• Jack didnt see that there was a real quantum hunter large outside his corral. Jack's blind

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  • Jack hasnt uploaded because he hasnt reached day 420 yet guys, gotta let the man work

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  • "In the next episode" *sadness noises*

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  • We shan’t more slime rancher

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  • Hild on waitthat comment! The one person that didnt listen: WELL UM YOUR DOING SOMETHING WRONG WITHTHEDRONES

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  • Jack put a water turret so it shoots the drone home so it will be fully automated

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    • You need to tell him that tomorrow when he uploads again

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  • Are you going to do more episodes?

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    • You have to ask him when the next video comes up

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  • Jaaaaaaaaaack do another episode on slime rancher!!!!!

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    • @Obamium Maker when he uploads

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    • @Jose Martinez when and where tomorrow?

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    • Ask him tomorrow so he can see

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  • Tip: Glitch slimes have these faces :|

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  • Jack get gold slime poop and feed it to one of ur slime

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  • 2020 just cuz anyone 🙃

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  • Jack NEVER got the Vault rewards...

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  • If you're reading this it's 2020 no I just like to say there's a new DLC but I think you should play it is a skin pack baby sexy something way different her life stuff and yeah that's all I want to say

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  • "the next episode," he said. wheres our "next episode now, Jack."

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  • Thank you for introducing me to Slime rancher, it is an amazing game! (Edit: I watched your first video and immediately wanted the game)

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  • I just now realize that bob is actually a bunch of slimes

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  • Jack please keep playing slime rancher! You haven’t even got all the 7zee reward yet!

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  • you can go to your home and upgrade

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  • Why arnt there bee slimes?

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  • When you throw the fires into the water they turn into the crystal slimes

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  • Jack: Well I'm gonna leave this episode here! *Has been eight months since he posted a slime rancher episode* Me: *crying*

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    • Me too

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  • Jack what was your favorite game series on the channel

  • Jack, there is another expansion: Mochis manor. To get to it, just trade with Mochi a few times and she will invite you. Well, that’s what I did anyway.

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  • 11:26 forgot gold slime to the right

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  • E

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  • Am I the only person who noticed his quantum hunter slime had escaped his enclosure and is just staring at the other slimes? 13:26

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  • Play this again

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  • fun decoration tip for jack: after getting upgrades for ranch expanse's from the 7zee rewards club use different colored echoes (maybe even mix colors) to make your ranch ranch expanses an even more fun place for you and your slimes! sorry about about the spelling and grammar its been a long day and i'm tired AF

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  • Jack, please come back to slime rancher!😭🙏😫🥺

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  • Keep making this series I love it and don’t want it to end

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  • i want be the very best slimeymon

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  • Half of the decisions in this video just make me want to unsubscribe, aAAAaAaAaaAaaaAaAH!

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  • ... He killed the fire slimes and said “oH thEY’Ll bURn sTuFf” they dont do anything but sit around and look cute.

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  • Bring back this series!!!!

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  • They dont die, they get sent to the next dimension. Like yugioh or dbz.

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  • Where is the roncher

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  • The 3 slimes on top of each other are named Bob.

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  • The update lets you can combine a slime with an gold one

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  • In his Slime Rancher stream he got 42068 new bucks

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  • Jack will you make more slime rancher vids

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  • Jack: *brings back an old series* Also Jack: *stops after 3 episodes*

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  • when jack missed another gold slime :(

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  • Tip for jack: you can tell the difference of glitch and real slimes. Just look at the face: the derp face=glitch slime, non derp face: real!

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  • :D

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  • I have some important advice for you Jack go to the lab purchase a advanced Gordo snare and then get a gilded ginger place it on the advanced Gordo snare then sleep and you’ll have a gold Gordo

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