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00:00 - Warm up your vision with this visual brain game!
Typical funeral ceremony. Hm, can you spot what’s wrong here?

01:03 - Boost your attentiveness to the details with these fun puzzles!
But 1st, you gotta complete the craziest tasks! Come on, Ethan! Can you spot Ethan?

01:59 - Test your logical thinking with this tricky teaser!
Frat boy: “And now, you gotta get me a ФО t-shirt! You have till midnight!” ФО...a sorority! Ethan’s gotta sneak in there tonight. Those girls will freak if they find him! Which room will be empty?

03:25 - This brainy puzzle will improve your IQ!
Ethan was so close when...
Girl: “Knock knock... Irene! You there?”
Ethan: “Gotta hide. Now!”
What’s the best hiding place?

04:32 - Think outside the box to solve the next puzzle! Ethan’s trapped. What options does he have? Pretty roses. Huge thorns! Ahh! What are they up to? A combo lock. How can he get out?

05:16 - This IQ puzzle will stretch your brain!
Hm... weird. Numbers on the note. But letters on the lock. What’s the combo?

05:54 - This logic puzzle will boost your brain!
Fancy Party time at KΛ house. Time to relax! But not for Ethan. He’s gotta keep an eye out. Other frats might try to prank their party. What’s wrong here?

07:20 - Another cool riddle that will sharpen your logic!
No way! That’s Robert, KΛ president. Was he poisoned?
Robert: “I didn’t eat anything...Just had a few drinks...”
The KΛ boys kicked everyone out. Ok, only loyal friends left... well, except the waiters!
Ethan: “One of those glasses was poisoned!”
Guy waiter: “I heard ФО wanted revenge. I bet it was a girl!”
Who’s guilty?

08:31 - Speed up your logical thinking with this teaser! Time for the midnight challenge. Ethan’s gotta find a secret chamber in the closed library. What or where should he search?

09:04 - This short puzzle will boost your IQ! Ok, Shakespeare. Hm...there’s no 6th volume! Where is it?

09:37 - Think fast to survive! Arhhhh! An angry gorilla! What’s Ethan gonna do?

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