Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.



  • ¿Pero que mierda? El imbécil de Bran, maldito paraplejico de mierda. Ese hijo de puta era un imbecil desde el principio, no podia ni disparar una puta flecha. Que desperdicio de mi tiempo. No solo no quiero ver HBO de nuevo, CREO QUE NUNCA VOLVERE A VER TELEVISION EN MI PUTA VIDA

    Francisco HurtarteFrancisco Hurtarte12 dakika önce
  • Ok so we are still waiting for the real ending...

    Gonzalo el CrackGonzalo el Crack13 dakika önce
  • What a waste of time for the last 9 years, will NEVER TRUST or ever support HBO after this super rubbish Season 8, it's sad, here we have bad writers make up a rubbish story. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME

    Sam BakerSam Baker13 dakika önce
  • I am not happy but it feels alright.

    TheBrekTheBrek13 dakika önce

    gn lilugn lilu14 dakika önce
  • WORST SEASON EVER AND WORST ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF TV! Boycott HBO and D&D, never give them your money ever again!

    Sam BakerSam Baker15 dakika önce

    IcefizIcefiz15 dakika önce
  • What a piece of Shit!!! Want my money back!!! I'm resigning my HBO subscription

    danste01danste0115 dakika önce
  • R i p dany 😭😭😭who are here after watching ep 6

    interesting facts, my garden,artinteresting facts, my garden,art15 dakika önce
  • just finished watching the final episode So all of the leaks were true.. Dany killed by john bran is the new king tyrion is not executed (instead he is the hand of the crippled king now) arya left north will be a seprate kingdom where bran powers will not be applicable sansa is the queen of the north and above all fuck writers..

    Mubashir ZiaMubashir Zia16 dakika önce
  • Are you kidding me?! Bran as the ruler of seven kingdoms?

    ZalZal16 dakika önce
  • Un final horrible !!!!

    Miguel MontalvoMiguel Montalvo16 dakika önce

    IcefizIcefiz16 dakika önce
  • Oh god!! When memes are more entertaining than entire season:p

    Vivek BendigeriVivek Bendigeri16 dakika önce
  • worst series finale of any t.v. show ive ever watched i award you 0 points and may god have mercy on your soul

    BlakeSTI93BlakeSTI9316 dakika önce
  • Fuck you

    Mason ReedMason Reed16 dakika önce
  • Why don´t stop in the 5 episode? Would be better.

    RenanRenan16 dakika önce
  • John kills Danny when she gives him a hug. Bran becomes king

    Tyler NewellTyler Newell16 dakika önce
  • Well a very interesting ending, the only disappointment was Dany not getting a more painful and agonizing death.

    Kiefer NewmanKiefer Newman17 dakika önce
    • Dracarys

      RenanRenan15 dakika önce
    • This. This. Dany's death was too quick and too dignified. I hated that slut so much. THe bad people got the quickest deaths, while the more righteous characters got the worst ones.

      GoobyGooby16 dakika önce
  • Worst season in series history..worst finale in seasons history..well done HBO 0/10..NOT KIDDING!!!! You ruined the best season ever created in just 6 episodes..

    eiris galanakiseiris galanakis17 dakika önce
  • The Iron Throne deserved better.

    Um,What? NothingUm,What? Nothing17 dakika önce
  • So please PLEASE,we all know the acting,the music and the effects are great,but a SHITTY script,like...*sigh* I hope these prequel series are better

    Last WardenLast Warden17 dakika önce
  • This was horrible.

    Sergio St.Sergio St.17 dakika önce
  • Wtf was the ending?!? Did you guys even try? Like seriously, how did you make it sooo bad?

    VanlaarVanlaar18 dakika önce
  • I have to say as far as failures go S8 of Game of Thrones is it. HBO you should be utterly ashamed. Granted, as a conglomerate it's much easier to let the wheel continue or, so you think. The unknown always scares people but fear always builds a weak foundation and this desperation forces a rebuild of poor foundations. I for one are not a sheep. Good riddance HBO. You have lost my faith and with that I also take my wallet. *clap clap* well done!

    FP FPFP FP18 dakika önce
  • I'm just here to be entertained by the comments😂

    Kripke The Chameleon & FriendsKripke The Chameleon & Friends18 dakika önce
  • Please tell us this episode was a joke

    habib mohammedhabib mohammed19 dakika önce
  • I want my money back!!!!!! BRAN????????

    S YS Y19 dakika önce
  • So fucking bad

    kodigitykodigity19 dakika önce
  • So. Angry. So. Disappoint.

    Ms. MarsMs. Mars19 dakika önce
  • Amiankoyayim 9 senedir bu aminakodumun duygusuz robot brani kral olsun diye mi izledik

    deşifredeşifre19 dakika önce
  • Fucking useless.

    Glaurung MaddarGlaurung Maddar19 dakika önce

    DrDead RedDrDead Red20 dakika önce
    • don't give them that they are not smart enough to think about it .. i swear to god they have no clue ! dumb and dumber !

      arfaoui samiarfaoui sami17 dakika önce
  • Tyrion : If we choose you. Will you wear the crown 👑 Bran : Why do you think I came all this way😜👌

    Rishad 149Rishad 14920 dakika önce
  • Cripples rule the 7 kingdoms, theres a queen in the north and a girl with a boat leaves everyone behind to sail west beyond westeros...congrats on the most boring politically correct finale of all time. Now I see why over 1 million people are petitioning HBO in protest.

    Scott GustScott Gust20 dakika önce
  • What a waste of time for the last 9 years, will NEVER TRUST or ever support HBO after this super rubbish Season 8, it's sad, here we have bad writers make up a rubbish story! Boycott HBO and NEVER give them your money!

    Sam BakerSam Baker20 dakika önce
  • RIP Daenerys Targaryen

    Paťo Boy TV CZ,SKPaťo Boy TV CZ,SK20 dakika önce
  • Jesus.D&D, why choose Star Wars over this well writen show . You had to be greedy bc its from Disney , but this show is more popular and well-earned than Star Wars . I would watch 13 seasons or even 20 seasons(if you have in mind) over 1million star wars movies .

    jhonny Bravosjhonny Bravos21 dakika önce
  • All this season is a TRAAASH!I am sorry but it's so true. The last episode it's FIASCO! You need to have a skill to spoil season like this.

    Alex SheltAlex Shelt21 dakika önce
  • D&D SUCK and so does HBO! What a waste of time for the last 9 years, will NEVER TRUST or ever support HBO after this super rubbish Season 8, it's sad, here we have bad writers make up a rubbish story that Dany does not kill Tyrion, just jails him, then she has none of her people Dothraki or UnSullied near her, which never happens and they destroy Jon character by making him into a traitor and Bran becomes King, this is the stupidest story line and writing in TV history. NEVER GIVE HBO YOUR MONEY!

    Sam BakerSam Baker21 dakika önce
  • Sansa be like: Take a seat, young Skywalker.

    Johnatan Lara de OliveiraJohnatan Lara de Oliveira22 dakika önce

    DrDead RedDrDead Red22 dakika önce
  • Who else is here for the comments ? 😂😂😂 Scrolll down for more hilarious comments 😂😂😂😂😂

    Engr TaffyEngr Taffy22 dakika önce
  • last episode literally showed the demented writing skills of D & D, laughing at democracy and everyone's vote, and then electing the very people that have no capacity to rule, sansa stark the most pointless character who can't wield a sword, can't even defend herself, a victim of rape, while selecting a cripple as a king, they literally dismembered the entire song of ice and fire story and made a character assassination till the end, wonder who in their right mind will give them another show to create/write/whatever after that shit of a season 8 LOL

    Adeel AhmadAdeel Ahmad22 dakika önce
  • Fucking bran? Fucking bran? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Francisco HurtarteFrancisco Hurtarte22 dakika önce
    • Francisco Hurtarte and the democracy scene lol

      CriispCriisp17 dakika önce
    • The cripple vegetable got the throne. And a cutthroat greedy and amoral sellsword is master of coin. Literally only Tyrion and Davos are the only politician in that small council. Realistic writing by D&D.

      GoobyGooby19 dakika önce
  • It was at this moment, we know D&D TROLL us. never NEVER hate someone like this 2

    ShikaN_officialShikaN_official22 dakika önce
  • Arya is sailing west to find America to kill the writers of HBO.

    Joshua BeloJoshua Belo23 dakika önce
  • Garbage ending. 10 years down the drain.

    StormchoirsStormchoirs23 dakika önce
  • Seriously HBO,I've seen all the seasons,1-6 were masterpieces,season 7 was very good,but you managed to only make 2 out of 6 episodes actually kind of enjoyable... Shame on you,I hope GRRM does a better explanation on the books

    Last WardenLast Warden23 dakika önce
    • +Gooby I hope that GRRM,even tough the books will have the same ending (kind of) will give a better expierence

      Last WardenLast Warden13 dakika önce
    • +Gooby well,that's your opinion,not need to insult me tho,but yeah,Only good things in season 6 and 7 was the action scenes,and yet that parts have flaws.

      Last WardenLast Warden15 dakika önce
    • Pfft, seasons 5, 6, and 7 were trash and were horribly written, full with plotholes. You ignored all those plotholes because your favorite characters got what you liked. That's all. The truth is that the show has been trash since season 4 ended, and it only got worse and worse.

      GoobyGooby18 dakika önce
  • R.I.P Queen Daenerys....hopefully Drogon lives on forever with your memories 🙌🏿

    KKD 2016KKD 201623 dakika önce
    • W will forever fap to Dany's death. Dumb bitch. And the slavers in the east lived happily ever after.

      GoobyGooby17 dakika önce
  • BOYCOTT HBO AND NEVER GIVE THEM A SINGLE DOLLAR! Season 8 was rubbish and episode 6 was rubbish!

    Sam BakerSam Baker23 dakika önce
  • Dany is murdered by Jon, Bran gets the Throne, Jon is sent back to the Night Watch, Sansa becomes queen of the North and Arya fucks off to the West to see what’s out there.

    ChallengeAcceptedChallengeAccepted23 dakika önce
  • just watched the final 3:30 am..algeria....what a shit show....why did you do that !? o0 ...10 years to build such a big and extraordinary world with so many end it all just like became a low shity tvshow in one episode....what ? you waisted all your money in video effect and flamms or wtf ? bad...but this is a good lesson...always lower your expectations in life...thanks.

    Ben ChabaneBen Chabane24 dakika önce
  • Last episode was a piece of shit.

    Suyapa OpinaSuyapa Opina24 dakika önce
  • they didint release the inside because they fear the amount of dislikes .. fuck youuuuuuuuu dumb and dumber !!!!!!!!

    arfaoui samiarfaoui sami25 dakika önce
  • NEVER GIVE HBO YOUR MONEY! All Game of Thrones fans NEVER support HBO ever again, and don't give them a single dollar going forward, they HBO and the super bad writers have destroyed this great show. You expect us to believe that Dany would be stupid enough to be alone with people that could harm her, what a terrible way to end Game of Thrones. Boycott HBO and NEVER give them your money!!!

    Sam BakerSam Baker25 dakika önce
    • Get rekt danyfag. That show is shit, that's right, but Dany was always garbage. She will likely die in the books as well. That shitty character deserved a worse death.

      GoobyGooby24 dakika önce
  • The disappointment in this season/finale is unbearable.

    TheStarsDon'tDanceTheStarsDon'tDance25 dakika önce
  • Reshoot the damn show.

    K LeeK Lee25 dakika önce
    • Not now. After many many years. And let the show be A Song of Ice and Fire, an actual adaptation of Martin's books, without any character and plotline changed.

      GoobyGooby22 dakika önce
  • This ending sucked balls! Join saved the whole world and he gets exiled to the end of the world? Sansa who basically did nothing becomes the queen of the North? I watched for eight season’s and this is what I get? Very disappointed in the writers!

    David SelfDavid Self25 dakika önce
  • Shame, Shame, Shame ....

    Antony MetaxakisAntony Metaxakis25 dakika önce
  • Just gotta wait until the last book are done y'all! That be the real ending.

    Jeremy JoelJeremy Joel25 dakika önce
  • Trash trash trash

    Why VerifyWhy Verify26 dakika önce
  • Final chato

    Dayane Do Rosario Dos Santos BatistaDayane Do Rosario Dos Santos Batista26 dakika önce
  • Let me just say ... I just finished watching GOT last episode.... I feel like I’m losing a friend 😂. Clearly I watch too much TV . I have journeyed with this show and the characters. Wether I agree or disagree🥴, it’s not my vision. K like to be surprised and you didn’t disappoint. I figured Danny would meet the fate she met. ( no spoilers) . Thank you writers and cast for an epic show. I’m looking forward to the prequel 😢. Years for it ending but I’m looking forward to new adventures

    QueenIAmQueenIAm26 dakika önce
  • I knew Daenerys was going to die but we want to see her with drogon!! Wtf where is supposed to be???

    Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez26 dakika önce

    TyfusTanisTyfusTanis26 dakika önce
  • HAHAHAHA, you fucking showplebs got the ending you deserve :'D

    GoobyGooby26 dakika önce
  • Daenerys dies in the final episode :-)

    ErpaswalkerErpaswalker27 dakika önce
  • BOYCOTT HBO AND DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! Dany deserved better than this rubbish ending, all Game of Thrones FANS should boycott HBO and don't ever BUY anything or anything that is made by HBO or any of its other companies, don't give HBO a single dollar, Season 8 WORST SEASON EVER IN TV HISTORY!

    Sam BakerSam Baker27 dakika önce
  • It is over

    Umair KhanUmair Khan27 dakika önce
  • tell me a reason to not hate game of thrones and hbo? that was the most boring episode ever, she died just like that and drogon didnt even touch him LOL!!! i am pretty sure ill watch like that if someone kill my mom nearby..

    Mertan AhmedMertan Ahmed27 dakika önce
  • Horrible el final... Como es posible que tanto pelear y luego morir para ser traicionada... No me gusto el final... Pésimo...

    TheWemarTheWemar28 dakika önce
  • WORST ENDING EVER. So after all the rumours were right Jon (the traitor) kills Dany, thanks for nothing HBO and you super crap writers, tell you what HBO will NEVER get a single dollar from me going forward, such a terrible way to end this very bad Season 8, thanks HBO and you useless writers for destroying this great TV show! SHAME SHAME SHAME

    Sam BakerSam Baker28 dakika önce
  • Dan and Dave just ruined the best series ever

    Zack AndersonZack Anderson28 dakika önce
    • dumb and dumber

      arfaoui samiarfaoui sami23 dakika önce

    María Sol HeinrothMaría Sol Heinroth28 dakika önce
  • THE FUCK?!

    Last WardenLast Warden28 dakika önce
  • The worst episode!!! Fuck the writers!!!!

    Juan Pablo MeliánJuan Pablo Melián29 dakika önce
  • What the hell was that? D&D official you have the crown of stupidity.

    Camelliya P. PenchevaCamelliya P. Pencheva30 dakika önce
  • Poor Jon Snow

    ultras roultras ro30 dakika önce
    • he get rezed to be in the snow again with some wildings .. shame shame shame shame

      arfaoui samiarfaoui sami21 dakika önce
  • They ruined game of thrones They ruined game of thrones They ruined game of thrones They ruined game of thrones They ruined game of thrones They ruined game of thrones

    roto easzyroto easzy30 dakika önce
  • I want to vomit. This is the WORST ending in history to a series. THE WORST EVER!!!

    Bevan PayneBevan Payne30 dakika önce
    • Did i say THE WORST EVER? Actually i meant THE WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST x infinity EVER!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UPSET. and I know how to get even. D&D has an upcoming certain "space" movie to do. Right?????

      Bevan PayneBevan Payne24 dakika önce
  • people complain because it's not according to their hope & expectations. well, reality is far much more worse.

    Niki WonotoNiki Wonoto31 dakika önce
  • The final was infamy. God, how did you manage to get into trouble? God, you've done a final game of shit like shit. Two years we've waited for this infamy.

    fatmafatma31 dakika önce
  • Worst fucking episode in the series, pure trash. The execution was laughable and the ending was as boring as it could have ever gotten. I am so disappointed. Fuck you D&D I hope from the bottom of my heart that after the star wars contract no one ever gives you multi million dollar productions to handle.

    KoidenKoiden32 dakika önce
  • Jade Rachel GlemaoJade Rachel Glemao32 dakika önce
  • I just can't wait to see the finale episode so I can add it to my collection of miserable last episodes I have in my memory.

    jack thomasjack thomas32 dakika önce
  • How many time they doesn't talk I want to know

    hip hop resistance funk4lifehip hop resistance funk4life34 dakika önce
  • Bran is king only because the Throne is inclusive and mobile...

    Sam 0100Sam 010034 dakika önce
  • I always did have the theory that Bran or Tyrion would become king because the writer is a nerd and he would want the weakest person on the throne. Meek inherit the Earth kind of thing. I just didn't think it would actually happen. I wish HBO luck with the prequels and sequels, no one is going to watch. Tyrion's choice for a weak king is pretty much going to cost this whole series any credibility.

    Will JacobsWill Jacobs35 dakika önce
  • Allah belanizi versin Boyle final mi olur

    Fyodorist MihayloviçFyodorist Mihayloviç35 dakika önce
    • ben onlarin ebelerini

      Mertan AhmedMertan Ahmed25 dakika önce
  • I didn't expect Bran to be the king

    Alexandra 54Alexandra 5435 dakika önce
  • Bran is the king

    hip hop resistance funk4lifehip hop resistance funk4life36 dakika önce

    radiantgreenradiantgreen37 dakika önce
  • Beyond terrible ending, I feel cheated. There is no way anyone on that council would have taken Tyrion's recommendation for King seriously. There would have been war by someone powerful. It wouldn't have been left up to him. Tell me there wouldn't be civil war in a year. The people would have demanded Jon Snow be made king. I feel this trash ending was set up for a sequel.

    Will JacobsWill Jacobs38 dakika önce
    • Game of thrones is on season 8 episode ? Now my tv still says season 8 ep 5 is this correct

      chris smithchris smith28 dakika önce
  • This last episode was fucking terrible messes up the whole entire show for me with this

    aishaj21aishaj2139 dakika önce
  • Anyone here after finishing the season finale and realising we gotta get everyone to sign the petition to rewrite season 8 ASAP? No? Just me? *Hope not*

    NickNick39 dakika önce
    • i expect alternative ending episode.. i just waited 45mins her to return and make them ashes.. the longest 45mins in my life

      Mertan AhmedMertan Ahmed23 dakika önce
  • They ruined Game of Thrones. They actually ruined Game of Thrones. Jesus Christ. They actually fucking ruined it. What the fuck

    NoodIeBoxNoodIeBox42 dakika önce
    • NoodIeBox what the fuck was that ending? I was expecting something that will get tear into my eyes, but I gets thats how you end 8 years of multimilion multinational series.. I feel cheated

      KrellayKrellay33 dakika önce
  • fuck unsullied ,fuck dothraki they would hve killed starks

    Parallel AxisParallel Axis42 dakika önce
  • fuck

    Parallel AxisParallel Axis43 dakika önce
  • Final tan más mierda.

    Manuel ManuelManuel Manuel44 dakika önce
Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)