Formula DRIFT - Irwindale 2019 - Main Event LIVE!

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  • 38:50

    Rafael AlvesRafael Alves5 gün önce
  • Them judges on some stuff how was it not forest wang just cause James was closer were is that angle wang wasn’t close enough but close enough and was able to mimic the angle I’m starting to think some thin sketchy is happening

    Owen CriderOwen Crider8 gün önce
  • Wang definitely should have won against Deane and Im a big Deane fan. The lead runs were a bit better but Deane's chase runs were not great and it looked like he dropped a tire coming off of outside zone 1 in one of his chases. But all in all still happy Deane 3peated also big congrats to ken gushi. 14 years without a win is a long winless drought so good on him for getting the W

    Kenan SosoKenan Soso14 gün önce
  • What and the title of the music just before jarod speaks please 7,24

    TUD-RedkillersTUD-Redkillers16 gün önce
  • One more reason I can't take this seriously. I know it's a business and they need to make money but it's bullshit.

    eletoreletor17 gün önce
  • dude wang won all the 3 times 110%

    HoneydewHoneydew22 gün önce
  • “We rather not see a one more time”....

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • The pressure got the Castro!!!!!

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • Oh yeah I got a prelude😎

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • I’m gonna drive in FORMULA D

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
    • Keep it up, I support you.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
  • Damn Castro hella scared he didn’t go out

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • 1:32:55 I am forsure getting fresh air in my car like that!!!!

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • Does joao have a team or no I saw Matt fields guy was helping him

    OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
  • The reason I love FD is that drivers give it their all and have fun .

    G PG P25 gün önce
    • I have found some positive feedback to Formula Drift. People are so focused on the judges decision that they end up hating the sport because it doesn't go their way. But those people are bogus anyway. Good job to you, I would consider you a true drift fan.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
  • Essa got so lucky, he didn't deserve just pure luck

    Lucas NatsonLucas Natson25 gün önce
  • james deane didn't match wang's angle at all in the chase runs he was much better in the lead that wang was so i totally agree deane's leads were better runs but i feel wang shouldve gotta the win based on james lack of angle in outside zone 1 but congrats to james for winning it all again hes an amazing driver

    Bill DuguayBill Duguay25 gün önce
    • @Bill Duguay Yeah, it'll be fun to see.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian gotta give credit when its due the dude is a badass behind the wheel and wins everywhere he goes he's straight up class all the time dudes a world champ in FD and DMEC just gotta see whos gonna take down the triple champ next year

      Bill DuguayBill Duguay25 gün önce
    • I think they chose him because his lead was so much better than Wangs, and the chases were pretty close. It's like if I was leading, and I did really well, so I get 2 points. You didn't do so well so you get 0 points. You did better than me in chase so you get 2, and since it was so close, I get 1. I have 3 points, you have 2 points. That's my take on how they judged it. PS. Thank you for congratulating Dean. Some people are so focused on Wang not winning, that they don't realise how much of an accomplishment Dean just made. It's awful to know that some people booed when he won, but cheered when Gushi got 2nd. There aren't many people as kind as you, keep it up.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
  • Dean had a small angle as a follower, that's all. As leaders both were the same.... Wang is better. The judges awarded Dean the title.

    Agris KrumbergsAgris Krumbergs25 gün önce
  • I call bullshit on the judging. They're doing a great job at killing drifting, honestly. Biased.

    Ian HMIan HM25 gün önce
  • 7:30:07 “Forrest Wang number one” 😂😂😂

    William DOSSETTWilliam DOSSETT25 gün önce
  • I feel bad for the god forrest but damn i feel even worse for kearney

    thejoeygthejoeyg25 gün önce
  • I get why andy yen stepped down irw was sum bs this year

    thejoeygthejoeyg25 gün önce
  • 6:13:30

    Matteo TarabiniMatteo Tarabini25 gün önce
  • Bullshit Essa slowing down intentionally. Left foot in the break through the entire run. Both Odi and Piotr spin from it. You guys awake over there?

    CavCav25 gün önce
  • I have one word... RIGGED

    Isaac WilsonIsaac Wilson25 gün önce
  • Normally i dont care but deane wins by nearly straitn his car two times? And aasbo loses because he did perfekt mimiking angle?!?

    barRAKudabarRAKuda26 gün önce
    • @S1bulka Then what am I lacking if you're so sure? I know that you very much lack any sort of sympathy for anyone. You also completely ignored my very detailed explanation, so you also need to focus on listening most of all.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian Im not gonna argue anymore with an idiot like you anymore. You attack anyone who doesnt agree with you, you lack social skills and ability to have discussions. And yes, we are entitled to our own opinions, just like you. Thats all, now go outside and practice some basic communication with other people.

      S1bulkaS1bulka25 gün önce
    • @barRAKuda Dude, I didn't give you any personal information. I just said that you shouldn't let the number of opposing forces put you down. And since you told me to stop explaining because there are more people complaining in the comments then people who agree, I thought you were going through that same thought somewhere in your life. I really hope you never tell that to your kid. Because there's a difference between caring, and caring enough to try to help them in anyway. Unlike you, I see everyone in the comments as someone who needs help in some way, I try to help them because I am the freaking only decent human in the comments. I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but it's not that hard to figure out how to be nice, especially for an adult. Dude, I'm ashamed honestly, you think your so much better than everyone else because you're talking crap.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @S1bulka thanks man you are right this are the typs of persons who are not happy with their own life and needs to use dump words to write down their thoughts

      barRAKudabarRAKuda25 gün önce
  • Cannot be more happy for gushi❤️the og... Ps. James "no balls" Deane pussied out on them chase runs

    Jake HunterJake Hunter26 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian making fun of someone does not necessarily mean that I didnt like him winning... All I said was that he didn't have balls in any of his chase runs which is true

      Jake HunterJake Hunter25 gün önce
    • @Jake Hunter You are making fun of James Dean, therefore, you didn't want him to win. If you are making fun of him for winning, then I can make connections that you were not happy that he won. Just because you were happy for Gushi, doesn't mean you didn't make fun of Dean.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian when did I ever say that I wasn't happy for who won? Putting words in my mouth now I see🙄

      Jake HunterJake Hunter25 gün önce
    • I don't see you going out on the track and becoming a pro. If you really enjoyed the sport, then you would be happy for whoever wins. But I can tell you just act tough.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
  • I hear Formula Drift brought back the McRigged!

    Doctor DewbieDoctor Dewbie26 gün önce
  • I'm so happy for Ken Gushi, he really deserved it this weekend!

    ZaphodZaphod26 gün önce
  • Thanks Formula Drift for calling me a conspiracy theorist earlier in the year about judge bias. Appreciate it.

    Drift ChroniclesDrift Chronicles26 gün önce
  • I would like to apologize to the judges. You must have had to deal with a lot of angery 12 year olds in the comments and probably in real life. I'm ashamed that there's so many douches in this sport.

    Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
    • @Matt L Deans lead was higher in outside zone 1, his transition was better, having a snappier reaction, with more angle and better overall style. Outside zone 2 was close, but Dean showed more risk getting closer to the wall, having a bit more angle, though outside zone 2 was pretty even for the most part. Then inner clip 2, Dean got very close with tons of angle. Then outer clip at the end, Dean very obviously got very close to the wall, and had significantly more angle than Wang. Wang was mid bank on outside zone 1 without as much angle and speed, then transitioned a bit early without as much angle and style. So some points lost from angle, line and style already in outside zone 1. Though he did get a bit closer to inside clip 1, his angle and transition was not as good as Deans. Then going into outer zone 2, Wang was on the wall, not taking as much risk with angle and speed, but it was as consistent as Deans in outside zone 2. He did get close to inner clip 2, but not with as much angle or speed, which then put him mid line in outer clip, and not as much angle as Dean. So if you have made it this far, it's obvious that Dean had a better lead. The chase however is different, in outside zone 1, Dean was mimicking Wangs line, but not angle. I feel like he had to because Wang was slow enough that Dean really couldn't get the angle that Wang had, since Deans S15 is much faster than Wangs. Though Dean should've been able to correct himself. Then he followed Wangs line with the early transition and less angle into outside zone 2, where Dean was risky and keeping a really good proximity, not as consistent as Wangs, but also mimicking the angle as well as Wang. Then as you saw, he punts the inside clip 2 while mimicking the angle good, but a little bit low on his line, as he punts the clip. Then he finishes with the same angle and line as inside clip 2. Wangs chase was better, then Deans though. He transitions with Dean, but with a lower line, not as much angle but still better than Deans chase angle, and a father proximity. Then he falls lower as they transition into inside clip 1, where Dean gives a good transition, but Wang doesn't mimic the angle and falls behind as they transition into outside zone 2, where he then catches up, but is still not keeping a good proximity, and like Dean, is a bit low on the line. He just wasn't as risky as Dean in outside zone 2. Then once they transition to inside clip 2, he mimics the angle pretty well, but punts the clip like Dean. That's when his line falls a lot lower than Deans, where he doesn't mimic the angle, doesn't get as close to the wall, and doesn't mimic Deans style. So Dean and Wang are pretty close in chasing. So the chase runs were close, Wang did a bit better there, but not by much (Don't argue, I'm agreeing that he did better chasing). But you can tell that Dean had a huge advantage with his almost flawless lead run. So since the judges don't just judge on the chase runs, they saw that Dean did better overall (emphasis on overall). Let's say I do better leading, so I get 2 points. You don't do as well, so you get 0 points. But when you chase me, you do better so you get 2 points, and since we were close, I get 1 point. So if you can do math, I have 3 points and you have 2. That's what I mean by overall. I represent Dean, you represent Wang. That's how the judges judged this last run. Though like I said, I think Wang won the first 2 rounds. But the last round, the deciding factor, Dean did better overall. I'm not including how well Wang or Dean did in the first 2 rounds. Once they say one more time, it's a clean slate for both drivers. Their past runs do not play into the new one. Now that I have explained every little detail to you, if you want to prove me wrong, you will have to use the replays and common sense. Dean won, that's it, if you want to prove to me that Wang should've won, you cannot have any hate towards Dean when deciding. If you can't explain, or are just simply using exaggerated details, I will not respond, listen, or even consider a single thing you say until you figure this thing out.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian if anyone is arrogant here it’s you.... you’re literally in every comment on this video insulting people because they don’t agree with you... that’s the most self centered douchey thing one can do lmao. and no, I know it’s obviously not that simple. I dumbed down what happened with an easy to understand metaphor. The judges look for angle, speed, wall proximities, proximities of the chase driver, line, fluidity, car control, and mirroring/mimicking of the lead, among other things. They also don’t want the lead to try and run away from the follow driver. Forrest had good momentum, was riding the wall, and was almost at full lock the entire time, he was fluid and controlled. Dean was a little further back on his first follow, and straightened or almost straightened like 3 times.... his lead was sloppy as it was evident he was trying to leave Forrest behind, noted by his poor line. Forrest did the better job of the two in the first battle, and at least one of the judges knew so, as did the entire crowd, hence the booing.

      Matt LMatt L25 gün önce
    • @Matt L Do you think judging formula drift is that simple? I'll dumb it down for you. So let's say that I'm leading, and I do really well, so I get 2 points. You didn't do so well, so you get 0 points. Though you did well chasing me, so you get 2 points, and since we were pretty close, I get 1 point. So I have 3 points, you have 2. That's how Dean beat Wang. I can explain every little tiny detail if you still don't get it. It's not rocket science, they judge on angle, line, and style by the way. Arrogant, self-centered, douches, you name it. I have only had 2 people who have been decent human beings, and listened. You my dude, are not one of them.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian arrogant? Have you ever been to a baseball game? It’s the same thing as when an ump calls a bad play. The audience calls them on it. The judges made a shitty call, the crowd boo’d. It’s not rocket science lmao.

      Matt LMatt L25 gün önce
    • @Matt L Ok, dude. It's people's reaction that makes them so imature, booing when Dean won, is plainly imature. I'm not the one complaining my butt off about how bad the judges are. Some people are so arrogant that they're so focused on what they think. I only have respect for people who don't just talk trash like you. I have only found one person who has actually listened, that all it takes. Now go find someone else to annoy.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
  • Let’s be honest here if it would have been any other driver in the chase position vs Wang that would have awarded wang the win due to lack of angle from the chase car. Yes I believe dean got the win eventually , took him 3 tries tho for wang to slip up. And yes wang was drifting slower but with angle. This is a DRIFT competition not a DRAG race. There shouldn’t have been a OMT to begin with

    Anthony ReynosoAnthony Reynoso26 gün önce
    • @S1bulka r/woosh No. I said that the first 2 rounds, Wang beat Dean, though the judges chose one more time. Why are you being such a piece of crap man. I agree with you with the first 2 rounds. Yet your entitled butt still can't find any simpathy. Go bug someone else. I'm done with you.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian So you just agreed with everyone that Wang should have won? Lmao. And no, it wasnt unanoniumous. It was 1-wang 2-OMT

      S1bulkaS1bulka26 gün önce
    • @Anthony Reynoso I'm talking about the winning race. The other races I think Wang beat him, but it was unanimous for one more time.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian lets go back to the first run, let’s say James dean put down an even better run then Forrest for the sake of argument. In the chase position, dean initiated, then straightened completely out. That would be a zero for him on the run, since wang had 2 Complete laps, that would be a win for him. That’s what should have been in the judges heads

      Anthony ReynosoAnthony Reynoso26 gün önce
    • Dude you have no idea what the judges were thinking. Did you even think to consider the lead runs from both?

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • no way deane won that!!! his chase was horrible!!!

    AJ CalvoAJ Calvo26 gün önce
    • Did you even think to consider the lead runs? You cannot judge if you only look at their chase runs. Wang barely beat Dean in chasing, But you can very obviously see that Dean had a significantly better and chasable lead run. You are just throwing the lead runs out the window.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Seeing the troubles following, I feel like FD might need to address overall speed of the cars in the pro class. I am saying this as a Deane fan, who admits, maybe THEY are the problem, being too fast, but we need clarification for future seasons I think. Pretty sure the Worthouse cars, and to a lesser extent the RTR cars, are riding the brakes with their left foot pretty hard, to keep from colliding with the slower cars, which causes the car to want to straighten up. Perhaps with some electronic trickery, which would be illegal, you could compensate for this, but short of the grippy guys running smaller tires, I dunno what the options are? To me, Wang seemed slow as hell, you all need to look at the minimum speed, average speed, etc.

    TexRobNCTexRobNC26 gün önce
    • Totally true. It might be a bit harder to make rules for speed, but I do think it needs to be considered.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • When's next season? And they really need to stop giving deane wins when the chaser really won.

    Ghostly GamingGhostly Gaming26 gün önce
    • You really need to school up on the scoring system 👍

      Ross DimondRoss Dimond26 gün önce
    • You're missing the big picture. The chase runs were close, Wang barely beat Dean there, but look back at both of their lead runs. Dean was significantly better than Wang. That's why they chose Dean, you can't just throw their lead runs out the window.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • I love torque drift

    MikeG BikeMikeG Bike26 gün önce
  • Kenji the MVP

    AnikiAniki26 gün önce
  • Angle is dead in FD

    S CeballosS Ceballos26 gün önce
    • Seeing what actually happened is dead in spectators.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Wang got robbed

    S CeballosS Ceballos26 gün önce
  • The guy at 7:30:00 is hilarious

    Twin B58Twin B5826 gün önce
  • Gushi deserved a win. I've been wanting to see him win for so freakin long.

  • No one has said it directly in the comments, but perhaps FD's judging criteria ought to change with equal emphasis on lead and chase runs. The better driver can both lead and chase equally well and that is the driver that should be awarded wins and championships. If you're just going to focus on lead runs, I don't see the need for the battles. If lead runs are so much more important, then the whole points championship should just consist of qualifying and the battles would just become exhibition.

    IrishPsquaredIrishPsquared26 gün önce
    • Maybe you need to change your judgement. The chase runs were very close, Wang barely beat Dean in chase, but look back at the lead runs. Dean very obviously had a significantly better lead than Wang. That's why they chose Dean, they had to look at the leads because the chase runs were so close. Maybe Wang could do a better lead run for a change if you're gonna be so picky.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • WANG WAS ROBBED. Announcers already crowning as 3rd time champion before he even has his first battle. Bunch of bullshit

    Jake McKeownJake McKeown26 gün önce
  • Wang × Deane Judges: Deane Crowd: Wang

    Ti4g0 Hs_Ti4g0 Hs_26 gün önce
    • @Hobbypoint Belarus The thing is, the people on the comments are saying that the judges have favoritism for Dean. But they don't see Dean as a good driver. Some stupid people out here.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • Crowd loves winners, but only 2 years. After 2 years they want to see new faces on the podium. Same with Hamilton in F1)))

      Hobbypoint BelarusHobbypoint Belarus26 gün önce
  • Irwindale Never Fails!!! Thanks Formula Drift For Another Great Season! And Congratulations To All The Drivers Who Won An Event, TQ'ed An Event, Podiumed, Or Won The Season. Can't Wait Till Next Year!

    Global Media Inc.Global Media Inc.26 gün önce
    • Man, thanks for your positivity, you are legit the only person that has something positive to say in the comments.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • As much as i love wang, his lead was off the wall a bit which woulda kinda equaled out the chase by Deane, but they judge lead runs as a priority for some weird reason idk why, so Deane by their judging criteria does get the win. There you go i guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

    TheEpicCrumpetTheEpicCrumpet26 gün önce
    • They judge lead runs as priority because lead runs are the benchmark. If the lead run is all over the place, then the chase run is barely worth judging because as a chase driver, you're supposed to mimic the leads movements. But you can't mimic shitty lead run without making your chase run look shitty too.

      ShonaShona11 gün önce
    • The reason they chose Dean was because his lead was significantly better than Wangs, you're not gonna change my mind about that, it was easier for Wang to chase Dean. But when it comes to the chase run, Wang did just slightly better than Dean, it was close enough that the deciding factor was the lead run. You can't just throw the lead runs out the window.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • First of all nothing against dean or worthouse. Formula drift failing again, announcer straight up praising warthouse team for the funding/$$$$ involved in their campaign then the battle with dean vs Wang it goes to dean for basically driving straight. We have all seen big budget teams getting favored in the past and I’m sure we’ll all see it again. Props to the crowd and the viewers standing up for what they know is right.

    Brewed MotorsportsBrewed Motorsports26 gün önce
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Ross DimondRoss Dimond26 gün önce
    • First of all, you are very very confused about why they chose Dean. They didn't just look at the chase runs, you have to look back at the lead runs. Sure, Wang barely beat Dean in the chase run, but look back at the lead runs. Dean was significantly better than Wang. You cannot deny it. You are just throwing the lead runs out the window when deciding, you are not fully judging the entire BOTH runs. You are also making stuff up with Deans angle, you need to see what straightening really is, if Dean if burning rubber and has SOME angle, then he's drifting. Do you know why the higher funding racers are winning? It's because they are good enough to get payed the way they do. You are not using your head, why would a company pay high amounts of their own money, to a racer who isn't good. I don't know about you, but I would pay more money to the racer that's better, because his car gets more attention. Weicek and Dean are both VERY good drivers, so Worthouse sponsors them because they're good. The spectators don't know what happened, when you're angery, you tend to loose a lot of common sense and good decision making. It happens to me too.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • i love james deane but wang shoulve get the win. I'm sick of this judges FD is getting like F1 only the teams with the money will win

    xjesse92xxjesse92x26 gün önce
    • Dean has a significantly better lead run than Wang, and there chase runs were close. Sure, Wang barely beat Dean in chase, but looking overall, Dean had a much better lead run, and a slightly worse chase run. Judges know what their doing, they think with something called their head, and though you might not understand or want to understand why they chose Dean, they have a reason for everything and would gladly tell you. But I'm here to tell you on behave of the judges.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce

    dzaki arifdzaki arif26 gün önce
  • Don’t get peoples problem with James winning against wang all of watch it back have a better look at it and tell me Deane wasn’t been slowed down plus then look at his lead run ever clipping point hit on the button line angle speed proximity it was all there and wang didn’t have that in his lead so judges did right yall just butt hurt

    kearon sherwinkearon sherwin26 gün önce
    • Truth. Truth. Truth. If you can find it, right after Dean is announced winner, the dude in the live chat named digital connor is in full rage mode, yelling and being a butt hurt 12 year old. People don't see this as a huge victory, I've seen conspiracy theories about the judges being bribed to choose Dean. Some crazy people out here.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Damn I feel like Odi got screwed.

    Robert MorelandRobert Moreland26 gün önce
    • Am I the only one who saw Essa put a brick on his break pedal? Wtf

      CavCav25 gün önce
  • Mr commentator please retire and stop thinking you know everything ur a idiot with no idea... Ur a joke!

    Diarmuid KeaneDiarmuid Keane26 gün önce
  • Notice James does not use his breaks on the wall run... Wang does!

    Diarmuid KeaneDiarmuid Keane26 gün önce
  • Haters gonna hate but people who say James should not have won are blind! And clearly have no clue on how judging goes!

    Diarmuid KeaneDiarmuid Keane26 gün önce
    • Totally. Everyone just throws their lead runs out the window when deciding. The judges even explained that Dean had a much better lead than Wang, (the deciding factor).

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • I’m not going to lie after the top 16 I literally just stopped watching after they’ve robbed aasbo and wang ‼️‼️ Super BS

    GlitchrrGlitchrr26 gün önce
    • Zaphod aasbo was throwing out a great chase just the lil proximity between Piotr but could cause a OMT becuz aasbo’s chance on his chase was a direct chance of heading to OMT

      GlitchrrGlitchrr26 gün önce
    • I agree that Wang should've won against Deane but Wiecek definitely deserved the win against Aasbo.

      ZaphodZaphod26 gün önce
  • All the losers hatin in the comments yall don't even own a car but u know who had to be the winner right bc yall drift and fd experts right....

    Tyfus ventje ,Tyfus ventje ,26 gün önce
    • Like I say, it's just a bunch of angery 12 year olds.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • The crowd at Irwindale knew who won the battle between Wang and Deane. Should have been over on the first chase and lead runs. No OMT needed. Your 2019 champion James Deane slipped and the crowd knows it. Wang is not your champion, but he clearly took out Deane. Style and angle > speed with no angle. As the judges say James did not “mimic” the angle of Wang. True Wang didn’t have as much proximity, but he was clearly mimic James Deane’s line. James is a good driver, but doesn’t deserve this win. The people know and the fans will not disappear. Get Nuts Lab and Forrest did “GET Nuts!”

    s14zens14zen26 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say with this last comment? If you're still taking about the third run nobody is disagreeing that Wang lost the 3rd run. Everyone is disagreeing with the fact that there were 3 runs. At no point should it have continued that far.

      TheJoshuarainey5TheJoshuarainey520 gün önce
    • @TheJoshuarainey5 You are here complaining that that shouldn't have happened, yet you are disagreeing with everything I say. I have said that Wang should've won the third round, but that is not what happened, I don't complain about it, they mean nothing when deciding the next round. Now tell me that I'm wrong with the third round.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian20 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian you're still not getting the whole concept. If Wang would've gotten the win in the first two runs like he should've there wouldn't have been a third run. 3rd run is not in play on this argument for the simple fact it shouldn't have taken place.

      TheJoshuarainey5TheJoshuarainey521 gün önce
    • @Jake Hunter Then why were you saying that he shouldn't have won? If you complain like that, then our arguments gonna be way off. If you understood what I was saying, then why didn't you tell me you were talking about the first 2 rounds? I agree that Wang should've won those first 2, but we can't just leave the 3rd and winning run out. Maybe if you were less of a douche from the begining, we could've had a decent argument.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian oh right so you clearly can't read when I stated plain as daylight that Wang had the 1st and 2nd lead runs and follows.. I never said anything about the 3rd run cause Deane did have it for the win however like I said the first time I commented there should not of even been a 3rd run😂so stop trying to change your point and just listen from the start next time

      Jake HunterJake Hunter25 gün önce
  • Gushi gang Gushi gang Gushi Gang. Achellies team's biggest dreams!

    schit4brainzschit4brainz26 gün önce
  • We need different judges and that's a proven fact now. Wang won that battle outright and everybody knows it. He was deeper in all outer sections and consistently held more angle then Dean in the chase.

    TheJoshuarainey5TheJoshuarainey526 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian Listen to yourself. If Wang should’ve won the 1st 2 runs, then why are you even talking about he 3rd run. It should be end of discussion right there. The 3rd run wouldn’t matter if he won either of the first 2 like he should’ve.

      Melo xMelo x17 gün önce
    • @Doctor Dewbie Are you serious? You are completely ignoring the facts as to why Dean won the third run. The judges weren't bribed, they didn't have their girlfriend stolen by Wang, whatever the crap people can come up with. (Trust me, people have actually said this type of stuff). The point is, constantly complaining about the fact that you didn't get your way is never gonna change who won. Move on, those first runs are in the past and didn't tell you who the winner in the end was. If you want to tell me who won the third round, I would be happy to have (hopefully) a nice conversation.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian21 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian Nobody is saying Wang won the third battle. People are pissed because Wang clearly had the 1st two battles and it shouldn’t of ever went OMT, not once but twice in a row, because Deane was driving straight. It’s obvious they made the calls to stage the out come for Deane’s three peat championship.

      Doctor DewbieDoctor Dewbie23 gün önce
    • @Doctor Dewbie I do agree with you that Wang should've won the first 2 runs, but I can't tell you that Dean did better than Wang in the third run. If you want and explanation, I have it ready for you above.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian Are you talking about the 1st battle Wang won against Deane or the 2nd? How come Ryan L was against the OMT call and said Wang did a better job in both positions and voted in favor of Wang? It's fkn stupid if the Judges can selectively decide if they want to factor both runs in the scoring and endlessly call for OMT until they get the out come they want.

      Doctor DewbieDoctor Dewbie25 gün önce
  • So much uneducated comments ,lol. Commenting out of emotions instead using reason and logic.

    D Max DanD Max Dan26 gün önce
    • I just barely got one where this kid said that one of the judges hate Wang because he stole his girlfriend with his driving skill. Again, some crazy people out there.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
    • I've seen conspiracy theories about the judges being bribed to choose Dean. Some crazy people out there.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Aasbo's car is for sale ;0

    wideangle07wideangle0726 gün önce
    • Eko Setiawan they sold his old one on bring a trailer

      Matt LMatt L25 gün önce
    • @Eko Setiawan Satire...joking :)

      wideangle07wideangle0726 gün önce
    • 2020 supra next year, but where you know if the car is for sale?

      Eko SetiawanEko Setiawan26 gün önce
  • all year the judging i think has been on point and im a james deane fan but thats some bullshit right there to end the season

    Joe TeeJoe Tee26 gün önce
  • Who’s the FD lady putting the cameras on the cars? 🥰😍

    hey lets play thishey lets play this26 gün önce
  • WANG HAD JAMES BEAT 1000%!!!!!!

    William BartonWilliam Barton26 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian tbh man you're right, I love James Dean and i was a bit dissapointed on his chasing run because it's where he's the best in the competition we saw him land 10000 times better chase run on Haasbo or Odi but when we're looking at the lead run James is way way too solid, he's fluid, he has the speed and the angle people can moan because of the judge or because anything but they tend to forget how skilled is James and if you look at all the run of James Throughout this season James deserve the 3 times CS

      SouLBuster FRSouLBuster FR8 gün önce
    • @g0ferboy What are you proposing? Wang was better than Dean, or the opposite?

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian lead vs lead AND CHASE vs CHASE!

      g0ferboyg0ferboy24 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian ofc he isn’t but he’s putting out close to perfect lines and also there wasn’t supposed to be a run#3. The crowd knew you already got it on the first two. The judges just wanted to give Deane one more shot at it .. 💀

      GlitchrrGlitchrr25 gün önce
    • @Glitchrr I'm talking about the 3rd run. I do agree that Wang won the first 2, but Dean definitely beat Wang in the 3rd run. Plus, their hp difference shouldn't effect them that much, they have to get used to the chasis. Yes, Dean has a faster car, but Wang could keep up with him, he just wasn't as risky as he could've been.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
  • 5:11:01 top 16... Your welcome

    nitrous 666 oxidenitrous 666 oxide26 gün önce
  • As much as i love james deane but wang shoulve get the win. Even on the first run. But its a FD. More into entertain than a real sport. And i think the judges prefer making a history for James deane to be 3rd on a row champs. Great battle tho.. i wish piotr win next year

    Riza Agustino NiagraRiza Agustino Niagra26 gün önce
    • Riza Agustino Niagra he drives hard

      OscarAHGOscarAHG24 gün önce
    • @tom58c Still flew over your head. Not that hard to figure it out man.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian25 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian Belittling people makes your point valid? Got it lol.

      tom58ctom58c26 gün önce
    • @tom58c My point flew 10 miles over your head. Do you really think that his lead run is useless because he made a mistake before he competed with Wang? Use your head man.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
    • @Robert Vivian Deane straightened the front wheels while chasing. In the past that always made a incomplete run. This is the way they have always ruled in the past except this time. Making the lead run by Deane worthless.

      tom58ctom58c26 gün önce
  • Wang did a better job in the chase IDK how the judges call that its a complete BS both leads was even but Wang's chase is better than deane

    ManiaxManManiaxMan26 gün önce
    • Are you really really sure that their lead runs were even. If you want to judge properly, YOU can't use favoritism. Deans lead run was significantly better than Wangs, you're not gonna change my mind about that. But the chase runs were much closer than the lead runs, so the deciding factor was the lead run. Plus, the rules clearly state that you must give a chasable lead to qualify, and Dean had no big mistakes in his lead run, but Wang did. Wang would've gotten a lot more points taken off that lead run if it was qualifying. Prove me wrong.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Always remember..... they Judge Lead Runs, not chase runs. You're welcome.

    Team Knockout ChachiTeam Knockout Chachi26 gün önce
    • They actually judge both, but it's still true. People are throwing the lead runs out the window.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
  • Shouldve been omt on piotr and aasbo

    5кч_5кч_26 gün önce
    • @old dog new tricks True, though some are smart enough to know why they chose what they did.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian23 gün önce
    • @5кч_ just like the judges different eyes see different things

      old dog new tricksold dog new tricks24 gün önce
    • 😂😂😂😂😂 ur funny

      Ross DimondRoss Dimond26 gün önce
    • @old dog new tricks aasbo won the chase on the first outside zone, piotr won the 2nd, and 3rd was kinda even

      5кч_5кч_26 gün önce
    • What battle was you watching piotr gapped him on the lead and dominated him in the chase the side by side playback showed that

      old dog new tricksold dog new tricks26 gün önce
  • Wang should have tooken it.. his lead was slow but had good angle and his chase was way better than Dean's. Dean was practically doing a straight burn out. No angle what so ever. But oh well. Judges suck anyways.. thats why i dont go to fd events anymore. It's all rigged for popularity.

    luis_frayre21luis_frayre2126 gün önce
    • Ok dude, you are missing the point as to why the judges chose Dean. The chase runs were close, Wang would've barely beaten Dean, but if you look back at the lead runs, Dean was much better than Wang. It's not just speed, Dean had a much better line, a bit more angle in leading, and OVERALL was better than Wang. Dean had barely any angle because Wang was going slow enough that he couldn't get any speed for angle. Dean gave a MUCH better chasable lead run than Wang, something the judges are looking for. Judging is more complicated than just seeing which car looks cooler and faster, but your entitled butt thinks that you are much more qualified to judge, so why don't you go ahead and tell me why everything that I said was wrong, and give me a better explanation as to why Wang was OVERALL (I can't make this more clear) better than Dean. Now if you were a true fan of Formula Drift, then you would understand that it's not about the judges decision, it's about the entirety of the sport, but you are so focused on your opinion and who wins, therefore, I do not see you as a true fan.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
    • And congrats to Ken! Awsome driving he did.

      luis_frayre21luis_frayre2126 gün önce
  • Wang should’ve won that.

    JazzaBugJazzaBug26 gün önce
    • @JazzaBugThank you. You are the first person to listen. Thank you for being a decent human.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
    • Robert Vivian gotcha.

      JazzaBugJazzaBug26 gün önce
    • The judges had to look at the lead runs because the chase runs were so close. Wang did beat Dean, but just barely. But if you look at the lead runs, Dean was significantly better than Wang.

      Robert VivianRobert Vivian26 gün önce
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