Gad Elmaleh Points Out The Absurdities In The English Language - CONAN on TBS

Gad is learning English and having trouble coping with the fact that he will never know how old a toddler is and how much is actually in a bunch.
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  • GAD is the Lance Armstrong of stand up

    Sid BayouSid Bayou18 saatler önce
  • This guy is a fraud. Stole jokes

    Intérimaire Respect.Intérimaire Respect.2 gün önce
  • copy comic

    guillaume tbkguillaume tbk5 gün önce
  • Even tho his English sucks

    Real tvReal tv16 gün önce
  • This dude just learned English and is doing stand up In English you people have no excuses

    Real tvReal tv16 gün önce
  • the hardest word for me to understand is "get" , get down, get over it, get fucked so many variation and up get up open up etc , some guy told me "you're on your own" once i thought he was making funny noises on purpose

    Sami FolioSami Folio22 gün önce

    leonard Elmalehleonard ElmalehAylar önce
  • Love you Gad💞💞💞💞

    W F nW F nAylar önce
  • C'était avant Copy Comic, rassurez moi :)

    mercureximercurexiAylar önce
  • Btw he is not french , he is jewish , french have no stars lmao Zidane for exemple the bigest star in france ... he is Algerian not French lol Like Omar Sy Senegal from or Mbappe Algerien footballer again.

    Tom JedusorTom JedusorAylar önce
    • he is originally from morocco 🇲🇦

      HeyHichamHeyHichamAylar önce
    • Jewish isn't a nationality xD

      BriseBriseAylar önce
  • Joke thief

    Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
  • This guy is moroccan not French .he father and mother are Moroccan, he born and raised in Casablanca Morocco.

    Ismail LahbibiIsmail LahbibiAylar önce
    • @Todd Pilp Ouch

      Kevin MKevin MAylar önce
    • Yep, no doubt about it. A french wouldn't have stolen as much material as he did. He sure is a morrocan. Thief.

      Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
    • He left Morocco at 17.... He lives in France for more than 20 years now... And he even married french women so...

      Kevin MKevin MAylar önce
  • What ?! Gad Elmaleh est aux États-Unis ???!!!

    JonarezJonarezAylar önce
    • @Todd Pilp C'est très mal de juger les gens, surtout quand on a zéro connaissances sur le bonhomme. Parce que oui, il a toujours eu une carrière à l’international, c'est un fait. Peu importe si ses sketchs sont plagiés ou non. J'imagine, que tu gobe tout sur BFM poubelle

      Rexo ProdRexo ProdAylar önce
    • @Rexo Prod Depuis toujours? lol Quel mensonge. Tu fais parti de sa team de mythomanes et de voleurs?

      Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
    • Ben, il a une carrière internationnal , depuis toujours x)

      Rexo ProdRexo ProdAylar önce
  • Who is your girlfriend ? For some reason it's a bunch of stuff

    AlexYt AlexYtAlexYt AlexYtAylar önce
  • فنان صاعد بكل ما تحمل الكلمة من معنى تحية خالصة لجاد من ناس طنجة كاملين انت متعة المشاهدة

    bety tangerbety tangerAylar önce
  • Gad a du talent et le courage d’aller loin et il a le droit de faire des fautes , pour moi chapeau et bon courage je serai un fin à l’infini car il a renter le sourire et le bonheur dans ma vie.

    Karim LamraniKarim LamraniAylar önce
    • Ridicule lol C'est un maghrébin voleur

      Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
  • C'était drôle, ça vient de qui ses blagues ?

    MMAylar önce
  • I don't remember when it was the last time that happened but i had to cry from laughing so hard😂😂😂

    NejahNejahAylar önce
  • The infamous douche who stole all the punchlines from other artists and pretended it was his ...... What a piece of garbage .... Who are you gonna invite next ? Bill Cosby ? R.Kelly ? ......

    PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아2 aylar önce
  • Isn't this the Joke Bandit?!!!

    Vusi TwalaVusi Twala2 aylar önce
  • Is that the French guy who has been cheating for years and stole so many lines from great American artists like Seinfeld, Carlin and Wright. I am pretty sure that’s him.

    Rd lRd l2 aylar önce
    • He's not french, he's morrocan. But yes, it's him

      Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
  • Why are there so many Antisemites in the comments section.😱 It was already pretty bad when he was only famous in France. You would get French Antisemites saying on his videos that he is a dirty AND JEALOUS jew and should be exterminated and delt with (literally French people saying that all over TRvision!!) , but now that he is famous in America it's ridiculous all the bullshit about him plagarizing because he's Jewish. It reminds me of the same exact antisemitism you'd see against Albert Einstein (thousands of people on the Internet use propaganda to make people think that Einstein stole all his work from non Jewish scientists and should be reason for his extermination, but the Nazis were stopped before they could kill him especially since they already had threatened him for being a plagarist and a degenerate. )

    Emiliano DeanEmiliano Dean2 aylar önce
    • You're bitter because your idol is a thief. Probably like you are Moshe. It's funny that you use to same tactics: lies. No french has said Gad should be exterminated. You wrote so much just to defend your favorite thief, it's hilarious.

      Todd PilpTodd PilpAylar önce
  • برافو عليك يا جاد

    يونس البقالييونس البقالي2 aylar önce
  • Buster fleaton over here has intermets

    Z EBNZ EBN2 aylar önce
  • he's gone far beyond ''where is Bryan'' 😂😂

    Sarra HamelSarra Hamel2 aylar önce
  • the joke thief

    spike sanderssspike sanderss2 aylar önce
  • Is it just me or he kinda seems like a French Seinfield? Amazing like him, also French.

    Александър ЛаловАлександър Лалов2 aylar önce
  • Il restera un des meilleures comédiens au monde même si les jaloux crieront plagiat bande de frustrés

    PiketleVréPiketleVré3 aylar önce
  • Pitiful

    Kelly WalerKelly Waler3 aylar önce
  • Question a nos amis vivant aux US, ses nouvelles blagues sont de lui ou de quelqu'un d'autre ?!

    Matteo260195Matteo2601953 aylar önce
    • Il faut que tu parles Anglais, Ducon. La, aucun Americain a compris ce que tu as dit🤣🤣

      Emiliano DeanEmiliano Dean2 aylar önce
  • il a surtout bien pompé sur plein de comiques américains ou canadiens

    Nico BassNico Bass3 aylar önce
    • Et toi t'as pompe sur qui a l'ecole🤣🤣

      Emiliano DeanEmiliano Dean2 aylar önce
  • I'm a french living in Philly and indeed my roommate told me once she loved a flat because it had "French doors", I had to google it because I had no ideas of what she was saying!

    Alexandrine LJAlexandrine LJ3 aylar önce
  • Vendu de merde à faire les pipes et le café aux States...

    Micaele ChiocciMicaele Chiocci3 aylar önce
  • love Conan but Gad Elmaleh is famous in France for copying other comics. He is a complete plagiarist. Sometimes you even catch him laughing at his own jokes. You know why? Because they aren't his jokes. He is laughing at someone else's joke.

    James LongJames Long3 aylar önce
  • French here ^^ this guy is very fun. Love him. He speak English very well. And even in English , I understand the joke and I laugh ^^

    007 007007 0073 aylar önce
  • "big star in France".... Because he stole jokes!!!!

    LSMN47LSMN473 aylar önce
  • In usa Talking french=educated Wtf?😂😂 By the way i'm from morocco

    9ossay Samad9ossay Samad3 aylar önce

      leonard Elmalehleonard ElmalehAylar önce
  • Yeah, this guy just translates jokes from famous American comedians. Just type in copy comic...

    Matt VaughnMatt Vaughn3 aylar önce
  • 11×4, 44 total. 8-2, 88/ 44+8, 88÷8=11. 8+3? 44÷8÷2=5.5 €£¥₩$ 52 = 11? 55/8? 88÷4

    Z EBNZ EBN3 aylar önce
  • copycat gad

    kay doylekay doyle3 aylar önce
  • fake !

    Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio3 aylar önce
  • Love it! J'aime !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Karen Sandoval FlacaA7Karen Sandoval FlacaA73 aylar önce

    brigitte quincybrigitte quincy3 aylar önce
  • A 60-90cm tall human who has exited the “aaaaw” phase and entered the “awfuuuuuuuck” phase. Generally have no respect or regard for anything and unwittingly forces its parents into alcoholism. They don’t sleep, don’t eat food, however they do have a nak for interior design using simple tools such as crayons, lipstick and eyeliner. They are the second most common cause of hypertension and first most common cause of liver serrosis. toddler

    David LésparDavid Léspar3 aylar önce
  • Now you can understand all the immigrants who go to france to do comedy..

    David LésparDavid Léspar3 aylar önce
  • That man is fantastic

    Allister FiendAllister Fiend4 aylar önce
  • Yes !! I love him a lot

    loveutill theendoftimesloveutill theendoftimes4 aylar önce

      andromisilibroberandromisilibrober4 aylar önce
  • So funny... did he steal the jokes that he used in this talk-show too ?

    Azim BeledjhemAzim Beledjhem4 aylar önce
    • bon après apprend à écrire frérot

      UpayToLoseUpayToLose4 aylar önce
  • Rends moi mes sketches voleur

    Alexandre BrardAlexandre Brard5 aylar önce
  • Big star in France???? Et depuis quand? MDR.

    Almeida kof ALEXAlmeida kof ALEX5 aylar önce
  • Funnier than any of his work

    fanfanpayfanfanpay5 aylar önce
  • Franchement il grave un bon accent

    Neptune KrakenNeptune Kraken5 aylar önce
    • agaçant oui. J'adore gad mais bon en anglais bof quoi.

      andromisilibroberandromisilibrober4 aylar önce
  • Il est trop chaud 🤣🤣🤣

    Yamcha95Yamcha955 aylar önce
  • The guy is a scam. His entire career is a plagiarism of American comedians. He made himself known on a bluff. so full of himself !!! Keep him, we do not want him here anyway...

    JunkSoapJunkSoap5 aylar önce
  • Il n'était plus drôle en français, il suffisait qu'il change de langue pour me refaire rire

    TargazhTargazh5 aylar önce
  • 5 sur toi gad

    alpha bravoalpha bravo5 aylar önce
  • Funny he'd talk about that when he's known for stealing jokes from americans and just make them in french.

    Hibou SanHibou San5 aylar önce
    • He's not known for stealing jokes dumbass nobody even cares about that smh

      Emiliano DeanEmiliano Dean2 aylar önce
  • Mec "browsing" c'est juste "je regarde"

    TopheyeTopheye5 aylar önce
    • @Topheye Pas vraiment non "je regarde" veut seulement dire "je regarde" en France. Et ils ont un mot pour ça qui n'est pas browsing mais "I'm checking" "just looking" "looking". La preuve: Ce mot signifie plein de choses et surtout pleins de phrases, il est utilisé pour 5 définitions différentes.

      AndromediensAndromediensAylar önce
    • @Andromediens je maintiens qu'on obtient le même sens en disant juste : "je regarde"

      TopheyeTopheyeAylar önce
    • @Topheye Comme il dit, le mot browsing signifie une phrase entière, c'est comme si nous avions une phrase en un seul mot. Là-bas ça signifie: j'observe puis je réfléchis et je verrais ensuite car je ne sais pas encore => browsing Voilà pourquoi c'est bizarre pour nous, c'est pas commode du tout.

      AndromediensAndromediensAylar önce
    • @Topheye y a des gens qui scollent passivement, qui regardent sans vraiment regarder pour passer le temps

      C DsC Ds3 aylar önce
    • @C Ds et quand tu dis "je regarde" tu y réfléchis pas toi?

      TopheyeTopheye3 aylar önce
  • Its not french, its jew

    Blanc SuaveBlanc Suave5 aylar önce

    John MurphyJohn Murphy5 aylar önce
  • He probably copied this from someone.

    Eddy MercuryEddy Mercury5 aylar önce
    • Yeah me

      Good LooserGood Looser5 aylar önce
  • not a star he is a copy cat

    bigomar777bigomar7775 aylar önce
  • Bizarrement, on le voit moins traîner sur les plateaux US ces temps-ci...

    beverridgebeverridge5 aylar önce
    • Bizzarement les voleurs retourne toujours sur les scènes de crimes

      Good LooserGood Looser5 aylar önce
  • Jokes thief

    Galiley ThaDonGaliley ThaDon5 aylar önce
  • Ca paie de pomper et plagier en masse les autres artistes ....

    barbe noirebarbe noire5 aylar önce
  • voleur de vanne

    gougezgougez5 aylar önce
  • As a French, i never thought that guy was funny...He is a thief anyway

    Animal RevengeAnimal Revenge5 aylar önce
    • @Animal Revenge moi non plus apres c lui qui a decider d'en arriver la.....

      S.l multifandomS.l multifandom5 aylar önce
    • S.l multifandom je ne voudrais pas être à sa place...

      Animal RevengeAnimal Revenge5 aylar önce
    • @Animal Revenge oe j'ai vu plusieur commantaires et je trouve sa vraiment triste d'en arriver la , il aurait pas du faire sa , il a pratiquement creer sa carriere avec des textes qui appartienent des autre personnes , qui ont travailler dur a les ecrire ce qui extremement irespectieux et juste lache , il faut vraiment bien reflechir avant de faire ce genre de chose....j'espere au moin qu'il a assumer...😒

      S.l multifandomS.l multifandom5 aylar önce
    • S.l multifandom hello frenchy! Dans le métier ça se sait, en Amérique aussi, si tu as lu certains commentaires qui en parlent aussi. Je ne sais pas ce qu’il fait à présent mais niveau crédibilité il a beaucoup perdu...

      Animal RevengeAnimal Revenge5 aylar önce
    • @Animal Revenge mais ducoup il conyinue ce metier ou il a arreter ? pck il a dut perdre beaucoup de fan je supose....🤷‍♀️

      S.l multifandomS.l multifandom5 aylar önce
  • The most hated man in France

    Arnaud DE MARREZArnaud DE MARREZ5 aylar önce
    • ET TA SOEUR!

      leonard Elmalehleonard ElmalehAylar önce
    • 😂😂

      Zero Views Music VideosZero Views Music Videos4 aylar önce
  • Interview originale était de Jerry Seinfeld ^^

    Yucks67Yucks675 aylar önce
  • Gad is a god... Nice word play ?

    Le Serbe AcerbeLe Serbe Acerbe5 aylar önce
Gad Elmaleh Points Out The Absurdities In The English Language  - CONAN on TBS