FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER EPISODE 4 REACTION!! 1x4 Spoiler Review | John Walker Ending

Falcon & Winter Soldier Episode 5 Reaction: trvision.net/detail/video-YRsofmZXdJ8.html
WHAT AN ENDING! The Falcon And The Winter Soldier "The Whole World Is Watching" gets a whole lot darker as Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, & Baron Zemo teams up with John Walker (Captain America) & Lemar Hoskins (Battlestar) as they go after Karli, The Flagsmashers, and The Power Broker while dealing with the Dora Milaje (AYO) featuring great action, an incredibly emotional scene of Bucky in Wakanda, and SO MUCH MORE! Here's our REACTION!!
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    The Reel RejectsThe Reel RejectsAylar önce
    • @Davis Nova instapwn doesn’t show up in the App Store.....

      Bad Boi At NightBad Boi At NightAylar önce
    • I love how this show is pointing out the flaws of the Democratic Party and its followers like BLM that burn buildings and murder people like the flagsmashers and try to justify it!

      Bad Boi At NightBad Boi At NightAylar önce
    • Karli deserved that. Its clear that none of these terrorists deserve the serum. She killed a regular man who could have easily been incapacitated with her strength. And she then just ran away. She just learned that there are actual consequences to her actions.

      Kevin MoralesKevin MoralesAylar önce
    • That is why you don't become a terrorist gets the United States because either die or go to prison for the rest of your life!! Plus now one should give sympathy for terrorist because they deserve all the consequences they get!!

      Alex ThompsonAlex ThompsonAylar önce
    • Y'all's point about earning is so deep. He doesn't realize all of the other work that went into Steve and Sam becoming who they are. Its kinda like when some White people who are ok students say students of color are lucky because affirmative action makes it easier, when in reality when you check receipts you see that the student of color often has better grades, better test scores, more extracurriculars, all the while working to help pay the household bills. There is this assumption that the work put in was the same when in fact there was so much more. Sam and them fought Thanos for goodness sake! Party City Cap is just so narrow minded and it's his downfall.

      buttahpbuttahpAylar önce
  • This is why Walker should've told Lamar that he took the serum. Walker could take a stabbing.

    ReaLife HDReaLife HD2 gün önce
  • Remember what Dr. Erskine said to Steve, it amplifies not just your body but who you are, it makes good men better and bad men worse, the sad thing though is that I don’t really think John walker is at his core a bad person, he’s just been corrupted with power and his own demons

    JBear AntonicicJBear Antonicic5 gün önce
  • This series definitely deserves some award nominations. It is absolutely incredible. More like a 6 hour movie than a TV series.

    Cynthia GirtonCynthia Girton12 gün önce
  • 14:35 Greg: Oh no...

    TMX1138TMX113816 gün önce
  • lmao dude on the right at the end MURCA

    EethTEethT16 gün önce
  • So zemo just starts handing out candy to kids...😂ok.

    Ace HasegawaAce Hasegawa19 gün önce
  • This series is just doing everything perfect. The depth of the characters. My god. I feel bad for everyone. Even John haha. He is trained for war, Not for superhero stuff Edit:- I liked that John just Smahed the Smasher. They were annoying me . Killing people left and right.

    Gamer [Khiladi]Gamer [Khiladi]24 gün önce
  • If Bucky were killed in front of Steve we kno how he’d react👀

    TheeChosenOne._TheeChosenOne._24 gün önce
  • The moment when john kills the guy reminds me of the same scene in civil war when steve used the sheild in the same way but to cripple ironman's suit Exact same scene

  • Que dijiste de Hitler?

    Máximo SignorelloMáximo Signorello28 gün önce
  • The Flag Smasher Walker killed said in this very episode that he used to be a massive Captain America fan. And he got killed by Cap. Ouch.

    Anandi GangulyAnandi Ganguly28 gün önce
  • That thumbnail! 🤣 Use that photo, Greg.

    Pat4ClippersPat4ClippersAylar önce
  • Karli defenders are outright delusional. Also, people really don't understand the moral differences of surrender.

    DanteRU0312DanteRU0312Aylar önce
  • That final scene was so dark

  • I feel like Walker is so insecure and war just messed him up. There has to be something that happened in his upbringing to get him to this American psycho like persona. It's like the cards where stacked against him from day one.

    ToiToiAylar önce
  • I like how every reactor unanimously drools over that last shot.

    Kira1LawlietKira1LawlietAylar önce
  • I was completely shocked at the ending of this episode!

    RavingTurnRuthRavingTurnRuthAylar önce
  • 👍📺👀

    Ovan61Ovan61Aylar önce
  • This whole series is basically Sam’s journey to becoming captain America prove that he’s worthy of that Shield

    Jason SpauldingJason SpauldingAylar önce
  • I love your reactions... Regards from México

    Francisco Javier CanoFrancisco Javier CanoAylar önce
  • America.

    Julian RodriguezJulian RodriguezAylar önce
  • I dont think Karli wants power, or was ever in power during the blip. I think theyre just people who both saw a more united world during the blip and then were disenfranchised/made homeless/lacked resources after the blip

    Michael WMichael WAylar önce
  • Bucky : Do u know mama donya? Sam : Do u know mama donya? Zemo : Wanna have come candy... Kids🍬🍬🍬

    Why so serious ?Why so serious ?Aylar önce
  • 100 dislikes? Who are these horrible people?

    Jay RollinsJay RollinsAylar önce
  • Idk I kind of don't feel any particular way towards Karli and her gang. I understand their plight but I also don't feel too bad for them? That especially solidified during her talk with Sam(which Zemo and John Walker was right to try to stop beforehand) when she kept trying to justify she and the other terrorists' actions. It is kind of shocking to see so many fans of the show do the same thing. I don't think there's really a gray area for that part personally.

    Meashayshay2Meashayshay2Aylar önce
  • Wyatt Russell is doing an amazing job on this show....and that end visual of the blood on the shield was absolutely awesome.

    RedChili 69RedChili 69Aylar önce
  • You guys made some good points, as for taking an interest in all the surrounding characters more than the falcon and the winter solder think about this: This series has already established that both Sam and Bucky hate each other, or at the very least don't really like each other and as such, they bicker, throw insults, have disagreements, etc. basically a married couple. It's cute, however, that kind of "buddy cop" story line can get really old really quick if you beat it to death. Instead, Marvel went for a more subtle approach in giving us hints of a buddy cop story within a larger context of world ideals and politics which works much better because when we come back to the buddy cop story it's not old and still feels fresh because you remember that Sam and Bucky hate each other but are trying to work together. Compare Falcon and Winter Solders story to WandaVision. There is more going on here, more parties are involved, so naturally, there will be heavier emphases on fully fleshing out other characters and at times, other characters taking on the spotlight more than Sam and Bucky. WandaVision was much more liner so it worked better and made more sense to see Wanda and Vision on screen most of the time, that world belonged to Wanda and that series was all about her. Falcon and Winter Solder however doesn't follow the same formula, it can't be all about them.

    Any AnyAny AnyAylar önce
  • ‘murica

    Ano nymousAno nymousAylar önce
  • Captain America just murdered a guy who basically surrendered. He wasn't fighting back. Can't wait for the next episode.

    Nathaniel CartaNathaniel CartaAylar önce
  • Thoroughly enjoying this season. Last episodes will be pretty epic I think!!!!!! 😁❤✌

    Ian CrouchIan CrouchAylar önce
  • Greg, why didn't you tell us that John was playing young(er) Bucky in Wakanda?!!

    Ken FromchicagoKen FromchicagoAylar önce
  • remember the reason why Zemo hates superpowered people is that when Ultron invaded it caused the death of his family and destroyed his country.

    Ta-Jay TaylorTa-Jay TaylorAylar önce
  • Marvel has become woke trash we all know it.

    droclinicdroclinicAylar önce
  • You know what would be funny if lemar wasn’t even dead he tilt his head be like “hey John hey what happened..... Oh Fuck!!

    Yung Apollo incYung Apollo incAylar önce
  • The part where walker finds the serum it reminds me of the one ring from lord of rings walker is being tempted by power

    Ethan WintersEthan WintersAylar önce
  • When you tell people the video has spoilers but make your thumbnail a spoiler anyway. 🤦‍♂️

    Fanny CraddockFanny CraddockAylar önce
  • Amazing!

    Raymond TarpleyRaymond TarpleyAylar önce
  • Yeah that was crazy

    Joe MommaJoe MommaAylar önce
  • I will say tho imagine if a member of a somewhat terrorist group was friends with someone who killed your best friend. Ngl id probably be so mad id kill him too. Not saying what walker did was right but everyone is saying how crazy he is now... like that’s not that unrealistic

    Will HughesWill HughesAylar önce
  • I feel so bad for battlestar. He was a chill and reasonable guy and was trying to be a hero with walker and he just gets Merced

    Will HughesWill HughesAylar önce
  • Wait do you people actuallu think this show is good?

    Tom BrockingtonTom BrockingtonAylar önce
    • i like it. sometimes slow pacing but otherwise it has its moments. Why dont u like it?

      Cole LordCole LordAylar önce
  • Imagine an r rated version of this episode

    James BretzJames BretzAylar önce
  • I'll just say, I don't think Iv'e hated a character so much, not saying it's bad, since I know that's kinda the point, but still.

    RecruitGamer 395RecruitGamer 395Aylar önce
  • Your thumbnail ruined the surprise at the end for me cause I watched the episode on Sunday due to IRL stuff.

    EdgeMastr939EdgeMastr939Aylar önce
  • Ayo also was the one guarding Vision when Shuri was trying the extract the mind stone.

    Brent ChandlerBrent ChandlerAylar önce
  • Optics bro... optics lmao

    Kevin BertoniKevin BertoniAylar önce
  • Am I the only one sick of these guys constant overreacting to everything? EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS SO AWESOME. It’s literally ever single thumbnail, like come one guys..

    Adrian CabreraAdrian CabreraAylar önce
  • You pitiful son of a bitch! 🤣🤣

    Lucifer ZL1Lucifer ZL1Aylar önce
  • Zemo has my respect. A man who sticks to his code even if it puts him at a disadvantage; he could've taken the serum but didn't. Makes him all the more compelling, yet also EXTREMELY unpredictable. I like that.

    Ribotto StudiosRibotto StudiosAylar önce
    • I was thinking exactly about this

      Kevin MejiaKevin MejiaAylar önce
  • A thing I don’t see get touched on enough, and I don’t even think I had all the words for it till we had the through line of ‘would you take the serum’ question. If Steve could have fought in the war with out the serum, he would have, and i firmly believe he wouldn’t have wanted it if he had been born like John walker he would have done everything in his power to do good and never ask for more power. Captain was running along side robot power suits, gods, and mega androids, and he never asked for an upgrade, his own power suite, additional gadgets, nothing. He figured out what he was Capable of and did it to the best of his ability do or die. I think they maybe looking to draw that parallel with falcon, while he made some logical upgrades to his flight suited he never seemed to want to want more power or be envious of his co-hero’s, he recognized his strengths and played to them for the good of the team and world, as he said in his own words ‘I do what he does only slower’, and so far he has lived up to that 100% in my opinion.

    Ryan BagleyRyan BagleyAylar önce
  • Love the US Agent story! He snapped and had good reason to. A terrorist tried to assasinate him and murdered. Hoskins his best friend and brother after he saved his life. Thor, Ironman, and Hawkeye all kill that dude in the same situation. Karli called down the thunder, and now she's got the war she was sure she'd win because of her strength. Well Walker is coming for them all now, and I side with him over her. Sam will have to keep them from tearing the world apart to get at each other. Should be fun.

    cm1996 cgcc6152jslcm1996 cgcc6152jslAylar önce
  • This could also lead into why they may hate Mutants because of there powers

    Martha Weasel BearMartha Weasel BearAylar önce
  • this scene made me cry and i can feel john pain in losing lemar

    ConnorBTConnorBTAylar önce
  • Wow! I did not think about the similar shot in Civil War with true Cap. Craziness!

    faureamourfaureamourAylar önce
  • Bro the ending is chilling I clenched up so hard

    RoGamer789RoGamer789Aylar önce
  • Sorry but that dude deserved it honestly hate to say it as much as I hate that new goofy looking cap

    StancinattiStancinattiAylar önce
  • I. Hate. John. Walker.

    Mathilde JakobsenMathilde JakobsenAylar önce
  • Zemo’s crimes were outside the US and he was held in a German prison. Karli’s crimes have been outside the U.S. Why is Walker so involved?

    ATeamATeamAylar önce
  • lets be honest, if we were in john walkers position, we would do the same thing.

    ECHOprestigeECHOprestigeAylar önce
  • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

    Zachary HookerZachary HookerAylar önce
  • Don't you mean Falcon in the winter rated R I watched it and the last seen I was like oh my goodness Marvel's never done this before decision Rated-R at that point not the scary kind like Deadpool

    Jaiden MorrisJaiden MorrisAylar önce
  • You are dangerously saying it’s a ok perspective to go “I didn’t get what I want now I will bomb and murder people” you guys are disgusting to not completely condemn the flgsmashers and Blm which the flagsmashers are based on and since they are the villains they will for sure lose in the next two episodes and face necessary consequences!

    Bad Boi At NightBad Boi At NightAylar önce
  • This episode was WILD!!!!! I like the take aways y’all highlighted and as for people who still say “keep politics outa my comics” Captain American was introduced to world LITERALLY punching Hitler in the face...if you don’t like politics in fiction...then just be real, you’re not really a Marvel fan lol. Love the reaction y’all keep up the good work!

    Briana JoyBriana JoyAylar önce
  • Glad they pointed out Blm as a terrorist organization....cause they are! And that Biden and his administration doesn’t care about people as he has broken every promise. No boarders is a reference to Biden’s boarder crisis and the supremacists are supporting no boarders and more liberal ideas and burn or threaten to burn building if they don’t get what they want! Very good marvel is taking shots at the liberals!

    Bad Boi At NightBad Boi At NightAylar önce
  • Isiah Bradley could have been Steve but America never gave him a chance...

    martin hillmartin hillAylar önce
  • The Flag Smasher remind me a lot of Antifa. They are very well-intentioned groups that start slipping into violent acts, the violence escalates and they don't control where it ends. It starts with a walk off and end with looting, arson and murder. Walker is like any cop or soldier, you start on the side of law and institutions intending to keep people from hurting each other, but a couple bad choices makes you a monster. Both of them escalated the violence once they took the serum, the good was there, but the bad pushed through. At the end of the day there's no goodies and badies. Just a conflict twisting itself into a war.

    BitchslappedBitchslappedAylar önce
  • There are still 5 left. 20 - 8 (Flag Smashers) - 7 (zemo crushed 6 JWCA 1) = 5 out in the wild

    Michael JonesMichael JonesAylar önce
  • I noticed at 14:50 you can see blood coming from the helmet and for the next scenes they mostly film where you can see it like at 15:50.

    CAMMIE DCAMMIE DAylar önce
  • Wow I heard that Twin Peaks reference. Men of culture

    Fred JenkinsFred JenkinsAylar önce
FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER EPISODE 4 REACTION!! 1x4 Spoiler Review | John Walker Ending