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  • thanks for watching 💕💕 400k likes and pierson and my mom will prank me!!😱😱😱

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  • 5:18 who noticed Brent and Pierson holding hands??❤❤

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  • Did anybody notice that Brent was only looking at Pierson when she was watching the video ❤🤣

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  • Pierson looks soooo similar to her mum

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  • No one: Brent and Peirsons video tittles: flirting with my CRUSHES mom Also Brent and peirson: were just friends guys!

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  • No one: Absolutely no one: Me:is seriously no one going to eaven going to talk about the fact that her mom's name is Karen

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  • 6:46 pierson was touching brents hair👁👄👁❤️

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  • masons face 2:25 🤪

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  • i am is a hyou fan

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  • Pierson s mom is look alike her omg 😳 but both of them are beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Anyone notice they were having a slumber party in the day time...?

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  • whis child is that?

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  • Pierson’s dad: 👁👄👁 💧 💧

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  • 6:12 Brent - What the heck is this….

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  • I must be honest I lovee that song

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  • I love Brent he’s the best why dosnt he have a girlll

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  • Who else say that mason was soooo funny in the airplane 👇🏻

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  • Piersons face when brent said iam in love with your mom

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  • Karen????

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  • Ur only 2 years not 8 or did i hear Wrong

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  • It’s hilarious that Pierson mom’s name is Karen😂 not hate she’s lovely and hilarious lol I just thought it was funny cause she’s like the opposite of a “Karen”

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  • The way he looks at her when she’s watching the video 🥰😍

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  • I wish I can meet you I live in africa

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  • if there is any channel that never disappoints us...then that wd definitely be this one.....woahhhhh....brentriveraaaa####

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  • like it up i wanna see what brents mom and pieson is doin

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  • Wait! What happened to Jeremy? Tatoos!?

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  • 4:44

    נויה וקניןנויה וקנין5 gün önce
  • Question? Why is Jeremy all tattooed up? 1:43

    Kelsey RyanKelsey Ryan5 gün önce

    Kelsey RyanKelsey Ryan5 gün önce
  • Done I love this video

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  • Who Dom be embarrassed

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  • WOW Barnt your good at singing

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