Faze Banks CAUGHT LYING about Tfue.. Tfue Lost 25,000 Subscribers

Faze Banks CAUGHT LYING about Tfue... Tfue Losing Subscribers
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FaZe Banks is back again with Tfue and we find out what happens next when Tfue sues Faze Clan. Banks is caught in a lie which might mean he lied more about his side of the story. Is Tfue telling the truth still?
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  • Yoo you from Denver?, im from pueblo

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  • Dude why ever members in Faze clan happens nothing only Tfue have , it is obvious that faze clan was the victim and Tfue is the betrayal

    Gui Shi JunGui Shi Jun3 gün önce
  • No wonder he hasn’t been posting

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  • Are you bias?

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  • 3:50 bro someone hit Alissa Violet thats why banks was so angry

    MehmeTunceauxMehmeTunceaux9 gün önce
  • whois better tfue or ninja like for tfue comment ninja

    yianni Andresakisyianni Andresakis23 gün önce
  • Your a fricking idiot bro. Banks got absolutely destroyed by turner when he didn’t even know it was coming

    MarxMarx27 gün önce
  • ^^ Fan OF TFue

    SixtHaxSixtHax27 gün önce
  • Idfk im still going to love Faze Bank's & you can't stop me #fuckyou

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  • tfue needs to go to doctor phils show!

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  • I subbed and liked can I have a gift my epic is dollor pro1188

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  • 0:56 that was a faze?

    Markus LangagerMarkus LangagerAylar önce
  • Dude I like you, but Banks didn’t lie about barley house. Do your research if you’re gonna talk about it man, he literally was assaulted FIRST and had an entire video series on it. The business deserved to be ruined.

    Zane_nodnolZane_nodnolAylar önce
  • FaZe did not force H1ghsky1 to say he was 13 he just wanted to stream on twitch but you have to be 13

    BruV TrooperBruV TrooperAylar önce
  • And you thought you were on the right side?

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  • SNAKE Alert

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  • 1.48 and i already realise you are not the smartest youtuber lma

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  • Wow for gaming there’s contracts 😂😂get a life

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  • There's less drama on "The View!" Lol And they say women are drama queens! 😂🤣

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  • You are so dumb

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  • Faze banks made him 😂😂

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  • No tfue is ling

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  • No there's no lie YOU are clickbaiting you scm

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  • Bro in the video banks said that they make 20% of all his platforms and not just sponsorships

    Will KnutsonWill KnutsonAylar önce
    • Bro they dont make money from him but they "can" take half his earnings thats the things jf u know what i mean they havent took anything from him but on the contract legally they can take 50 percent which they havent. Get it

      HydrateYourPupHydrateYourPupAylar önce
  • Now hold on a minute. What if banks just thought that that was just an empty threat? What if if the millions of dollars changed the mind of true. It is logical, Tfue just wants to make more money. He thinks that faze is not allowing him to get richer. Why is this video even out. It is literally an explenation of this subject once again. There are so many videos explaining the problem. There is no good guy bad guy. You are just repeating the same thing over and over. Or Tfue leaves faze, or faze changes the contract and Tfue stays. Of course faze wants him.

    konstantinos mpotsogloykonstantinos mpotsogloyAylar önce
  • We love banks

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  • Your story is clearly one sided

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  • 1 like = 1 prayer for true 😥😣

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  • Banks is a great person tfue was very ungrateful for what banks did no one actually realized that banks had a voice too banks your my boss dog

    Dark RangerDark Ranger2 aylar önce
  • your irrelevant

    PeekabooticklePeekabootickle2 aylar önce
  • If I’m in a contract with a .org I will never call them family because they could F**k ur career up

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  • 🖕

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  • Lol tfue came out and said the drinking underage was a lie that he didnt want that in the lawsuit. Crazy one sided video

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  • 10:08 Miss edit

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  • I think TRvision's slow i just subbed to you last night and its already gone

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  • Denver is probably my fav TRvisionr now

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  • Yo Denver I'm prolly going to buy something I'll let u know what I buy on your next vid

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  • That is a lot of bs

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  • Tfue just got dicked

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  • Why do you have to make a such big thing out of it! True read the contract and signed it himself which meant that he knew what he signed up for.

    Syn SpirouSyn Spirou2 aylar önce
    • Exactly like what u want us to feel sorry for u cause u made a mistake lol

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  • TSM Tfue?!

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  • O

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  • Starting of I’m not trying to hate on you. Your facts in the video had almost nothing to do with the story for example you spent about 7 minutes talking about the blindside thing. Also there are a lot of videos showing Tfue drinking and doing stunts before he joined faze so he lied about that. Also Banks created Tfue there are graphs showing tfues views before and after. And also Banks deserved some of the money, for example he paid for all tfues things to start and paid for him staying in million dollar homes and also Tfue was making millions and millions of dollars because of Banks. But Tfue was greedy for the money and wanted more.

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  • How is this utuber to mind tfue and faze business

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  • Tfue we all know your lying like this if you agree tfue if you see this just know one thing YOU DONT FLIP WITH FAZE GANG

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    • shut cho bitchass up

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  • I really don’t care at this point, I still love both, Anyway FaZeUp

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  • Keep my head up,Faze Up...We just love them idc

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  • DisO

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  • I dont know anything about this

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  • FaZe was taking tfues money

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  • You are my number 1 favorite pe teacher

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  • I want the ps4 card kid dumy

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  • Shut up

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  • I wish I was good at fortnight

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  • you forgot that they choked his ex girlfriend and you should look at the footage

    Mohammed momo AlbarkawiMohammed momo Albarkawi2 aylar önce
  • What's that first song called its catchy to me

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  • tfue might be lying and just play video games for money

    Zach GravenZach Graven2 aylar önce
  • Bro do your research before you make a video lol. 4:00 you are completely wrong. Banks was not at fault and you took that out of context. Banks was waiting at the bathroom for his girlfriend when security dragged him away getting that video that made him look aggressive because he had been taken away from his girlfriend at an unfamiliar bar. That’s scary. These security people then proceed to hurt banks and violet banks stands up for violet outside. YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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Faze Banks CAUGHT LYING about Tfue.. Tfue Lost 25,000 Subscribers