Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 5: Fire and Bloodlines (HBO)

“Great actors can make you believe what you’re seeing.”
See how special effects and great acting came together to create the magical moment of Jon meeting Drogon in a clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
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  • this scene invalidated this shit 'emelie isnt a bad actress it was just so hard for her because she had so little to work with' argument. kit shows what GOOD actors are able to do. HE was able to really sell to the audience that he's in front of this giant creature. his body language, his facial expressions; you can FEEL his worry/respect/fear. emelie never was able to make anyone believe that she was interacting with anything but a green rubber dragon head.

    IllyasvielIllyasviel3 aylar önce
  • "GREAT ACTORS CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING" This scence is made me belive dat is he really touching a real dragon? that why he is so nervous? anyway congrats kit you're rlly awesome! 💖

    loka lokaloka loka7 aylar önce
  • By far my favourite scene ever, from anything really.

    OceanxkateOceanxkateYıl önce
  • That was one of the best scenes in season 7

    Low RoarLow RoarYıl önce
  • one of the coolest scenes this season!

    15Megaplayboy15MegaplayboyYıl önce
  • I want 10 episodes in season 8, not the planned 6 episodes. Season 7 was so short and it SUCKED, the producers can easily have had 10 Episodes in season 7 and PLEASE don't make season 8 short with only 6 episodes, i and all Games of Thrones FANS want 10 LONG episodes in season 8.

    Sam BakerSam BakerYıl önce
  • Kit is amazing. He totally sold that scene with his expressions and body language. A great actor indeed.

    Brent CrudeBrent CrudeYıl önce
  • There's a good one

    Christian irenge murhandikireChristian irenge murhandikireYıl önce
  • yooooooo they are such a good actors !!! its so hard to act like that and pretending like you see something

    Zak MikZak MikYıl önce
  • What is the title of the song in this?

    NerdZtuffNerdZtuffYıl önce
  • Sansa will be queen and married to gendry. Arya will be dead. Gendry will always feel empty because he never got to marry the real love of his life (arya). Jon will turn into the new night king. (Bran tells him how the NK was created, so Jon has himself turned in order to stop current NK.) Daenerys will die in child birth or something. Not sure what her fate will be. Not sure what will happen with Jamie. Maybe he kills Jon snow after jon turns himself into the new NK in order to stop the current NK. Then the whole "kingslayer" nickname will have a whole different meaning. Giving him the glory he finally deserves.

    Morgan SmithMorgan SmithYıl önce
  • We want Jon touch the dragon What about a good writ.... No, just the dragon

    Brian BotelloBrian BotelloYıl önce
  • Ghost>>>>>>>>Drogon

    samuel livramentosamuel livramentoYıl önce
  • Nice fingernails, Jon.

    Nessie AndrewNessie AndrewYıl önce
  • A man know nothing touched his aunt's dragon

    Firman H'gharFirman H'gharYıl önce
  • Game of Thrones Episode

    Alpha SolutionsAlpha SolutionsYıl önce
  • Loveeeeeee this seen

    lama lamloomlama lamloomYıl önce
  • drogon is like: who are you ?! then he's like : oh cousin !

    Omayma HadijiOmayma HadijiYıl önce
  • The one and only king I`ll bend my knee to

    MCS_MCSMCS_MCSYıl önce
  • when comes the next part ? i love GameOfThrones

    ShadowShadowYıl önce
    • (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • Why is his hair so flaky looking?

    CJLAKE123CJLAKE123Yıl önce
  • Sick visual effects

    Tawanda MukaroTawanda MukaroYıl önce
  • Lo quiero traducido a Español, por favor

    Ana Ramirez de WardenAna Ramirez de WardenYıl önce
  • Would've cared more about these videos if they weren't chopped and after the season..

    omygodwattheheyomygodwattheheyYıl önce
    • (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • I'm big fan of Jon Snow.... But unfortunately, Kit is not a great actor....

    Shahzeb KhanShahzeb KhanYıl önce
    • (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

      TriumfuesTriumfuesYıl önce
  • This kinda reminds me of that charging Gorilla... That man has a balls of titanium.. If anybody can find that.

    IlustradoIlustradoYıl önce
    • Found it watch?v=KujmrcF0ZxU

      IlustradoIlustradoYıl önce
  • season 7 was trash

    Average AlienAverage AlienYıl önce
  • I figure Drogon smelled another Targaryen, and that's part of why he approached so quickly. I never, ever saw aggression from Drogon. Even the baring of teeth seemed more like he was taking Jon in with all his senses.

    agresticumbraagresticumbraYıl önce
  • que weón más seco 👏👏

    Isa ArriagadaIsa ArriagadaYıl önce
  • Genatacily make a dragon and tame it for filming feed it with pigs duh!

    frid fröjdfrid fröjdYıl önce
  • 0:38 -Giant *green* dragonhead You *colorblind* bro?

    Róbert FeketeRóbert FeketeYıl önce
  • He is such a good actor~!

    WolfgirlWolfgirlYıl önce
  • Did you see the green dragonhead?

    MoonmanMoonmanYıl önce
  • 0:37 "green dragon head".. It's actually blue... :|

    MeowbeardMeowbeardYıl önce
  • Not rep the realm... yes!!

    Lawrepunts AveniusLawrepunts AveniusYıl önce
  • ตลกดีนะ เบื้องหลัง ในเรื่องสนุกมาก

    ni dani daYıl önce
  • Can people stop making the 'what dragons are not real?!?' Joke. It's not funny, it's cringy and annoying and not creative either. Kinda like season seven lol.

    BirgitBirgitYıl önce
  • great acting

    abcdefg198723abcdefg198723Yıl önce
  • "touch the green dragon head" *Show blue dragon head*

    FATAN82FATAN82Yıl önce
  • i'm so glad this isn't one of those rep the realm bullshit

    Megha MalhotraMegha MalhotraYıl önce
  • That rendering was superb

    Alex K.Alex K.Yıl önce
  • It's Aegon Targaryen, not Jon Snow LOL

    MUFA -XDMUFA -XDYıl önce
  • What's the Name of That Song?

    neithealeborneithealeborYıl önce
  • my whole life is a lie

    blah blahblah blahYıl önce
    • me.irl

      73656e64206e7564657373656e64206e75646573Yıl önce
  • "Reaching out and touching this giant GREEN dragon head" BOI DOES THAT DRAGON HEAD LOOK GREEN TO YOU?!??!?

    lyndsey Rodriguezlyndsey RodriguezYıl önce
  • "If you show it bravery it will respond in a different way." Tell that to poor Quentyn.

    Michael Pierre-LouisMichael Pierre-LouisYıl önce
  • Tried to show a rattlesnake my bravery...didn't end so well.

    Mohammed ChowdhuryMohammed ChowdhuryYıl önce
  • And Kit pulled it off beautifully!!! He did an excellent job with that fake dragon!! 👏👏👏

    gentry kodagentry kodaYıl önce
  • kit indeed is a great actor. His expressions made everyone believe that he was touching a real dragon. what a great actor!

    SriTeja JeediguntaSriTeja JeediguntaYıl önce
  • How did the visual narrative of the ice glinting in the eye of Drogon go past everyone? Like seriously, nobody comments on it. In that scene when Jon touches Drogon the glint in its eye fires with ice! It's so obvious a narrative hook and nobody saw it? Is everyone blind?

    Ben JeffersonBen JeffersonYıl önce
    • But no every actual intelligent guy is commenting on the meme based rep the realm bullshit. If you fuckers had anything valid to say I might pay attention. You thick fuckers. Searching to be part of a meme and not understanding any of the narrative or the themes. Use you fucking eyes, ears and brains rather than just repeat the bullshit you read on blogs you wankers.

      Ben JeffersonBen JeffersonYıl önce
  • Game Of Thrones game CONFIRMED 0:53

    FTSmichaelFTSmichaelYıl önce
  • That wasn't 40-50mph winds. How silly.

    Storm's EndStorm's EndYıl önce
    • So you can estimate the velocity of wind by looking at them? How silly.

      Frozen VikingFrozen VikingYıl önce
  • Whats the programs they use to make the effects?

    Ariel NúñezAriel NúñezYıl önce
  • What???! The dragons aren't real? 😭😂

    Saffron SarmientoSaffron SarmientoYıl önce
    • They are trying to fool us with that lump. Dont believe it.

      Frozen VikingFrozen VikingYıl önce
  • Why didn't they interview the dragon. Don't give a fuck what Jon thinks about the scene.

    Jz6x6Jz6x6Yıl önce
  • Why does Kit do that to his hair behind the scenes

    Tony FlamingoTony FlamingoYıl önce
  • yeay! that's enough budget for probably 2 great extra episodes, thrown away on CGI for a totally unnecessary scene.

    Facundo CorradiniFacundo CorradiniYıl önce
  • Damn he's a good actor. I wouldn't be able to make that shit look believable by keeping a straight face rubbing some blue foam thingy

    DraYzeyDraYzeyYıl önce
  • Kit was incredible in this scene. To think he had to show all that emotion to a blue foam thing and pretend it was a dragon

    May BeenMay BeenYıl önce
  • The little Aeg :)

    Simon222Simon222Yıl önce
  • wheres like the actual behind the scenes

    MichaelMichaelYıl önce
  • I want a pet dragon, a real one ♥

    VonDa in WonderlandVonDa in WonderlandYıl önce
  • Jon Snow is my superhero (Dany too) and Kit is a great actor. He makes me feel all those emotions he's feeling with just his eyes. I love this show, please protect Jon and Dany!

    Star GazerStar GazerYıl önce
  • Well done Mr. Harrington, well done! :-)

    Peder HalvorsenPeder HalvorsenYıl önce
  • Give Kit an award, this man can convincingly fear a lump of blue foam.

    TheZapan99TheZapan99Yıl önce
    • what? That lump was clearly a CGI. Only the dragons were real.

      Frozen VikingFrozen VikingYıl önce
  • Who else thinks Game of Thrones is the best tv show of all times.....

    Chris Rojas23Chris Rojas23Yıl önce
    • McPotato The Irish Farmer It is, get over it, dumb book fanboy. You guys like to complain about anything that doesn't go your way or the way of the books.

      ttttttttttttttttYıl önce
    • Fanboys. This season was trash

      BirgitBirgitYıl önce
    • Chris Rojas23 not after this rushed up last season... biggest mistake GRRM did was selling the show to D&D...too much political correctness and fan fiction bullshit and all that feminist stuff also... doesn't look like the masterpiece we all experienced the first 5 seasons, now they have a very poor dialogue and looks like they want to get rid off the show way too fast

      Life With HonorLife With HonorYıl önce
  • That 3D rendered animatic clip looks better than the quality of the "Legends and Lore" clips in the special features.

    CampSauceJrCampSauceJrYıl önce
  • Turkish pls

    Huseyin SelçukHuseyin SelçukYıl önce
  • what? they're not real dragons!?

    Nicolás FantaNicolás FantaYıl önce
  • music name?

    KonstantineKonstantineYıl önce
  • "Takes Dany out of the equation..." LOL foreshadowing of Jon in charge of the dragons??

    126TCY126TCYYıl önce
  • U deserve respect ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Chand QureshiChand QureshiYıl önce
  • "Kit Harrington" and "Good actor" are not two things I would associate

    Mac McJofMac McJofYıl önce
  • Worst kept secret next to Jon's revival.

    Karl V RedweldKarl V RedweldYıl önce
  • what is the melody/song in the first seconds?

    lostlostYıl önce
  • i really hope that thay make more seasons

    R_27 221R_27 221Yıl önce
  • "Who's a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!"

    Kurt DickasonKurt DickasonYıl önce
  • I geeked extra hard in this scene!!

    Edgar LujanoEdgar LujanoYıl önce
  • kit is an amazing actor

    Alara BalcısoyAlara BalcısoyYıl önce
  • sensacional - emocionante!!

    Cristiana RibeiroCristiana RibeiroYıl önce
  • Jon: *shoves Dany off the cliff* "THAT'S FOR THE OTHER FIFTEEN PER CENT!" Dany: *sprouts wings and flies off* Varys: *jumps into the ocean and mermans away*

    Rhyan ShelbyRhyan ShelbyYıl önce
  • "Great actors" Emilia Clarke in frame :thinking:

    SnarfindorfSnarfindorfYıl önce

    sana marasana maraYıl önce
  • Daenerys: “The kids love him !! 😍”

    John DoeJohn DoeYıl önce
    • Jon will be a great father of dragons XD

      Frozen VikingFrozen VikingYıl önce
    • 💦💦💦

      BenassiestoBenassiestoYıl önce
  • At least $10 million budget and still can't use real dragons smh

    James SaquilabonJames SaquilabonYıl önce
  • You know I always thought Kit and Emilia were bad actors, until i realized that no that's not true... I only felt that way at times because of people like Lena, Peter, and Alfie just being outstanding in similar aspects. Like Lena portraying the "bad-ass queen" aspect at an exceptional level.

    MxZealMxZealYıl önce
    • Bodhisatwa Sarkar she has literally three facial expressions and overdoes her eyebrow game to the point where it's annoying af. But whatever

      BirgitBirgitYıl önce
    • Lol no man Emilia is definitely not a good actor. And kit is lucky he's pretty

      BirgitBirgitYıl önce
    • Kit is no Al Pacino but he is well above average. Emilia is awesome at expressing her emotions without speaking.

      Jon SnowJon SnowYıl önce
  • Such a great actors OMG

    Babe LeminBabe LeminYıl önce
  • Essa cena foi epica S2

    Ca StudiosCa StudiosYıl önce
  • I could have sworn the close up was an actual model they built

    TheMightyKinkleTheMightyKinkleYıl önce
  • one could interpret what Kit Harington said two some of the actors are actually given their own input to the story. I thought Dan and Dave were strict? although there were five different writers so who knows

    Just ChrisJust ChrisYıl önce
  • 0:44 Is that a farting noise?

    Thy21Thy21Yıl önce
    • They designed the dragon roar to have a high-pitched reverb, hinting that they exhale flammable hydrogen.

      TheZapan99TheZapan99Yıl önce
  • I think Daenerys the most sexy woman and my favourite character too. Emilia Clarke

    BURSALI 16BURSALI 16Yıl önce
    • the mother of dragons is worshipped by feminists

      Weeaboos HunterWeeaboos HunterYıl önce
    • GTFO

      BURSALI 16BURSALI 16Yıl önce
    • Bursalı Bey Daenerys is a white supremacist tyrannic invader. She's trash.

      BirgitBirgitYıl önce
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Minha Vida Minha HistóriaMinha Vida Minha HistóriaYıl önce
  • so you can continue watching the series if we already know the end ... jon marries dany have a baby and end

    veronica champoveronica champoYıl önce
  • Kudos to VFX team though!!! They are so underrated!!! :(

    NG TechNG TechYıl önce
  • IDK why but I loove Jon Snow's accent

    Dushmanta BeheraDushmanta BeheraYıl önce
  • وحشتنى ي الثرونز

    Special OpsSpecial OpsYıl önce
  • Wtf does all streaming mean? Streaming where? Are this like full episodes or just this little clips? Confused

    Alex VAlex VYıl önce
    • Edgar Jimenez like in the app??

      Alex VAlex VYıl önce
    • Full on hbo

      Edgar JimenezEdgar JimenezYıl önce
  • kit is agreat actor

    toooka ahmedtoooka ahmedYıl önce
  • This is how magic ends hahahah

    LeireLeireYıl önce
Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 5: Fire and Bloodlines (HBO)