• The suppressors on fire bit just killed me

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  • Can't take him serious with a butterfly on the side of his head. Lol

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  • big kevin costner fan eh?

    WasabiSnifferWasabiSnifferGün önce
  • I had to downvote because John Wick is a 100% accurate movie so stop spreading false information 😂. All seriousness though this was a great educational video.

    Ryan PalmerRyan Palmer3 gün önce
  • This video should be aired every day on every tv channel . And shown in every public and private school from k1 to k12.

    glenn utterglenn utter4 gün önce
  • This is a amazing video.

    Sean leonardSean leonard5 gün önce
  • This is one of the best videos I've seen on the subject if not the best. Somebody really should send this to Trump I really would love it if he would spend a few minutes to watch this. In fact not just Trump but all politicians

    al maral mar7 gün önce
  • Thank you 👍

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  • Surprised this video is still up.

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  • Hey fellas! When is the followup video to this video coming? Excited for all that it will hold!

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  • Great vid!!! N Costner is an awesome actor!!!

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  • 2019: "Firearms use gun powder and are loud, silencers are banned." 2119: "Guns use mag-rails to propel projectiles at high velocities and are quiet, silencers are still banned."

    Omar DelawarOmar Delawar13 gün önce
    • No, they will be called "MRG's" or Magnetic Rail Guns.

      Omar DelawarOmar Delawar12 gün önce
    • Is it a firearm if it doesn’t utilize combustion?

      Jeffrey SJeffrey S12 gün önce
  • I would like to own a 22lr with a can, big fun

    Dave GeorgeDave George14 gün önce
  • Well stated, we'll produced, we'll thought out presentation. Semper Fi

    Dave GeorgeDave George14 gün önce
  • This was the first assault on your gun rights and it's been slipping every since

    AreCanSaw hillbilleAreCanSaw hillbille15 gün önce
  • So it's harder for someone in US to get a suppressor then for me to get a gun in Europe. Makes sense.

    FulCon11542FulCon1154215 gün önce
    • I have a silencer and yes it very hard. Took 10 months

      Wash LifeWash Life7 gün önce
  • If anyone is wondering, this is why this video is pure bullshit. trvision.net/detail/video--iZ7bHCWlMo.html I was taught to tell the truth. And that if I believed in something, and it was right, I shouldnt have to lie. Using supersonic ammo with a can to convince the uninitiated that suppressors wouldnt be dangerous in the hands of criminals because theyre still loud is pure garbage. Show some goddamn integrity.

    John DohJohn Doh15 gün önce
  • The only thing he got wrong was he is using 115 grain ammo when he shot that 9mm suppressed which is why it was so loud. I don't wear ear protection when I'm shooting 147 grain 9mm and or when I'm shooting 230 grain 45 ACP....otherwise good fact based video

    Silver ManSilver Man16 gün önce
  • Outstanding presentation. Thank you. I don't personally own any NFA stuff, but I will link to your video.

    flysubcompactflysubcompact17 gün önce
  • I own a Predator Lynx by Acadian Armament. Not only is it 5.56, but it rated for full-auto, and I've done it!! It's approximately 5 inches long and 1 inch diameter and weighs only 7.3 oz. check it out. www.acadianarmament.com/lynx

    Robert SandersRobert Sanders19 gün önce
  • Great video. Learned a bunch. The video was not only extremely informative, but it was entertaining as well. great job guys!

    Jay HowellJay Howell19 gün önce
  • Jesus fucking Christ they are proud of this thing. $900 for the suppressor??!!! Dude it can’t be but like $40 in parts. $1200 for a slide locking pistol and $1100 to get the suppressor. Looking at $2300 for this setup. My god that is expensive.

    Project OneProject One19 gün önce
  • OMG what a great video! so much good information and things that I didnt know.

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  • Awesome video, informative and entertaining......that's a lot of Kevin Costner though..

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  • Ty for the insight and History lesson on the second.

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  • "Rabbits Cooking". Haa

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  • So the tyranny started under FDR

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  • Excellent video with good historical facts

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  • This deserves a wider audience. Hope my comment helps.

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  • Suppressors aid your👂 Magnified Red Dot aid your 👀 Next ban is probably red dot sights and rifle scopes

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  • Bro show this to a liberal

    Aids RodsAids Rods23 gün önce
  • I hear many mass shooters tend to wear shoes. It makes them more agile and it makes it easier for them to run after their victims as well as make it easier for them to run from the authorities. We should ban shoes.

    CapnTatesCapnTates24 gün önce
  • What's up with these cans? These cans are defective!

    Simon BjörkmanSimon Björkman24 gün önce
  • An excellent video and well presented. This needs to go before President Trump as well as every elected official. It may not influence them but it will help to educate them instead of Hollywood!

    threeg33threeg3325 gün önce
  • one more thing, everybody that has a silencer paid stamp also gives the government a national registry as most people that buy silencers are people that like the sport of shooting and is likely to have a few guns.

    David CarrollDavid Carroll25 gün önce
  • Well it all equals more dollars that go somewhere???hummmm sure is a lot of punishment that seems to be legal as long as you pay someone for the tax stamp. seems like all that money should go into a fund and help pay families to help cover hospital and medical bills.

    David CarrollDavid Carroll25 gün önce
  • Honestly You should have your own channel your Very entertaining

    Jesse VillanuevaJesse Villanueva29 gün önce
  • It would be interesting to follow the actual steps your suppressor application follows. Where does it take the most time? Does the FBI go out and interview your references? Whose desk does it spend the most time at. There can't be that many people applying for a suppressor stamp or permit. Are they (the bureaucracy) hoping you'll forget about it? If you already have a permit to carry, they already have your finger prints so why do they want more copies? It took a much shorter period of time to get my top secret clearance than to get a suppressor permit. Something is wrong.

    Strickland Garage & AviationStrickland Garage & AviationAylar önce
  • FDR was every bit the fascist as Hitler And Stalin.

    Grime ForkGrime ForkAylar önce
  • Can someone please tell Christian Slater here that every criminal was once a law abiding citizen themselves

    Kyle KeeneyKyle KeeneyAylar önce
  • In 1934 a Ford Model C was about $600. $200 meant a lot more then than $3,800 means today.

    John GiffordJohn GiffordAylar önce
  • Kevin Costner's greatest moments interspersed with awesome facts about political shenanigans....win win win

    InVictus Aqua-OaCInVictus Aqua-OaCAylar önce
  • Funny how countries differ. In South Africa there's a crazy amount of red tape to *get* a firearm, but you can do stuff that the NFA in the USA would prohibit, like buying what you guys call SBRs or having a gunsmith modify your shotgun to be a short stage coach gun, for example.

    WaldemarWaldemarAylar önce
  • Im curious, what were these infamous outlaws doing before they got they're hands on an automatic weapon? I mean, when gun laws were written, i dont think they predicted one man with a gun taking the place of entire armies. Limitations and changes are necessary. The only panic here are people throwing a fit about not getting to have whatever toys they want.

    illuminated cosmosilluminated cosmosAylar önce
  • Thank you so much for this video i never knew this stuff and it was very useful to know

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  • 'Caveat' and 'bill of rights' should never be spoken in the same sentence. We as citizens should never be in a position to have the ability to make such a statement. Excellent use of Steve Martin by the way.

    jonathon schottjonathon schottAylar önce
  • I am sorry I came for Silencers .... excuse me... wrong meeting.

    NeoNeoAylar önce
  • Any gun law is a violation of the 2nd amendment . Its Bullshit a felon cant own a gun or body armor . Where in the constitution does it say that ?? And it doesnt say the right to bear arms unless its fully automatic

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  • As of today, 2.5k idiot democrats don't like this video.

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  • ใจเย้นๆๆๆ

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  • Excellent! Love the way you put this all together. Thank you!

    Root CauseRoot CauseAylar önce
  • they aught to just make iron sights illegal, they are used more in firearms crimes than supressors right????

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  • did anyone else see the butterfly

    TheWizardTheWizardAylar önce
  • Ah yes, America, the country where you can mow down a giant crowd of people, but you can’t do it slightly quieter, I swear this country makes no sense

    Send NukesSend NukesAylar önce
    • Ah yes, Hong Kong, the country where the communist government literally beats citizens riding on a train on their way to work. The same government that SHOOTS AND KILLS ITS OWN CITIZENS during a protest for freedom. Bet they wish they had gun huh? Oh how about Japan where 70 defenseless people being stabbed to death is a weekly occurrence? Have you ever read the Second Amendment? Do you even know what the fuck it was written for? For the love of god please tell me you dont live in the US. We dont need your level of ignorance here.

      infections 84infections 84Aylar önce
  • I'd own me a few cans but I'm not giving those traitors in the batf my fingerprints or money

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  • Just think, as of today 10/23/19, 2500 ignorant people, who didn’t listen to the entire video, and had not a modicum of intellect voted this video down. They certainly have never fired a weapon with one or even were around when when it was discharged. Yes, perhaps people really are that ignorant.

    John Sarviss, FRAeSJohn Sarviss, FRAeSAylar önce
  • Great video. Love the movie clips, ESPECIALLY from The Jerk! "He hates the cans!" Lol

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  • Hell yes.

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  • Excellent video.

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  • Ok the Wick video editing of silencers was hilarious.

    Rob LambertRob LambertAylar önce
    • Also, i know a LOT of guys in the south that have silencers. Not legally purchased but they have them. They don't boast about it, they don't go to public ranges etc. They use them for hunting to save there hearing. No GOOD sheriff would bother their citizens over a unconstitutional regulation.

      Rob LambertRob LambertAylar önce
  • Do I get college credit for watching all 32:28 minutes of this?

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  • Nothing says shall not be infringed like having to pay to get your rights back And that’s if the government decides to allow you to be free

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  • Silencer gets really hot...ummmmmmmphhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • This video has so much more info than any other about gun suppressors. Thank you.

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  • DO NOT bring John Wick into this

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  • some of theese shootings have to be rigged by polititians,it's just too good of clock work.

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  • Ya go t-Rex arms !!!!!!

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  • 2.5k dislike truth !?

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  • 13:36 This makes me slightly angry

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  • Awesome video.

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