Every Team's Best Buzzer Beater In The 21st Century!

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Every NBA team's best buzzer beater in the 21st century. This video will include the best clutch three pointers, dunks, and overall shots in NBA history!

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  • Supersonics 2006, Ray allen 37 footer to beat the suns 152-149 in 2OT in Phoenix. (Same night Kobe dropped 81) Dont forget the Sonics played in the 21st century. Disrespect....

    Gabe EraGabe Era2 aylar önce
  • "That was a bad shot"

    M. T. B. GrassyM. T. B. Grassy2 aylar önce
  • This video did they spurs so dirty.

    Alexa VelaAlexa Vela2 aylar önce
  • This is a crappy compilation: where's Jordan or Kobe? Garbage! Keep your brainless biases to yourself..

    darqmage65darqmage652 aylar önce
  • just saying I fell honestly bad for the spurs they have continuously been scored on at the buzzer for the opposing team to win the game, anyone else notice that?

    Jared CJared C2 aylar önce

    SlimShadyXSlimShadyX2 aylar önce
  • Sacramento probably had to do a billion knuckle push ups and run 100 miles before they were allowed in Texas again 6:10

    SlimShadyXSlimShadyX2 aylar önce
    • Sacramento is in California

      Ateup88Ateup882 aylar önce
  • Nobody: Not a soul not even in *heck* CoshReport: *TAKE THE AIRPODS*

    Emmanuel KalalaEmmanuel Kalala2 aylar önce
  • Where's Roger Mason with the Spurs? smh

    bballNeverEndsbballNeverEnds2 aylar önce
  • You must have had a tough time picking which Cavs shot haha

    Randy BellRandy Bell2 aylar önce
  • Cosh you should have done LeBrons shot on the Wizards cause that was golden

    James SnyderJames Snyder2 aylar önce
  • CP3 was hurt even on his game winner 😂😂😂

    edwin hamiltonedwin hamilton2 aylar önce
  • Happy to see Devin Harris included here when he played for the Nets. As a Mavs fan, I've seen him make many circus shots from distance. Nice to see him recognized here. He's never been a huge star, but a guy you don't mind seeing with the ball when your team is in need of a difficult shot.

    Shammy CatShammy Cat2 aylar önce
  • Trae young’s was better for atlanta

    Smoltzie :DSmoltzie :D2 aylar önce
  • 10:41 was the best and I'm not a basketball fan as I'm from the UK but god dam that was clutch shoot.

    ali abdiali abdi2 aylar önce
  • The Tyreke buzzer after the clutch O.J shot, both of them got suspended from the league for over a year haha

    Evan BartoliEvan Bartoli2 aylar önce
  • So Fisher .4 led to the Lakers losing in the Finals. Kobe beating the Suns led to them losing in the first round of the playoffs. Yet the best buzzer beater isn't Horry at the buzzer which led to a 3 peat? C'mon

    BB 24BB 242 aylar önce

    Ben Mickel ProductionsBen Mickel Productions2 aylar önce
  • 9:48 as a celtics fan, i did NOT want to relive this moment

    Ben Mickel ProductionsBen Mickel Productions2 aylar önce
  • Tell me why they look like characters in Nba 2k? 2:04

    Jake WillisJake Willis2 aylar önce
  • Where was lakers at

    Noah JerroldNoah Jerrold2 aylar önce
  • Kobe buzzer beater vs Phoenix?

    Dean HarrisDean Harris2 aylar önce
  • Kawhi Leonard’s should have been the last because it was the best of all lol

    Tyraughn BarnettTyraughn Barnett2 aylar önce
  • I got four words for who should’ve been here and why: Baron Davis 89 feet.

    Gav1235Gav12352 aylar önce
  • Who's the Kings player at 10:50 who's celebrating before that miracle goes in? He must have seen him make that shot in warm-ups a bunch.

    feverpafeverpa2 aylar önce
  • This vid 100% shit on the Spurs lol even if it wasn’t on purpose

    Jose GarzaJose Garza2 aylar önce
  • I was at that game at 0:39.... painful to watch😞

    Matt WasonMatt Wason2 aylar önce
  • Given Warriors, Rockets and Clippers weren't legit buzzer beaters, Spurs should've been Ginobili in 2OT vs Golden State

    Kieran StockleyKieran Stockley2 aylar önce
  • luka doncic against portland was better than carters

    Jure ŽurgaJure Žurga2 aylar önce
  • I think we all know the raptors one

    SpagoutiiSpagoutii2 aylar önce
  • I don’t even want to watch the raptors one because Kwai left and I am so pissed off

    Serena ColettaSerena Coletta2 aylar önce
  • Wiggins did some goat shit fam

    Wallo GodlyWallo Godly2 aylar önce
  • The shot for the heat shoulda been either Ray Allen’s 3 or the shot by DWade against GS

    Magma CubezMagma Cubez2 aylar önce
  • Chris Paul was not a buzzer beater

    Cfitzwater 999Cfitzwater 9992 aylar önce
  • Much respect for actually getting that D-Wade gamewinner from the proper angle, instead of that TNT overtime-esque initial angle. That's one thing that always bothered me about that all time great buzzerbeater.

    gfunkin2gfunkin22 aylar önce
  • I remember 2 legit buzzer beaters Iguodala made for the Warriors & Sixers, i get it that Curry & Iverson are better but that's mad disrespectful Iggy get no love

    gmoney338gmoney3382 aylar önce
  • 666k views Haha

    Dr StoneDr Stone2 aylar önce
  • Ngl mavericks should’ve been lukas corner buzzer.

    Whoosh It’s CruzWhoosh It’s Cruz2 aylar önce
  • 1:09 fat 4 step travel

    LernLern2 aylar önce
  • If Sundiata Gaines' game-winner against the Cavs on a 10-day contract isn't better than Hayward's lame shot, I want nothing to do with basketball.

    Clay AdamsClay Adams2 aylar önce
    • Also Gilbert Arenas had WAY better winners than Paul Pierce's.

      Clay AdamsClay Adams2 aylar önce
  • You all came here for 11:34

    Matthew BojcunMatthew Bojcun2 aylar önce
  • ray allens 3

    Lucas RogersLucas Rogers2 aylar önce
  • celtics shouldve been jeff green

    ahmed fekiahmed feki2 aylar önce

    T ShadyT Shady2 aylar önce
  • raptors was the best because of the difficulty of the shot and the circumstance

    maxican maxicanmaxican maxican2 aylar önce
  • Hayward for the Jazz in 2014 vs the Cavs was nice but I give it to Joe Johnson against the clips in game 1 in 2017

    MegaTy54MegaTy542 aylar önce
  • I think the Cavs best buzzer beater was the floater by Lebron against the Raptors in 2018 imo. It could also be the one against the pacers against the first round that year too

    BenjoBenjo2 aylar önce
  • Why are my Spurs here so much 😭😭

    Zambie PugZambie Pug2 aylar önce
    • Zambie Pug bc we are extremely unlucky

  • Knicks shouldve been the two clutch shots by Carmelo against the bulls

    M TurkistaniM Turkistani2 aylar önce
  • 5:27 That's the reaction of the clippers fans right now

    Kent KingKent King2 aylar önce
  • Agent 0's game winners are better than The False's

    Mark Delos TrinosMark Delos Trinos2 aylar önce
  • God golley miss malley at 2:24 lol

    Micheal ReidMicheal Reid2 aylar önce
  • D rose shot is my FAVORITE

    GOATGOAT2 aylar önce
  • I gotta disagree for the nuggets it was definitely Gary Harris against the thunder.

    Dezmond KochisDezmond Kochis2 aylar önce
  • D A M E T I M E

    RCL_FlyteRCL_Flyte2 aylar önce
  • miami vs milwaukee was dem craz

    Shadow StudioShadow Studio2 aylar önce
  • Some of these aint even buzzer beaters

    Banana ManBanana Man2 aylar önce
  • Lakers should be Kobe vs Suns

    Greatest HighlightsGreatest Highlights2 aylar önce
  • I love how like 4-5 teams hit buzzers from when they versed the 76er's, when I am a huge fan and this season kawhi knocks them out of playoffs when they coulda won the finals...

    Instinct CrypticTMInstinct CrypticTM2 aylar önce
  • The Westbrook buzzer is so iconic

    T ET E2 aylar önce
  • I am really debating on whether or not Damian's buzzer beater against okc is better than his buzzer beater vs Houston in 2012.

    Colton BaxterColton Baxter2 aylar önce
  • On the Clippers shot both CP3 and Blake got injured...how poetic.

    EvomreEvomre2 aylar önce
  • McGrday’s was nice but rockets own is definitely James harden vs the warriors this season. He hit it over a double team plus Kevin Durant put of bounce no call a play before

    Stephen SarpongStephen Sarpong2 aylar önce
    • Stephen Sarpong no dumbass

      The Finest MindThe Finest Mind2 aylar önce
  • ..always SA.

    018 POD018 POD2 aylar önce
  • Shot. Clock. Cheeeeeese.

    Jacob EriksonJacob Erikson2 aylar önce
  • Do you hate the spurs

    Katy PozzaKaty Pozza2 aylar önce
  • Warriors rocket clippers and sixers s shot aren t a buzzer beater but a game winner

    harlem streetharlem street2 aylar önce
  • No Luka....

    LordEzra 17LordEzra 172 aylar önce
  • Did any body notice about a quarter of the teams weren't in that

    AbledCascade 847AbledCascade 8472 aylar önce
    • Every team was in it bruh

      CoshReportCoshReport2 aylar önce
  • 21st century?

    AmaterasuAmaterasu2 aylar önce
Every Team's Best Buzzer Beater In The 21st Century!