EXPECTATION VS REALITY || Funny Relatable Situations by 123 GO!

Life is jam-packed with expectations. Some more reasonable than others.
But, like many things in life, sometimes you just have to embrace reality and remember that things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to.
Try not to cringe! We’re exploring expectations vs reality.
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  • Who else wants to hear all there real voices like this

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  • couple exercise was damn funny 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Ok vicky we know your pretty ok but sofia are working or thinking about sleeping? Amy you look a monster. Vicky is embarrassed when wearing a hells be careful girl

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  • I loved your shows

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  • I walk good in high heels and I am 12 the first time walking in them

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  • Those are not sit ups

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  • Who is girl talking in the bAck around

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  • she slept with makeup ON

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  • Doing homework is boring If you agree press the like Botton 👍

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  • Is it just me or that couple workout looked a little romantic?😋😍😂

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  • I. Love. TRvision nation in the kitchen is fully

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  • 10:53 maybe its because a monkey really did your hair :/

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  • Did anyone realize that she ate the candy with the wrapping? Like if u did

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  • Vicky is very cute

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  • Vicky just ate a candy wrapper

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  • 123 go is bitch

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  • Hi 123 go

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  • I'm 8 and I know how to walk in heels😀🌌👠👡

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  • Lily. And kevin are the best couple

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  • Fuck you Phobia 😡😠👿👿💔

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  • *hotslut.ru* 2:52

  • Exuse me but i actually am exercising

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  • 5:36 you can still eat the pizza its not like you droped it in a pile of trash

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  • This video super super super funny by Dezlynn

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  • F. F v. Vvcvvcccgbbvgvggytrgrtxxzz3232a🍟🍦🎂🎂👥🎂🚑 🕤💕C v

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  • Your voice is like Troom Troom

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  • Kevin and Lana are sooooo cute and should be together ❤ ❤ ❤😗

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    • Leonayoumelove

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  • Vicky is not a princess she's to ugly

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  • there is so many comments telling others to like the comment 😡

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  • I love vikey

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  • New life stages your own voices for one video, please, please, please, please please. I love 1 2 3. Go. Please please please please please please please please. Please can you guys use your own voice You're Perfect Just the Way You Are? A narrator The Perfect Just the Way You Are Please please please guys already subscribed. And turn the Bell on TV that lots of Thumbs Up and I save your videos.

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  • 123 go:All it tacks is a little brain power Me:I dont have brain power

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  • Amy: I have so many good clothes to wear!! Yet you still choose the one you wear every video 🤨

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    • I just said something that is not a word 😂😂😂

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    • He HD hr

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  • I was dying of laughter when Amy said aw man it looks like a monkey did my hair 🤣🙉

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  • Homework Me: im totally doin' mah homework

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  • CFC.

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  • this is me when i am doing homework i say : i am done my mom: dont worry i have more homework for you to do me:where did you get more mom: i told the school to give triple of home work me: WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EXPECTATION VS REALITY || Funny Relatable Situations by 123 GO!