Game Master Is Bad! Spying on Mystery Person to find Clues about Switch Up!

Recently Rebecca Zamolo played a giant jumanji game in real life to win the realm royale for the game master. That was all before Matt and Rebecca found Maddie trapped in extreme hide and seek in one color challenge. Now Mr X shows up at the house and he needs our help. Something is strange and things are getting stranger by the day. Before anyone could react Daniel calls Matt and explains that the game master left a fail safe video if anything ever goes bad. The game master via the gm network has hidden devices in 5 different realms. In order to restore order we need to search for these items using the portal jumper. If we can complete this in time everything will go back to the way it was. But if we change anything while there it could have a ripple effect. What do we do and how can we trust Mr X?
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    • Rebecca the gamemaster is lying don't trust him

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  • Rebecca I already subscribe to your video and subscribe do you and your husband mad and and the game the game master the game is just I don’t know what it hospital the game master fan getting ready to scrub the game master face

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Game Master Is Bad! Spying on Mystery Person to find Clues about Switch Up!