Found Secret Hidden Camera after Lie Detector Test to find Truth! (Game Master Challenge)

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo discovered a secret hidden camera in the garage that has been spying on them.
Found a Secret Hidden Camera in My House by Game Master! (Quadrant Device Hacks Roblox in Real Life)
After Rebecca Zamolo completed a Lie Detector Test on REAL Game Master To REVEAL Truth, we needed to check our cabin to see if there was a secret coin that could allow us to get into the GMI casting office. They can't know that we are searching for it so we pretend that our Dogs are missing. The Zamfam said that Andrew from the gamemaster inc. was at our place looking at cameras and searching or lost or missing items and that it was at pumpkin patches hideout. The only person that was there recently was Daniel. Can we trust him or does he need to take a lie detector test. Once we get up there Matt found a secret hidden camera and now need to search it. The footage shows the secret agent Andrew destroying all of the pumpkin patch evidence. We hear a noise and it shows him losing the coin. After searching for almost 24 hours Rebecca and Matt found the coin. When they are looking at it Andrew arrives to have a secret meeting. He doesn't want the coin and wants to help us out by giving it to Rebecca who will need to go in disguise. Will this plan work? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!
#hiddencamera #liedetectortest #truth
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  • What do you think we will find on the hidden camera footage? Should we give Andrew a Lie Detector Test?

    Matt and RebeccaMatt and Rebecca6 aylar önce
    • I do

      Adam MarkiewiczAdam Markiewicz2 gün önce
    • I love you 😘

      Jesus MendozaJesus MendozaAylar önce
    • Matt and Rebecca yes

      Yusuf MohamedYusuf MohamedAylar önce
    • You guys should give him a lie detector test

      Jenny LuceroJenny LuceroAylar önce
    • Yes

      Jenny LuceroJenny LuceroAylar önce
  • 👎

    josie napolesjosie napoles19 saatler önce
  • You have to trust him because I saw him talking and it was the truth

    Sandra SernaSandra SernaGün önce
  • I love you so much Rebecca

    Adam MarkiewiczAdam Markiewicz2 gün önce

    Nick MargoNick Margo2 gün önce
  • Andrew has a clone

    Leslie EsparzaLeslie Esparza2 gün önce
  • The quadrants took them

    Kimberly CarrollKimberly Carroll3 gün önce
  • YES Rebecca and Matt

    Carianya StevensCarianya Stevens3 gün önce
  • Hidden camera squad

    Alisha HeatherAlisha Heather4 gün önce
  • They watch me when you're changing as well

    lol tick tok tick toklol tick tok tick tok4 gün önce
  • I

    Gabriella WraggGabriella Wragg4 gün önce
  • No

    Percaious AguilarPercaious Aguilar4 gün önce
  • You should trust Andrew

    Chantelle SmithChantelle Smith5 gün önce
  • Do not trust Andrew

    nick Castronick Castro5 gün önce
  • hi sup bye

    Pat CranePat Crane5 gün önce
  • hidden camera squad

    Kamryn GatewoodKamryn Gatewood6 gün önce
  • ءTrust Andrew

    Tahat FamilyTahat Family8 gün önce
  • Hidden camera squad

    Savanna CorcoranSavanna Corcoran8 gün önce
  • There was a camera in the back of Matt when checking footedge

    alan Gonzalezalan Gonzalez12 gün önce
  • No

    No NeNo Ne14 gün önce
  • Game Master is real!

    Best FriendsBest Friends16 gün önce
  • dont trust andrew like if u agrre

    Hannah LeHannah Le17 gün önce
  • the gmi game master is lying i the lie detactor test because he had the thing were u will not tell the truth in the lie detector when you drink the lie detector mixtcher

    Hannah LeHannah Le17 gün önce
  • oommgg

    victor souzavictor souza21 gün önce
  • Matt is game master m2

    ShawnsToyShowShawnsToyShow22 gün önce
  • Matt is game master m2

    ShawnsToyShowShawnsToyShow22 gün önce
  • Hidden camera squad

    Lily PrinceLily Prince22 gün önce
  • Peanut is so cute

  • Yes

    Laura CasasLaura Casas25 gün önce
  • If you think about it game master if he’s the game master then he is a master at escape rooms

    Landyn TapiaLandyn Tapia27 gün önce
  • Yes trust andrew

    Add AddiAdd AddiAylar önce
  • There’s a hole in the coin

    Add AddiAdd AddiAylar önce
  • green big hiddin camra

    Anthony MurphyAnthony MurphyAylar önce
  • noppppppppp.... nop

    Mariangeliz SerranoMariangeliz SerranoAylar önce
  • Yes he can be trusted 😊

    Janie_Young HollywoodJanie_Young HollywoodAylar önce
  • Hidden camera squad

    Janie_Young HollywoodJanie_Young HollywoodAylar önce
  • What about.the pumpkin patch were you spied on PP

    Michelle SchwerdtfegerruklMichelle SchwerdtfegerruklAylar önce
  • Your hair is pretty

    Erin OlverErin OlverAylar önce
  • Love you 💞💞💞

    Ewa KEwa KAylar önce
  • I love u Rebecca and matt your videos are the best in the UK no one is better than you guys roses are red and violets are blue your dogs are super cute ❤❤❤💕💕💕

    Ewa KEwa KAylar önce
  • the game master is real

    Lisa PurvisLisa PurvisAylar önce
  • yes you should trust andrew

    Dfg VehheDfg VehheAylar önce
  • Hidden cameras soquad

    DreamerKxnDreamerKxnAylar önce
  • G is for game m is for master and i is for in

    Diana LozanoDiana LozanoAylar önce
  • Your the best

    Miranda Miranda torresMiranda Miranda torresAylar önce
  • There's a camera in the backyard by the Windows that the GMI put up!

    Jordan GoodinJordan GoodinAylar önce
  • Pumpkin patch is rocky

    Gracey McCraryGracey McCraryAylar önce
  • The gmi will tack your dogs

    Gracey McCraryGracey McCraryAylar önce
  • Hi your the best Rebecca and I love Roblox

    Claire SmithClaire SmithAylar önce
  • I saw a camera It’s above matt

    Karla SausamedaKarla SausamedaAylar önce
  • Hidden Camera Squad 👇👇👇👇👇

    CreamPuff ConveyCreamPuff ConveyAylar önce
  • There was a camera behind you

    SwishyFishy1SwishyFishy1Aylar önce
  • MAñ

    santiago garciasantiago garciaAylar önce
    • No Rebeca

      santiago garciasantiago garciaAylar önce
  • I love your vidiows

    Gemma UrbanGemma UrbanAylar önce
  • thats not andrew

    leighton edwardsleighton edwardsAylar önce
  • andrew was laying the hool time

    leighton edwardsleighton edwardsAylar önce
  • At 2:57 there was a glitch

    Payten WoodyPayten WoodyAylar önce
  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😇

    Tasha MaloneTasha MaloneAylar önce
  • No

    Ashley LopezAshley LopezAylar önce
  • Hidden camera squad

    Chantelle BalmontChantelle BalmontAylar önce
  • Give angrow a lie decter test and .he held the .con up to a gmi spy carema on your deck at the caden and you gise should sen him doing it

    Kylie JenningsKylie JenningsAylar önce
  • Yes you should Rebecca and Matt

    Gareth BothaGareth BothaAylar önce
  • Do not trust Andrew

    Stella ForemanStella ForemanAylar önce
  • I. Love you so. Mush. Penut. And. Block jack

    Heather McHeather McAylar önce
  • The gam3 master has thim

    Clint GallowayClint GallowayAylar önce
  • game master is real

    The glitter familiaThe glitter familiaAylar önce
  • Look under the box

    Maria MaciasMaria Macias2 aylar önce
  • Rebecca give Andrew a lie. Detector test

    Marie OrestilMarie Orestil2 aylar önce
  • Rebecca on your last video Gm was not telling the truth

    Marie OrestilMarie Orestil2 aylar önce
  • Dou Nott Troust Androud

    Helin EkinciHelin Ekinci2 aylar önce
Found Secret Hidden Camera after Lie Detector Test to find Truth! (Game Master Challenge)