First to Find Preston Wins $1000! - EXTREME Hide & Seek vs Little Brother and Sister

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First to Find Preston Wins $1000! - EXTREME Hide & Seek vs Little Brother and Sister with Preston 👊
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  • they are asking clues

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  • That what i did like preston i trick my sister that there a pillow on a blanket then they taught im there Haha

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  • Preston can you put a video that baby preston showed his face

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  • What does rv mean

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  • That was......... w.e.r.i.d

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  • *Caleb and rest of the seekers : “We still can’t find Preston and it’s year 2470

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  • Where are you living Preston

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  • Preston u should give nick some money as he found the spot

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  • Also he cant be inside a bag lol

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  • Josh have a looooongggg hair right 😅😅😅

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  • i hate caleb

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  • Preston is the BEST youtuber EVER!!!!

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  • “Whatever you say red hair”. Joshua 2019-

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  • That was 🔥

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  • Preston I think Joshua is really cute😍😊😊

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  • 25 Min Ago: *Happy* 5 min Later: *Argument*

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  • keely said she won but she didnt the timer went of then preston said so close no offence keely

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  • Go to the library

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  • Mr. Beast: puts all the money In ones to make it look impressive Preston: makes the money the least amount of dollars as possible

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  • I'm. Not trying to be mean but I swear Prestons little brother looks like a bacon hair on roblox. xD in the thumbnail

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  • Almost ten mill views

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  • I love your video

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  • Keeley: this is definitely a trap. *checks any way

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  • josh u r soooooooo like me

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  • I think Josh can get a little bit of money but he checked first but he didn’t find you the right

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    • Cen i join you re minecraft but i dont have minecraft

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  • Josh passed Preston a trillion times

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  • Tats so funny when

  • wow preston... you pooped in the shelves wow im unsubbing EVERYONE UNSUB

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  • Keely : there’s no way he’s in this attic. This is definitely a trap. Kelly: goes in to check anyway

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  • You're so cool!

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First to Find Preston Wins $1000! - EXTREME Hide & Seek vs Little Brother and Sister