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  • How about Dragons suddenly acquiring the Superman level ability to project fire with such force that it blows heavy granite stone block built castle towers apart.??? If you watch closely, its not the fire super-heating the stone blocks causing the tiny amount of water stored within each block to instantly boil and expand causing the blocks to explode, which by itself is impossible. It is instead the force of Drogo's breath literally forcing the stone blocks to shear free from each other and topple, like a shot gun blast to a house of cards. Please don't misunderstand, do I believe that Drogo is powerful yes of course. Yet never before has this level of power been demonstrated. The closest demonstration has been the other two dragons busting out of their prison when they sense their Mother is on the attack - it is easy to envision however 2 dragons charging against a stone door and pummeling it several times until it relents. Dragons with Superman strength breath - not so much. Want more proof? How many times did Danny yell 'dracarys!' against stationary targets, who were then enveloped in a fast moving breath of flame, sure they instantly caught fire but they didnt get blown backward from the force of the blast.

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  • D&d ran out of books nonsense my family say there are too many with the basic rules expansions & adventures

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  • HBO: "Want to do a few more seasons? We've got all the budget you need - this show is massive." D&D: "Nah, we wanna go make that Star Wars movie." HBO: "Oh, really? Okay. Well, there's still a lot of story left..." D&D: "We know. We thought we'd just do it as quickly and effortlessly as possible." HBO: "Won't that, like, ruin every character and story arc? Why don't we give the last couple of seasons to someone else. Someone who has the time." D&D: "What, and let someone else take credit for what we started? No way. We'll finish it ourselves and disappoint everyone involved kthxbai."

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  • Dislike simply because you reminded me that that "mother fucking T" meme exists. Pretty good video though.

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  • I loved the ending, and it made perfect sense. Stop being bitches, and go watch Twilight for a happy ending. Dislike to this video

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  • Lol anyone who thought this show was going to end without Danny or John dying forgot what show they were watching. This video is hilariously incorrect and after watching further videos from this guy he obviously doesn’t know what good writing is . Go elsewhere

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  • That symphony of the night music

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  • George RR Martin is a genius, has anyone acknowledged who among us could have imagined and created the story of A Song of Ice and Fire, let alone bring it to life? I didn't like the ending, but is it because I didn't want it to end? Who didn't have an open mouth, jaw dropping moment when Arya killed the Night King? I'm a Ned Stark guy, happy to see his family prevailed. Life is exciting, never fair!

    Tom KellyTom Kelly3 saatler önce
  • Your video is spot on. A lot of people say “oh you’re mad because it didn’t have the perfect ending you wanted.” No, I’m mad because I just got served a pile of tv dog s***

    Kate BanksKate Banks4 saatler önce
  • 29:30 - Except Brien of Tarth.

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  • A cultural media milestone? LOL. Hope, you're joking.

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  • I jst love Kit's immediate honest respond 0:07

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  • yea arya was just annoying in the end

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  • Game of Thrones Season 8 is so obviously bad it needs dozens of videos to explain why it's bad.

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  • 9:55 You are wrong, sir. Of you actually paid attention to the movies, Anakin's turn is built up to throughout the trilogy.

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  • When Jared Harris, who was not in the show, but was a fan of the show said that all the men became stupid for some reason, you gotta know it's a bad sign. Good actors know bad writing when they see it.

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  • I really don’t know how the show went from my Favourite show to the worst show

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  • D&D are talentless fucking hacks who think they are geniuses...thats the worst kind of hacks

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  • 35:23 "Don't do that... don't give me hope"

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  • Season 8 ruined the entire series.

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  • i love seeing the actors shit on the writing in press tours

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  • It’s like I feel like they are going to come out with another season or remake and be like no it can’t end that way this is the right way. Why don’t they just give the people what they want!

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  • "Arya lost more family and friends than Daenerys and she isn't a mass murderer." Literally anyone else would've been a better analogy.

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    • John Anson Fookin' Handsome so true!

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  • So Sandor is dead in the book?

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  • The show was garbage from beginning to end, the ending just proves it. I bet the book series ending will be even worse. I’m no fan of this show, but even I can speculate from watching TRvision explanation videos of this series. To me the only ending that would make sense would be if the Night King had turned out to be Death itself and remained undefeated. For the final season, episode by episode, the other characters would try to defeat him but would fail and ultimately become part of his army of white walker zombies. Persons like Cersei Lannister who had fought the hardest and dirtiest for the Iron Throne would be cheated out of their ultimate goal because Death would come to claim everything they worked for. That’s the way it usually is for a political game of power control, the ones who should win never do and Death ultimately defeats the ones who do “win.” Not a happy ending, but this horribly filthy show was never meant to have a happy ending. It is a gore and pulp show, and the audience who watch this snuff and applaud it are not much better than the characters in the show are.

    Brian BommaritoBrian Bommarito11 saatler önce
  • Reason why Dany couldn’t see the iron fleet: “SHE FORGOT”...... many brain cells were lost at that moment

    Jalen LeeJalen Lee12 saatler önce
  • I was only mad at Stannis because he wouldn't've done that in the books, and, in fact, he didn't. D&D changed him with that alone.

    Bob HollywoodBob Hollywood13 saatler önce
  • you think this guys lazy because he hasn't finished a book in 8 years Miura laughs from his basement while playing Idolmaster

    Raidon ShinRaidon Shin13 saatler önce
  • Dany Was always a murdering cunt, you just hated the people she murdered...until the end.

    Daniel UlmanDaniel Ulman13 saatler önce
  • The shows demise began when they started writing the characters around the story. You're left with plot holes, pointless events and characters who no longer feel relatable or genuine.

    FiyeraFiyera14 saatler önce
  • The show didn't end that well; get over it.

    Friedrich NietzscheFriedrich Nietzsche14 saatler önce
  • And the death of Little Finger was an absolute waste of a mastermind. They just suddenly decide after everything that now is the time to settle the score and remove him from the board? It's stupid and abrupt and unwarranted.

    Taurian FergusonTaurian Ferguson16 saatler önce
  • Why do I hear Cuphead Fierily Frolic music?

    Yogi BearYogi Bear17 saatler önce
  • Liked the vid. It actually explained its own opinions :P

    SeraphageSeraphage17 saatler önce
  • OK, have to say this: using Grim Matchstick's theme from Cuphead for Daenyrys is brilliant.

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  • Without doubt the best GOT review video I've seen.

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  • Thank you very much for this video. Now I see my choice not to watch GoT totally justified and have now more reasons not to watch it. Truly, thank you.

    David A. YorksonDavid A. Yorkson20 saatler önce
  • The show lost a sense of the big picture. No one was supposed to become the true king. The white walkers were supposed to be a representation of the destructive nature of humans left uncheck. Especially when seeking power by any means. And people's nature becomes very destructive when seeking to be kings and queens. The white walkers should have won. Destroyed all of Westboros. Yet, left a handful alive to make them remember and question the error of their ways.

    Raymond HeartRaymond Heart20 saatler önce
  • I’ll be honest but the only part of this whole series I didn’t like was the 8th season and I honestly just hated it for the ending and what they did to danerys

    Hayden MunkHayden Munk21 saatler önce
  • I agree with everything you said except that they ran out of books. There's enough written material to adapt and make at least 3 full seasons before they got to the point of the finale. It was just cut off to get to the finale faster because they never wanted more than 7 seasons.

    The New KhanThe New Khan21 saatler önce

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  • Plinkett/Henry Hill

    Jake EvansJake Evans22 saatler önce
  • "Caught up with the manga. Heck now we have to write our own story..."

    Aaron SeetAaron Seet22 saatler önce
  • Yes. More than anything else, the fanservice with Arya feels SO out of place with the show. You trying to tell me that she joined a mafia of assassins, ditches said mafia AND NOTHING COMES OF IT? Fuck you.

    Dr WolfensteinDr Wolfenstein23 saatler önce
  • Next up for D&D... Star Wars! Oh wait, it already got ruined. No biggie.

    Dan HitchmanDan Hitchman23 saatler önce
  • as an actress, Emilia Clark sucks ass

    Diego AmadorDiego Amador23 saatler önce
  • You kno what really "Wrinkles my Balls?!" 😂😂😂

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  • i like dany's chapters in book one and three. book 2 was so hard to get through

    MrThisguy5000MrThisguy500023 saatler önce
  • the thing that enraged me the most about arya is that it's actually shown in one scene that she got caught in the dragon fire, the next scene she is alive while everyone is burnt to ashes. and to top it all off, there's a horse conveniently wandering there so she could ride off on it only to return next episode. :/

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  • What? Ok, but are you ok with Frodo's dead or how it would be better?

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  • I don't really care if they took a couple years to make the show great instead of making this bullshit we got.

    Ahmed KholvadiaAhmed KholvadiaGün önce
  • The song at the end killed me

    NothingReallyMattersAnyoneCanSeeNothingReallyMattersAnyoneCanSeeGün önce
  • I disagree with you but you brought up some great points

    CosmicAstromechCosmicAstromechGün önce
    • @Aaron Garcia I disagree that it sucks. He had valid points but I feel like some were wrong but they were still justifiable. What I ask you is how does it make me any more biased than him? I don't have any affiliation with HBO, The Cosmonaut Variety Hour , GRR Martin, or anything to do with the show other than me being a fan of it. People should be allowed to formulate their own opinion without having to be judged or declared wrong by someone they don't know. I ask you, what about me enjoying the end disturbs your life? Someone disagrees with you? If so I'm sorry for your troubles but that shouldn't have any correlation with a TV show

      CosmicAstromechCosmicAstromech11 saatler önce
    • What is there to disagree with? If someone disagrees then their opinion is just biased

      Aaron GarciaAaron Garcia14 saatler önce
  • great fucking vid. spot on about everything. i really liked the hound.. however your assessment of his character epitomizes what the last few seasons failed to do. they failed to "cultivate" these plot lines and character arcs in order to arrive at these endings. very unfortunate considering this is most likley what GRRM wants. with the ending of the show being trash, it is a HUGE WIN FOR GRRM AND THE BOOKS

    [Anonymous]_[Anonymous]_Gün önce
    • also i have a very good way of putting the last season... just every spoiler of the finale crammed into a few episodes

      [Anonymous]_[Anonymous]_Gün önce
  • who's even gonna go and watch their Star Wars film now? Everyone is so pissed off with the writers, I would boycott their shitty work haha

    Emy PowerEmy PowerGün önce
  • He sounds like henry hill from good fellas

    Native GokuNative GokuGün önce
  • Omg i have the exact same thing with reading the books and danaerys’ chapters

    MutsKunMutsKunGün önce
  • Theon is the only one untouched by D&D Terrible writing

    uniquelly awesomeuniquelly awesomeGün önce
  • Seriously? I don’t watch shows projecting my desires on it. I watch the show to appreciate it for what it is. If you want to control what happens, make your own show.

    Ben FranklinBen FranklinGün önce
  • I just wanna here you talk about why you liked theon's plot

    Rover TRover TGün önce
  • Dany was my favourite character and they did her dirty in the last season

    Water MelonyyyWater MelonyyyGün önce
  • My heart breaks whenever I see that Peter Dinklage "So....g...rahhh.. Tyrion is smart, but I guess not that smart." clip. Like fucking Hell.. :D

    OnlyRokeOnlyRokeGün önce
  • 32:22 : "Not give a shit about what happens for an hour and a half because I knew everything was gonna be fine !" Exactly my position/feelings about this... a big WHY ?

    Étienne CHANAYÉtienne CHANAYGün önce
  • Am I the only one who thinks they did a shit job with the dragons? I get that the effects are good, but why are they all the same color? It's nearly impossible to tell them apart in most scenes. In the books one is white/gold, one green/bronze and one black/red. Why the F couldn't they have stuck with that?

    Fishslap 33Fishslap 33Gün önce
  • I can’t believe that they used the Night King to weaken Daenery’s army. They hyped him for 7 seasons just for that? Seriously? The visuals were amazing, but the writing is fucking bad

    Joe MelhemJoe MelhemGün önce
  • I never wanted dany to go mad, (in the show or books) her and Jon deserved to have a happy ending together. I don’t care if ppl say it’s too Disney, they worked for it. The twist needed some weird condensing arc like bran or someone in the ends up deciding the children of the forest were right and people need to be stopped. Something you know to make us happy but still make us go 😲 Also I really doubt even if grrm did finish his books the “reboot” would be any better than the original. Ppl always like the originals better, despite the bad ending I doubt it could live up to the hype. I feel like the only thing to make this better is have a sequel years later and surprise us with a real end that shows off the characters real arcs and them getting a deserving ending.

    RosebudRosebudGün önce
  • NK grabs Arya by the throat, she doesn’t turn into a White Walker. Epic fail.

    John SmithJohn SmithGün önce
  • 21:06 Literally died

    emma straitemma straitGün önce
  • It wasn't a bad season, or even a bad last episode or 2. It was just a RUSHED one.

    ICallsEmLikeISeesEmICallsEmLikeISeesEmGün önce
  • I never saw game of thrones, looks like i missed nothing

    Marcos RecioMarcos RecioGün önce
  • i just watched the entire series in about 2 weeks and honestly just found the last episode to be terrible.

    Enyay 7Enyay 7Gün önce
  • Maybe instead of Jon killing danerys, Bran (the most powerful being in the world like you said) Bran could execute Danerys

    margarita peñamargarita peñaGün önce
  • That's a great point. The Hodor reveal was the last great moment from this show. After that, it was milk-toast at best.

    Max EllisMax EllisGün önce
  • I actually liked how Dany became corrupted by the power because of course, it's how it's always been, especially in this show. Shes worshipped the whole story so of course she feels superior and becomes corrupted. But yeah it was way too fucking fast, just like Anakin Skywalker lmao

    Valleyraven007Valleyraven007Gün önce
  • I always thought Daenerys would do what she did. You're free. OK we want gladiators. No. My throne my throne my throne. on and on

    KinvertKinvertGün önce
  • Jamie and Daenerys have had the best character build up and then we see there deaths. Dany gets stabbed by her lover and stones collapse on Jaimie. Just wrong.

    Not So Pretty QueenNot So Pretty QueenGün önce
  • could've finished those book martin.

    Sottomany NevkoSottomany NevkoGün önce
  • Season 8 pissed me off so bad to where I have no desire to watch the prequel. Why watch the prequel when you already know it’s going to end in bullshit!

    Christian AmersonChristian AmersonGün önce
  • The nice part about George not finishing the books yet is we know what won't happen.

    Spells WordSpells WordGün önce
  • I agree with 99.99% of what this guy says, but why does he have to be so annoying while saying it? It sounds like he's trying to sound cool for his older brother, and his older brother is Mike Stoklasa. You don't need to try so hard, guy. Just say your piece. You're doing fine.

    John GathlyJohn GathlyGün önce
  • How come you don't show your face?

    Crunch ButtsteakCrunch ButtsteakGün önce
  • George RR is fucking genius, he saw that without him they can't make a show worth a shit. So he waited, and watched, and saw the show go to shit. So now when he comes out with the new book finally fans who are still pissed off about how they destroyed the show will buy that book in numbers to rival the fucking bible.

    High Overlord Snarffie BeagleHigh Overlord Snarffie BeagleGün önce
  • Yawn...

    Edwin OlaussenEdwin OlaussenGün önce
  • So I never got into this series at all because most modern shows all have shitty writing, and what I'm learning from this video is that Game of Thrones fans, including the video creator here, are morons for being disappointed by show's ending doing that whole "WHAT A TWIST" subverting expectations for no good reason when the whole show was apparently like that. He literally says right here at 33:52 "To me this series has always been about breaking tradition or breaking cycles. A story where a hero may die". Okay so why were you surprised when shitty "LOL SURPRISE! GUESS YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THAT! SO CLEVER!" shit happened at the end when the whole show was like that?

    Ellen PriorEllen PriorGün önce
  • Sadly the only white walker battle were going to see is when Jon Snow killed the one beyond the wall far north in one of the Wildling Villages. The battle of Winterfell could have been better. Much better. We didn’t get to see Jon vs the Nightking. No white walker battles. Ugh. If I had my pick It would have been Jon and Sir Jorah battle the Night King with Jorah dying in the battle but also delivering a fatal blow to the Night King giving Jon the chance to kill him. Imagine Sir Jorah defending Daenerys like he was but we see a single Dothraki Riding a Horse coming to grab Dany and Sir Jorah grabs her and throws her up into the Dothraki arms and she gets taken away to safety and we see Jon sprinting toward the NightKing and then Sir Jorah Sprints after him. Now we have the stage set up for the Night King to summon up the recently fallen soldiers but now we hear Jorah yell out “strike them down before they Rise!” So we now have Jorah and Jon both in unison cutting through the dead that are in the midst of rising and we see anger come across the Night Kings face as Jon and Jorah now stand before him each wielding Valerian Steel swords. (Que Epic Battle) The other option is to have Jamie Lannister join them. And have him be the one to slay the Nightking. He is the Kingslayer after all. However his fighting ability has become so weak with the loss of his hand it’s hard to picture this.

    Ice VikingIce VikingGün önce
  • why wouldn't D+D coordinate with George to get it right for the tv version of his own story?

    Leocaprio DinardoLeocaprio DinardoGün önce
    • Because he has yet to finish the story and he keeps on making changes.

      ktgirl 75761ktgirl 757612 saatler önce
  • game of thrones: brotherhood would probably be the greatest television ever, we can only hope george finishes the book and s8 didnt poison the well for future adaptation. also the planned spinoff series have potential.

    freely124freely124Gün önce
  • Really enjoyed the video but there was one big part I disagreed with which was that you suggested that Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor didn't fit her character. It entirely fits her character, she's never been subtle and she's always taken a "power is power" approach (as illustrated by her confrontation with Littlefinger). Killing all her enemies and rivals in one fell swoop (especially after being built up to have a burning hatred and desire for revenge against the faithful) was totally justified by the plot. What wasn't justified was Cersei having no consequences to blowing up the Sept. There was no citizen's outcry to the death of their beloved religious leader etc. That needed to be managed better.

    Seraphiel123Seraphiel123Gün önce
  • What I’m shocked about is that they had 2 years to make this season and they made that shit lmao I mean I’m genuinely shocked the fan theories were superior to what these guys came up with

    . Rashad from Egypt. Rashad from EgyptGün önce
  • When Daenerys said “i DoNt WaNnA bE qUeEn Of ThE aShEs”-

    Caroline MussallemCaroline MussallemGün önce
  • r/freefolk gang gang

    Alec NguyenAlec NguyenGün önce
  • "Wait a minute.. YOU WROTE THAT TOO ???" ahahahhahahaha 21:08

    Lauryn LeMadecLauryn LeMadecGün önce
  • People just whinge and moan for the sake of whinging and moaning and end up doing reviews like this, or an analysis of characters, good story telling and lack of it.... get the fuck over it! GOT was brilliant. Enjoy it for what it was. Perhaps get out more and see the world? Just saying! (::) (::) (::) (::)

    Happy SkullHappy SkullGün önce
  • What about varis and bailish ?

    Lilo LiloLilo LiloGün önce
  • Seems like someone was playing Tropico 6 while making this video...

    Kevin TuckerKevin TuckerGün önce
  • "who the fuck is gonna read it now?" ha ha ha ha!

    voiceMYopinionvoiceMYopinionGün önce
  • Pegou num ponto pesado quando ele diz que os roteiristas não são bons kkk. Realmente as coisas eram melhores quando eram baseadas nos livros, e eu ainda estou penando para acreditar que George R.R Martin tenha errado tanto nos livros.

    Gustavo MedeirosGustavo MedeirosGün önce
  • Sorry, have you never heard of trial by combat? Last series is all trial by combat.

    WitssenWitssenGün önce
  • I am just sad. But great vid tho. Thank you kind sir.

    Bence VargaBence VargaGün önce
  • I can't stand her bull ring

    spartin cobraspartin cobraGün önce
Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show