Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The CBT Approach

In this video, anxiety disorder specialist, Dr. Vincent Greenwood, provides a comprehensive understanding of the basic components of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). He outlines the skills-based CBT approach to GAD, and outlines self-help principles to assist those with GAD. For more information, please visit



  • One of the best explanations about this amazing and important subject I have ever seen... Thank you very much, sir.

    claudio oliverclaudio oliver5 gün önce
  • Excellent, comprehensive video. The video I just released compliments this one, with an example of a client who recovered from generalized anxiety disorder and 3 tools to help you!

    Barbara HeffernanBarbara Heffernan6 gün önce
  • Anxiety for 6 months? for over 40 years....FUN FUN

    danthedewman1danthedewman110 gün önce
  • You explained so well ..Thank you!!!!

    Maggy EbraheemMaggy Ebraheem12 gün önce
  • Hi, I would like to ask, what if such a worry is triggered by family - an environment where there is constant blame, shame, shouting on a daily basis? And a constant fear to put items in the house for example, in the original condition because once off will trigger blaming and shaming by a mother/mother-in-law again? How to overcome constant worry when you are trapped in such an environment?

    Mojo WMojo W20 gün önce
  • Thank you! I've learned, during a very difficult journey 🙏away from my seemingly Christian long time husband, about an incredible problem in the world. He actually has dangerous covert narcisisissm. Many, many persons are apparently adept with nocturnal sorcery. They wait until the person they target is asleep, then place Scopalamine and/or similar drugs in the sleeping persons mouth. (This sleeping person could be any age or gender.) Anyway, the target is awakened in a drugged, submissive, childlike unquestioning stupor. The drugger -mugger/s then use the targets for porn, oral and other sex, various kinds of torture that doesn't leave marks, garnering info, etc... The victim wakes up in the morning with no memory of the abuse, but a plethora of harsh symptoms begin. These include "strange" fears, anger, depression, lusts, etc... I use and recommend the use of portable inside locks on the bedroom door, and secure the windows when traveling. I have a security system in my apartment, the windows are secure, and there's an added inside lock on the main door. I'm now coping with the aftershocks of having been one of the targets for many years. God's blessings and grace are very needed, sufficient, and very needed! Take care. 🕊️🌷

    Jewelia PenceJewelia Pence22 gün önce
  • 👉😔😭❤🙏🏻😭😭😭

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  • I have all the three qualities..i am a perfectionist

    Semper FidelisSemper Fidelis25 gün önce
  • Am I the ONLY child with GAD who’s anxiety’s get turned into delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations? I’ve never seen a person like that mention it, but my therapist says it’s normal for GAD.

    Peachi PiePeachi PieAylar önce
  • Such a wonderful video, packed with information! I agree about the focus on behavior being very important in CBT. I talk about it in my video Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises.

    Barbara HeffernanBarbara HeffernanAylar önce
  • This man is a genius

    SorcshotsSorcshotsAylar önce
  • Wow, this is the best video on GAD I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

    Margaret AndersenMargaret AndersenAylar önce
  • Anything written by the late Doctor Claire Weekes is of immense help..

    Stefano JoyceStefano Joyce2 aylar önce
  • where is the parachute

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    Leonel PrietoLeonel Prieto2 aylar önce
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  • *As His Occasional Role in B D S M Pornography*

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    • Dylan Schell Blazkowikz cracking up over this

      Michael D'AntonioMichael D'Antonio2 aylar önce
  • I find myself full of worry over just about everything, it is horrible.

    Paul HebertPaul Hebert2 aylar önce
    • @Paul Hebert stay strong man. Something that helps so much for me is meditation, healthy eating and exercise. Meditation starts to teach you about mindfulness so it becomes easier to watch your thoughts. You got this !

      Luke GeorgeLuke GeorgeAylar önce
    • @Luke George thank you.

      Paul HebertPaul HebertAylar önce
    • Try to distance yourself from your thoughts. Understand that these thoughts that make you anxious are not you so try to let them come and go, without reacting. Be aware of the thoughts in your head and try not to react, it is difficult and takes time but definitely helps a lot

      Luke GeorgeLuke GeorgeAylar önce
    • same i've been going through it for a few months, makes life shit

      That one shitposter that lives in your fridgeThat one shitposter that lives in your fridgeAylar önce
    • Paul Hebert I understand what ur going through, its so bad

      cocopopp -cocopopp -2 aylar önce
  • I do notice that I wanted everything I do, even the way that I react to my friends to be perfect and if it comes out wrong, I would ruminate and wished that I could just go back in time and redo it again. This has stopped ever since I started to understand the “flow state” and drinking more green tea as well as supplementing with L-Theanine. Almost all traces of anxiety went away but I won’t stop there until I finally am free from any worry of the past and future to the point that I can’t live in the present.

    Daisuke SakuraiDaisuke Sakurai2 aylar önce
  • I can stop worring,cant sleep,heartbeat fast and have low energy from 1 month.what does that mean???is it stress or something else??

    connor maharjanconnor maharjan2 aylar önce
  • It feels bad to look at this cause I am through an anxiety attack rn, and not be able to focus on the video. Because my head is worrying do f much.

    GusecuaGusecua2 aylar önce
  • Amazing! My child needed this exact explanation and your video did that so well. Thank you so much. A mother's gratitude.

    Mharukh KadvaMharukh Kadva3 aylar önce
  • The whole demeanour of Dr Greenwood is relaxing. He is easy to listen to and explains everything so well. Fabulous

    Florence RobertsFlorence Roberts4 aylar önce
  • Studies and science gives you reason why & how it's happening with you..... Fact is Untill you solve what shit going through your life You can't be normal/happy / (whatever you call) the person.... So wake and do what you want to do don't care for people /fear /worry/failure/ anything stops you achieving you goal is your enemy ..... You were born alone and die alone.

    inspiration is youinspiration is you4 aylar önce
  • This guy is awesome! It's like I've told him everything I feel, but I've never met him. He's a pro at what he does!👏

    Oshane BlackOshane Black4 aylar önce
  • Excellent Video

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  • I have this Bad !!

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  • Thank you✨💫 so much

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  • I suffer from GAD, i am 23 years old and i feel insanely worried about everything. I'm so tired, yawning all the time, very hypochondriac, always running to the doctor. This isn't how i want life to be, sadly i have realized it might be this way forever. I have recently started going to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me Wellbutrin, so i've been taking it for 20 days, i feel no difference yet. I haven't slept more than 3 hours a night for the last 6-7 years, but now i'm even scared to go to bed, like, i don't want to be alone with my own thoughts at night. I feel very tired and sad, because, i can't even go away from my reality when i (barely) sleep, since most of the time i'm having nightmares. It sucks because i really want to be alive, but it feels like my brain just really hates me.

    IsraelSilvaMonjeIsraelSilvaMonje4 aylar önce
    • Getting only 3 hours of sleep for 6 years is impossible lol stop lying.

      Tha DudeTha DudeAylar önce
    • Search guided meditations that you have to focus on at night, there are even ones to help when you awaken during the night. Find ones (and a voice) that you are comfortable with. Use your earbuds if needed (I put only one in so I hear my morning alarms) and you can set your phone's 'sleep timer' so your phone isn't on all night. Hopefully this will help give you a little peace at night. Good luck.

      ShazGreenockShazGreenock4 aylar önce
    • See question I gave John Wardle another commenter. Peace.

      CMS SultanaCMS Sultana4 aylar önce
    • 20 days is a very short time, usually 4-6 weeks is timeframe to feel more/some benefits. I strongly recommend exercise and healthy diet along with enough water as baseline. Taking self care seriously is key to improving mental wellbeing. Reach out, sleep deprivation you describe is serious. It may help to be hospitalized briefly to get sleeping better regulated, maybe even a sleep med. You may have more going on than GAD. You can get through this with perseverance, I think it's great you have met with a Dr. Next steps, therapy/group and skill building to cope with your tendencies.

      CMS SultanaCMS Sultana4 aylar önce
  • I love this video, thank you, I watched it because of my therapeutic intervention presentation coming from up in few days but actually some of these applies to me. I constantly calling and worrying about the kids which I know is becoming excessive and I can't control it

    franc christyfranc christy4 aylar önce
    • Your last statement is the first one you need to challenge. So happy for you and your kiddos that you are open to CBT and acknowledging that GAD is happening. My mom won't do either of these so us kids often see her as a caricature not her true self as this chicken little persona overwhelms her real self. So the sooner you get going on this the greater the likelihood of having better, more genuine relationships, too.

      CMS SultanaCMS Sultana4 aylar önce
  • Damn, is keyed-up a medical term? Hahah I only know that from doing cocaine, unless I totally misheard him.

    Jay NguyenJay Nguyen4 aylar önce
  • pls end me :)

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  • Amazing video, very helpful

    Karla VillalobosKarla Villalobos5 aylar önce
  • I have general anxiety disorder And I really want to die

    Lilhedgehog 857Lilhedgehog 8575 aylar önce
    • Your existence is valuable my child. I send you great love and strength. Regards xx

      Mharukh KadvaMharukh Kadva3 aylar önce
    • It will get better. Get help and help yourself.

      and pand p3 aylar önce
    • I am 32 years old and have struggled with GAD most of my life especially the last 4 years, but I realize that through all of this I have experienced much more good then bad. Life is worth living and I believe there is hope in the future even though I can’t feel or see it and life sometimes hurts like hell! Don’t give up, if you do that hope is over! God be with you! 🤗

      Ernie PennerErnie Penner4 aylar önce
    • Same here

      Lewis BrookerLewis Brooker4 aylar önce
    • Lilhedgehog 857 you’re important and I’m sure a wonderful person sending you hugs ♥️

      Sarah LundSarah Lund5 aylar önce
  • You are amazing!! Like, you hit every little point on the head. The actual psychology of it! Wow!

    baby nemobaby nemo5 aylar önce
  • Excellent overview of GAD and its treatment by CBT. Too often GAD sufferers are put on antidepressants, which are often ineffective, simply suppressing the symptoms, take a long time to work and even longer to stop, and have significant side-effects. CBT is much more effective and has a lasting effect as it targets the roots of the condition but unfortunately CBT treatment takes time and effort and is best as an individual treatment, making it expensive, so it is often not available for those many people with GAD who cannot afford it. There are self-help books that can provide CBT without a therapist; these can be effective for some. The key is to put in the effort to do the work required to tackle the GAD.

    John WardleJohn Wardle5 aylar önce
    • @John Wardle thank you very very much Mr. Wardle. I will look at those books. This is very helpful!

      CMS SultanaCMS Sultana4 aylar önce
    • @CMS Sultana , see my other reply about drug treatment. Other measures that help are diet, exercise, meditation/mindfulness, sport and social activities, things that distract from the cycle of anxious thoughts and feelings. Obviously these lifestyle measures can be difficult in individual circumstances.

      John WardleJohn Wardle4 aylar önce
    • @John Wardle Thank you sir

      Danilo VegaDanilo Vega4 aylar önce
    • @Danilo Vega , books such as 'The Worry Cure' by Robert Leahy, and 'Overcoming Anxiety and GAD' by Meares and Freeston. These are two I've found useful.

      John WardleJohn Wardle4 aylar önce
    • I wish there was a drug treatment that was both effective and without potential for adverse events. Some GAD sufferers do respond to antidepressants. My view is coloured by personal experience and seeing a friend affected - Google the drug treatment and individual drugs for details. Cannabidiol (CBD) is currently being studied for GAD; it has promise. Diet is another approach and you can search for anti-anxiety diet info.

      John WardleJohn Wardle4 aylar önce
  • i wish all youtube videos were like this

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  • Thank you for this video. I wish you were in my area. I really need therapy, but having a difficult time finding a good therapist.

    Lynda OssiLynda Ossi5 aylar önce
  • What disorder do i have if i always think " I have to get rich before i get out into society " . This was 10 years ago , now i'm 30 and still broke trying to get rich.

    MalacesiaMalacesia5 aylar önce
    • @Michael Johnson really?

      ASMR Xi ZuiASMR Xi Zui4 aylar önce
    • I totally agree here. When u r a poor person it's hard.

      ASMR Xi ZuiASMR Xi Zui4 aylar önce
    • ADHD.

      Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson5 aylar önce
    • Malacesia So your thought is false.

      Tactics-MNKTactics-MNK5 aylar önce
  • Very nice and you speak very slow and calm!..... Thank You!

    Jimi LeeJimi Lee5 aylar önce
    • very soothing voice

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  • Play at 1.0x speed and calm the heck down. Let your mind go over the info presented, because you need this info in your long term memory.

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  • I wish there was a specialized clinic for anxiety with CBT in México, When I search for options, I can only find naturist treatments or magnet therapy, or psychiatrists that have no idea of CBT or progressive muscle relaxation, and prescribe you drugs at first glance...Oh well. At least, watching this video actually helps - rationalizing anxiety and all the physiological and biochemical background lessen the intensity of the GAD im suffering. Plus there's something in Dr Greenwood voice that is relaxing and heart warming. Thanks for this video and much love and strenght to all those who suffer anxiety.

    hagenerhagener6 aylar önce
    • @ShazGreenock Thank you very much. I'll look for these online resources :)

      hagenerhagener4 aylar önce
    • You can get the worksheets on the internet that I was assigned for 'homework' by my therapist. These help you chart your daily issues and practice using alternative behaviours. There are also loads of vids on YT to guide you through what this good man is talking about. Also, I use guided meditations at night, they are amazingly helpful. My suggestions may not be equal to seeing someone but at least it's a step in the right direction and allowing you to start addressing you GAD. Search CBT Worksheets. You will need to educate yourself a bit in order to understand what to do but they really do help. I wish you luck.

      ShazGreenockShazGreenock4 aylar önce
  • if you got the full details of GAD .. give some likes

    Okunola OluwathoemiezyOkunola Oluwathoemiezy6 aylar önce
  • How can I apply that for the relationship anxiety (being afraid of the problems we might face with my partner).

    Настасья ЕрмолаеваНастасья Ермолаева6 aylar önce
    • Find a new partner👋🏼

      Tactics-MNKTactics-MNK5 aylar önce
  • I got diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain muscle spasm syndrome took me 3 years to recover at 90%.After 1year i got panic attacks daily for a week i got diagnosed with GAD. I was on meds for 4months i am off the pills now.i did 1 year of support psychotherapy and i try to be well every day. I will soon start CBT therapy and i hope it goes well and i am in the right path. I have been to hell and came back for the last five years.My wish is to manage GAD symptomes at a way that my daily life will be normal again. Wish me luck i am also anxious and scared about going to the new doctor :( I take some CBD daily and do yoga muscle streching and diaphragram breading to take away the stress of my body. I wil do my best.

    4Paok4Eptalofos4Paok4Eptalofos6 aylar önce
    • Hang in there, you can do this, I believe. I think ive always had GAD and am just finding out. Learned to self-manage a lot and now using tht as excuse to not go to a doc. You're ahead ;)

      Ibrahim HaidarIbrahim Haidar6 aylar önce
  • Is cymbalta good for anxietsyndrom?

    Evert BjörklundEvert Björklund6 aylar önce
  • Thank you so much Dr Vince Greenwood and Washington Center for Cognitive Therapy, you helped me a lot. God bless you !!!

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali6 aylar önce
  • Wow yeah I really do have this. I have been taking citalopram but still worry loads but not so so intense ... waiting for cbt therapy currently

    Kristen DesjarlaisKristen Desjarlais6 aylar önce
  • Wonderful lecture. Thank you Dr. Greenwood.

    Praveen ChawlaPraveen Chawla6 aylar önce
  • I will be a doctor...And he's my role model now :D What a great awe-inspiring personality this great man seems🙌!...

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    • yes... this video will save peoples lives

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  • Very nice video.

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  • This was a very helpful video.

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  • Play at 1.25x speed :D

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    • Do you really have GAD if you don’t like his slow paced way of talking?

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    • ꧁ LOving sOUL ꧂ right the speaker knows exactly how to speak calmly 😀

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    • Ahh, no. I'm so anxious that the speed was a blessing, very relaxing.

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    • ya right thanks

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    • U r so right.........😀😀😀

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  • Thank You So Much for this detailed account on GAD. I have been a long time sufferer and it has compacted many areas in my life over the years. It's wonderful to think there is hope for all sufferers in the world. thank You Again.

    Gary KirbyGary Kirby7 aylar önce
    • What has it done to your thinking? Specifically how you connect to your emotions and thoughts? Is It hard to think coherently and deeply about matters? Like is it difficult to converse with people

      Nel sonNel son4 gün önce
  • play at 1.5x speed for normal human speaking speed

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  • the day after I watched this video I had an anxiety level of 3/10 for a day

    Connor McDowellConnor McDowell8 aylar önce
    • @cathyangd was good

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    • Connor McDowell does that mean something good or bad?

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  • expected to get jump scared... sigh

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    • Connor McDowell Haha fuck off, for real?😂

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  • This was very informative thank you.

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  • Ironically, this guy looks very worried about whatever it is he is talking about

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    • you might be projecting him your priming your own self

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    • Lol

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    • Lmaooooo

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    • Could be why he's so sympathetic to the disorder!

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  • Stuck in my fight or flight zone and to be honest im suprised im still here

    pub1 anbupub1 anbu9 aylar önce
    • @Neyu yes I did.. I just did it watching youtube videos.. Theres this guy called "the anxiety guy" I watched all his podcasts.. What he thought me was that the problems that I thought I was having werent real and they were simply thoughts. I switched my attack.. I went from trying to figure out solutions to "my problems" to combating my anxiety.. Once I realized it was all in my head I started replacing bad thoughts with positive thoughts.. It took me a couple of months but one day I realized my bad thoughts had diminished and it gave me confidence from there on I just got stronger.. You learn to block bad thoughts.. I can honestly tell you I enjoy every single day of my life now..

      Jesus GonzalezJesus Gonzalez2 aylar önce
    • @Jesus Gonzalez have you done it? how bad was yours? I started to see someone that does CBT Therapy and at this point i just hope i'll be able to just take my car and find a job or see a friend that live a bit far... things i can't do now

      NeyuNeyu2 aylar önce
    • look into CBT therapy.. it works!! your anxiety will be a thing of the past

      Jesus GonzalezJesus Gonzalez5 aylar önce
    • @g449 ty

      pub1 anbupub1 anbu9 aylar önce
    • Glad you are though.

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  • Thank you for making this video and sharing your knowledge.

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  • Thank you for this video, I found it really reassuring and practical. It was very helpful and clear and optimistic.

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  • well I dont have that either and its abusive got drs to diagnosis people with this when neighbours are intensely harassing them every single day and every single night.and they are going to lose children on false accusations.not being believed and subsequently anxious is not disorder.telling people is difficult.esp if their tea tion like calling some one hysterical becsusexa person msdexan attempted murder on them is not hysteria.

    Gissie DGissie D10 aylar önce
    • Gissie D Get help, the vast majority of doctors are NOT abusive.

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  • Excellent video...Outstanding explanation ... Keep up the good work

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The CBT Approach