Gad Saad and Dave Rubin: Psychology of Trump, Men vs Women, and Robotics (Full Interview)

Gad Saad (Evolutionary Behavioural Scientist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Bill C-16 and the complexities of discussing the politics of transgender issues, the psychological reasons someone might support Donald Trump, Gad’s new book on the “Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome”, the psychological differences between men and women, robotics, evolution, and more.
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Gad Saad
Evolutionary Behavioural Scientist
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  • 1:04 Review Boards? Probabbly only function in the USA or Europe, but what about China, Rusia? Of course not.

    Angel NúñezAngel Núñez8 saatler önce
  • Close minded people are the majority.Close minded people didn't get on the Ark, they didn't leave Jerusalem when the Roman army withdrew, they don't listen when something they believe is upended.

    mary shaffermary shaffer10 gün önce
  • Trump is not just an affront to aesthetic reason or undignified; he is highly unethical. Granted, all presidents are guilty of unethical actions, but he is in a unique category when it comes to using his position for personal gain.

    Anonosus RexAnonosus Rex29 gün önce
  • The Far Left: Nothing is ever binary, and you either agree with us or you're against us!

    j freedj freed2 aylar önce
  • Lol. Oh yeah this is the dude that got monumentally butt hurt when the Intellectual Dark Web didn’t consider him worthy of mentioning

    Cate EllingtonCate Ellington2 aylar önce
  • I am sure Sheldon Cooper doesn't agree to call social sciences as science.

    Saravanan PSaravanan P2 aylar önce
  • Wow THAT is a tan. I am translucent by comparison

    Harry LongshaftHarry Longshaft2 aylar önce
  • Progressives are mentally retarded by choice. If you're a progressive, go ahead and take an IQ test online. I will wait for you to come back and say wow how did you know

    ElmnopenElmnopen4 aylar önce
  • I reckon that tan increases Gad’s reproductive viability.

    zjjenks11zjjenks114 aylar önce
  • Rubin is a happy person who hates freedom of speech unless it supports his tribe. He wishes Dr. Saad could put many enemas inside his rectangle colon for him. This is the height of his dignity and logical belief. Talmud is Talmudism, and that is Talmudic Judaism. The free pass is codified to believe that hatred for all Goys and domination of the world justifies suppressing all freedom of speech that is criticism.

    BillBill5 aylar önce
  • I think it's funny that he said deontological ethics are important because consequentialist ethics lead to bad consequences. It's really more a matter of generalization versus specificity.

    Jane NutterJane Nutter6 aylar önce
  • A close friend relative had an affair and was going to leave his wife. They had a daughter together. As I remember the story, he came home to tell her he was going to file for divorce. They both said at the same time, "I have something important to say," and he, being a gentleman, ladies first. "I have cancer. Lymphoma. It's not good." "How bad?" "Six months to a year." Pause "What did you want want to tell me?" Pause "Oh, nothing." He was her caregiver for 8 years. She beat the lymphoma, but it spread and she died of brain cancer.

    Jeffrey BrowyJeffrey Browy6 aylar önce
  • Be careful generalizing about or stereotyping gay proclivities, incl. categorizing gay men into tops or bottoms, let alone how that will influence social/dating behaviors. I think that is grossly over-simplifying things, although it's ok to hypothesize and then try to test it. And when you use top vs bottom, how are you defining that? Purely on preferred positions for anal sex? What about oral sex? There's "Greek active" - anal penetrator, "Greek passive" - anal penetratee, ""French active" - oral penetrator (who may be "passively" getting sucked), and "French passive" - oral penetratee (who would be the "active" sucker), etc. However, some gay men aren't into anal either way and just prefer oral, others may prefer masturbation or frottage and neither type of penetration, some may be versatile for anal and/or oral, etc., etc. If I take a guy out to dinner, I MIGHT not even know at that point about his sex activity/position preferences, and I may not really feel comfortable asking him this so we can then "figure out" based on this who should pay the bill, unless you surmise that a man who prefers "active" positions will be more likely to offer to pay first (that could be a theoretically testable hypothesis if you get permission from dating couples to be watched/recorded and yet you don't tell them what behaviors you are specifically looking for or interested in, although one presumes you will at some point be interviewing or surveying both parties in terms of their preferred sex-act proclivities and positions). See - this gets pretty complicated pretty fast. Also, I personally don't have a preference for taller vs. shorter guys - and I certainly don't think if a guy is taller than me he should pay and if he is shorter than me I should pay. For myself, I'd say that who picks up the tab MAY be a factor or who offers first or pulls out the credit card first (although it would be considered polite for the other guy to protest or offer to pay or at least offer to pay his own tab). It MAY be more likely based on relative socioeconomic status, or which guy is in a better position to pay, especially if one guy has chosen a pricey restaurant that the other may not be able to afford. Actually, who is going to pay might be inferred ahead of time based on which man is doing the inviting - if I invite a guy out and he accepts, I assume I'm selecting the place (after inquiring about his gastronomic preferences and potential restrictions) and that I'll be paying (although if the time comes and he protests too much, especially if he doesn't want my paying to automatically reflect that then he might "owe" me something in return in the form of acquiescing to sex, I might agree to "go Dutch"). If a guy asks me out, I MIGHT infer the reverse - that he'll be paying/selecting, etc., although I might politely offer to pay when the check comes, and might be more inclines to let him take care of it since he asked me out and he insists, or, again, we decide to split it or each pay our own. But if I, as a college professor, ask a guy out and he accepts and I know he works at a grocery store, I'd think it only right that I pay. If I know he's a CEO of a major company, I might expect him to offer to pay and I might be inclined to accept. I'd say it would be most likely based on these sorts of age or wealth or socioeconomic status considerations. If I as a 50-something professional take out a guy in college, I might assume that I may have a greater expectation of paying the bill, etc. etc. In any case, I can't even imagine that any consideration of "top" vs. "bottom" would even enter into things. Even if one postulates that there might be a subconscious tendency based on this, I think my sense of proper decorum and situational economic considerations as described would over-ride any of that sort of thing. Feel free to relate these assumption pitfalls to Mr. Saad' and those of his grad students who embark to answer such questions.

    Steven KlimeckySteven Klimecky7 aylar önce
  • (((sand nibbas)))

  • Gad has the most beautiful blue eyes. You can get lost in them.

    Elsje MassynElsje Massyn7 aylar önce
  • Both these guys are really easy to like.

    Brooklyn RobotWorksBrooklyn RobotWorks8 aylar önce
  • Dave, why do you always have to say that annoying line about "All anybody REALLY wants in life is some food, some SEX, and just to be left alone"

    I'm unsubscribing.I'm unsubscribing.8 aylar önce
  • i think when Gad said top and bottom between two homosexual people on a date; Dave thought he meant top and bottom as sexual position but then it turned out Gad meant more masculine and less masculine. If i'm right that's hilarious!!

    ashay94ashay948 aylar önce
  • most important thing Gad said in this podcast is "Dave Rubin, he ain't my brother'

    ashay94ashay948 aylar önce
  • Mr.Rubin, Thank-you for what you are doing! I am learning so much and also seeing there are sensible people out there in this scary atmosphere of political correctness. In my work place I would never share my political views although other people (the liberals and immigrants, students etc.) feel empowered to share their views on politics. Your views are so enlightening and I am ideologically different from you and still there can be respect for very different people.

    Annie JAnnie J8 aylar önce
  • "naturally lobotomized morons"-a good description of what 5 decades of post modernist academia have achieved in their SJW students .

    bademoxybademoxy8 aylar önce
  • unlike the earlier women's right movements, martin luther king, ending persecution of homosexuals,nature conservation ,etc- NOW we have modern feminism , BLM and ANTIFA . which are not acting in the best interests of the groups they claim to represent but are really FRONTS for Frankfurt School Marxists who now influence media and academia. they plan civil society and liberal democracy's destruction by identity group conflict,in order to build a new Soviet supreme global state-upon our ashes. they TRIED Communist revolutions in western Europe which failed in middle class societies and in Russia,which went bankrupt from gross inefficiencies , leaving stubborn adherents hanging onto China and western boomers who fund and further this learned ignorance

    bademoxybademoxy8 aylar önce
  • So the Canadian gov needed someone to tell them that there are only two genders. good job.

    Steven BaalSteven Baal8 aylar önce
  • Victim complex

    Goofy8907Goofy89079 aylar önce
  • He looks really good here. Love gad saad!

    Leslie LittletonLeslie Littleton9 aylar önce
  • The STEM fields have also been invaded and the cancer is spreading rapidly. Case in point: particle physics professor Alessandro Strumia of the italian University of Pisa was banned from doing further research at the european particle accelerator CERN and is currently under investigation by an ethics committee at his own Alma mater. His crime? He gave a speech at a conference at CERN about the alleged oppression of female researchers in his own field of work. His data analysis conclusively demonstrated that there is no exclusion or oppression of women in physics, but in reality it’s quite the opposite, due to affirmative action and enforced quotas for female researchers. Prof. Janice Fiamengo gives a good wrap-up of the story here:

    μολὼν λαβέμολὼν λαβέ10 aylar önce
  • I very much dig the relaxed Gad.

    Thomas SimmonsThomas Simmons10 aylar önce
  • anorexia has been caused by strep.symptom of autoimmune encephalitis

    Scott PolieScott Polie11 aylar önce
  • In times of chaos, instability, or war if you can choose you will choose the Strongman. The man who will stand tall, flip you off, and say "fucking come at me and find out!" Trump came into political power because we are insecure and tired of the establishment.

    Colton CrainColton Crain11 aylar önce
  • " You and I don't stay up late worrying about Seventh day Adventist " 25:47

    Phillip BurrowsPhillip Burrows11 aylar önce
  • Tan McTanner

    Benji BeriganBenji Berigan11 aylar önce
  • you guys are amazing and for habibi gad shalom lol

    waelben2000waelben2000Yıl önce
  • I think we all need more intellectual honesty and less bandwagonism. Assuming there's a higher proportion on this channel who are fans of Rubin and the particular flavor of guest he tends to have on his channel, are you also able to define areas within, say Gad Saad or Harris or Peterson's views that don't make sense to you? Or are you finding yourself dependent on ad homs and straw men to push back against "the other side"? This is what worries me the most, this extreme clubbiness of "both sides" -- which in itself is a misnomer because there are many "sides". For the record, I'm an avid listener of Harris without agreeing with him 100%. How about you? Anyone have a nuanced view?

    DreamingrightnowDreamingrightnowYıl önce
  • When are you going to have William Lane Craig or Ravi Zacharias on your show?

    Johnny OnTheSpotJohnny OnTheSpotYıl önce
    • Oh my goodness! I've thought the same thing many times... I love Ravi Zacharias so much! What a great man! I don't know William Craig, but trust me, since you've paired them together, I'm going to go find out about him!

      RR8 aylar önce

    Doug AthertonDoug AthertonYıl önce
  • Dr Saad was 100% right. In the 1990s moronic post modernist lecturers were simply laughable, we never thought they would convert so many Gen X into SJW.

    X WX WYıl önce
  • No one picked trump because he was a war monger. EVERYONE voted for trump because he WASN’T Hillary Clinton. Why doesn’t anyone talk about that?

    Jonas SmithJonas SmithYıl önce
  • Weird Guitar Tuning and Dave Rubin: Psychology of Trump, Men vs Women, and Robotics (Full Interview)

    GusGusYıl önce
  • I don't know why I put off watching this guy, seen him a few times around Peterson and just never bothered getting around to finding out about this guy. Very interesting interview, amazing insights, doesn't totally make up for the David Frum interview (worst interview ever by anyone anywhere hands down)

    Stan KahunaStan KahunaYıl önce
  • My wife is taller than me.

    Goldfish IGoldfish IYıl önce
  • mmmmm--- I was expecting a bit more from Gad Saad... Ive heard him mentioned in so many places and so many times, I was expecting more... BUT I admit this is the only video I have seen him in, so perhaps I am missing something. He just seemed to repeat what everyone else in these circles has already said. He said that If you study economics from a certain ideological stance [he was referring to socialism and communism and dictatorship types] your views will be corrupted by it, you will tend to look for what reinforces those views you already have.... dah!! That is true no matter what ideology you got. Like I said, I was expecting MORE from him.

    GGR TheMostGodlessGGR TheMostGodlessYıl önce
  • All in life is marketing. SInce sexual reproduction appeared and sexual selection started. Before that there was no marketing. Creatures that don't reproduce sexually exist in endless painless feast and war

    YouTube_SurferYouTube_SurferYıl önce
  • You keep referring to Trump as a buffoon? You arrogant, classist, bain little man. Just who the hell are you to come down from your ivory tower to tell us how low brow our president and by extension, his supporters, are? He may speak the language of the people who speak plainly and so, lack weasel words, or not play silly little games like some oily politician from the political class but a buffoon? Fuck you and the slag that birthed you. Yemach Shemo Gad Saad...Yemach Shemo!

    Ethan AllenEthan AllenYıl önce
  • One of the best Rubin interviews.

    aucourantaucourantYıl önce
  • It is my understanding that radical feminists are against Sharia law. Interesting talk. @EleaorBell

    Eleanor BellEleanor BellYıl önce
  • Good to see Dave having Ron Jeremy on his show.

    Jesse StevensonJesse StevensonYıl önce
  • I want to make a remark on Gad's comment about the mismatch between our evolution pressure from scarcity vs modern abundance and how the brain does not catch up unless there is evolutionary pressure for 5000 years. Well, there is no pressure because those great killers kill you after reproduction, therefore they fail to select.

    JRmJRmYıl önce
  • Gad always spices his commentaries with belly-laughers like "naturally lobotomized morons"

    SteveSteveYıl önce
  • Great Interview, thank you both!

    Chiclette SucepChiclette SucepYıl önce
  • Gad its not called 'feather and tar,' its called 'tar and feather.'

    Jarom HallJarom HallYıl önce
  • He's so lively and pleasant guy

    Nika ObolashviliNika ObolashviliYıl önce
  • It would be interesting to study the IQs of OPS people vs non-OPS PEOPLE.

    A MishelA MishelYıl önce
  • “Naturally labotimized morons”.i know so many!

    A MishelA MishelYıl önce
  • Gad is so smart.

    A MishelA MishelYıl önce
  • Well the snake oil salesmen and the posers need to keep people from discovering having been led. It's The Wizard of Oz

    Agnes MinaAgnes MinaYıl önce
  • So tired of the argument that obama was some eloquent speaker. The guy couldn't finish a single sentence without pausing. It was like listening to a kid in 1st grade trying to read. He talked like he was retarded. And even if he was stopping because he was so "deep and thoughtful" he still was too dumb to think more than 3 words ahead at a time. Not to mention he was using a teleprompter 98% of the time so he really has no excuse for the pauses. So he really becomes that kid in 1st grade that is struggling to read.

    robotpanda77robotpanda77Yıl önce
  • Gad you are absolutely glowing, sir!

    FirstHalfMoon 1734FirstHalfMoon 1734Yıl önce
  • I don't know why, but I could listen to Dr. Saad all day. Never have I felt like I had to take notes for an after-epidose quiz before.

    weallbfreeweallbfreeYıl önce
  • 1:04:14 You can't frivolously harm animals or human subjects... yet hundreds of thousands of unborn babies have been killed... and, also, at a certain number of weeks its been proven that unborn babies feel/react to pain. How many were aborted after that point? When will certain people finally acknowledge that an unborn baby is a separate human being from its mother?

    89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is coolYıl önce
  • ALso, I wonder if trying to re-create, more or less, the conditions that you might have in the wild, then your body isn't likely to want to eat junk food. You'll crave real wholesome food.

    89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is coolYıl önce
  • 52:44 Interesting mis-match explanation... so that's where our common sense can come in. >Stop eating processed sugar. (stick to fruit & natural honey) & Keep track of calories >avoid MSG, aspertame and others (also avoid GMO foods) >Make sure your gut (stomach intestines) stays healthy with good bacteria.

    89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is coolYıl önce

    LadyCroMag BuntCitchLadyCroMag BuntCitchYıl önce

    brody boy geralamibrody boy geralamiYıl önce
  • great guest!

    juan camaneyjuan camaneyYıl önce
  • The mark of a political extremist, left or right, is that they deny our biological essence.

    FreestyleFreestyleYıl önce
  • Post-modernism, gender studies, SJW, progressivism. These are ideas which are at the same intellectual level as astrology. They aren't going anywhere.

    Judith NashJudith NashYıl önce
  • Two of my favorite people. Thanks for standing up for freedom of expression and calling out the regressive right and left.

    mtfinemtfineYıl önce
  • this is one of the best interviews/podcasts ive ever seen

    Anne FrankAnne FrankYıl önce
  • gad saad speaks the fucking truth

    Anne FrankAnne FrankYıl önce
    • I love that Gad has taken the time to interview people himself on his own show. Like James Damore, Lindsay Shepherd, David Wood and so many others I can't think of this exact moment. (but I especially like that Dave Rubin took the time to pick Gad. Gad has a lot off good points.)

      89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is coolYıl önce
  • I very much enjoyed it thank you. Shame nothing like this on main stream TV. It's always good to hear debate it opens the mind. Take care all.

    Mike SomesMike SomesYıl önce
Gad Saad and Dave Rubin: Psychology of Trump, Men vs Women, and Robotics (Full Interview)