24 Hours inside GIANT HOLE Wins Game Master Puzzle Box! (PART 2)

Rebecca Zamolo spends another 24 hours inside a giant hole to win a Game Master Puzzle box. Matt and Rebecca split up and Matt spent 24 hours trapped overnight by RZ twin with new clues found at 3am. On Day 2, He arrived back with the rest of the Gamemaster map but we were missing some of the clues. Daniel said to use a spy gadget blacklight on the mystery bags and we discovered two hidden emojis. One clue was at the treehouse and the other was a riddle on the ground just like at the Labrant fam new house. When Matt returned he tricked Rebecca by playing a prank on her. Afterwards he needed to go to where the buried safe was first located. He was able to recover the 4 missing pieces to the map but was trapped by the RZ twin until 3am overnight. Daniel hacked into the system and the husband and wife were reunited just like Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend. Not before the RZ twin had to facetime Q from the quadrant. They solved the clues and dug up the mysterious buried treasure box. Now they can escape the hole and solve the gm riddles. Will they be able to open the new locks? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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  • In case you missed PART 1 of 48 Hours Overnight inside a GIANT HOLE in my Backyard! trvision.net/detail/video-xByiLNIt5ss.html

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  • I remember the safe from gaze rug in the buses bc u needed the safe

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  • Night person

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  • I stopped watching them because all they talked about was the game master so unsubscribing

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  • Maybe it's for e2 of e3

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  • I'm a morning person and night person

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  • I think you choild ues a black light with the bag

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  • can you just check every bages just in case clues with the dark light.OK.Just to make sure.

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  • This is how many people love Matt and Rebecca 👇

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  • Use the black light on the bag

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  • Im a night person!

  • Hi l'm Adele I love you so much and you can be my friend and my dad is called Matt to my name in from ?😘🙃☹️😉😋😞😉😘😸🎃🎃🙀👩🏼👅👅👅👅👅💅🏻🕵🏻‍♀️👩🏼‍🍳👩🏿‍🍳👩🏿‍🍳👩‍🔧👩‍🔧👩‍🔧👩🏼‍🍳👨🏿‍🎓👨‍🎓

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  • CBlack light work

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  • Im a night person cuz i love to Staying up late

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  • Night person

  • Sing it back means that you needed use of a light so you can figure it out

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  • Use a black light

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  • Are you tall was the funny you at Starbucks Arzie twin

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  • Daniel's phone is an android

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  • Use the black light

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  • Night person

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  • The game master is you ,it is kinda easy to say so why are you playing like a kid you should tell the zamfam the truth PS,not Trying to be rude

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  • i am a night person and i am a girls

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  • What is on this phone is it The Quadrant s ?

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  • E3 E2

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  • E3 Game finish

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  • E3 going to be hapend

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  • +4

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  • Tree house

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  • Will the blacklight work?

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  • What should we do with Des bags

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  • What should we do with is guys

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  • Would you guys eat is

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  • Morning

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  • What is E3

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  • that phone is Q"s phone that you found rebecca . i am a huge fan i watch your vids all the time 24 hrs are my fav.q and that phone is that phone that you gave

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  • its qs phone

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  • I love your videos rebeca and mat🤑

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  • Roese are red vilites Blue you shud know i love you

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    • I love you rúbrica and matt

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  • Blacklit

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  • I knew that the black light would work

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  • Try the black light

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  • Use a black light

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  • use a black light

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  • i am a morning person.

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  • I feel bad for matt and Rebecca

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  • I knew it I have not watched the whole thing

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  • Use the black light on the bag and map

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  • There's something wrong with Daniel why does he always wear beanies

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  • Cacciatore

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  • Morning person.

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  • Hey I’m your biggest fan, so I just want to tell you that Daniel is a team of RZ twin/ Reabecca Zamolo twin. It’s no lie. I’m telling you the truth.

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  • Why do you keep moving your hair like that Rebecca are you there I’m sorry to do this to you but can you please please stop moving your head like that please because like it’s like annoying but I like your channel I subscribe like and share and hit the bell and a big brother I hope you have a happy summer by I need to go to sleep is already 9 o’clock

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  • e3 is a prank to HACK you

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  • Those puzzle boxes are pretty tricky

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  • That's Q's phone

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  • Maybe show me the weather

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  • I DO!!😂

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  • I liked when rrbbeca said I thought the RZ twin was here and matt said hu smart it mafe me laugh

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  • Gm means game master

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  • Gm means game master

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  • Rebecca I see as twin

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  • Hey Rebecca I saw Danielle in the cramra and he had his face showing and he was helping rs twin I 💖u guys

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    • Rz

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  • Use the black light

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  • Daniel is right just use a black light on the bag

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  • On the bags

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  • Times 4

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  • The next time you make slime you should make cloud slime

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  • Daniel has an Android phone

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  • I didn't turn on's calling it was Daniel the one that you ordered ours is when was calling it was Daniel twinkle Daniel and clean

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24 Hours inside GIANT HOLE  Wins Game Master Puzzle Box! (PART 2)