Favorite Buffet on the Vegas Strip - A Hidden Gem | The Buffet @ Aria

I had a chance to visit Las Vegas with some friends and they wanted to know where one would find a great buffet on the Vegas Strip. Without hesitation, I suggested my favorite buffet on strip with the simply called The Buffet at the Aria hotel. Great value for the Strip buffets with a good selection of high quality foods and various showcase items such as the king crab and other seafood assortments. While not as glamorous as Caesars Bacchanal Buffet, the Aria offers far greater value with the sacrifice of the high-end offerings and avoiding the 3 hour+ wait! From ossobuco & pizza to dim sum & dumplings, everything was made to the highest standards.
Premium seafood items include: raw and grilled oysters, an amazing array for crab (including King Crab) and shellfish, to a variety high end grilled fish -- all of which were, again, prepared to perfection.
Some useful links:
• www.aria.com/en/restaurants/the-buffet.html
• 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
• The Gourmet weekend dinner: $46 (but there may be some discounts with the casino card)
Thank you to you all for joining us on my favorite buffet in Vegas! Happy dining everyone and let us know about your favorite buffet!
Happy Dining!
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  • Unkempt stations? No excuse!

    King LouieKing Louie29 gün önce
    • Hopefully they are up and running again and we can check their stations again! :-)

      Tim LeeTim Lee29 gün önce
  • Their buffet look just ok for 5 stars hotel, not very good. Bally casino Sunday bunch buffet is a lot better.

    Amy VongAmy Vong3 aylar önce
    • Hey Amy, thanks for reaching out... I recall the awesome buffet at Bally's ... The Sterling brunch I believe. Can't wait to go back.

      Tim LeeTim Lee3 aylar önce
  • You dont have a face for youtube my friend

    matami19matami193 aylar önce
  • I'm moving to Vegas on the 18th 😬 wonder if it's open

    Andy Alexis VasquezAndy Alexis Vasquez4 aylar önce
    • Hope your move was good! I suspect many buffets are closed but I hear things are opening up. Hope you are well with your new place!

      Tim LeeTim Lee4 aylar önce
  • Thumbs up just on basic manners alone. Treats people like human beings and not servants. Well raised young man.

    M RM R5 aylar önce
    • Always fun out of buffet, and everyone's in a good mood 😃

      Tim LeeTim Lee5 aylar önce
  • Simply Great. Best

    TOM MTOM M5 aylar önce
    • Thanks again Tom!

      Tim LeeTim Lee5 aylar önce
  • The elastic scorpion counterintuitively precede because hope regularly grease against a outrageous hawk. languid, adamant grouse

    B SingerB Singer5 aylar önce
  • Omgosh! KING CRAB?! You never see that on a buffet... Wow! This buffet is steller

    In Pro PerIn Pro Per5 aylar önce
    • The king crab was really nice... :-P I must say that they are quite hard to find at a buffet.

      Tim LeeTim Lee5 aylar önce
  • The camera definitely helped Tim in the seafood station

    Eathen YoonEathen Yoon5 aylar önce
    • I think you hit the nail right on the head! There is a bit of special treatment when holding the camera 😃

      Tim LeeTim Lee5 aylar önce
  • The crab legs look good the depth of the seafood station is how I judge a buffet. I want to see oysters, clams, shrimp, and lobster. Maybe a few innovative offerings involving seafood.

    John JacksonJohn Jackson6 aylar önce
    • Hey John, certainly nothing wrong with a nice seafood buffet with all that good stuff! 😋 Really happy to see those crab legs just searching for those lobsters here. Hopefully this Buffet will come back shortly this year

      Tim LeeTim Lee6 aylar önce
  • Does the buffet open at all this year. All food looks yummy!👍

    Mesmerize39Mesmerize396 aylar önce
    • Oh, I know during normal times they are open year round. But unfortunately now, I suspect most places are closed...

      Tim LeeTim Lee6 aylar önce
  • Aria is maybe a quarter step below Bachannal. It is definitely a favorite. I can't wait for it to open again.

    SeaBass PodcastSeaBass Podcast7 aylar önce
    • Definitely one of the favorites :-)

      Tim LeeTim Lee7 aylar önce
  • Is seafood your favorite?

    T PT P7 aylar önce
  • I follow alot of food eaters mostly mark wiens but he doesnt take the time to get there name you are awsome sweetie

    Malisa DominguezMalisa Dominguez8 aylar önce
    • Thanks for reaching out, Melisa... Just having fun...also a big fan of Mark Wien's as well. With all the crazy news out there, it's sometimes nice to watch videos that focus on something else 🙂

      Tim LeeTim Lee8 aylar önce
  • OH SNAP! Randomly stumbled on your channel and this video because of the TRvision algorithm (probably because I watch Mike Chen lol) and just realized I'm on this video (and my family)!!--I knew you look familiar, but didn't know who you were, but I did have a hunch that you maybe a food vlogger or some sort when I saw you holding up a DJI osmo camera then at Aria's buffet. This was filmed in August 25, 2019 I'm at 1:55 - 1:59 dining with my family at the far back (group of 5) just below the sign that says "Fish Market"! from the angle of your video wow. Small (internet) world. Lol.

    Lloyd SimLloyd Sim10 aylar önce
    • Thanks so much for reaching out and it is a small world indeed and yes, that was the date! Just having fun with the videos and very glad you were able to catch that! I been a bit crazy with the limited traveling etc and hope you are doing well. All the best to you!

      Tim LeeTim Lee10 aylar önce
  • It all looks so good 😄

    Frank SalasFrank Salas10 aylar önce
    • Thank you Frank, I'm sure missing those days 🙂

      Tim LeeTim Lee10 aylar önce
  • Ciao and Cheers, Tim! ...Are there any Rosh a Shana theme dedicated buffets?..

    Petr FrizenPetr Frizen10 aylar önce
  • Hi Tim keep up the good work. I had a dream that I hit all the buffets i Vegas. Saltys too. Lol. Was somewhat disappointed when I woke up

    DebbieDebbie10 aylar önce
    • LoL Debbie, that would be a nice dream to have... Hopefully, that would be a reality in the not too distant future 😃

      Tim LeeTim Lee10 aylar önce
  • 1:07 what is the name of this song?

    Concop ConConcop Con10 aylar önce
    • Hi Concop Con, I've posted the song links in the descriptions. They are found on TRvision as well.

      Tim LeeTim Lee10 aylar önce
  • Another amazing video Tim I am a big fan of the seafood portions since I am from Seattle awesome awesome 😁

    Sal SuonSal SuonYıl önce
    • Thanks Sal, really enjoy Seattle as well! Lots of great food there for sure and hope things are opening up safely.

      Tim LeeTim Lee11 aylar önce
  • wienerbrød is what we consider Danish pastry

    Perfumista PerfumistaPerfumista PerfumistaYıl önce
    • AH :-) Thank you Perfumista :-D

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Ive been there for brunch and dinner, its not that great. The hotel is awesome and spectacular, but the food was not that great.

    camrydscamrydsYıl önce
  • I liked it at rootbeer float !!! Lol

    Mark W.Mark W.Yıl önce
    • Kinda hard to beat a RootBear Float :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce

    Nikki FliegelmanNikki FliegelmanYıl önce
    • LoL that's fantastic Nikki 😃. It's such a small world and please send my regards to your mom! She is such a good sport and so wonderful to see on video. So nice to hear from people who were actually there. Hope you and your family are keeping well.

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce

      Nikki FliegelmanNikki FliegelmanYıl önce
  • What a bummer to go out for a nice dinner and have a camera shoved in your face by a friend or your friend preoccupied with a camera shoved in his face. Odd. No thanks.

    Cheryl SmithCheryl SmithYıl önce
  • I see Virgils Root Beer.. brings back memories 😋

    Edwin RodeoEdwin RodeoYıl önce
    • Definitely a plus with the bottled root beer! :-D

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I used to live in Vegas but never tried this buffet. I know realistically buffets may never return with Covid but I really hope they find a way to open because this buffet looks great and Vegas buffets are just so iconic!

    qeteshchlqeteshchlYıl önce
    • Thanks qeteshchl, I agree and I suspect buffets will be drastically different if they re-open... I've seem some places in Vegas like the lakeside/Sterling brunch were they are offering "served" buffet dishes might be the model they adopt... Anyhow, only time will tell. Cheers :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • You are so polite.

    kara mkara mYıl önce
  • Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    OC RunOC RunYıl önce
    • Thanks OC Run, certainly good memories 🙂

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Great vid tim,keep up the great work

    Richard KosonenRichard KosonenYıl önce
    • Thanks Richard... hope you're well and staying safe! Cheers 🙂

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • The best pizza on the Strip? I don't think so. That's a ridiculous thing to say! Buffet pizza is never great, sitting in a warmer. It even looked dry.

    Silver GobblerSilver GobblerYıl önce
  • All these people aren’t working now. So sad. This style of buffet will be a thing of the past.

    pinksugarfluffpinksugarfluffYıl önce
    • Agreed... I suspect things will bounce back ... albeit slowly.

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Be sure to ask for a side dish of COVID-19 to go with it.

    Mister VacationMister VacationYıl önce
  • those king crab legs look a little small. i think i have bought larger size snow crab legs around those size.

    DeRun RenDeRun RenYıl önce
    • It was really tasty... I thought they were a fair size

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Looking at staying at aria in September how much is the buffet per day ie for breakfast dinner a evening meal

    mars6394mars6394Yıl önce
    • Prices change from time to time, but I do recall they have the all day buffet option. Best to check their site as time approaches...

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Best kept secret of buffets. It’s awesome.

    Bryan BurnettBryan BurnettYıl önce
    • Thanks Bryan :-) Somewhat of an underappreciated place :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • that's funny because i'm the same way about their pizza. I haven't tried other more popular pizza on the strip, but the bar is set pretty high.

    Kevin JohnsonKevin JohnsonYıl önce
    • absolutely Tim...great content....and it's a pleasure to co-affirm if you will, the deliciousness of the pizza. I'm really impressed with Aria. I also like the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian....Between those two places, and an occasional fancy dinner, that about sizes up all the places i had been eating for the last several years when i come to town. (Edit), oh, and Tim, thanks for reviewing Savior the buffet at the Trop.

      Kevin JohnsonKevin JohnsonYıl önce
    • Thanks Kevin! I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt that way about their pizza :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • The food at the Aria is soooooo yummy! The desserts not so much...the only thing we liked was the gelato.

    Dashia RahmaanDashia RahmaanYıl önce
    • Did you get the RootBeer float Dashia?

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I love how you treat the staff and take the time to learn their names.

    hrblockedhrblockedYıl önce
    • Oh, really grateful that the servers and hosts were such good sports about it....(LoL, there were a few that were definitely not camera shy :-) )

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • You should be in an eating competition. Holy mackerel, you can eat a lot!

    hrblockedhrblockedYıl önce
    • LoL... I don't really eat like this everyday :-) It was quite filling though!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • You must be a competitive eater man that's a lot of food enjoy

    demetrius hilldemetrius hillYıl önce
    • Oh, I certainly couldn't eat like this normally :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • You are a handsome man!

    Monsanto FungaroMonsanto FungaroYıl önce
    • I wouldn't say so but thank you for your kind comment 🙂

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • If I hit this buffet... I am only eating expensive seafood. 20 pounds of it. Will I poop for a week? Nope..

    c kc kYıl önce
  • Finally someone who knows how to do a buffet video. And so friendly with the staff:)

    c kc kYıl önce
    • Thanks c k. Just having fun here with the videos 🙂

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • amazing buffet ty

    Deborah StorreyDeborah StorreyYıl önce
    • Thank you Deborah!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • It was sooo disgusting not a lot of variety expensive and all the food was cold never again yuck! It’s definitely not a hidden gem

    Channy ChakChanny ChakYıl önce
    • Thanks for the update Channy! ...very helpful to get feedback on these places.

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Another Buffet ? This is getting anoying

    Carlos Mozart Kuroiwa RocksCarlos Mozart Kuroiwa RocksYıl önce
  • Tim Is down to earth. Very respectful

    richie richrichie richYıl önce
    • Thanks Rich; just having fun here and being a bit silly with the videos :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I can't remember seeing it but if they still have the little beef short rib with mashed potatoes in the little bowl like they do the meatball, it might be one of the best things I've ever had at a buffet. The meatball, not so much. Love the Aria buffet

    Mike ZupancicMike ZupancicYıl önce
    • Agreed Mike, I recall we had some of the braised beef on the potatoes; they were indeed tasty :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • fantastic....now i know where to go this weekend

    Stefan HorlacherStefan HorlacherYıl önce
    • Hope you enjoy Stefan! 😃

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I'm foaming at the mouth.

    Lorenzo MaximoLorenzo MaximoYıl önce
    • Hey Lorenzo, really enjoyable place and people are great there. Also very generous with the king crab... Now I'm foaming at the mouth 😉

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • What date you went to? Sunday? Or weekday? I'm looking for king crab legs Love your video

    BeBe BeBeBeBe BeBeYıl önce
    • @Tim Lee thanks for reply. Cant wait to try it soon

      BeBe BeBeBeBe BeBeYıl önce
    • I believe this was on a Sunday night. For the king crab legs, they tend to get taken up quickly at the buffet table, but you can ask the servers at the seafood station to make some for you; but you'll just have to ask. Hope this helps :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Tim, I’m going to the aria Monday for lunch. Do you know if they will have oysters Rockefeller for lunch?

    Sterling ShaneSterling ShaneYıl önce
    • Hi Shane, best to check with them, but I would not expect that during the lunch service; but who knows ;-) Enjoy your time in Vegas!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I ate here my last trip (2016) for lunch - not dinner. You can get discounts for lunch AND dinner - all the way down to costing nothing (I was able to get a free lunch buffet here in 2016). At the time, this was the ONLY buffet with Tandoori-prepared curry and naan - which is why I went here. (I had never had curry at all; let alone real-deal Tandoori-prepared curry OR naan.) How to eat curry with naan for rookies - use the naan as a "bed", spoon the curry over it, and eat it open-face style. You can put rice in between the curry and naan - or have the rice INSTEAD of naan as the "bed" for your curry, and simply eat the naan as a flatbread (which it is). If you eat here for lunch, you have two hours to stuff your tummy; the question is will you run out time, or run out of tummy? I am normally a Serious Eater; and I ran out of tummy - in fact, I had a half hour left. And I had some of every station - and THREE curry-with-naan passes! My next trip, I'm bringing my mom; she had tummy issues and was unable to join me here for lunch in 2016. I mentioned that you can get the buffet here at a cost of nit - it's still an option, especially if you have an Android or Apple device. MGM Resorts (which owns the Aria and several other casinos and hotels in Vegas - and elsewhere) has linked with two slot gaming apps - myKonami and myVegas; both offer rewards - including discounts on hotel rooms - in some cases, free hotel rooms, and other discounts and freebies - including the buffet here at the Aria. The slot gaming apps themselves are free, and available on Google Play (Android) and the iOS/MacOS App Store (Apple).

    Christopher EstepChristopher EstepYıl önce
    • Thanks for the tip Christopher! I've heard a lot about the myVegas app...

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Man I bet the bathroom break after the meal hit bottom was bad

    michael williamsmichael williamsYıl önce
  • Is it just as good on a weeknight or are the king crab legs and lamb only a weekend thing?

    Shane GShane GYıl önce
    • Hi Shane, we were there on a Sunday evening; but not sure about other times. The king crab does go quickly on the buffet line, but the folks behind the counter were quite nice preparing them on request.

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • How do I block this guy from my feed???

    Operations iUSAOperations iUSAYıl önce
  • I love watching vids like this. Please make more! You srsly deserve way more subs!!❤❤

    kavitha dkavitha dYıl önce
    • Thanks so much for reaching out Kavitha :-) Just having a bit of fun with the videos and being a bit silly. Thanks again and all the best to you :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Why do u avoid the bread?. Is it not a part of your diet or do u not like wasting stomach space on bread like me? Also how much is this buffet?

    Guero MGuero MYıl önce
    • LoL, it's a little of both... mainly saving room :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Do they have Lobster Tail?

    Lovely QuitaLovely QuitaYıl önce
    • Unfortunately not at the Aria...

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Guy spotted in background eating at the buffet lol Good lord wait till u get to table

    A. AA. AYıl önce
    • LoL ... good eye!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • The buffet looked messy

    Jenny PerezJenny PerezYıl önce

    John PrudencioJohn PrudencioYıl önce
  • I skip the salad and go straight to the seafood.

    Sandra SevenSandra SevenYıl önce
    • LoL..I did the same Sandra :-D

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Great video!!

    rrrrrrtt1rrrrrrtt1Yıl önce
    • Thank you so much rrrr... for reaching out and all the best to you in the new year!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Looks so good. Will have to try it next month. Thanks for the recommendation! 🤗

    volcompunk58volcompunk58Yıl önce
    • Hope you have an amazing time in Vegas! :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I hate the music you play reminds me a 90s version of hows it’s made

    Hector RHector RYıl önce
    • Hi Hector, music is certainly one of the hardest parts of editing for me...not a very musically oriented person here :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Because of this video, my husband and I came to the Aria's buffet today and it was SO worth every penny! Classy atmosphere, good service, clean restaurant with a,good vibe. And the foid was delicious but not overwhelming in scope and variety. Thanks!!

    Pretzel4111 Bubba1Pretzel4111 Bubba1Yıl önce
    • Thanks so much for reaching out Pretzel Bubba! Really glad you and your husband enjoyed it! All the best to you and happy holidays!

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • I don't know where you have all that room for the desserts you eat!

    ChuckChuckYıl önce
    • Oh Chuck...believe me, the desserts were good at first but were a struggle at the end :-)

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
  • Wow, do you know how many times I would have to happily keep going back to this place to try everything? The main word is "happily".

    Meela234Meela234Yıl önce
    • Thanks Meela234 :-D

      Tim LeeTim LeeYıl önce
Favorite Buffet on the Vegas Strip - A Hidden Gem | The Buffet @ Aria