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Jay makes Mike sit down and relive a nightmare from his youth... Event Horizon. LET ME SHOW YOU!!!



  • Ugh... Event Horizon. This movie has more cringey pseudo-macho dude-bro dialogue per minute than any other space/horror movie ever made. "I'm the life-saver and heart-breaker" (A: That makes no sense and, worse, doesn't even rhyme, a**hat, and B: Really, just shut the f**k up, Lt. Stepin Fetchit). Jay and Mike hit it on the nose here -- Good concept, worthless writing, direction, and execution. Also: Mid-90s techno dance music in a "horror" movie -- Just... no. Oh, dear sweet Jesus Christ... noooooooooooooooo.

    Kenny PKenny P4 saatler önce
  • "Anyway, don't watch Event Horizon - I dunno why we're here..."

    Bill GBill G8 saatler önce
  • I assumed this was a Re:view from a couple years ago, and they brought up Notre Dame burning down "a couple years ago." Am I in the Event Horizon?

    Zemo WolfensteinZemo Wolfenstein12 saatler önce
  • I hate you for all these TRvision commercials

    AladdinAladdin19 saatler önce
  • Too much commercials !!!

    AladdinAladdin19 saatler önce

    DeinFermDeinFerm23 saatler önce
  • i love this movie

    DeinFermDeinFerm23 saatler önce
  • The theme is GUILT. Sam Neil isn’t a Devil worshipper. He is driven mad by the guilt of his wife committing suicide while he was too busy working on creating the ship. Every person on the ship has to face their guilt. 90’s, yes, entertaining, yes.

    Amy GibbsAmy GibbsGün önce
  • I have found memories of this movie and I still like it. I worked at the movie theater when it came out .

    Amy GibbsAmy GibbsGün önce
  • Mike says he’s a big space nerd but that’s not a “space nail gun”, it’s an accurate prop representing torsion free drill, which is how you do work like that in space, so everything he’s ever said or done is now null and void.

    Jeremy WhitmanJeremy WhitmanGün önce
  • For someone who isn't a critic, Mike sure sounds like a one who always think like they could do better by suggesting the bad changes to the movie

    bd06m0030bd06m00302 gün önce
    • Wait, who ever said Mike isn't a critic? Where are you getting that from?

      Herbert WestHerbert WestGün önce
  • What if the darkness on the other side of the horizon inspired the design of the ship similar to Ghostbusters but with him being ignorant of the darkness' purpose.

    Co CharlesCo Charles2 gün önce
  • Super jealous of Jay’s shirt.

    Erika PopeErika Pope2 gün önce
  • I picked up the vhs of this movie laying around at an uncle's house when i was about 12 years old. Movie freaking traumatized me and I was afraid of going to sleep with the lights off for weeks.

    Flying ToasterFlying Toaster2 gün önce
  • "Noder Dayme"

    C4RRRC4RRR3 gün önce
  • I agree with this review almost 100%. Saw it in the theater and was awfully let down. Waste of a great cast. I remember thinking it’s one of those films that can’t make up its mind what it wants to be. Tonal confusion. Vague writing, too, esp. re. What the “other dimension” actually is. Hell? Some weird dimension that just makes you nuts? The realm of some Lovecraftian “old ones” type deal? It was just inconsistent.

    Nancy FryeNancy Frye3 gün önce
  • Let’s be serious people pretend to not like the Mortal Kombat movie. It’s OK to like bad things because you liked them as a kid.

    K SK S3 gün önce
  • Top 3 all time fave movies: 1. 12 Monkeys 2. Alien 3. Event Horizon

    Jazz CatJazz Cat3 gün önce
  • a french cent (centime) is just a euro cent now.

    MZauleckMZauleck4 gün önce
  • Someone has to make Mike read the 40k wiki

    Christian KuntzChristian Kuntz4 gün önce
  • You know guys no offense I don't want to be mean but myself and as well as bunch of other friends and coworkers try to give you guys a chance you're not only boring but you're annoying I mean did you guys ever go to film School you don't review movies you don't even critique them you just make fun of them even the ones that are really good even the ones you like I don't understand what your point is it just just boring you guys are a bore you just sit there and giggle and laugh at other people's work even the work that's acclaimed it's amazing and there's nothing technical about what you say you just sit there you go make fun I don't know how many movies you guys have made but out of all the reviews I've ever seen I don't even think you guys actively reviewed one movie you just try to make fun of any scene you see or put some type of weird spin on it I don't know well anyway I hope you I hope you flourish I don't like to see anyone fail but I'm not interested

    David DimarinoDavid Dimarino4 gün önce
    • Both Mike and Jay have been to film school which is more than 98% of similar youtubers lol.

      Herbert WestHerbert WestGün önce
  • 22:45 Mike that's called D00M

    The Cosmic EntityThe Cosmic Entity4 gün önce
  • Do these gents work 9 to 5 or is this they're whole income?

    Sean BrennerSean Brenner4 gün önce
    • This feels like a leading question, but I am going to guess that the "whole income" these" gents" manage to pull in, complaining about movies on the internet, would probably trigger you.

      Herbert WestHerbert WestGün önce
  • I actually think Event Horizon is great and I saw it a few years ago, I’m 26 and I’ve definitely had friends in their 30s and 40s look back at this film fondly. it is cheesy in places for sure but I think the set pieces, the set design and the mash of hell and space horror really works for me. I would’ve loved to have seen that extended cut with the gory parts of the film intact.

    BrokenBeats94BrokenBeats944 gün önce
  • "Mortal Kombat is a movie people pretend to love" That's it! I'm unsubscribing from super bunny hop

    Brad TBrad T5 gün önce
  • I liked it

    Muncha KingMuncha King5 gün önce
  • It’s so close to being a great horror movie with an underused premise / setting.

    Anthony LeonardiAnthony Leonardi5 gün önce
  • Anyone else desperately avoiding clicking on this so it stays at 666k views?

    Brandon GilletteBrandon Gillette5 gün önce
  • People make a lot of comparisons to other films but Event Horizon is 100% a horror schlock remake of Solaris. Rather than the entity bringing back people for mysterious and complex reasons, possibly as a self defense mechanism or means of communication, it's just space hell and it manifests whatever makes you feel guilty. Weir and Kelvin even have a similar backstory. Edit: also, Event Horizon is pretty goofy at times but I still love it. I saw it fairly young though so maybe the nostalgia factor is a thing.

    Madeline WeillMadeline Weill5 gün önce
  • This movie is very flawed but has something special, which I don't think Mike really penetrated at all. Jay was getting there but ended up agreeing too much with Mike. Stick to your guns Jay, your intuition was right.

    Ben CarberyBen Carbery6 gün önce
  • I saw it for the first time as an adult, and it's still one of my favourite sci-fi horror movies. I agree it has plenty of weaknesses, but it is original in its premise and it has been influential on videogames and RPGs that came after. I would also want to see a remake.

    CyberspineCyberspine6 gün önce
  • Bruhs iunno how to tell you this but CMON HOW COULD YOU BE THIS KINDA WRONG ABOUT THE MOVIE?!

    AsmodeusAsmodeus6 gün önce
  • Waaa sexism, Mike might have a woke infection starting.

    ethereall187ethereall1876 gün önce
  • Love this movie. You guys definitely missed the point. It also based on the Warhammer 40k universe. It's a "Space Hulk" lost to the "Wrap" and "Chaos" has corrupted it

    Logan SaxbyLogan Saxby6 gün önce
  • Most successful Warhammer 40k movie to date.

    gandracargandracar6 gün önce
  • its based on warhammer 40k lore. traveling through the warp. Homies do some research on it.

    warrabbit123warrabbit1237 gün önce
  • First of all The Prodigy are great, probably wouldn't have used them for a horror movie, especially in the credits, but that song Funky Shit is incredible, just my opinion of course. Honestly Mike outright rejecting the premise from the get go is kinda annoying, like I think the visuals were dated, cheesy camera close ups/general film making, is stuff I 100% agree with. But to me why not have a The Shining in space? The whole trying to go faster then the speed of light, but ending up in some hell type dimension is kinda cool imo, I wished they would have gone in the direction of a Lovecraftian super alien race or whatever, instead of indicating that it be the Christian hell. But honestly if this was given to a more competent director it could be a great movie.

    3lancer Officialmaybe3lancer Officialmaybe7 gün önce
  • I watched it as a kid/teenager but I still think its great now. Best horror scifi since Alien tbh. And Funky Shit by the The Prodigy is an awesome choice of ending track.

    FilipFilip8 gün önce
  • I am French, and Mikes accent was so on point I thought he was a Parisian

    Thomas ArnoldThomas Arnold8 gün önce
  • why does jay look so fucking old

    Rob MckennieRob Mckennie8 gün önce
  • Surely someone, other than the pilot in a a team of medics would know Latin? Like, don’t doctors have to know some?

    ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ oh༎ຶ‿༎ຶ oh8 gün önce
  • The music at the end is Funky Shit by the Prodigy (Fat of the Land album)

    Bob LargecockBob Largecock8 gün önce
  • Lovecraft? This has Warhammer 40K Chaos vibes oozing from it

    George DenbroughGeorge Denbrough8 gün önce
  • I saw it when it came out. I still like it.

    Cliff KlifstophersonCliff Klifstopherson8 gün önce
  • Gotta go with Mikes theory about the gore making it kinda scary back then. I remember always seeing bits of it thinking how creepy and cool it looked only to finally fully see it later and realize it was just ok.

    James DJames D8 gün önce
  • Shitting on Event Horizon AND Mortal Kombat within the first three minutes? Jeez, man.

    RazMatazzRazMatazz9 gün önce
  • Paul Thomas W.S. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors. It's usually schlock, but it's fun schlock

    Greg McCauleyGreg McCauley9 gün önce
  • I enjoyed the B-movie quality of it. I know it's a bad movie, but it's enjoyably bad. However, there's already a better version made. "Dark Side of the Moon (1990)" Same basic concept, and I swear they literally had an "80s cliches" checklist and outright refused to miss a single goddamn one, it's stupid, hilarious, and fantastic, I love it.

    DivinitasJanusDivinitasJanus9 gün önce
  • It's amazing how much great shit is in this movie but it still gets a big asterisk. Like, "hey watch this movie butttttt..."

    Lazarus RatLazarus Rat9 gün önce
  • Jay’s random movie trivia skills just keep getting more ridiculous. Kind of like the ship design in this movie.

    Annabelle RAnnabelle R9 gün önce
  • Jay saying he wants to see this sort of thing done better with space + eldritch madness is Dead Space, Jay needs to play Dead Space.

    VennicerunnosVennicerunnos10 gün önce
  • That paper pencil wormhole manuever dates back to a wrinkle in time

    Allison NusbaumAllison Nusbaum10 gün önce
  • If you want a better "huanted house in space" movie, and you don't mind it being an anime, I highly recommend the movie "memories" the first short film titled "magnetic rose" is quite possibly one of the best science fiction films I've ever seen. Great story with Breathtaking animation and music.

    Josh BlatchleyJosh Blatchley10 gün önce
  • Review (cape fear) 1991.

    Brennen CarnesBrennen Carnes10 gün önce
  • This review is really bad. Their whole theory that Sam Neil's character had been on the Event Horizon clearly shows that they don't even understand what was clearly going on. Sam Neil's character blames his wife's suicide on himself, because he spent all of his time designing the ship instead of trying to be a husband. The malevolent force that's haunting the Event Horizon plays on people's fears and guilt and anguish, so it exploits his feelings about his wife to fuck with him. EDIT: Okay, it's not REALLY BAD. These guys are still pretty fun to watch.

    czar225czar22510 gün önce
  • Mike: i know that's your thing, your into that gross people being disembowled stuff" Jay: its not gross its just striking to see peoples guts get pulled out and splayed out, and spread around, and cut up made into a room decoration and skinned alive. its not gross............................ its stirking.

    Bill PlmanBill Plman10 gün önce
  • Not to be that guy but they WOULD have needed explosives to separate the two parts of the spaceship, because without any friction to act on the warp drive stage, if they just separated it like a train it would keep moving at the same velocity as the ship and wouldn't move away, unless they wanted to burn fuel accelerating away from it, which is costly. Not that many explosives though!

    Joiner113Joiner11310 gün önce
  • Couldn't agree with Jay more! The first half is great. It has building menace, atmosphere and tension, but then completely blows it with Sam Neils character suddenly turning into a pantomime villian. Such a disappointment.

    Dave KennedyDave Kennedy10 gün önce
  • The funniest part of that Resident Evil scene is that it basically matches up with what Wesker does in the games lol.

    TokuKing75TokuKing7510 gün önce
  • I remember watching Event Horizon as a young boy and the scary stuff that stuck out the most to me was the eye gore. For whatever reason, any gore in movies that involves eyes (Sam Neill with his eyes stapled shut, the slideshow scene in Red Dragon, etc.) really gets a visceral reaction from me, so that was what really stuck in my memory. All the other awful shit I mostly forgot. I remember cooper flying through space and it was just as funny then as it is now lol.

    Matthew TsonetokoyMatthew Tsonetokoy10 gün önce
  • watch hausu (house, japonese film)

    Victor Santos da LuzVictor Santos da Luz11 gün önce
  • Latin is not yet a dead language, btw, it is still spoken in one country... ;)

    snorry84snorry8411 gün önce
  • I always confuse this with “Sphere” despite seeing neither. They came out within a year of each other and I think the trailers may have been similar. I wonder if people have fond memories of Sphere and not Event Horizon or if they’ve mishmashed them in their minds. I remember seeing Sphere on TV a lot (and still never watched it), but I can’t imagine Event Horizon getting much TV air time on cable. Too much would have to be cut.

    KillerGroovesKillerGrooves11 gün önce

    lucasterablelucasterable11 gün önce
  • I side with Mike.

    Fred Scalliet SoundmanFred Scalliet Soundman11 gün önce
  • Every scene in Mortal Kombat was well thought of and crafted, not this shllock

    TohToh12 gün önce
  • You all got so many of the small details wrong about this movie. It's not hard to see why you failed to see the appeal it has to many people. Also, that cut away to the Resident Evil clip is 100% accurate and relevant to Resident Evil cannon. You can think it's stupid or weird, but it's accurate.

    TheMowensTheMowens12 gün önce
  • Voyager used snippets from Event Horizon in the episode "Random Thoughts." Which means canonically Tuvok watched Event Horizon on movie night and it affected him greatly.

    BlunterCanvas42BlunterCanvas4212 gün önce
  • There's an Event Horizon level in Viscera Cleanup Detail (a game where you play a janitor cleaning up the aftermath of various fictional bloodbaths) that is pretty cool and has some creepy details.

    Invader19xInvader19x12 gün önce
  • I agree with Jay, this is a great candidate for a remake. The concept is interesting, mashing sci-fi with religious concepts, this whole "Hell is real" thing has been successfully done before, like Doom and the whole Warhammer 40K universe, etc. The basic premise is solid, where Event Horizon failed was the execution, mostly Anderson's terrible direction. Some scenes were comically bad, and if your audience is laughing at your horror movie, you are doing it wrong (unless you are Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi). If this was remade with a good director and better visuals, it would be great.

    PlaybahnoshPlaybahnosh12 gün önce
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