FUNNY THINGS TO TRY NOW | 13 Creative Ideas For Family and Fun

Hello! Welcome to Kiwi Show channel! It is time for having FUN!
Prepare your scissors, glue,... STOP!
This time I made something special for the begining!
It is true, heroical and absolutely hillarious stories from real life of my fingers! SO BE CURIOUS and ready for this!
I hope you will like those,
but also I am showing you other funny and simple things for making in boring day!
You will find out
- how to use water in intersting way (WATER TRICKS with crayons and plastic bag, Rainbow experiment with Skittles)
- Cool action cards, that you can make less than for 5 minutes,
- Paper Fortune teller,
- Chinese finger trip,
- Amazing World of Gumball FLIPBOOK drawing
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Music "Comparsa - Latinesque" - Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution (
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FUNNY THINGS TO TRY NOW | 13 Creative Ideas For Family and Fun