Experiment - Shredding Batteries - The Shredder Show

In this video, you will see what hapens when different tipes of batteries are being shred. Batteries like AA , AAA , 1,5 volts , LiPO batterie and much more.
Hope you will enjoy it!
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  • Its been done in this video..was looking for it just now

    Jasa KenangJasa Kenang6 aylar önce
  • I thought batteries explode when crushed???

    Shaheed MacudShaheed Macud10 aylar önce
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    Instant MigrationInstant MigrationYıl önce
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  • Where can i get a shredder like that?

    PinkToolFloydPinkToolFloydYıl önce
  • Are these fresh batteries or spent?

    SchreggerSchreggerYıl önce
  • How do you clean that thing? You should make a video of how you clean your shredding machine.

    Raphial LeeRaphial LeeYıl önce
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    Edwin SmidtEdwin SmidtYıl önce
  • Look, kids. This is how you "safely" dispose batteries.

    Yihang YAOYihang YAOYıl önce
  • It’s so dangerous *radioactivation*

    AtoMsAtoMsYıl önce
  • what kind of shredder is that?

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    • The other guy probably does a better job. This guy makes me want to punch him, with his fucking "Yeah let me show you what a battery looks like. I don't think you've seen one before. Oh yeah let me show you the destruction of ONE battery several times, I don't think you saw the first five times. Oh oh wait, let me show you it's destruction in super slow motion. I don't know if you saw it enter the shredder.

      Spokane Valley FreewaySpokane Valley Freeway10 aylar önce
    • Maybe they had similar ideas

      OOF!OOF!Yıl önce
  • Do a car batterie

    Nicky MemoliNicky MemoliYıl önce
  • Do a car batterie

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  • This channel is a mix of shredding things and sortha whats inside too

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  • First one is messy

    Super Ripper flameSuper Ripper flame2 yıl önce
  • Crush a car battery.

    Amiga A1200Amiga A12002 yıl önce
  • I used to dismantle batteries for the carbon rod inside. I would use the rod for repairing brush motors.

    Amiga A1200Amiga A12002 yıl önce
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  • Woahh..very smart on crushing the lipo battery.. what i know.. it is very toxic.. even the gas that came out also toxic. Even dispossing it need certain care. You cannot simply crush it open, especially the protecting layer. Hope ur lungs can escape the damage in the coming years.

    Herman SugiantoHerman Sugianto2 yıl önce
  • Where do you get these batteries? Never seen a single one of these brands.

    Clear NewsClear News2 yıl önce
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    Kaan Eren karabolatKaan Eren karabolat2 yıl önce
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    peter rockpeter rock2 yıl önce
Experiment - Shredding Batteries - The Shredder Show