FIND the KILLER JOHN WICK or DIE! *SEASON 9* (Fortnite Clue Mystery)

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John Wick and John Wick (aka The Reaper) go head to head in another game of Fortnite Murder Mystery! Master Key, Sentinel, and Laguna also tag along.
The game is simple. Each round has one murderer and one detective. Everybody else is a bystander. The murderer has to try to kill everyone with their pickaxe, and the detective uses a gun to track down the murderer. The bystanders try to survive and collect potions. If a bystander gets 5 potions, then they get to use a gun as well. If the murderer kills everyone in the game, they win. If the murderer dies, the detective and bystanders win. Thanks for watching!



  • I love minigames there cool and funy😂😂😂

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  • 8;20 that is not your bed john wick

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  • The reaper is the OG John wick

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  • John Wick the reaper is the fake john wick

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  • Omg this was fun to watch

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  • the REAPER is the REAL JOHN WICK imposter

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  • You let John wick pickaxe you

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  • Suspicious *sees sentinel and master key get murdered*

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    • Yeeeeee

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  • 8:01 perfect timing for the John wick

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  • The reaper suck

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  • Sentinel aww no so funny

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  • which is the best john wick?

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  • I'm loving this

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  • John Wick (The Reaper) Thinks He Owns EveryThing That The John Wick (The Normal John Wick Aka The First John Wick)

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  • So funny Do another one

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  • K.reeves is breath taking

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  • 11:42 I was just thinking a gun shot with the two John wicks

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FIND the KILLER JOHN WICK or DIE! *SEASON 9* (Fortnite Clue Mystery)