Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 4: Home Sweet Home

"“It wasn’t going to be all fun and games on set.”
Get a glimpse at actors Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams reunited on set in a clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
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  • A show with 7 amazing seasons

    Bia rioBia rio22 gün önce
  • #14April is coming #Got

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  • I love these girls so much and seeing them together again is such a treat.

    NorthWindNorthWindYıl önce
  • Q pena q nao sei inglês kkkkk

    de Lucade LucaYıl önce
  • her gün yeni bir video izlemek isteyenler için yeni kanalım

    ŞeymaŞeymaYıl önce
  • haha they r like sisers irl

    creamcreamYıl önce
  • The winterfell plot line in the seventh season was probably one of the worst scripts in any tv show ever.

    Jonathan MJonathan MYıl önce
  • Does anyone know how to find out what the name of the background music is called???

    zachary breauxzachary breauxYıl önce
  • I was Wrong! This is not Home sweet home game. This is game of thrones!!!

    Close Dark DoorClose Dark DoorYıl önce
  • "doesn't look like him. It's been carved by someone who doesn't know his face". - Arya describing Cristiano Ronaldo statue

    kingsmeadowkingsmeadowYıl önce
  • I want these two to have a scene with the hound again. Also I'd love to see Sansa and Tyrion talk again now that all is said and done.

    Natalie MurphyNatalie MurphyYıl önce
  • Hold my beer ^^

    Arya StarkArya StarkYıl önce
  • RIP Rickon

    Commander ColtCommander ColtYıl önce
  • mophie are the besttt

    Molly FullerMolly FullerYıl önce
  • 21 Game of Thrones Meme That will crack up every GOT fan

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  • love it! Its great!

    Jamie CostelloJamie CostelloYıl önce

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  • Hey! I created a video about Sansa and Arya :) please check it out.

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  • NEW NEW NEW NEW before and after game of thrones link

  • Sansa is the prettiest Stark

    ultravioletgaiaultravioletgaiaYıl önce
  • 0:55 try to resist each other! lol

    ultravioletgaiaultravioletgaiaYıl önce
  • I love them.. Funny girls =)

    neithealeborneithealeborYıl önce
    • Robin The Prince that was Promised

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
    • Real friends.

      neithealeborneithealeborYıl önce
  • I love how they play sisters, they grew up on the show (so they practically are), and they are best friends in real life. Aww!

    BCPRBCPRYıl önce
    • Robin The Prince that was Promised via @TRvision

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • hahaha well at least they realized how annoying their storyline was together

    kkhorimotokkhorimotoYıl önce
    • kkhorimoto

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • Screen writing diarrhoea.

    Facundo CorradiniFacundo CorradiniYıl önce
  • All miseries led to this! #AtLongLast

    Steven SongSteven SongYıl önce
    • Thank you!

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
    • Just saw it! Dug deep! Man!

      Steven SongSteven SongYıl önce
    • Robin The Prince that was Promised

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • Mophie ❤️

    AHAHYıl önce
  • Mophie is so real ❤

    Dyana PaivaDyana PaivaYıl önce
  • Buy game of thrones dvd box set in

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  • happened too soon. Arya should've gone too King's Landing and reunited with Jon first at the Dragon Pit. And Littlefinger should've succeeded in manipulating Sansa and have her take control of Winterfell and Jon's army. And thén, at the end of that story, Littlefinger should've died with Jon and Arya at the gates + 2 dragons and a fkn army. Sansa should've then fallen into depression and then we should've gotten a Stark episode where they try to reunite as they hear the news that the Night King broke the wall. And thén it should've ended. Bam, 10 episodes, right there. Mostly story, so barely cgi involved. The way they rushed this and cut the episodes was a bad fkn idea.

    Kiya Lee Levy RunayaKiya Lee Levy RunayaYıl önce

    Lili PAdLili PAdYıl önce
  • I thought ring on her neck is loading

    Notna НикипNotna НикипYıl önce
  • You're not best friends if you don't attempt to kiss each other!

    Abdul KaderAbdul KaderYıl önce
  • Cersei Lannister approves...

    Brianna CamejoBrianna CamejoYıl önce

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    Jero del ToroJero del ToroYıl önce

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  • Yea cool, waw so nice yea blabla.. See you 2019 --'

    SurenaïdeSurenaïdeYıl önce
  • Yeah, they've fucked

    DeMatDeMatYıl önce
  • She is right, they are very annoying together... :D

    Thomas MannThomas MannYıl önce
  • here for the bezzie mate content

    L HL HYıl önce
  • The reuniting scenes were awful, and not even slightly believable.

    bunetoffbunetoffYıl önce
  • (Unrelated)So are the events described in the GOT animated lores in the books too?

    SakshamSakshamYıl önce
  • :55 Coming in 2019. Arya and Sansa lesbian scene. Or Maisie and Sophie could just do it now and put it on Pornhub.

    Carlos DangerCarlos DangerYıl önce
  • 0:54 Now that's some incest I wouldn't mind watching What the f*ck have I become....

    fatboyRAY24fatboyRAY24Yıl önce
  • A man's pants just got a little tighter

    OmniviumVelocityOmniviumVelocityYıl önce
  • Oh I bet they're like Thing 1 and Thing 2

    argella1300argella1300Yıl önce
  • I like the background music in this!

    Anna DuffyAnna DuffyYıl önce
    • Me too, I'm trying to figure out what it is!

      zachary breauxzachary breauxYıl önce
  • Sophie turner is so fine!

    stickytheorystickytheoryYıl önce
  • Damn the show is really about to end soon.Ill miss this cast😩

    Bangtan Boy's side chickBangtan Boy's side chickYıl önce

    igor gringenkovigor gringenkovYıl önce
  • mophiiieeeeee

    Long Night MoonLong Night MoonYıl önce
  • GoT is making incest great again. 🤣

    HindsightPOVHindsightPOVYıl önce
  • Yup, they're secretly dating.

    readsomebooks666readsomebooks666Yıl önce
  • Sophie and Maisie having a thing for each other is as big as a secret as Jaime and Ceresi haha Even Jon Snow knows those two have more than likely bent the knee for each other more than once.

    C MC MYıl önce
    • Jon Snow knows nothing.

      nfcoardnfcoardYıl önce
  • Still a better love story than Jonerys 💋

    Eca JTEca JTYıl önce
    • Eca JT Jon and dany storyline is good. Don't watch

      Zaire MSPZaire MSPYıl önce
    • Even Twilight is better love story than Jonerys

      NickToVaNickToVaYıl önce
  • Sophie is hilarious omg, I lost it when i saw her on the wheelchair. Good to know they both hated the arya/sansa plotline lmao but at least they had fun together.

    lay-zlay-zYıl önce

    Rhaenys TargaryenRhaenys TargaryenYıl önce
  • Arya should've gone to King's Landing and slowly made her way into the Queen's inner circle using the skills she learned in Braavos. Would've made for a much more interesting (and logical) plot for Arya in season 7. Huge missed opportunity.

    dirty puredirty pureYıl önce
  • Jon Snow & Dany Targaryen || ICE & FIRE link:

    TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • Ahaha Arya haven't seen you for s long time

    Rxic ApocRxic ApocYıl önce
  • 0:35 PogChamp

    vidu ramvidu ramYıl önce
  • I cant fucking wait for 2 more years man ... Come on I'm literally in tears right now😢

    Gaming KnightGaming KnightYıl önce
  • Maisie and Sophie really do have great chemistry. I hope they get more scenes together in the last season

    The Young WolfThe Young WolfYıl önce
  • Rhaenys TargaryenRhaenys TargaryenYıl önce
  • If you do not show us the littlefinger death in the Game Reavealed S07E7, i will kill you

    The King in the NorthThe King in the NorthYıl önce
  • Would love to see a Jon Theon reunion behind the scenes video too 😊😊😊😊

    Kavita PeddintiKavita PeddintiYıl önce
  • 0:54, HBO, this is what we want!

    Umar AwanUmar AwanYıl önce
    • Umar Awan exactly!

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce

    fatboyRAY24fatboyRAY24Yıl önce
    • fat cat I feel so deprived without game of thrones in my life. I just can't make the pain go away 😭😭

      fatboyRAY24fatboyRAY24Yıl önce
    • Yeah, relatable.

      fat catfat catYıl önce
  • I'm not sure this companionship will end well. It would be heart breaking though.

    emjay2demjay2dYıl önce
  • I love those 2 girls.

    Ramona Leigh BRamona Leigh BYıl önce
  • cant wait for the new season

    Emily Y ZhangEmily Y ZhangYıl önce
  • They have the sweetest friendship!! 😁❤ They are like real life sisters!!

    QuebecQueenQuebecQueenYıl önce
  • I'm more interested in Arts and Jon reuniting. They love each other the most, so their reunion had better be epic.

    R AR AYıl önce
    • Nymeria Nysar for me..kit is not a good actor.. well, he is a good fighter, but I expected nothing more..

      Rupin 1Rupin 1Yıl önce
  • i wanted an incest between them.oh well

    Ak47Ak47Yıl önce
  • I wonder how many takes it took for the crypt scene until those two could keep it together

    Herb CoswellHerb CoswellYıl önce
  • 0:54 as CinemaSins would say, that beats my fan fiction

    Krystof DayneKrystof DayneYıl önce
    • lmao

      C MC MYıl önce
  • The fight was good except the ending, there is no way Arya will reach her with that little knife/dagger.

    Stannis BaratheonStannis BaratheonYıl önce
    • Stannis Baratheon 😅

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
    • For fucks sake you idiot, there were 2 clips attached to each other in a playlist. "there is no way Arya will reach her with that little knife/dagger" do you really think that I don´t think Arya can reach Sansa? Please fuck off, you are just writing for the sake of it because you can´t admit your lack of logic, you are dumb. Plain and simple, accept your life as an idiot and move on.

      Stannis BaratheonStannis BaratheonYıl önce
    • Stannis Baratheon youre talking about the sansa and arya 6x06 scene...

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
    • Stannis Baratheon sure youre talking about that because this video is about Brienne and Arya....come on idiot

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
    • Hahaha man you are an idiot, you don´t even read what I write, make some stupid logic in your head then call me stupid? Did Arya fight Sansa? She fought Brienne. Now apologies and shut up.

      Stannis BaratheonStannis BaratheonYıl önce
  • 1:15 thats how it went down with Ramsey

    DJ CVDJ CVYıl önce
  • liked game of thrones , will season 8 come soon, i hope?

    SP EditorSP EditorYıl önce
    • Summer Music-Mix 2019.

      fat catfat catYıl önce
  • I love them, I love their relationship

    ichwarmitlegionichwarmitlegionYıl önce
  • 0:55 game of incest

    House,MDHouse,MDYıl önce
    • Or as some people call it: Game of Thrones.

      Martin RennerMartin RennerYıl önce
    • no shit cersei it's a joke

      House,MDHouse,MDYıl önce
    • dead.

      MaeriyeMaeriyeYıl önce
  • Mophie is REAL.

    Zephilia SZephilia SYıl önce
  • Sansa you are in my lovly list

    SamiSamiYıl önce
  • Game of thrones your Indian brodcast partner hotstar, their video player is fucked you have to change your partner

    Ashutosh KumarAshutosh KumarYıl önce
  • I'm terminal !!!!! I can't wait 2 more stinking years 😩😩😩😩😩

    Sallie JonesSallie JonesYıl önce
  • *Can't wait for season 8* 😠 2019😭

    Daily SongsDaily SongsYıl önce
  • 0:55 mophie is real

    alba wgalba wgYıl önce
  • Ugh , can we skip to 2019 already ?

    Lefter1s EvLefter1s EvYıl önce
  • 0:55 ok this is hot 😱🔥, OMG why I want a hot scene with Arya and Sansa now!? Shame on you Game of thrones 😅🙈!!!

    Az ringAz ringYıl önce
    • Az ring kkkkkkkkkj wtf

      Rupin 1Rupin 1Yıl önce
  • This season winterfell is new dorne... Terrible.

    Vardenis PavardenisVardenis PavardenisYıl önce
    • Yep. All that fake conflict just to expose and execute Littlefinger. I mean he had it coming, but it could've been handled way better.

      JJ HJJ HYıl önce
    • cryisfree

      TumorMeatTumorMeatYıl önce
    • Winterfell's only problem was the LF-Sansa-Arya Triangle of the last 2 episodes.

      AphrodisiacAphrodisiacYıl önce
    • Vardenis Pavardenis Not my opinion I loved Winterfeell

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
  • I think Jamie Lannistar gonna die fighting Wight walkers and then Arya will kill Cersie by wearing Jamie Lannistar's face

    SonnySonnyYıl önce
    • Oofty woofty

      Alex WhybrowAlex Whybrow5 aylar önce
    • I think you should just wait for Season 8.

      JJ HJJ HYıl önce
    • NickToVa sorry that youre the only one who can't see the most likely ending for him

      James StrizakJames StrizakYıl önce
    • Jaime has to be the one to kill Cersei. his entire character arc would go full circle GTFO with that fanservice bs

      NickToVaNickToVaYıl önce
    • Umm what? They already did accept him. The meeting in Kings landing ended with Cersei coming back out behind Tyrion and pledging that she would send her forces north to help fight the dead with them. The reason Jaime is going north is because he is honoring that pledge, even if Cersei isn't.

      roflrofl1234roflroflrofl1234roflYıl önce
  • name of the song?

    lalo curalalo curaYıl önce
  • Mophie is real!

    Sreerupa SenSreerupa SenYıl önce

    ultraviolenceultraviolenceYıl önce
  • @00:55 hotter than danyxjon

    BlackDogeBlackDogeYıl önce
    • everything is

      CluelessKomodoDragonCluelessKomodoDragonYıl önce
    • I see no lie lol

      Myeshia EdwardsMyeshia EdwardsYıl önce
    • it actually is

      ConfusionConfusionYıl önce
    • BlackDoge for sure

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
  • Mophie is real

    LateralusianLateralusianYıl önce
  • They should have kissed !!

    renegado100renegado100Yıl önce
  • "We're very annoying when we're together" -- UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!

    baronessvondenglerbaronessvondenglerYıl önce
    • Nor is it mine.

      Little Miss Black DressLittle Miss Black DressYıl önce
    • baronessvondengler your opinion not mine

      Az ringAz ringYıl önce
  • This video is fake. Everyone knows Game of thrones is real

    Addy V.Addy V.Yıl önce
Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 4: Home Sweet Home