Game of Thrones Top 10 Moments

This is my personal opinion of the Top 10 Moments of Season 1.

I could not add much of the #2 scene due to nudity but here is the full scene for anyone interested:

Honorable Mentions for Top Moments:

Khaleesi eating a Heart
Night's Watch Speech + March outside the wall
Jurah finally suiting up and battling
Any of Tyrion's scenes
Ned beheading a deserter with his sons witnessing
Almost any dire wolf scene where they protected their master

For anyone who wants to read the books you can download the mobile version for your phone here:

You can buy all 4 paperback version of the books for a total of 20$ on Amazon

You can also buy the hard copy versions for 20$ each on Amazon as well.

The books are well worth the read.

Hope to have more Top Moments for Season 2 which will be based off Clash of Kings!

Also by "Rebirth of the Dragons" I simply mean the Dragons in general are back. Not that those certain dragons have been born before.



  • All great and very important turn of events. Beautifully aligned and presented. Good video. Every character is immortal, and we will always remember everyone of them. Long live George RR MARTIN !!

    kalyan raghavankalyan raghavan3 gün önce
  • watch this if you hungry :)

    Linas 80Linas 805 gün önce
  • Me and many others are so disappointed with the end. It can not be true how this masterpiece ends. Everyone knew that it would be impossible to end the series in 6 episodes. But not like this. 8 long years and then that? We ask for an answer !!!! Take 20 seconds to sign and share it with all fans. Valar Morghulis!!!

    F RSF RS6 gün önce
  • 3:32 the moment why I hated Jamie Lennister until he saved Brienne

    Sandor AvagourSandor Avagour7 gün önce
  • Pra mim esse top 10 é de quem não viu game of thrones 👎

    Game of thrones Love 8 temp 94Game of thrones Love 8 temp 9411 gün önce

    Alp Er TungaAlp Er Tunga12 gün önce
  • These clips have whetted my appetite to re-watch from the beginning.

    Linda WorkmanLinda Workman12 gün önce
  • I wonder and fear if they actually killed the animals? Like.. did they do it in real? Like beheading the horse.. or when they showed animals dead in a pool of blood? :( please anyone tell me

    Sana Malik AwanSana Malik Awan13 gün önce
    • Yes of course they kill the Animals.

      jnnik 444jnnik 44411 gün önce
  • Rip game of thrones😢💜

    mohamed mahermohamed maher14 gün önce
  • What's ironic is dani later on in the show would have killed somebody like Drogo and his people... he said he would rape their women and enslave their children

    Philly Sports!Philly Sports!15 gün önce
  • The hound definitely changed.... I can't see him kneeling to anyone like that later in the show

    Philly Sports!Philly Sports!15 gün önce
  • Moments are okay but video quality is not. So I didnt like it at all. Sorry.

    Cenk MenderesCenk Menderes18 gün önce
  • Don’t like this clip! Disgusted about the poor horse

    Rob TurnerRob Turner23 gün önce
  • Khal Drogo Vs Sir Arthur Dayne would be amazing

    Golden WolfGolden Wolf23 gün önce
  • Drogo must be number 1!

    Shakeb MirzaiiShakeb Mirzaii27 gün önce
  • When drogo speech, Just active cc. Jajajajaja

    Ricardo MataRicardo Mata28 gün önce
  • Danny all wet listening drogo speech

    Irma MeynarIrma Meynar28 gün önce
  • It's actually amazing to see how much better the quality of this show from a pure visual standpoint became a few years later. This almost looks like a set from a school play compared to Season 8. Script writing be damned, at least Season 8 LOOKED better (Thanks to a budget that was probably on a 5,000% increase)

    soundtracks94soundtracks9428 gün önce
  • Jaime Lannister was always a BITCH!!!!!!........


    Debunk TVDebunk TVAylar önce
  • Khal Drogo vs Mago is the best fight ever he should not dead like this he's so strong warrior

    Khalid GKhalid GAylar önce
  • What do we say to the God of death......... Not today

    Wale banjWale banjAylar önce
  • Khallllllllllll Drogo..... My favorite GOT character....

    Wale banjWale banjAylar önce
  • Khal Drogo WAS her TRUTH Love🙏 fuck jon snow that loser dont know shit SMH. HOUSE TARGARYEN FOREVER🐲❤️😘😇

    Diamond BabyDiamond BabyAylar önce
  • and after all those epic and breath taking moments there came season 8 with lazy writing and poor dialogues. big disappointment what they have done to this master class.

    Ajay KaushikAjay KaushikAylar önce
  • stop lie yourself guys it was ashajwjxhwjswjsjed fck this finale.....

    Deep TripDeep TripAylar önce
  • 14:15 That detail of Varys talking to Littlefinger for the entire trap he set him after trying to persuade the King and the Queen not to kill Ned. Holy shit man, that show used to be so good.

    WillyWillyAylar önce
  • 2019 give a like

    ايمان احمدايمان احمدAylar önce
  • Es gibt noch eine Super Szene bei dem der wiederbelebte Berg einem Spatz den Kopf abreißt in Königsmund.

    Erich RosenbergerErich RosenbergerAylar önce
  • Vghhhhvy uiyhkt kin

    Stelian NistorStelian NistorAylar önce
  • the death of hodor is missing

    David GDavid GAylar önce
  • That scene of Ned stark has to be at 1

    Ashraf ImteyazAshraf ImteyazAylar önce
  • Ned stark's most be come back from the deads!!!!Gr

    Γιωργος ΜαζμπαρηςΓιωργος ΜαζμπαρηςAylar önce
  • hi just made a video explaining why people watch game of thrones!!!! it’s cool( i think)

    Paul The PastaPaul The PastaAylar önce
  • Boromir?! Wtf?

    x yx yAylar önce
  • Get a new meaning in life after game of therones:

    David SimonDavid SimonAylar önce
  • Gold melt at 1000 C. That's not real!

    Andrew ZHAOAndrew ZHAOAylar önce
  • 2:16 Old School

    Mauricio TozMauricio TozAylar önce
  • Am I the only one who thinks syrio looks a little bit like Robert Downey Jr...

    Vishnu RajVishnu RajAylar önce
    • Vishnu Raj yes

      ibjc ubuibjc ubuAylar önce
  • يا ابن الخنزره تذبح الخيل الله يلعنك ابن العاهرة

    عبدالله الدهامعبدالله الدهامAylar önce
  • Watch this amazing thing.. nd do sub.. if u like.. 1 second clip from every GOT episode

    rated speedyrated speedyAylar önce
    • rated speedy hi just made a video explaining why people watch game of thrones!!!! it’s cool( i think)

      Paul The PastaPaul The PastaAylar önce
  • Unfair

    mubeen khanmubeen khanAylar önce
  • after final episode i m here.what a beatiful series it was

    kaiser sozekaiser sozeAylar önce
  • This is full of violence.

    Amir QureshiAmir QureshiAylar önce
  • And now we must have an upload :/

    MrFoxPlMrFoxPlAylar önce
  • 7:28 still gives me goosebumps.

    Serdar JoshuaSerdar JoshuaAylar önce
  • Rooooop king of the north😭😭😭😭😭😭

    فتوووم حسينفتوووم حسينAylar önce
  • should be titled top dark moments

    Ronsonn SwandomRonsonn SwandomAylar önce
  • What is Islam

    ابو مهند التميميابو مهند التميميAylar önce
  • Episode 8 Not today Me: Just grab the bloody Sword from the soldier!!! Syrio and martin: "The real man of Bravoos does not steal." Me: Damn you, Syrio!!! Damn you, Martin!!!

    Nithya KarantharajNithya KarantharajAylar önce
    • @محمود علي Yes

      Nithya KarantharajNithya KarantharajAylar önce
    • Did you come here after the end of got?

      محمود عليمحمود عليAylar önce
  • The best moment was seeing Joffrey die from the poison he drank that little weasel.

    AGTVAGTVAylar önce
  • I just wish Syrio lived

    poojaAchpoojaAchAylar önce
    • poojaAch hi just made a video explaining why people watch game of thrones!!!! it’s cool( i think)

      Paul The PastaPaul The PastaAylar önce
  • Ok

    OkOkAylar önce
  • Illumnti agenda don't b part of it

    Zafar IqbalZafar IqbalAylar önce
    • how is that

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    • How

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  • Are there eny turkish people?

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  • subscribe to my channel thank you

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  • GoodOldDays

    Gökhan SoğukkanlıGökhan SoğukkanlıAylar önce
  • Syrio takes out the guards with panache using a wooden sword! yes he could have easily picked a real one but it wasnt meant to be....directors choice :), albiet stupid choice because he was a true sword artist so should have lived.

    Mas AMas AAylar önce
  • Season 8: Im the final, and Im the best. Season 1: Hold My beer

    virenketovirenketoAylar önce
    • Every other season: Hold my beer* Here I corrected it lol

      LeMi MappingLeMi MappingAylar önce
  • dany please. she is Crazy

    Rob KeysRob KeysAylar önce
  • The Old good days who came from s8 episode 5

    Amer ElayanAmer ElayanAylar önce
    • GOT season 8 is a big flop compared to season 1-6

      coachaminucoachaminuAylar önce
    • @Subie876 am i the only one who thinks that that the show is bad after season 4 ? even season 6 which was good but it didnt feel like GOT

      Amer ElayanAmer ElayanAylar önce
    • Amer Elayan show is so bad now

      Subie876Subie876Aylar önce
  • Trash for Dodos.

    Hermann HammerheimHermann HammerheimAylar önce
  • 3:28 gregor clegane: hey you cant kill people like this

    the godthe godAylar önce
  • 13:42.....Your "dracarys" order has been confirmed....BUUURN THEM AALLL

    kostas kostaraskostas kostarasAylar önce
  • How can reading Body Language be useful for you? HERE -->

    Re-ThinkingRe-ThinkingAylar önce
  • this amazing song fits Game of Thrones almost nearly just about perfectly

    Little JackieLittle JackieAylar önce
  • Father- Burn Them All! Daughter-Done!😆

    Path FinderPath FinderAylar önce
  • Jetzt kurz vorm Ende der Serie ,ist meiner Spannung so hoch ,das ich mir alle Kapitele noch mal angesehen haben ,. Ich möchte nicht ,das die Serie zu ende geht ...Wenn etwas Endloses gäben sollte,dann für--....-Game of Tohres...... Kritikpunkte : der Endkampf gegen dem Nachtkönig ,.es hätte länger seinen können. Die Horde war nach einem Angriff weg vom Fenster ohne den Kampf gesehen zu haben ,die unbefleckten vor der Festung , die Drachen waren Kurzeit nicht zusehen ,das ganze war zu dunkel, der nebel ,der Sturm,mit dem Drachenglas hätte man Rüstungen machen können ,für Mensch und Drachen Gebäude usw..... der Kampf hätte 3 Kapitel seinen können ,dass wäre gut gewesen +1

    Deutschland TeşkilatDeutschland TeşkilatAylar önce
  • You forgot in the title: "..of the 1st season"!!! Gosh - so many better moments followed those... Disappointing compilation

    X YX YAylar önce
  • Drogo's speech pretty much reminded me of Gary Oldman's Dracula's speech when he turned his back on God and swore eternal life.

    Sendra KesSendra KesAylar önce
  • Theon kept his words A good man

    RanjithRanjithAylar önce
  • when king Robert said "' stop this madness " .. i remembered Phoebe Buffay

    faisal qasemfaisal qasemAylar önce
  • me love eng subtitles on khals drogo speech

    unwarr1 unwarr1unwarr1 unwarr1Aylar önce
  • How to smelt gold: A) Use an industrial smelter heated to 1945 degrees Fahrenheit or B) Pour out some soup, put lumps of gold in pot for 10 seconds

    MegaDonGalloMegaDonGalloAylar önce
  • Im happy that they killed Khal Drago from the beginning..I hated him

    Jeelan MousaJeelan MousaAylar önce
  • The proof that Theon wasn't already an idiot before losing his cock !

    LAN B.LAN B.Aylar önce

    QilazQilazAylar önce

    Suzyy70Suzyy70Aylar önce
  • Почему не на русском. РУСские вы где...

    Умед ГафоровУмед ГафоровAylar önce
  • كلشي مافتهم🤣

    تصاميم علي نعمتتصاميم علي نعمتAylar önce
  • The horse beheading beat out several human beheading

    Cole TannerCole TannerAylar önce
  • The most fun scene in this clip is Khal Drogo spech with english auto captions turned on. xDDDD

    Wojciech Bartłomiej ChojnackiWojciech Bartłomiej ChojnackiAylar önce
  • 12:20 😂😂👍🏻

    مضيوم FMمضيوم FMAylar önce
  • No Red Wedding there...

    Star1 childStar1 childAylar önce
    • cause that episode hadnt come out yet ya dingus

      Lil JuggzLil JuggzAylar önce

    Ebooks DonEbooks DonAylar önce
  • Jason mamoa👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Atoke AdeAtoke AdeAylar önce
  • can't imagine other Drogo than Momoa...outstanding performance.

    Bogdan IacovescuBogdan IacovescuAylar önce
  • Khal drogo is not yet dead. He is now serving the sea. #theAquaman

    Amir AmiraAmir AmiraAylar önce
    • @Amir Amira Salty!

      Xenous PrimeXenous PrimeAylar önce
    • @Xenous Prime 😂😂at the same time

      Amir AmiraAmir AmiraAylar önce
    • He is now serving the tea?

      Xenous PrimeXenous PrimeAylar önce
  • Khalesi is so hot during Drago’s speech

    Boats n HoesBoats n HoesAylar önce
  • I love how Joffery getting slapped around is in your top 10 lol

    Russell PRussell PAylar önce
  • Totally forgot drogo s speech. iam happy that this rapist are all gone for good.

    Cosmo KramerCosmo KramerAylar önce
  • The worst thing Game of Thrones ever did was kill Drogo in one of the most pathetic way possible

    Baseball FanaticBaseball FanaticAylar önce
  • Khal why die

    mehloodnessmehloodnessAylar önce
  • I dont know, why people watching this idiotic shit...

    Jean ValjeanJean ValjeanAylar önce
  • жуткий мальчик помолись

    Медоед АльтаировМедоед АльтаировAylar önce
  • seriously I think this show stinks

    Sean AmusicSean AmusicAylar önce
  • Tyrion slapped joeffry the most satisfying scene .

    AnonymousAnonymousAylar önce
  • Drogo is the beast

    Mustapha SheriffMustapha SheriffAylar önce
  • Just one thing you need to know Arya kill night king

    Bogdan LabanBogdan LabanAylar önce
  • john snow and his army must hide underground. then the dead army will pass and move to kings landing to deal with cersi. LOL

    Nasser KurdNasser KurdAylar önce
Game of Thrones Top 10 Moments