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    • Kwebbelkop Is Hard Maze

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    • Let spa Pa0q0psps

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    • Please

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    • Umm... Jordi can you add invite me to ur discord? I'm banned by someone dunno why . my dis ----> Herron#2864

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  • Is the maze runner map but is minecraft

    Odnoo OdnooOdnoo Odnoo14 gün önce
  • It's femilier from the Maze runner i notice cues the glade and the door will opening in the morning like in the movies and hoo is your favourite acter in the Maze runner i like newt

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  • Kwebbelkop is the best gaming

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  • can you pls add me at discord khaylon#6749 aim your biggest fan

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  • Did you build all of this?

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  • Its the movie the maze runner

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  • This is like The maze runner

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  • map url?

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  • omg is this the minecraft version of The Maze Runner?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

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  • the maze runner be like

    Julia VinkJulia VinkAylar önce
  • Bruh this is the maze runner map that skydoesminecraft used in one of his old roleplays

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  • Its the maze runner 1

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  • Day 10 of being that jordi is back to gaming

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  • iPad .j

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  • Maze runner mod

    Mark5 gamingMark5 gamingAylar önce
    • From the movie

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  • *copies Skeppy*

    EnglishedEnglishedAylar önce

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  • The maze is from maze runner

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  • It this the same as the MazeRunner Movie!!??? It looks like it to me!

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  • Hey kwebbelkop you should make your own skin

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  • This is the Maze Runner Maze Maze Runner is my favorite movie series

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  • How cann i play this maze?

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  • This is just maze runner

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  • Piss off you stole the maze runner maze map without permission

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    • I hope you get copyrighted

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  • You should put creepers in next time bc maze runner has robot spider

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  • Isn't this the Glade from Mazerunner Like If ur not a Shank

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  • That is the maze from maze runner

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  • That’s from a movie maze runner

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  • Wow

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  • Pray to newt

    Eli Cabilogan DulotEli Cabilogan Dulot2 aylar önce
  • Tomas alby newt

    Eli Cabilogan DulotEli Cabilogan Dulot2 aylar önce
  • Is that maze runner

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  • This maze is like the maze in the maze runnrer

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  • Kweblekob meets mr beast And becomes low budget mr beast in minecraft

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  • U should play next time with grievers

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  • This is the mazerunner

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  • bryan is dutch becauce his name is gamenmetbryan that meens in dutch playing with bryan.

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  • mez runner

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  • Can fans do challenges?

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  • Next time put zombies and stuff in it to make it harder

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  • Ahh this vid was so good

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  • Maze Runner map I guess

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  • find section 7 and beat the greiver and sacrifice chuck

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  • The maze looks like the maze runner maze. Where are the grievers?

    K.J Games42K.J Games422 aylar önce
    • It has the glade and everything! All of the different sections. The mobs at night like grievers. They're all runners.

      K.J Games42K.J Games422 aylar önce
  • Hi there Mr Kolps watching from Africa big fan of your show I have been watching you since your first video keep up the good work

  • Hey jordi i want to play with you please help

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  • This reminds me of the maze runner

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  • Jordi, that is the maze from maze runner, you should have mentioned that, also, watch the movie after reading the book, great series

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  • This made me think of the movie MAZE RUNNER

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  • Bryan Wins

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  • What happened to the actual team

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  • Basically The maze runners but okay I just checked the comments and I saw that people were thinking the same thing, cool

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  • Jordi is becoming mrbreast rn lol

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  • Why is this map is incredibly popular!?

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  • This map is from the movie Maze runner

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  • TBF this literally is exactly like maze runner but there’s no monsters

    Various GameplayVarious Gameplay2 aylar önce
    • Jeff Thefish yes there is. 😂. And they are called grievers. How did Jordi not realize

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  • This is a movie mazerunner

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  • only the real ones remember when the boys would all play prop hunt

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  • Maze runner

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  • Amazing 😏😏

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  • I love your vid make another minecraft vid

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  • Who is also from the netherlands?

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  • Was that amazing?

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  • Kwebbelkop the maze looks like the movie called”maze runner”

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    • Whats maze runner?????????????????????????...?

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    • It's the map of that

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  • That maze you make is from maze runner like if iam right

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  • Im stuck in a house because were all worried about covid-19

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  • is that the real minion Fartgun

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  • I would definitely love to see more videos like this was awesome and I want to know if those were your other friends if so are you going to be doing more videos with them?

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