés MoscosoAylar önce
  • This is the song before the guys left and back to the Iceland.

    Ser-Achilles ArojoSer-Achilles ArojoAylar önce
  • No capes! -Edna Mode.

    Iván TrejoIván TrejoAylar önce
  • Esta canción es mejor que algunas de las que han ganado eurovisión en realidad

    Algis Ariel Herrera FriasAlgis Ariel Herrera FriasAylar önce
  • Alos que ablan español esmuy buenaaa😘😘

    Marina ToroMarina ToroAylar önce
  • [Eurovision Song Contest - Fire Saga Story] - review

    Jenny kyungeunyJenny kyungeunyAylar önce
  • Best film!

    Igor S.Igor S.Aylar önce
  • Super film

    Éva Kutiné JanigaÉva Kutiné JanigaAylar önce
  • Super

    Éva Kutiné JanigaÉva Kutiné JanigaAylar önce
  • 👏🏻👏🏻

    Patricia YuPatricia YuAylar önce
  • I seen this film 14 times best film I seen in years. At least something good has come out of 2020

    Tom LewisTom LewisAylar önce
  • I thought Will did a brilliant job with this film. It pokes fun at Eurovision without being insulting.

    Emma CarraroEmma CarraroAylar önce
  • I love Will, but that was to much for me....This mate is a god! god damn it!

    X ToRtiKX ToRtiKAylar önce
    • and yes, im 30.

      X ToRtiKX ToRtiKAylar önce
  • I love eurovison

    Marta SikoraMarta SikoraAylar önce
  • Beautiful song, and what a surprise movie plus shed a few emotional tears

    matmatAylar önce
  • Best movie 2020

    Миро ММиро МAylar önce
  • i love how slow this song starts i wish she sang it slow longer sound like an angel sing

  • I love eurovision 😍

    Marta SikoraMarta SikoraAylar önce
  • cutest movie ever!

    Heidi KarnsHeidi KarnsAylar önce
  • love it!

    Heidi KarnsHeidi KarnsAylar önce
  • PLAY IT!!!!!

    oxidatieoxidatieAylar önce
  • Amo está canción!!! Y la última, y jaja Ding Dong y los elfos!!!!

    Angie HuertasAngie HuertasAylar önce
  • Why they dont send songs like this and Husavik for the real Eurovision??? Both songs could WIN!

    dzeno rzvdzeno rzvAylar önce
    • And Volcano and also the lion song. They are all winners! UK needs to learn! Insane US able to get it right.

      JKJKAylar önce
  • Ich finde den Film toll❤️

    sonja wahlsdorfsonja wahlsdorfAylar önce
  • Islandia que bonita es Que bonita es Rachelle McAdams Linda musica

    Juan carlos TeslaJuan carlos TeslaAylar önce
  • Прекрасный фильм! Отличная песня, настоящий хит!

    Comrad mauzer ***Comrad mauzer ***Aylar önce
  • 👏👏👏 verygood

    Sampaio MatosSampaio MatosAylar önce
  • Netflix needs to bring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the antagonists on the sequel

    William VillasboaWilliam VillasboaAylar önce
  • hadn't they screwed the performance with the scarf incident, they would have had a real chance at shows how much Lars is the real (unwilling) villain of the story

    Steven The SeagullSteven The SeagullAylar önce
  • 12 points from me

    Yiorgos • LyrakisYiorgos • LyrakisAylar önce

    JatonJatonAylar önce
  • Thi song is dope

  • Nice editing! Thank you! Love this song, love the movie :-)

    Sylvie KickAssSylvie KickAssAylar önce
  • 12 poins from Spain for island

    Leo GonzalezLeo GonzalezAylar önce
  • Have this in my Fire Saga Playlist

    Epona LikeEpona LikeAylar önce
  • Well he talked to her so she had double trouble this night with this accident

    Epona LikeEpona LikeAylar önce
  • everything would've been fine if he just didn't change the length of her scarf 🤦

    XSimplyCleanProXXSimplyCleanProXAylar önce
  • PLAY JA JA DING DONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sid ChouSid ChouAylar önce
  • I love how both actors were so childlike despite their age - yes I did say Will was too old for this role, but tbh he pulled it off somehow

    Nina B.Nina B.2 aylar önce
  • I'm here because of TRvision This movie deserves better promotion

    Nina B.Nina B.2 aylar önce
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) Soundtrack. Double Trouble (Film Version)