• Over the past few weeks we've heard proposals for government regulations ranging from banning guns to vaping. What's the most ridiculous one you've heard so far?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowder5 aylar önce
    • The most ridiculous proposal I have heard of: MY country won it's sovereignty, finally we are free of over bearing 'climate change' regulations and super high taxes. Boris: And we will accelerate our climate goals and beat Europe on going Zero carbon Me: *Ready to just end it* Britan has 10 different flavours of left, lefter, leftist and leftism.

      RhedinRageRhedinRage17 gün önce
    • Hi

      marcus talericomarcus talericoAylar önce
    • You forgot Mexicans rub their grundles on the vegetables before they send it to us

      Joseph EramoJoseph Eramo4 aylar önce
    • hey if they ban meat because they fart to much and cause to much methane in the air ,what are they going to do with all the cows, they would have to kill them ???????????

      downinbdadowninbda5 aylar önce
    • StevenCrowder *sees CNN in the video* ohhhhh no

      Ember FirestoneEmber Firestone5 aylar önce
  • I always appreciate you for not being biased and just talking about facts. This is not that. This is bullshit willful ignorance.

    skoi.exeskoi.exe6 saatler önce
  • The invalidity of trans peoples feelings has nothing to do with the validity of image change

    skoi.exeskoi.exe6 saatler önce
  • The only diet/ food choices I agree with is the Flexatarian diet.

    0penthaugtz0penthaugtz6 saatler önce
  • Im going to go right out and get a steak, eggs, and chase with a half gallon of milk.

    Rita PetersonRita Peterson7 saatler önce
  • All thoughs skinny people and the beef eaters are bulky like what man are suppose to be .

    Orlando AmesOrlando AmesGün önce
  • We are made to be omnivores. PERIOD. Go out in nature and survive for a year by what is out there. Bet the meat eater is more healthy and maybe the only one alive in that year. Try it in Alaska.

    trip maddentrip madden2 gün önce
  • 2:15 *JOIN US :)*

    Daniel von StrangleDaniel von Strangle2 gün önce
  • Y’all know a nuts regulation that won’t ever pass? Raising the national age for tobacco use to 21 through a budget bill.

    Scrapyard AtwoodScrapyard Atwood2 gün önce
  • Vegan isn't healthy, very often people get very sick from the vegan lifestyle, vegetarian is better for your health

    AhhCmonAhhCmon3 gün önce
  • You are very misinformed. The only thing you exposed, is your own narrow-mindedness. Please do some more research and don't quote misinformed ''opinion'' articles.

    ogthegreatogthegreat3 gün önce
  • it would be awesome if there were any sources here, I cant use these arguments in convo without sources

    AslanSzopenAslanSzopen3 gün önce
  • And it's unreasonable to expect the whole country to stop eating meat...it's also unreasonable to hate on Vegans so much. I personally prefer a meat free diet. My daughter, on the other hand requires animal products to correct her growth restriction. It's all balance peeps. We gotta work together. I don't agree with hating on anyone for wanting the world to be a better place and survive the human species. Otherwise, I enjoy this show.

    Monet UniqueMonet Unique4 gün önce
  • The answer is grow some of your own produce. Raise your own chickens for laying, then eat them when they stop laying. Don't consume Soy. Hunt your own game. Fish in local rivers. Reduce meat consumption slightly. Plant some nut and fruit trees around town. Plant community gardens that are self sustaining.

    Monet UniqueMonet Unique4 gün önce
  • Meat tastes good, thats why i eat it.

    Yawn ?!Yawn ?!4 gün önce
  • Nobody is ever gonna stop me from loving and eating pork and cow gtfoh

    jorge zayasjorge zayas4 gün önce
  • It is highly interesting that vegans always want to make the 'point' that most stuff is grown to feed animals. What has that to do with vegans using monoagriculture anyway? If eating meat was banned and there is nearly no cow, pig and so on left (or lets say only pasture raised is allowed), they would eat from monocrops anyway.

    GalgaldrGalgaldr4 gün önce
  • I mix meat and veggies to make a burger man it taste good is mix with Mexican/Louisiana seasoning

    Ronnie AlvarezRonnie Alvarez5 gün önce
  • Steven sorry but you're objectively wrong here. Cattle uses magnitudes more resources to produce a set amount of edible calories compared to using plants. The amount of energy, water and land required for cattle is so far removed from what would be required for everyone to eat a plant-based diet. This video really urks me on a deeper level. I get you're conservative and I agree with you on a lot of things, but this really badly researched video makes you seemingly fall into a republican archetype where you can guess 95% of what they support. You have sharp critical thinking skills but they're pretty absent here.

    E1025E10255 gün önce
  • After watching Mic the Vegan's video that debunked this video of misinformation, an unsubscribe to Steven's channel was proudly orchestrated.

    DorianMindruDorianMindru5 gün önce
  • Most Veggie proteins are estrogen based protein and bad for men over a certain age. Older male vegan do grow man boobs.

    Eric streamEric stream6 gün önce
  • Turns out growing food outs more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere than cow farts. Way more.

    NotJoNotJo6 gün önce
    • @Gheorghe Cozaru You are so stupid that you don't realize that 1 cow feeds 4 people for 1 entire year.

      NotJoNotJoGün önce
    • @Gheorghe Cozaru funny thing is that cows don't need to eat grains. Those grains are made to fatten the cattle up, whereas grass finished cattle are leaner.

      NotJoNotJoGün önce
    • 60% of those foods are for the cows. You are so stupid you do not know a cow eats way more than you.

      Gheorghe CozaruGheorghe CozaruGün önce
  • Well Steven is just an average flawed human being and his stomach dictates his brain sometimes.

    Max DMax D6 gün önce
  • Vowing vegan is 10x more healthy tho

    Johnnybones 007Johnnybones 0076 gün önce
  • So all these stars should never be seen eating any meat at restaurants?

    Jeff GedgaudJeff Gedgaud6 gün önce
  • Wow, look at all the vegans crying in the comments because they're wrong, so pathetic. Eat a steak, you won't be so miserable.

    Dr. CoronaDr. Corona7 gün önce
  • The more they cry about eating meat, the more meat I'm going to ultimately eat, just because I can. Human beings are omnivorous, plants just don't cut it, end of story. Vegans don't even realize how stupid they are. In Michigan alone, many people would be killed if everyone went vegan. Ignoring all the blatant health problems you'll have being a vegan, just like vegans always do, many people would be killed due to the stupid deer who overpopulate the hell out of this state. People would be hitting deer left and right, you wouldn't be able to drive anywhere. All because you want to cry about "animal cruelty". This is a predator vs prey world, it's not a nice place. I don't care about the feelings of animals, unless they're any kind of cat, and I don't care about the feelings of delusional sjw hipster douchebags either. If you aren't a predator, you're automatically prey. You'll find that out personally if you try to take people's freedom away. You go ahead and be whatever you want to be, nobody is stopping you, but stop trying to shame people into letting you control their every move, or I will personally come and fuck you up. People aren't "evil" for living like normal people. You're definitely evil if you think you have any right to control anybody else though.

    Dr. CoronaDr. Corona7 gün önce
  • I love meat !! I will always love meat!! Yum yum yummy ! If you want to eat the cucumber from the frig that you put in your veggie boyfriends butt from the night before great for you ! But I’m going to enjoy a Steak with my Alfa male boyfriend 😋

    S. W.S. W.7 gün önce
  • What.An.Idiot.

    Dumisa NzamaDumisa Nzama7 gün önce
  • 84% of people who quit meat go back. Science.

    DylanDylan7 gün önce
  • Steven Crowder, you're totally wrong about Veganism being worse for the environment. Your total argument is destroyed with the simple fact that the majority of crops grown and shipped around the world goes to feed livestock, and far less plant foods would need to be grown and shipped in order to feed the world a plant based diet.

    Chronik OmegaChronik Omega7 gün önce
  • Was his whole argument based on an opinion piece by The Guardian?? 😂😂😂 I thought he hated all of the fake news?? 🤔🤔

    Alexander GuevaraAlexander Guevara8 gün önce
  • People just need to respect others people way of life.

    James GalvezJames Galvez8 gün önce
  • What about hydroponics or aquaponics? From what I have seen, these are revolutionary farming practices that open doors for vertical farming which reduces land used. These farming styles also use less soil/no soil at all.

    Eithan SchulerEithan Schuler8 gün önce
  • I feel so much dumber after watching this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️.

    Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-youSp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you8 gün önce
  • There was a great video by Mark Rober that shows why a lot of this isn't accurate.

    Atom GaspAtom Gasp8 gün önce
  • I'm sorry Crowder but this is intellectual dishonesty. You don't want to find the truth but resort the opinion based articles to reaffirm your own biases

    Enzo BertoloEnzo Bertolo9 gün önce
  • First off there's plenty of science backing up the fact that there's already reasons why hunting is nesasary, like they put wolves in the area, cause pigs and deer population get out of hand.also next time you see a newly farmed field look up... You'll see buzzards. Why? cuz every kind of rodent and Critter like rabbits, groundhogs, moles, all get caught in that tractor, because it does not discriminate, including insects. So next time you're eating your eating your veggies remember what fertilized that land and what you're eating, people who hunt give back more about the land in any vegan ever will.

    Start A MovementStart A Movement9 gün önce
  • It's funny all the triggered vegans. The crap they feed you is propaganda. Alot of vegans hate scientific facts to the over all picture. Yes, vegan a diet can be very healthy, but you're body needs a combination of foods. Veganism can help flush out the system of toxins, but veganism will help in only a short time period. There many former vegans that have debunked the whole vegan diet is the only way to go. They're back to eating meat and other animal protein based foods. Now if you're a Christian vegan and you don't eat meat for moral reasons, then I guess you think you're more moral than Jesus Christ himself, because he ate fish and lamb. It's the militant vegans that are a joke, and they lie through their teeth.

    Happy Go LuckyHappy Go Lucky9 gün önce
  • Yeah most people here watch the earthling ed video

    Pazhany PillayPazhany Pillay9 gün önce
  • What about hydroponic growing? It doesn’t require soil

    Hard HitterHard Hitter9 gün önce
  • If everyone quits eating meat then there will be a Mass Slaughter of cows pigs and things of that nature. Nobody is going to keep animals that big for pets.

    • you stupid, what is the probability of 100% of the world going vegan tomorrow? This would be a gradual process of demand and supply. The farmers would kill and sell the animals they have and not bread new ones. I understand your mind is not capable of this logic. I am not vegan but I do not like stupid people.

      Gheorghe CozaruGheorghe CozaruGün önce
  • Steve please help. my friend keeps forcing me to go vegan, so I showed him this video, but he just sent me this in response: trvision.net/detail/video-xGKvyZMEFL4.html. i dont know what to say back

    Michael ohayonMichael ohayon10 gün önce
  • Legit the only time crowder has been dead wrong. Obviously industrialized ag is just as shitty as meat farming so if ur buying tons of veggies and fruits grown with billions of dollars of fertilizer and pesticides from a place thousands of miles away it almost equates to animal farming. If you’re buying a farm share from your local organic farm 20 miles down the road you can’t even come close to comparing to the factory farming of cows. I think this is just the machismo attitude of crowder and his boys not accepting that it’s been proven with hard science it’s not only healthier for your body not to eat meat but it’s far better for the environment IF DONE CORRECTLY. this vid just cherry picks the morons that think ordering cados from mexico is better than eating that local rib eye. Food miles is def a problem for the virtue signaling vegans tho. I’m not a vegan but I absolutely love the fact that crowder finally seems misinformed and had to really try to twist his facts to fit the video. Love the guy so it’s good knowing he’s not 100% sensible 100% of the time. He is still human.

    Asa CloutierAsa Cloutier10 gün önce
  • Watch cowspiracy I think it's called on Netflix. You're telling me they killed a nun for speaking up on this because she was lying? This meat isn't even good for us with all these hormones. So you just made my " sell out" list

    jamzzz Henryjamzzz Henry10 gün önce
  • If going to all the effort to quote articles why not add citation? Is the goal to empower listeners?

    Ed ScottEd Scott10 gün önce
  • Videos like this are why sometimes I wish meat eaters would just admit they eat meat because it's tasty. Arguing against veganism will always make you look dumb.

    weelycoolweelycool10 gün önce
  • My godness.... Incredibly weak arguments.

    Ivar OlssonIvar Olsson11 gün önce
  • 4:00 So what if vegan diet is a bit less deficient than a 20% or 40% omnivorous diet? There are still enough crops in the world to feed the world population over 3 times. Sure, omnivorous diet would be more efficient, but would also require murdering sentient beings against their will. Pretty sure that sacrificing a bit of efficiency is better if that means we don't have to needlessly do murder of sentient beings. Also, I'm sure that a diet involving 20% to 40% of human meat would also be more efficient than a non-human meat based diet, yet you won't be in favor of raising humans to later murder them for their meat, right? The point is to reduce suffering, veganism would be the lesser evil that reduce suffering the most. 4:33 I'm vegan, I advocate eating what is locally produced near by. It is obvious better to do that than to send avocados from Mexico to the other corner of the world. Look at japan, getting a melon in there is so difficult that they sell for 100$ each. In my country I can buy 6 for 1$ Clearly it is cost inefficiency to transport such things for such long distances. You want to make it illegal for some one in japan to buy imported melon, well good luck with that. pretty sure that a free market won't care if you don't want it. If anything it would create a black market. Also, obviously, don't grow stuff in thew wrong climate. Like... don't plant almond trees in a desert, or cabbage in antarctic where you would need a lot of heaters to farm them. Is common sense to farm where the produce can be farmed in an efficient way. 5:00 We don't live in the 1800, most people can afford and do a vegan diet no problems. All they have to do is change their diet, the produce is at their hand reach in a market close by. And if some one lives in the middle of nowhere, sure, let him hunt an elk for dinner. But you who live in modern society with a market near you, you have no excuse to keep supporting needless animal murder. 5:28 I'm pretty sure that avocados is not a vegan staple (I'm vegan I very rarely eat them) I'm pretty sure that avocados are consumed by non-vegans on their majority. So, why blame vegans for a country that has bad farming regulation? Ok, let me use a similar argument, chose a random country that has horrible farming regulation with wide spread animal abuse, ok, is your country fault that this other country abuses animals and destroy their country environment. Sounds fair to blame meat eaters of US for the acts of another country? NOPE. 6:33 The amount of animals MURDERED ON PURPOSE for NEEDLESS human consumption is a bigger number than the number you would get from ACCIDENTAL KILLING (not murder) of animals during crop harvesting. Also, who said we are not in favor of making crop harvesting more friendly for animals? If you can think in a solution to farm crops in a way that does not lead to animals being accidentally killed, I'm all for it. Also, two wrong is not equal to one right. Also, meat eaters support murder, ON PURPOSE MURDER, where we vegans don't suport that and any killings that happens is accidental, you understand the difference between accidentally killing an animal and murdering an animal on purpose when you had no reason to do so? 5:42 Around 66% of crop fields are used to feed animals, who then milk/eggs and meat is used to feed humans. You understand that? You idiot‼ If humans stop eating animal products, there are around 50% of farm lands that can be returned back to nature because they no longer be needed to feed farm animals. Because the other 50% is already enough to feed the whole earth. 7:20 None of those two options is better, obviously they both are bad options. One involves murder of an animal (obviously bad) we vegans support environmentally friendly diet, we ain't forcing anyone to buy avocados grow in a desert where they had to deplete the surrounding water reservoirs to farm them. Seem you are pulling a false dichotomy fallacy. How about the 3rd option, eating plant based diet that is grow locally around your state or country and that was farmed in a sustainable way? 7:50 Again lesser of two evils: Eat vegan and not do unnecessary murder? Or eat omnivorous and do unnecessary murder? So what if vegan diet where to release more carbon? If eating humans where to release less carbon, would you support cannibalism? I'm sure we can do something to compensate vegan farming carbon emissions. Like planting trees, burning less fossil fuels, etc. How about that? We go all vegan and we all quit using carbon fueled machines that burn carbon into the atmosphere, problem solved. 8:10 No brainer here, if using reusable plastic bag is more environmentally friendly, than reusable cotton bags, then lets all use reusable plastic bags. How does this has to do with vegans? 8:37 Sample bias, that study would only apply to that area of the world, who is to say that other areas is the same? Who is to say that if they where to farm in a different way the number of deaths would be the same? Again, lets go back with the avocados example. Does bad farming of avocados means we shouldn't eat avocados that are farmed in a environmentally friendly way? NOPE. Then why badly farmed crops in a way that lead to thousands of death should be blamed on vegans? Those farmers are the ones that should farm in a way that does not murder animals. Also, isn't Australia like a giant desert? pretty sure that unfriendly farming in a desert would cause a ton of environmental damage, that is obvious. Again, one place doing horrible farming of crops or avocados, does not mean vegans are at fault, the ones doing that horrible farming of crops are the ones at fault, or the countries that allows them to do that. That is why we want regulation, that would punish those that murder animals for no rational reason. Animal need something like human rights, but being animal rights, that should give them the right to live and protect them from humans who wants to take their lives without their consent. 8:51 you have no argument, accept it, we can be vegan in a environmentally friendly way. is just a matter of making laws and enforcing them and regulating those who eat and those who produce what vegans east so there is no animal abuse or environmental destruction behind it. 9:35 Again, first, as vegans we do not support those animal being murdered, if it where up to me I would grab the animal alive and kick him out of the property (unharmed) if it where up to me I would make regulation to make killing of those animals illegal, force farmers to find a waay to raise crops in a way that does not lead to unnecessary murder of animals. Another point of that picture is that it is multiplicative, again, around 66% of crops are raised to feed farm animals. Meaning that behind those 66% of crops that are raised to feed farm animals, there are thousands of animals being murdered to protect those crops, so you can feed those crops to animals that later humans will murder again to eat them... do you understand that? So what is the lesser evil? Using 66% of farming lands to feed animals that we are going to murder anyways with lets make up a number of 666 total deaths. 600 from pests and 66 from farm animals. OR. Use only 33% of arable land to feed directly to humans, which in theory would only amount to like 300 pests killed. Can you which one did the less harm? YOU, the vegan diet did the less harm. And that is not counting that we want farming to be done in a more humane way where those mice, ducks, possum or what ever animal does not have to die. We are fucking humans, I'm sure we can find ways to farming without involving the wild life in it. I don't know, build a moat around the farm or farm inside a giant green house (quip option popping in my head, i know they may not be the best) 10:53 So, people who where anti slavery where anti-human too? Back then slaves where nothing but animals, hell, even lesser than the family dog. I'm pro-humans as much as anyone as I'm a human, but I don't want that to be at the cost of the unnecessary suffering of innocent animals. If we can live without abusing animals, then why not change? 11:50 I'm vegan and I'm pro-science, I know if a man cut his dick, he is still a man, no mater what he does, his chromosomes stay male. You see, you are generalizing, not every vegan is stupid with double standards. Try talking to the actually intelligent vegans like me. In the end you only proved that bad farming regulation is bad and that is not something we as vegans support. With proper farming regulation, it would not be bad at all. And in the end, veganism is the lesser of two evils. It is almost impossible to do something without harming or taking from others. The point is, veganism does the less harm. So, lets switch to that and any problems that arise, lets work together to fix them. And while I dislike it, I would not mind bugs being part of a vegan diet as bugs are way more efficient than cows and goats as protein sources and they would eat the left over from crops that we can't eat. You can't get any more efficient than that in a way that does not involve murdering an animal on purpose. Because I'm sure it would be supper efficient to hunt a elk, but that still involves murder. The point is doing the less harm, if something is less efficient and does less harm, we should sacrifice efficiency to avoid doing more harm.

    AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • This video is even better while eating a pork chop

    Gamaliel RodriguezGamaliel Rodriguez12 gün önce
    • More if it is from a human ;)

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Cow farts emit high levels of methane that is harmful to the environment. Eating a cheeseburger helps the environment

    Jay From Around The WayJay From Around The Way12 gün önce
  • People don't consider the increased chance of famine when they want to alter consumption habits.

    RickitySplitzRickitySplitz13 gün önce
    • Rice and beans is already a staple everywhere, people don't need to change their eating habits at all to go vegan. Well, at least not if they live in normal areas. If they are like inuits living in the middle of nowhere, they are screw, they can't go vegan in such environment. But the point is, most of the world already makes their own beans and rise/wheat/corn which makes a whole protein. They they don't need to eat something new, they just have to stop eating something that they don't need to eat.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Well, if we do go to a meatless society then then God definitely exist. I think it is in Revelation that it says "there would be a time when you shall be forbidden to eat meat".😶🤔

    Grace OliverGrace Oliver13 gün önce
    • Lol.

      Grace OliverGrace Oliver10 gün önce
    • As an intelligent human, yes, a meatless society will be the future. And no, god still does not exist. Again as an intelligent human I can tell you that.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • There are currently about 1-1.5 billion cows on the planet. Every adult cow eats up to 18 tons of feed a year. Feed provided by humans. So if we take the smallest number. 1 billion. 1 billion cows are eating 18 billion tons of feed each year. This is discluding any other type of farm animal we use for meat btw. There are over 19 billion chickens worldwide, 1 billion sheep, and 1 billion pigs. Currently all of these animals are being kept on farms. Protected from predators, used for food, used to graze land and replenish topsoil etc. Out of the 1-1.5 billion cows on earth we eat less than 200 million a year. However the cow population is still on the rise. If they were able to find food for themselves and maintain their current rate of growth we could be seeing a worldwide population of 6 billion cattle (whom eat FAR more than humans) within 25 years. If the entire world were to go vegan. Think for a moment what that would entail. The farms currently raising cattle would have no more reason to use them. They would have no more use for cattle and sheep and pigs. What is their purpose if you can't eat them? Are the worlds ranchers and cattle farmers and poultry farmers going to continue feeding BILLIONS of mouths out of obligation? No. No they won't. So what would happen? 1. Billions of animals starve to death because their owners no longer want to feed the vast majority of them and only give them overused farmlands to graze on. 2. Billions of animals are slaughtered. A far greater number than we kill to eat even. Far Far greater. 3. Farmers allow all of the animals to go free (do to vegan and animal activism of course). The farmers would need to take the land previously used to raise cattle and turn it into land for agriculture. They wouldn't have space for cattle unless they kept a small amount to replenish a plot after a year or two of farming it. Thus unleashing a total of 24 billions animals previously kept out of the way into the wild massively disrupting ecosystems, causing massive loss of live, rampant spread of disease amongst the animals who are no longer being treated by their previous human owners, and still most likely the mass starvation of billions of animals. Do to the sudden introduction of a large number of defenseless domesticated animals into the wild we would start to see a sharp increase in the number of wild predators making the wilds more dangerous for humans and animals alike. Wolves, mountain lions, hyenas, bears etc increasing to numbers never seen before. This would be good for some endangered species such as wolves.....however within a few decades their numbers would have exploded into numbers that would completely undermine our control of the continent. Camping and any sort of outing into the woods would be a thing of the past within a few short decades. The massive numbers of now wild animals would endanger cities as nothing would prevent them from blocking roadways, intruding into city centers etc. India doesn't kill or coral cows in any way. There are frequent multi hour long traffic jams on a regular basis just because a cow wandered out into the middle of a road. They stop their cars and wait for the cows to pass. If all 95 million cows in the USA were set free we could begin to see the exact same situation unfolding in US cities, roads and cities running into roadblocks caused by roaming cattle. Unlike India the USA does contain large wild predators. Which means if the easy food (cows, billions of chickens etc) migrate into cities or near them it would bring a direct increase in the number of predators in that area. This would endanger human life. Fowl like chickens carry multiple diseases and make for fantastic prey for animals like coyotes. The united states slaughters 400,000 coyotes a year to attempt to control the population size of the dangerous little fuckers yet they breed so quickly that it amounts to fuck all. You would be taking a gigantic easily accessible food source and making it available to a huge population of very dangerous wild animal predators who would quickly breed to unheard of numbers. This is without taking into account that cattle and pigs ARE DANGEROUS ANIMALS! Bulls without being neutered and turned into steers are incredibly territorial and aggressive animals. They will kill humans and other animals just for coming near them. Wild pigs are the same! Currently the USA has a population of 6 million incredibly dangerous wild boars. This number of wild boars cause over 1.5 billion USD worth of damage every year. They are descended from and CAN breed with livestock pigs, which they are more aggressive than and better suited to competing over females with. There are an estimated 74 million pigs in captivity in America. releasing them into the wild would mean approximately 37 million new females that the 3 billion dangerous and aggressive males from the wild boar population would be able to breed with. It would only take a few generations for the genetics that domesticated pigs and cows in the first place to disappear from their genetic code. If half of the damn pigs survive and manage to reproduce with the rapidly growing wild pig population then within 30 years we could have an entirely new breed of wild hog far larger and MORE DANGEROUS than the ones we have now and numbering in the tens of millions. Wild hogs are smaller than domestic ones but they are more aggressive and have large dangerous tusks. We have bred the domestic pig to be massive and relatively docile. Now the wild pig population would be introducing genetics for tusks, aggressiveness, territorial behavior, etc, while most likely retaining the genes for large size due to the short term COMPLETE AND UTTER LACK OF NATURAL PREDATORS. And those are the genes that would survive as those are the ones most conducive to living in the wild. Your egg brained idea would leave the usa with a massive population of incredibly dangerous wild hogs numbering 30-50 million within 30-40 years. If 6 million are causing 1.5 billion in damage a year then 30 billion would cause at least 7.5 billion dollars worth of damage yearly. This isn't even mentioning the massive effect it would have on other wildlife and the environment. Of course we could avoid this. By slaughtering BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF ANIMALS leading to the single largest genocide of life ever to be committed upon the face of the planet after a fucking meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. A number 10s or even hundreds of times greater than we kill every year. We would also have to accept the fact that millions of animals would die do to no longer receiving medical treatment or medical advances targeted towards their care. We also need to consider all the people worldwide who make a living through animal husbandry, the meat industry, meat farming, and cattle and poultry medical advancement. All of those people would now no longer have jobs. The concept of the entire would going vegan would be one of if not the SINGLE MOST CATASTROPHIC events that could possible occur upon the face of the planet no matter which way it went. You are literally asking for either the deaths of billions of animals or the death of hundreds of millions plus the destruction of ecosystems and the return of uncontrolled wild predators large enough to endanger humans and the billions tens of billions, even hundreds of billions worth of infrastructure that would be required to keep them out of our cities and prevent them from endangering human life. All because you people stupid little bitchs that think its mean to kill a cow in a single shot to the head after its reached old age, no longer produces milk, and would have already died in the wild without humans anyways. Man up and eat meat. It's literally the best lot in life the animals have. The only possible alternative is the complete and utter annihilation of their species.

    Joshua SonJoshua Son13 gün önce
    • @Aluzky It doesn't matter if it's abuse or not. Farmers will not feed millions of animals at a loss. They aren't going to continue raising a herd of cow and growing crops to feed them. Their food supply would dry up. If the animals are no longer being used for food, they will no longer have a hand to rely on for their food. You say that slaughtering all of the animals to reduce their population would be better than farming them. However even if they are released into the wild something else is going to eat them. That's how almost all wild animals die. The ones who die of sickness or disease still get eaten as well. Being eaten is the only possible outcome for anything that isn't human. And that's only because we preserve humans and stick them in a box after pumping them full of nasty stuff. Or burn them. How is a cow being chased down, slowly killed in a very painful way, then eaten by wolves so much worse than what we do? It's not. Further you suggest laws could be made to prevent the farmers from slaughtering the animals. "Hello cattle rancher, you have 20,000 cattle you take care of at great cost in order to use them for dairy and meat. Can't do that anymore. No you can't get rid of them or kill them either. You have to continue to take care of them. If you don't feed them we will put you in jail." love the government. Its a patently ridiculous concept. For one you can't force people to care for these animals. If their business model is no longer viable they will have to repurpose their land into farms for agriculture. Which will be endangered by all the cattle there. This means you are suddenly dropping the need to build infrastructure on the farms to keep cows away from their new cash crops, while also forcing them to feed tens of thousands of mouths that no longer provide for them. This costs about 900 dollars per cow. And cows need a massive amount of space. The largest American ranch has between 50,000-80,000 cattle at any given time. 33,000 calves born each year. At 50,000 heads of cattle their costs for food would come out to 45,000,000 dollars a year. If they were forced to start farming to replace their income (in an of itself an incredibly expensive proposition as the land would have to be repurposed, leveled etc and land suitable for raising cattle isn't always suitable for crops etc), they would end up bleeding out 45,000,000 dollars a year. Farming large tracts of land require workers, large machinery, irrigation, etc. It's not an easy proposition to suddenly switch to it. I also find your implication that if we did slaughter all of those animals to reduce their population size and thus prevent future farming of them to be horrifying. Kill them so they won't suffer! You must work for PETA. Since you are taking the side of the vegan proponents (idk if you are one yourself) I suppose none of those animals would be eaten? Or would the world have a going out worldwide meat festival before the eating of meat was banned worldwide? All so we could adopt a diet that is objectively less healthy, more expensive, and more difficult to maintain. "They could find another job. i don't know, maybe come a farmer of crops since they already have the land to do that." You said this. Trying to change from farming cattle to crops would be possible, but it would take many years of slow change. It's not something that could be done quickly even with a large amount of capital. Animal husbandry workers and people who studied veterinarian care for farm animals wouldn't be able to find any other jobs related to their field. They would have to go through education again, or end up taking low end low paying jobs. It's not remotely as easy as you think. You say I was attacking a straw man, however what I was really doing was pointing out the necessary results. You can't force humanity to shoulder the costs of feeding the billions of livestock if those livestock are no longer producing. You could try but the entire world is going to tell you know. You are looking at costs of over 1 trillion dollars a year just to feed cattle, not even including chickens, pigs, etc. Those are no longer doing anything we need and just in the way at that point. There will not be any money to feed and care for them. Their deaths will be either intentional at that point (and worse the deaths wouldn't be to eat them but rather just to get them out of the way) or they would be left to fend for themselves. If left to fend for themselves they become a gigantic nuisance and will cause many problems down the line which I described. Those are all possible conclusions. A third option where we take care of the billions of animals without getting anything in return isn't in the books and it never will be. The world at large can't afford it in the first place. I'm aware there are a few logical fallacies in my statements. However they aren't made as a strict opinion. They are merely observations based on the way the world actually works. Changing laws takes years. If meat was banned, it would still take years to pass laws preventing farmers from releasing or killing their stock in other ways. And finding a government body that would force them to care for animals at a financial loss.....the only governments like that are China, and the Chinese government would be more likely to go and help them kill all of the animals than to make them care for them and damage the countries bottom line. If you are so intelligent then please lay out a plan for turning the entire world vegan. How could be do it without massive financial losses, huge losses of animal life, and other major negatives?

      Joshua SonJoshua Son11 gün önce
    • "1. Billions of animals starve to death"←That would qualify as animal abuse in most of the world. "2. Billions of animals are slaughtered. A far greater number than we kill to eat even. Far Far greater."←That sacrifice would be better if it means that no animals would be farmed for slaughter any more. That sacrifice would be better than having billions of animals murdered every year non-stop. Also, you could just make it illegal to murder those animals. So farmers would be forced to not murder them or face legal consequences. "3. Farmers allow all of the animals to go free (do to vegan and animal activism of course)."←Would also qualify as animal abuse. Domesticated animals can't live free without humans, they would get sick, starve to death, etc. It should and is illegal to release domesticated animals in the wild. If all 95 million cows in the USA were set free"←Again, that would be animal abuse. Illegal. You are debating a case that won't happen and can't happen. India is difference as they see cows as holy for some dumb reason. In US a cow would just run or shot over and problem solved (yes, that would also be animal abuse, but US citizens are not the most loving of animal citizens) "Your egg brained idea would leave the usa with a massive population of incredibly dangerous wild hogs numbering 30-50 million within 30-40 years. If 6 million are causing 1.5 billion in damage a year then 30 billion would cause at least 7.5 billion dollars worth of damage yearly. This isn't even mentioning the massive effect it would have on other wildlife and the environment. "←It is not an intelligent vegan idea, it is your stupid idea. You are attacking a straw man. "Of course we could avoid this. By slaughtering BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF ANIMALS leading to the single largest genocide of life ever to be committed upon the face of the planet after a fucking meteor wiped out the dinosaurs."←Again, if that ensures that the circle of billions of animals killed every month, stops, why not? In the long run it would be the best for animal and humanity. Seriously, what is best, 10billion animals murdered at once but then no more animals are murdered? Or 1 billion animals murdered every year for 3000 years? Can you do the math of which one is the worst? "We also need to consider all the people worldwide who make a living through animal husbandry, the meat industry, meat farming, and cattle and poultry medical advancement. All of those people would now no longer have jobs."←They could find another job. i don't know, maybe come a farmer of crops since they already have the land to do that. "The concept of the entire would going vegan would be one of if not the SINGLE MOST CATASTROPHIC events that could possible occur upon the face of the planet no matter which way it went."←Only because you attacked a straw man. Choosing the worst options ever a long the path. Obviously you are not intelligent enough to come up with the best options along the path to veganism. "You are literally asking for either the deaths of billions of animals or the death of hundreds of millions plus the destruction of ecosystems and the return of uncontrolled wild predators large enough to endanger humans and the billions tens of billions, even hundreds of billions worth of infrastructure that would be required to keep them out of our cities and prevent them from endangering human life."←Again, you are attacking a straw man. "All because you people stupid little bitchs that think its mean to kill a cow in a single shot to the head after its reached old age, no longer produces milk, and would have already died in the wild without humans anyways."←Can I shoot you the head when you are older? Last time I check that would be murder. What gives you the right to murder that cow without her consent? "Man up and eat meat."←You are a coward, a very stupid coward, that is what you are. "The only possible alternative is the complete and utter annihilation of their species."←False dichotomy fallacy. But hey, I don't think you are intelligent enough to understand that you are using several fallacies in your arguments. Nor the intelligent to understand what a fallacy is.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Look up Earthling Ed on TRvision if you want the truth.....debunked

    Luke SpanoLuke Spano13 gün önce
  • hey Steven. have you ever learned about soil regulation. I think your countrymen doesn't follow it, but yes in India it is regulated so that soil remains intact for the longer run. For your kind information the world has enough crop to feed 8 billion population.

    Abhishek SainiAbhishek Saini13 gün önce
  • This time your wrong lol

    Luke SpanoLuke Spano13 gün önce
  • trvision.net/detail/video-ClRQoVaDCtI.html

    Christian GilChristian Gil14 gün önce
  • “Farming crops is BAAaaD” MOST of the crops we farm are for animals we breed to eat. If we just stopped breeding animals and feeding them all our food we’d have less crops.

    Christian GilChristian Gil14 gün önce
    • @Christian Gil you do know the majority of vegans and vegetarians tend to go back to meat, the human body was not made to be in a only type diet, we are omnivores for an reason, the cause is good but trying to make people go vegan by insisting people to stop their way of life is wrong

      OHGASOHGAS7 gün önce
    • OHGAS it won’t be an overnight thing. As more consumers stop purchasing meat, dairy, and eggs. The industries will phase out and gradually the amount of animals they breed will lessen over time until theirs no longer a use for breeding animals. No one expects the world to go vegan all at once.

      Christian GilChristian Gil7 gün önce
    • @Aluzky you talked so much shit in so little time my ass is jealous, first off, if you wanted to, you could tell me why what i said is a fallacy, but yet, you simply said "you did a straw-man fallacy" simply what i said was stating the fucking obvious, where the fuck would we leave those animals? you could easily have said "we could make some place for them to live in and slowly put them in the wild" or some shit like that but you decided to say it's a straw-man just for the heck of it, also it's funny all you did was simply trying to insult me and saying "oh we can easily do this with no problem" and when i ask you to show an example you tell "oh, just search it up i'm not forced to show you" while trying to call me a fucking idiot, bitch you made the fucking statement so you're the one that should provide proof when asked, also, nice straw-man at the end, trying to say i wouldn't read those articles

      OHGASOHGAS11 gün önce
    • @OHGAS "you called me an straw man and mentally handicapped and yet you didn't rebutted what i said"←OMG... mentally handicapped it is. I didn't called you a straw man. I said that your rebuttal is a straw man fallacy. I didn't rebutted what you said because your rebuttal is a FALLACY. I can't give a rational factual intelligent rebuttal to something that is 100% FALLACIOUS. if you want an argument to be rebutted, you first need to make an argument that is non-fallacious. You have failed this step. "tell me these "hundreds of solutions" you're talking about"←Why do you need me to tell you? Can you use google and look it up? Time is not free. I won't spend my day citing 100 options in here, for you to spend one second and not reading them.

      AluzkyAluzky11 gün önce
    • @Aluzky you called me an straw man and mentally handicapped and yet you didn't rebutted what i said, and tell what's a better solution to solve the problem of insects eating our crops, tell me these "hundreds of solutions" you're talking about

      OHGASOHGAS11 gün önce
  • WTF... I'm disgusted... You are a joke, Steven

    Dr. FritzDr. Fritz14 gün önce
  • As a great philosopher once said: "Dear vegans, fuck you to the moon"

    Sephiran LehranSephiran Lehran14 gün önce
    • And who was that great philosopher? Because it does not sound like a great one nor like a philosopher at all. Sounds more like what a childish idiot would say.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • 2:12 how about the carbon footprint created by their multiple houses. Hypocrisy.

    Mikey MeatballMikey Meatball15 gün önce
    • Do you really not see hypocrisy in people who cry and whine that other people need to change how they live to fix the environment going and buying multiple houses and cars using money they get from lying to people

      RectovRectov2 gün önce
    • What about it? What hypocrisy?

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Reading the comments while eating a tasty salad -- lots of great greens and fantastic animal based protein. 😊😊 Without a doubt, I eat way better than my ancestors did. They were slaves. They ate what they were given/told to eat. They were also told when they could and couldn't eat, and when, and where, and how much. They were regulated to death. Nuts to anyone who would try and impose regulations and restrictions on other peoples' dietary choices. If you're vegan, excellent. Glad it works for you. Rock your veganism, and I shall rock my omnivorism. You're free to do your thing, and I'm free to do mine. ✊✊🍖🍖🍗🍗🍳🍳🍅🍅🍊🍊

    kimsteel366kimsteel36615 gün önce
    • @kimsteel366 You should, supporting murder is not Ok.

      AluzkyAluzky3 gün önce
    • Thank you whoever you are, for your brilliant insights. I shall take them to heart and live by them always... #OkayDoomAndGloomer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      kimsteel366kimsteel3663 gün önce
    • "Nuts to anyone who would try and impose regulations and restrictions on other peoples' dietary choices. "←Restriction to stop humans from murdering animals is no different from restrictions to prevent humans from doing rape, murder, thief. Your argument is no different from a rapist saying "Nuts to anyone who would try and impose regulations and restrictions on other peoples non-consensual sexual practices" if i want to rape I should get way with it. The point is, we no longer live in horrible conditions, many humans can chose to do what is best for them, for the environment and for the animals, if they can do that change, why not do it? If you can avoid supporting animal murder with your diet, why don't you stop? "If you're vegan, excellent. Glad it works for you. Rock your veganism, and I shall rock my omnivorism. "←And a rapist say: if you are into consensual sex, good for you. Excellent, glad it works for you. Rock your consensual sex and I shall rock my rape sexual preference. You still don't get it, this is not about something harmless. is not like me licking to wear blue clothing and you liking to wear yellow clotting. This is about you supporting animal murder and environmental destruction ON PURPOSE. That makes you a bad human (if we can call you that...) and I can only wish one day people like you will be punished. Though I know it won't happen, people get away with rape and murder all the time, why would you be any different in getting your just desserts. "You're free to do your thing, and I'm free to do mine."←Your freedom to punch the air stops when you get close to me and punch my face. Your freedom should not include the torture/abuse/murder of innocent animals. Just like humans freedoms do not include the torture/abuse/murder of humans animals.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Yeah .i,d like to see fields of gmo vegetables and fruits. Instead of gmo corn and soy. Good Luck. FARMERS are to brainwashed by Monsanto. The ground is not fertile enough for a switch over. Would take 10 or more years to revitalize the oil.

    Kelly HassenKelly Hassen15 gün önce
  • Love how this pissed off all the vegans like other screeching leftists. They’re just mad they don’t gain the health benefits and delicious taste of meat.

    Riflemutt PrimeRiflemutt Prime15 gün önce
    • @Riflemutt Prime What? Please, read the comment that I made in this video and get educated.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
    • Agreed. Just means more for us. 😁😁🐄🐄🐔🐔🐖🐖✊✊

      kimsteel366kimsteel36615 gün önce
  • I saw a few videos where you speak logically and go by facts speaking against the new age Trans movement. However, This is just poor reasoning and a lack of knowledge. Do actual research that isn't biased and use science to speak on this subject. People will come up with the dumbest ideas and false logic to justify things they know either hurt themselves or others including the planet.

    Hamlet IskandaryanHamlet Iskandaryan16 gün önce
    • Yup. he made another video about veganism an that was logical, this one was the total opposite. Maybe poor editing of the video? Either way, lots of fallacies where used by him.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
  • Red meat actually has everything you need to not only survive but thrive. Humans cannot live well alone on vegatables or fruits. Several essential vitamins and minerals are MISSING from vegatables and fruits. It's simply not healthy for long term survival. We just aren't built that way.

    Thud ThorgiThud Thorgi16 gün önce
    • @kimsteel366 Who I'm? I'm a zoosexual activist, also vegan activist, also homosexual activist. You don't need to know me or do something to me to get yourself called an idiot and corrected for making a non-factual statement. You see, if you go on the internet and you make stupid irrational comments people will tend to call you an idiot, because you are letting the whole world that you are an idiot. Keep that in mind when you use the internet, specially in mind when you write comments. "Therefore, your opinions are irrelevant and of no consequence to me whatsoever."←Thing is, I'm not stating opinion, I stated a FACT. If i say earth is spherical, that is a fact, not an opinion. Opinions are statements that are not stated as fact and that often are not factual. "You're not clever, you're not interesting"←See, those are opinions. "and you're not knowledgeable"←And this is an ignorant non-factual opinion. As I have in deep knowledge about veganism. "where my body and blood type are concerned."←I don't need to know about you blood or body to know about facts that applies to all humans. As long as you are a human, those facts apply to you. Aren't you a human? "You're just small and rude."←Small? Rude yes, but small? How tall are you? How do you know If I'm small or not? "You get no respect or attention from me. Have a good day, though. 😊😊"←I'm not here to get respect from you, I was here to correct your non-factual statement in hope that you would learn from your error, but it seems that you have no intention on doing that as you are too stupid to be trained.

      AluzkyAluzky3 gün önce
    • Hey, Aluzky, who are you? I don't know you, and I did nothing to you personally. You're nobody to me. Therefore, your opinions are irrelevant and of no consequence to me whatsoever. You're not clever, you're not interesting, and you're not knowledgeable where my body and blood type are concerned. You're just small and rude. You get no respect or attention from me. Have a good day, though. 😊😊

      kimsteel366kimsteel3663 gün önce
    • "Red meat actually has everything you need to not only survive but thrive."←Same is true for a balanced vegan diet. Your point? "Humans cannot live well alone on vegatables or fruits."←Straw man fallacy. Nobody is telling you to do that, you should eat legumes, roots, nuts, bugs and several others things to make the diet balanced. " Several essential vitamins and minerals are MISSING from vegatables and fruits."←Still attacking a straw man. "It's simply not healthy for long term survival. We just aren't built that way."←Still attacking a straw man. Now the question is, are you uneducated or just stupid? Do you have an actual valid factual non-fallacious argument against veganism? @ kimsteel366 Hey idiot, you had anemia because of your diet being imbalanced. You could as well remove the anemia by eating a balanced vegan diet and that would have not involve the murder of animals. @holly Naismith "This is untrue. You can get every single vitamin and mineral from plant based foods."←His claim may be true, but only because he limited foods to be fruits or vegetables. Obviously his claim is not true if we include: Bugs, fungi, roots, nuts, stems, leafs, grains, legumes, etc.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce
    • This is untrue. You can get every single vitamin and mineral from plant based foods. It would be good if you could provide the evidence to support your claim.

      holly Naismithholly Naismith12 gün önce
    • I agree. After being diagnosed with anemia a couple of years ago, I upped my red meat/animal protein intake. Feeling better, doing better. ✊✊

      kimsteel366kimsteel36615 gün önce
  • This is a scientificly inaccurate video I repeat a scientifically inaccurate video, where is the evidence of crowders claims? Do some research people this is 100 percent bullshiy, I’m not even vegan but I’m not gonna Deny that if you care about the climate you should go vegan.

    John DeeJohn Dee16 gün önce
    • Aluzky no the video is not mostly accurate I’m sorry if you check everything he claimed you’ll agree.

      John DeeJohn Dee11 gün önce
    • The video is mostly accurate but the argument he make only proves that bad farming practices is bad, which all vegans agree. In essence he is attacking a straw man. his whole video is a big straw man fallacy against veganism.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce

    Nato MinNato Min16 gün önce
  • Want to help the environment let The coronavirus wipe out most of the population. It’s mother nature’s way of telling us we are over populated. The amount of people on this planet is unsustainable. And the depletion of farmable land is also attributed to corn and grain that is used to feed cows. Not just greens for vegans. Best to help the environment is to stop importing beef from other countries that don’t have the same regulations as the USA. Especially Brazil..

    duarte1082duarte108216 gün önce
    • Fully agree with everything that you said.

      AluzkyAluzky12 gün önce