Everything You Need to Know about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This week on The Star Wars Show we talk Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Marvel miniseries, Dark Temple, all the Star Wars at D23, and the new LEGO Star Wars game. Plus, Anthony talks Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with developers at EA Play.
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  • Obi Wan definitely is a great father figure. Even though he's Anakin's step Brother.

    Chaos PrimordialChaos Primordial8 saatler önce
  • Thanks for the update! Looking forward to Fallen Order!

    Universal AwakeningUniversal Awakening9 gün önce
  • Jerome Valeska in the Gotham.

    TROLL GUYTROLL GUY17 gün önce
  • 3:11 I mean... If you are not confident about your game there is a chance for it not to be good.

    samuel chapavalsamuel chapaval22 gün önce
  • Someone help me! Star Wars is dying for me!!!

    Simon HagstenSimon Hagsten23 gün önce
  • EA and Disney Star Wars - I feel nauseous already.

    nihilistmannihilistman25 gün önce
  • Lego Star Wars is the best, but Fallen Order looks pretty darn cool too.

    Talon DiwischTalon DiwischAylar önce
  • Jango Fett because he’s just so cool.

    Talon DiwischTalon DiwischAylar önce
  • 5:55 The captions say metroid-mania

    ProGamerProGamerAylar önce
  • They had more information about the gameplay than any other video I’ve seen. He made it sound like it’s open world with the ability to go to any planet at any time, I hope that’s true because that style of game would be awesome. Up until now I’ve been picturing Battlefront 2’s campaign which was very linear.

    E ProductionsE ProductionsAylar önce
  • The term "Metroidvania" was just said in an official Star Wars video. I've died and gone to heaven.

    The Zavinski StoriesThe Zavinski StoriesAylar önce
  • Which brand of hair gel Cal Kestis using? Stick very well in various situations.

    sinnamon_rollsinnamon_rollAylar önce
  • MORE combat EA is going to go poor EA made star wars look like clowns running around with a lightsaber bad EA

    Connor gaming mincraft im connorConnor gaming mincraft im connorAylar önce
  • OMG at 3:26, isn't he the guy who made the early versions of GOW?

    alex falex fAylar önce
  • My favorite father from StarWars is Luke Skywalker. Everyone should know he's Rey's father prior to Ep.9

    Chad ClayChad ClayAylar önce
  • Bail Organa is a great father, devoting his life to fight for a better future for his kid. (and as the Alderaanian king, he's the 'father' of a whole planet of people)

    David BergforsDavid BergforsAylar önce
  • Is BD-1 played by B.D. Wong?

    Ian BabcockIan BabcockAylar önce
  • If they could make an MMO with graphics like that and the combat from Wildstar I'd be locked in for life.

    Bradford BatesBradford BatesAylar önce
  • People care more about a lego game more than this I dont know why

    qui gon jinnqui gon jinnAylar önce
  • #starwarsdad The Father from Mortis. Nothing screams "#1 Dad" like being named "The Father". He also went through the coolest search for a babysitter I've ever seen when Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka found themselves on Mortis. Too bad Anakin didn't get the job.

    Pedro MarkotsisPedro MarkotsisAylar önce
  • I hope Ahsoka or Obi-Wan appear.

    Celtic Dragon26Celtic Dragon26Aylar önce
  • Kal's last name sounds like a disease!.

  • cool :):):)

    RetroRoboDogRetroRoboDogAylar önce
  • *YAWN*

    Sam W2Sam W2Aylar önce
  • BOYCOTT EPISODE 9🖖 Love to the shills 😘

    Tom GriffithsTom GriffithsAylar önce
  • Think of Vader on father's day #starwarsdad

    NK TubeNK TubeAylar önce
  • This game seems pretty cool. I'm excited to see the world of Star Wars from a different point of view. Andd it looks like it'll be fun.

    Esther VelezEsther VelezAylar önce
  • I have pre ordered Jedi Fallen Order and I was wondering whether the pre order bonus is offline activated

    Steve BuscemiSteve BuscemiAylar önce
  • I can't wait to get Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. I pre ordered it at Gamestop online and it comes with an exclusive Black Series action figure.

    Scott HintzeScott HintzeAylar önce
  • Dad-jokes just for dads,,, interesting theory

    Benjamin JacobBenjamin JacobAylar önce
  • ...Jango really is a great dad though

    Darth KwameDarth KwameAylar önce
    • Darth Kwame he also has the most sons

      Luis FLuis FAylar önce
  • Kanan is the best father hands down for sacrificing himself to save hera and his unborn child jacen.

    Andres MartinezAndres MartinezAylar önce
  • Jabba the Hutt is the best Star Wars dad to Stinky! But because of the way slugs reproduce, Jabba actually might be Stinky’s mother. :)

    faxhandlefaxhandleAylar önce
  • #STARWARSDAD I say vader because he teachs luke everytime they face and comes back to good side as Anakin Skywalker.

    Noah JenkinsNoah JenkinsAylar önce
    • In another world of star wars saga of marvel vader turn leia into dark side

      Noah JenkinsNoah JenkinsAylar önce
  • Galen did not Abandon his family. He was taken. Come on Anthony!

    Joseph VermillionJoseph VermillionAylar önce
  • Harry styles

    中國立刻死亡我詛咒支那中國立刻死亡我詛咒支那Aylar önce
  • I can't believe that at the Disney Expo on the 24th we're gonna get Rise of Skywalker news and that's my birthday!!! its like they're saying happy birthday to me! so much new content I cannot wait!!! and cannot wait for this game!!

    laurenmcquiltylaurenmcquiltyAylar önce
  • ⭕My favorite Star Wars Dad is definitely Chewbacca, because no matter how busy he was saving the galaxy, Chewy made it home to Kashyyyk in time to take his son, Lumpy, to the Life Day Celebration! 🎉🎈#starwarsdad

    nifepartienifepartieAylar önce
  • #StarWarsDad after reading a lot of the books(especially the book "leia princess of alderaan"), my vote has to go to bail organa, trying to raise leia up as adopted princess, running a planet with high moral standards, and secretly planning a rebellion in the background all at once just makes him very admirable that he makes time for his daughter:)

    truesailorcomettruesailorcometAylar önce
  • You just need to know it's garbage.

    Fake AmericanFake AmericanAylar önce
  • Their is a chance that the new LEGO Star Wars game can be released an Xbox 360

    The trendy Gamer543The trendy Gamer543Aylar önce
  • #StarWarsDad My wife says Watto, the first male role model that Anakin had, and he probably saw Watto more than Shmi did most days. I say Chewbacca, because he is the king of the dad jokes, plus you can tell he really loves his wife and son in the Holiday Special!

    BoosterFettBoosterFettAylar önce
  • BD-1 has officially entered the Hall of Fame of cute SW droids

    franco carrizo sparosvichfranco carrizo sparosvichAylar önce
  • "Moments before order 66" does this mean we will play through order 66???? I hope soo

    Hica_ExcelHica_ExcelAylar önce
  • 5:05 The fact that wen can Visit any Planet with our Own ship at any point of the Story ist so incredible 😯💪🏻😁👍🏻

    AckbarAckbarAylar önce
  • 6:41 FAVORTIE!

    Nuno SalvaterraNuno SalvaterraAylar önce
  • Love the D23Expo coverage.

    riverracerxriverracerxAylar önce
  • Jango fett is the perfect dad

    Captain LukasCaptain LukasAylar önce
  • SO excited to be able to just visit other planets in the star wars galaxy! Good job!

    Oscar MoeOscar MoeAylar önce
  • I am definitely going to own Jedi fallen order and modern warfare for my birthday this year holiday I am most excited for the rise of Skywalker I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie in the year 2022

    Sergeant HoundSergeant HoundAylar önce
  • #MakeSolo2Happen on #DisneyPlus in 10 one hour episode TV show 💥👌👌💥

    Official -j6- MusicOfficial -j6- MusicAylar önce
  • I have this great new jingle I've come up with that people are LOVING. It goes something like this: Just say no...... Just say no...... Just say no to #Reylo 😅😄🤣😂

    Official -j6- MusicOfficial -j6- MusicAylar önce
  • Oh wow Jedi Fallen Order actually looks really cool.

    thinking_about_figuresthinking_about_figuresAylar önce
  • #StarWarsDad Garrick Versio, for all of his flaws, *admitted he was wrong* in the end! Makes me wish my dad were more like that, lol

    CC1138CC1138Aylar önce
  • Hopefully we will get some brand new action figures out of this instead of the same old action figures over and over and over again

    zamp6969zamp6969Aylar önce
  • You guys have awesome stuff in the background and you guys have the coolest job

    Robert FeaginsRobert FeaginsAylar önce
  • The Only Thing You Need To Know Is That It Sucks

    Joseph FazioJoseph FazioAylar önce
  • The lightsaber looks wrong. Right? It's too "diffuse"..

    Kyp KatarnKyp KatarnAylar önce
  • Where’s vader in jedi fallen order

    xTriXKillerxxTriXKillerxAylar önce
  • I love that they got Forest Whitaker in the game. Great actor.

    Neal E WorthingtonNeal E WorthingtonAylar önce
  • looking forward to fallen order. might have to get proper hardware to play it. might wanna pickup the comic too. cover looking good.

    glitcherglitcherAylar önce
  • Omg Andy please do something with that hair.

    MiChAeLym0MiChAeLym0Aylar önce
  • I hope we have to fight Palpatine

    Austin SnowAustin SnowAylar önce
  • Kanan best SW dad

    unholyrevenger72unholyrevenger72Aylar önce
  • I already pre ordered Star Wars Jedi Fallen order thanks to Battlefront II because I got the Deluxe edition because I am Star Wars Fan and I hope to create a montage of games because I have Star Wars Battlefront II then Star Wars Jedi Fallen order Deluxe edition because I got the deluxe edition of Battlefront II plus I can save up in November for the final film Star Wars Episode IX the rise of the skyWalker.

    Christopher Evans and Gothic Gaming and OOTDsChristopher Evans and Gothic Gaming and OOTDsAylar önce
  • Is it on steam?

    Nath The potatoNath The potatoAylar önce
  • #STARWARSDAD John Williams, the father of the most iconic music in the star wars galaxy.

    Ez LockyEz LockyAylar önce
  • 6:15 EA: "I will make you suffer!" Everyone else: "Wow, very aggressive!"

  • #starwarsdad Has to be George Lucas, the father of Star Wars

    Italian PatatoeItalian PatatoeAylar önce
    • @Michael McGrath die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain And I actually liked the prequels but mainly cause of episode 3 and Obi wan being awesome

      Italian PatatoeItalian PatatoeAylar önce
    • The destroyer of Star Wars too (prequels, special editions)

      Michael McGrathMichael McGrathAylar önce
  • My favourite Star Wars dad is Ki Adi Mundi because he gets to have several wives and children in Legends.

    __Aylar önce
Everything You Need to Know about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order