Stephen Sharer Found The Mystery Neighbor Sledding in the Sharer Fam backyard ski slope at 3am with an evil twin?! WATCH TILL THE END!!
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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “TRANSFORMING OUR BACKYARD INTO a REAL LIFE SKI SLOPE!! (Fastest Sled Wins $10,000 Challenge)” you saw Stephen Sharer and best friend John did an epic Fastest Sled Challenge wins $10000 and transformed their Los Angeles backyard into a WINTER WONDERLAND with Real Snow in Real Life! In today's video, Steven Sharer and John decided to take that $10000 challenge to the next level because the real life snow was still there so they opened up some fanmail before they went to bed. Grace Sharer was not home because she was at a friends house but on their way to bed Steven looked outside at 3am and found Mystery Neighbor is SLEDDING in their back yard on an inflatable snowmobile! It was super late outside and 3am for a neighbor to be sledding on the ski slope is super late which means the agent must have snuck in to spy on the Sharer Family at 3am overnight. If Steven had not noticed that the back gate door to outside was WIDE OPEN (intruder alert) he never would have seen the mystery neighbor IRL. John and Stephen grab their spy gadgets and get ready to start spying on the mystery neighbor for 24 hours and figure out why she is undercover as a sled rider in their backyard. The Mystery Neighbor grabs a snow sled and starts sledding down the backyard ski slope. John gets an idea to pull an EPIC PRANK ON THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR! They grab some prank supplies to turn the sledding track into a supercharged slip and slide and get the neighbor to WIPE OUT (epic fail)! Make sure to wait until the end of the vlog because the Sharers realizes there is not just one but TWO Mystery Neighbors (EVIL TWIN Mystery Neighbors)! Comment down below if you have any ideas of who this second person could be!


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  • Does the Mystery Neighbor Have a #TWIN?! Who is this spy?! 😱🕵️‍♂️

    Stephen SharerStephen SharerAylar önce
    • You. Reid. Une

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    • Stephen Sharer Is right they are twins

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    • Stephen Sharer .z.z.tviyyu

      Co CoCo Co2 gün önce
    • You’re so cool Stephen share TRvision grace share you to John

      Sharhea PerkinsSharhea Perkins4 gün önce
    • that mystery neighbor is ellen dont trust those twins they are evil even miss karen is evil

      Erlinda MirandaErlinda Miranda4 gün önce
  • mis Ellen was

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  • Look outside someone was sliding on the snow

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  • I’ve been is it favourite since 2018

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  • No she haves a twin

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  • It is her twin

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  • It was Ellen and miss Karen their twins they're identical ones too

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