First Person View RC Car Racing!!

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Jake and Linus build a proof of concept VR RC Car racing setup for use at LTX 2019!
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  • We now know the resistance of the potentiometers SHOULDN'T have mattered. They're used as voltage dividers, so even if the resistance is different, it should have worked fine. However, while testing, when using the stock pedal's pots, we'd either have 100% or 0 throttle and nothing in between - hence why we tried to use matching pots. As this is just a proof of concept, basically just to figure out if this is as cool as we imagined (and it is), we just needed the car to accelerate and brake in a controllable manner. The rest will be figured out for the actual final build. :D

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips3 aylar önce
    • I still want to see the chiller thread ripper 2 being cannibalized

      BrentaviousBrentaviousAylar önce
    • Hey Linus you didn't calibrate the ESC. That might give you the full power of the pedals. Do it and then thank me or hire me.

      Mauri CobianMauri CobianAylar önce
    • what's the point of the oculus? you can't look around

      Emmanuel BekeleEmmanuel Bekele3 aylar önce
    • Aaah, okay. I was sitting here saying to myself, "the resistance shouldn't matter!" Good to know the reason why you were trying to match resistance.

      Andrew NealAndrew Neal3 aylar önce
  • 3:37 that fuckin backward ass inverted weird grip style though!

    upplsuckimcool16upplsuckimcool166 saatler önce
  • This might help LTT!?

    Ryan ButterlyRyan Butterly6 gün önce
  • This might help LTT!?

    Ryan ButterlyRyan Butterly6 gün önce
  • Rc Sparks ! I like the gold series they made :)

    Maxime SantaMaxime Santa19 gün önce
  • OMG RC SPARKS I LOVE ARRONS CHANNEL shout out to you man, been watching the channel since skate park pain 1!

    Family Tabnote8Family Tabnote820 gün önce
  • For anyone that's interested, you can buy quite cheap RC cars with cameras builtin from aliexpress, just search for FPV in the RC cars

    MrMonotoneMrMonotone23 gün önce
  • This. was SO AWESOME!! thank you for doing this, it was super fun to drive. surprisingly low latency, and at times it felt like my chair was moving lol. 10/10

    Control SixtyFourControl SixtyFour24 gün önce
  • 3D print a new plastic socket, or.....cut/grind a notch in the resistor pole

    MrMonotoneMrMonotone25 gün önce
  • I guess i have to test this. Let see if it's possible to drive car at higher speed with FPV, at least i need more FOV to camera i think. I have a rc racing TRvision Channel and if anybody is interested for it, please leave a comment and subscribe to it.

    Fifth Scale FinlandFifth Scale FinlandAylar önce
  • pia=pakistan international Airline

    Haroon IlyasHaroon IlyasAylar önce
  • I still want to see the chiller thread ripper 2 being cannabalized

    BrentaviousBrentaviousAylar önce
  • No way to do it in 3D with two cameras ? :/

    CyberKevinCyberKevinAylar önce
  • Gotta love Traxxas

    ShephardOfFireShephardOfFireAylar önce
  • I SO need one of these in my life.

    ChevySpeed724ChevySpeed724Aylar önce
  • Now put a bomb on it and you'll have an RCXD

    PearuArmasJPearuArmasJAylar önce
  • WOW...COOL!

  • One of their best projects I've ever seen.

    Saumadip DasSaumadip DasAylar önce
  • it should be mass-produced !

    nicolas rouvreaunicolas rouvreauAylar önce
  • That's awesome 😂👍 I need one of them 😏🤪

    ITzzJack 1ITzzJack 12 aylar önce
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    VeroVero2 aylar önce
  • your voice annoys me

    Lenny s FußLenny s Fuß2 aylar önce
  • Reminds me of Watch Dogs 2

    Alexandru JORAAlexandru JORA2 aylar önce
  • I'm just starting to watch this and have to wonder how many existing solutions for RC aircraft controls and motion tracking goggles will be applied to the VR aspect of this. Polhemus has really cool magnetic motion tracking sensors that can be used to track just about every part of the human body as well as transponders and locomotion tracking equipment.

    IraQ NidIraQ Nid2 aylar önce
  • Welcome to FPV

    DuckyRCDuckyRC2 aylar önce
  • There was an easier way to make the 10K potentiometer in the steering wheel work as a 5K. From what I saw you used an extreme and the middle, just solder a 10K resistance in parallel to the potentiometer. That way it should vary from 0 to 5K, instead 0 to 10K And the modification would be minimal

    1st_Luis1st_Luis2 aylar önce
  • Why his hand always pressing a button on his jeans?? Its reaaaaaly annoying overtime...

    muhammad hamzahmuhammad hamzah2 aylar önce
  • Shut up and take my money 💰.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader2 aylar önce
  • amazing! more footage!

    Chinmay GuptaChinmay Gupta2 aylar önce
  • Hi, I'm having a problem with the pedals because I do not know how to install two potentiometers at one.

    pedro nevespedro neves2 aylar önce
  • Could of used a g29

    KaThKaTh2 aylar önce
  • Just bought that wallet and it's sick

    KaThKaTh2 aylar önce
  • please review DJI robomaster s1!

    svalbard svalbardsvalbard svalbard2 aylar önce
  • Inspired by Home Alone 3

    Peter JonesPeter Jones2 aylar önce
  • Lol I’m a drone racer and watching you guys do this is awesome and funny

    GeckoVrGeckoVr2 aylar önce
  • Wow Linus go cheap on the rc car and not get a brushless motor

    Tim Cook sucksTim Cook sucks2 aylar önce
  • What resolution does the camera shoot?

    Danny BDanny B2 aylar önce
  • I gotta do this.

    Isaac CadyIsaac Cady2 aylar önce
  • I get into something and LTT just had to do a video about it 2 weeks earlier

    Jeremy AlbertJeremy Albert2 aylar önce
    • At least i'm not as cheap as linus i got a 4x4 vxl slash

      Jeremy AlbertJeremy Albert2 aylar önce
  • come on linus put it into production.

    Deeplays GamingDeeplays Gaming2 aylar önce
  • You could have done this with way better products at alot cheaper price lol

    JesseFpvJesseFpv2 aylar önce
  • I'm sorry, this is HURTING. Complete fail. Contact me if you actually want to do it correctly.

    nexxustynexxusty2 aylar önce
  • 7:03 Drake and josh reference

    JoeAceJRJoeAceJR2 aylar önce
  • Linus actually know RC stuff? :o

    Roger SkagerströmRoger Skagerström2 aylar önce
  • I didn't know that Peter Griffin has a nephew. He's a good mini midget auto manufraturing. I'm not a tiny person but I want to order one before my Buick goes to the car graveyard and I stuck broken. Down somewhere. Do you offer seat covers or leather seats?

    TI Task ForceTI Task Force2 aylar önce
  • You're looking for the Kyosho Mini-Z series of RC cars.

    Shawn ElliottShawn Elliott2 aylar önce
  • It's an older video, but a classic.

    DeploracleDeploracle2 aylar önce
  • Omg this is just FPV ahahahahahah

    Central SubwaveCentral Subwave2 aylar önce
  • Whao...It’s like watching the drone gameplay from IGI 3 -The Plan

    XestronXestron2 aylar önce
  • In case it helps, you can put a 10k resistor across the 10k pot to make it a 5k pot. Even though this is a week old.

    Simon ASimon A2 aylar önce
  • Thanks! I always wanted to do this!!!

    bandicybandicy2 aylar önce
  • Is it just me or did Linus seem like a guy who absolutely has no idea about tech at all??? 11:02

    Hasib KamraniHasib Kamrani2 aylar önce
  • #didnotlinkmychannel ... Lol.. glad my video helped #youtubersunite

    RCSparks StudioRCSparks Studio2 aylar önce
  • I wonder what some good AR + VR you could get going here.

    Jamel FrazierJamel Frazier2 aylar önce
  • Check out the proline blockbuster body already setup for fpv and gopro mounting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    james craigheadjames craighead2 aylar önce
  • This is awesome! Now create more of those cars and play a match or Rocket League!!!

    theKINGSoftheKINGSof2 aylar önce

    Arthur CheungArthur Cheung2 aylar önce
  • Insert another resistor? Amateurs xD

    scheeenfilmiesguckescheeenfilmiesgucke2 aylar önce
  • Imagine my old methanol and nitro RC car with that.

    Humans R AntsHumans R Ants2 aylar önce
  • I have a drone that supports vr. Out of the box. Without tinkering. $300. And it flys too.

    sersys1sersys12 aylar önce
  • Thats pretty cool

    Les The GreatLes The Great2 aylar önce
  • stereoscopic 3d? or just a single camera?

    wotever99ninynine Hamiltonwotever99ninynine Hamilton2 aylar önce
  • Wouldn't it be really beneficial to put the FPV camera in a sort of a stabilizer mount to reduce the vomit inducing?

    RapaxTVRapaxTV2 aylar önce
  • Really Linus the 2wd brushed traces slash smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Absoulty NothingAbsoulty Nothing2 aylar önce
  • Should have done a FPV freestyle quad-copter, but I'm still glad any FPV is getting some light.

    Kale MarzKale Marz2 aylar önce
  • Disappointed there wasn't a joke about thrustmaster

    JoLiJoLi2 aylar önce
  • that tracksuit is so gay and ugly. have a nice day.

    Our EscapeOur Escape3 aylar önce
  • I'll be waiting for that second part.

    Abhishek GAbhishek G3 aylar önce
  • The real hobbyists already know that Team Associated/AE/RC10 already makes an fpv module specifically for cars, rather than drones.

    i dont know anymorei dont know anymore3 aylar önce
  • Now reverse it and hook a controller up to a kids power wheel car.

    Nate HartzlerNate Hartzler3 aylar önce
First Person View RC Car Racing!!